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been waiting for so long to finally come! With this light finally here, I can truly let myself feel like a different woman, like most of us do. I have found a NEW normal in my life because the old me is changed and has become stronger. I am a different woman though, because I am not just a survivor, I am a warrior. I conquered cancer and can be proud of it, like everyone who has walked in the different shoes of cancer should be. Not all cancers are the same and not all journeys take the same path, and as one is not harder then the other, we all handle it

and need different things. I realized quickly some people won’t always know what to say to you when you experience this journey and that’s ok…to a point. I was tougher when I heard anything other then “you are a strong woman.” Yes, I am strong, and yes, I am a woman, but I found myself feeling defeated at times, a lot of times and in several different ways. But the cards, texts, letters, emails and phone calls I received on a very regular basis that were truthful, from-the-heart words, and love that poured out that I knew was real were the best. Those expressions

were the ones that helped get me out of bed and move me forward some days, along with my courage. I can even now have the courage to say “you come first,” and listen to it myself, and hope we all do! Courage might be a part of a quote that John Wayne coined, but that quote itself says a lot in my family’s rodeo-life we created. Sometimes you have to dig down deep to find it and sometimes it is tested to the limits, but we all have it and all need it sometimes more than others, but when you find it, you can rise above anything! LASHAUN DAVIS, CONT. FROM PG 44

surgery, they removed the stones and also the gallbladder. Oh, did I forget to tell you this was only 2 weeks before I was to have my double mastectomy in October?  My surgery was on October 27th 2015.  I was off work for six weeks. Drs Dickinson and Boustred were amazing. I feel that I could have gone back to work after 2 weeks. I went back to work full-time at Circle Graphics in December and the team was amazing. They welcomed me back with open arms. About six weeks later, I started radiation treatments which were to last six weeks. I had to go to Fort Collins everyday for six weeks after work. Dr. Lisella and her team were amazing. I had to go through an aggressive radiation treatment as well. I was told that I might get tired during my treatments. Well, I did not get tired. I was told to drink plenty of water and to get some exercise. Well, that is what I did, but I noticed that on the last treatment, my skin started to change color and my skin started to (rip) open. I was devastated to see my skin look like that. After I was done with the radiation treatments, the next day, I did the Fight For Air Climb in Denver. This consisted of climbing 56-flights of stairs to fight Lung Cancer. It took us, James and I, about an hour and three minutes. I was very proud of myself to accomplish such a great deed for a great cause. After my radiation treatments were done, I noticed that one day my breast area was very hard and I felt like I had the flu. I had seen three different doctors and none of them could do anything about what was going on, except give me more antibiotics. I saw Dr. Boustred and he said that I needed to have surgery because it looked as if the expander had ruptured. I noticed that the other breast had an issue too. That was the worst/scariest surgery I have ever had. I was so tired that morning, I was told later that I almost did not wake up. My husband



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2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

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