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nicely ties together the main and garden levels, connected by a graceful spiral stairwell. The master bedroom also sports the lovely west-facing scenery, made extra special by it’s own deck with a door leading back into the main body of the kitchen and great room. The group who worked diligently to make this dream come true, with more yet to come, praise the power of teamwork. Steve built the original house 23 years ago as a general contractor. He moved on to become an instrumental player for the electronics accessory company Otterbox, from which he recently retired as global president. His free time isn’t just to enjoy his new retreat, but to care for his ailing parents. “You have to prioritize your life,” says Steve. “My aging parents OCTOBER 2017

were weighing on me. This project, as it neared completion, gave me the impetus to address that.” The Nisbet’s commissioned a local builder for the remodel itself, Todd Annand, owner of H&K Construction, LLC. “We talked virtually every day,” says Annand of the intensive process. “The Nisbet’s are great to work for.” At this point, Steve is quick to compliment Annand, as well as interior designer, Sarah Bashore, owner of Hixon Interiors. “They talked us through design elements we didn’t even envision, such as the west-facing atrium,” says Steve. “I have little ability to articulate what I want,” adds Jennifer. “Yet Sarah came back with a plan and it was as if she looked inside my brain. I couldn’t think of it turning out any more perfect than what I wanted.”


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2017-10 Style