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UNDERSTANDS RIGORS OF TRAINING The expression, “until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes,” has a special application for local doctor Michelle Glasgow. She is a practicing family physician with a competitive sports habit…

or is it the other way around? By Angeline Grenz

Dr. Glasgow, of Kaiser Permanente Northern Colorado, knows well the passion, persistence and determination it takes to be an athlete; she has lived it much of her life. Now the marriage of medical knowledge and competitive drive make her a doctor that is uniquely placed to serve competitive athletes in the community. Dr. Glasgow started her athletic career as a young gymnast, even performing well enough to attend the elite competitive Karolyis Ranch school, outside of Houston, Texas, owned and operated at that time by famed Olympic coach Bella and his wife Marta Karolyisat. As she entered


University of Colorado Boulder, a friend talked her into her first triathlon and Dr. Glasgow—who had never even ridden a road bike—won in her division. She was hooked. But during her competitive triathlon circuit she sustained a major injury, the aftermath of which was the desire to learn medicine and understand how athletes can make their bodies better and stronger. Fastforward several years and Dr. Glasgow is a family practitioner who still loves competition—running, triathlons, swimming, and crossfit to name just a few. Her husband, Philip, keeps her

competitive side going; they participate in triathlons around the world together. “We try to do a travel race together every year,” she says. They have competed in Ireland, St. Croix, San Francisco, Telluride, and most recently, Scotland. She also serves as a staff physician for the Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon. She is even raising two young athletes, a daughter who swims competitively and a son who plays soccer. Dr. Glasgow’s combination of learned and practical knowledge has put her on the radar of local athletes looking for a physician who can understand the rigors of training, nutritional needs, injury and STYLEMEDIA.COM

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2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

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