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Sylvie Carlyon

Sylvie sports a playful Free People ‘70s inspired swirl print top, $98, over a pencil black Kasper skirt, $69. Silver-plated turquoise statement pendant, $58, silver hoop earrings, $22, cocktail ring, $26.50, and American Rag suede platform chunky heeled shoes, $59.50, complete the trendy style. Courtesy of Macy’s Centerra, Loveland.

At the age of 40, I still wasn’t scheduled to have my first mammogram until I was 45. However, I talked to my family doctor, Dr. Kesler, and told him I was concerned about some lumps. He ordered the mammogram. My husband, Jonathan, and I drove to the clinic and I went in for the test: Cancer. We were shocked. But on some level, I had already known. My body was telling me. Our immediate reaction was to ask, “What is the next step?” When we first met our Oncologist, Dr. Datko, we thought I might have Stage IV, since the cancer in my left breast had spread to my lymph nodes. At this point, our family friend, Miss Sue Wilson, stopped by the house. I had prayed for her when she went through her own battle with breast cancer. She now told me; “Sylvie, I prayed to God to take the cancer from you and give it to me.” We cried together. However, we cried even more, some time later, after I had my PET scan. I learned my cancer was now Stage III. But, Miss Wilson had contracted a new blood cancer that eventually took her life. I will never forget her prayers for me. And I am certain she is still praying for me from Heaven. I miss her every day. Cancer also marked a moment of growth for my daughters, Zoe and Ana. At ages 16 and 9, respectively, they learned their mother had cancer. I will CONTINUED ON PG 52

Nila Croll

‘”What an honor to be part of Lydia’s Annual Critical Breast Cancer Fundraiser, in which all monies are channeled into supporting new breast cancer survivors. This organization reaches out to women at a time when they don’t know which way to turn,” says Nila Croll. It is difficult to adequately describe the shock that is felt when realization hits this time, YOU are the victim; this is YOUR future. We all know cancer is out there, and we do everything we can to protect ourselves. Yearly mammograms are on the top of our lists, especially when breast cancer occurs often in our family. But all this fades to gray when the words “breast cancer” are spoken, and you realize this is the beginning of your personal journey! The surgery is a frightening prospect. You go to sleep not knowing what you will hear upon wakening. It is a time when all the physical and emotional support you can garner is needed, and that is when Lydia’s organization reaches out swiftly to provide that help and support. How welcome it is! Nila lost her husband, Harry, to cancer nine years ago, but her close family of four, Pamela, Cheryl, Jeffrey and Brian, who have produced nine grandchildren and six CONTINUED ON PG 52

Nila is elegant in Calvin Klein’s short 2-button black blazer, $89.98, front-pleat sleeveless lotus print top, $39, worn over easy-wear New York Collection stretch wide-leg dressy pants, $40. Statement gold ringer chain necklace, $34.50, hoop earrings, $18, rhinestone bracelet, $27.50, cocktail ring, $24.50 and Alfani petite patent wedges, $49.98, complete the look. Courtesy of Macy’s Centerra, Loveland.


2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  
2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

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