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depending on the time spent with the pet. Benefits and Risks Dr. Woodley emphasized that, while some might be skeptical, Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years; and, in modern times, substantial scientific studies have been performed to evaluate these herbal formulations and prove their safety and efficacy. “The best part is that it works well along with traditional medicine, and if there is a problem, we can stop giving the pet the herb and it clears their system in a day,” she said. “There are results that reveal how it works to bring down kidney values, liver scarring, chronic inflammation and more. For animals whose kidneys are failing, it can increase blood flow to the kidneys and get them working better,” she said. “I’ve had cases where kidney values that were not supposed to change, and were getting steadily worse, and conventional medicine said there was not much we could do but support the system. We’ve seen amazing results where the values and the animal improved, urine became more concentrated, and we gave the patient a longer and better quality of life. Herbs work, if you use the right ones, and use them safely.” That includes use for controlling pain, treating skin allergies, improving auto immune conditions, supporting pets undergoing cancer treatment and more. She also noted that the herbal medicine can provide adaptogenic benefits, which help stabilize physiological processes. The resulting homeostasis can lead, for example, to decreased cellular sensitivity to stress. “These herbs and supplements work in the body to rebalance imbalances. For example, ashwagandha is commonly used in people to help with stress and regulate the body's response to cortisol. They can have a wide range of effects in the body, like lowering or raising blood pressure or helping diarrhea or resolving constipation,” Woodley said. Want to Learn More? Contact the caring staff at AAC, visit their website, Advanced Animal Care of Colorado is located at 1530 Riverside Avenue, Fort Collins. Call 970-493-3333 to book an appointment. The practice is certified fear-free for animals and is a catfriendly practice. Brad Shannon is an award-winning writer and marketing/public relations consultant with offices in downtown Loveland.



2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  
2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

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