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told me that they had to pry my jaw open because they needed to remove the tube from my mouth. It is just over two years since this Cancer journey started. It has been a long journey. I feel stronger than ever. My life was turned upside down and I truly believe that I will not let this disease bring me down. Someone once told me to think of your life as bicycle wheel with all of those spokes. Cancer is just one of those spokes and it is not your whole life. It is just a part of your life. I can't believe it has been over two years and I am very excited to still be here to make my world a better place. I am in a better place and I will not let anything or anyone bring me down.


My diagnosis was the very earliest stage of breast cancer possible, Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIC) stage 0. Praise God! Even though the possibility of having the cancer return or show up in my other breast was extremely low, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy because this was my second battle with cancer and I wanted the lowest recurrence rate possible. The cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes so I did not need chemotherapy but I did have 35 radiation treatments. I work at UCHealth Cancer Care and Hematology and I had the harsh reality of being on the other side of the spectrum; I now was the patient receiving treatment. My coworkers had now become my medical team providers and my life was in their hands. I can honestly say that we have an incredible team that impacts people’s lives day in and day out. The care and treatment that I received was superb and each one of them had an impact in my successful battle against cancer. During my radiation treatments I went through a time of despair and despondence. I was mentally and physically drained. I remember one evening when I forced myself to go for a walk with my dog Dash even though I was extremely exhausted. Dash and I had just crossed the street when I tripped and fell on the grass right by a very busy intersection. I was so humiliated and I felt so angry! I was angry that I had fallen, I was angry that I had to go through this journey again, I was angry that I wasn’t done with my treatments, and I was angry that I didn’t have a normal life anymore. I am so blessed and thankful that during my most difficult times of my journey I had my husband Troy, my sons, family, friends and coworkers



2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  
2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

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