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Kim has been married to Wade for 30 years and they have three children, Brittany, 27, CJ, 21, and Wyatt, 18. Her career is as an equine nurse specialist at Colorado State University. In her free time she enjoys rodeos, training horses, camping, fishing and four-wheeling. She feels the ladies of Hope Lives! are “welcoming compassionate ladies.” Her philosophy is, “There is no other choice but to live strong and with Hope.”

JoAnne has been married to Bill for over 55 years. They are parents to the late Kelli Lightsey, John, 49, Jennifer Michael, 46, and Suzanne Fries, 45. She is retired and enjoys reading in her leisure time. JoAnne received a wig from Hope Lives! while in treatment. In JoAnne’s words, “I believe in and love God who helped me get through my journey. My family and many friends were there, and still are there for me.

Diana is married to Troy and they are parents to Brandon, 23, and Ryan, 20. Diana is a Spanish medical interpreter at UCHealth. Her hobbies include running, working out, biking, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Diana used counseling and massage services offered by Hope Lives! during her breast cancer treatment.

Deanna has been married to Stephen for five years and they are parents to Alec Krausse, 19, Willem Henry Scott, 16, and Nicholas Scott, 13. She is retired but stays busy knitting, kayaking, biking and hiking. In her words, “Hope Lives! is an amazing organization that lifts women up and carries them through the darkest time in their lives. I wouldn’t have made it without the love and support of women that have gone before me.” She continues, “At my first oncology visit, I opened Style magazine and saw happy, joyous and free Hope Lives! models. It was then that I had hope that I would not only survive but thrive.”

Andrea is a single mom to Reed, 10, and Bryce, 8. She works in finance at American Ag Credit and in her spare time enjoys skiing, camping, cooking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. In her words, “Hope Lives! is a wonderful support organization that offers awesome services to ladies when they need it the most.”

Mindee has been married to Derek for 13 years. They are parents to Ben, 10, and Drew, 6. She enjoys yoga, tennis, Pilates, gardening, and reading and writing for relaxation. Mindee is a Hope Lives! client. She says, “Susan Goldstone treated me with acupuncture services, which were really helpful with my neuropathy.” In addition, “my husband and sons, my mom and my dad, Drs Datko and Pettit and all the UCHealth caregivers, and a tribe of fierce and fearless friends and spiritual sisters,” gave her hope during her journey.

Christina has been married to Andy for 12 years and they are parents to Jovi, 7, Everi, 5, and Theo, ten months. She works as a marketing director for Interstate. She says, “When in doubt, there is always hope and Hope Lives! carries forward generosity, empathy, sisterhood and most importantly, Hope! The September 2016 issue of Style helped show me that other ladies have made it through and so can anyone traveling this challenging journey.” She continues, “Hope lives in me because of my faith and because of the beautiful souls who supported (and continue to support) me through this chapter of my life.”

Suzanne is married to Ron and they are parents to Brittany, 30, Brandi, 28, Kegan, 23, Gunner, 20, Tyler, 24, and Alex, 21. They have two grandchildren and one on the way. Suzanne is a Registered Medical Assistant at Allura Skin, Laser and Wellness Clinic. She enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. In Suzanne’s words, “Hope Lives! makes a difference in the lives of women who have endured a life changing event because of breast cancer. Hope Lives! gives us all hope.”

Tamara Lewis

Tamara has been married to Doug for 38 years and they are parents to Christopher, 36, and Joshua, 34, and grandparents to Judah, 6, and Ezra, 4. She works as a nutrition aid at Thompson School District. When she has free time, she enjoys fishing and camping. As a client of Hope Lives! she benefited from deep tissue massage. She says, “It has helped me get rid of all the stress I dealt with. I love it!" Hope Lives in her because of,“my faith, my family and my friends who accept me as I am. Hope Lives! has made me feel like I am home.”

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