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Theresa Bain

Theresa is mother to Mollee Walter, 25, and Alyssa Bain, 27. She has three grandchildren. She works in social services at Fort Collins Habitat For Humanity. When she has leisure time, she enjoys photography, grandchildren, friends and family. Theresa benefited with massage services offered by Hope Lives! Theresa shares, “I am not alone. Love has surrounded me throughout this process from the love of Jesus, to friends and family. I have been loved. I am not alone.”

Kara is mother to Damien Kocher, 34, and Cody Kaker, 26. Her career is as an analyst III at Crop Production Services. She tries to take time for gardening, hiking/walking, traveling and family time. Kara is a Hope Lives! client and she shares, “I’ve utilized acupuncture to help with pain from treatments and scar tissue.” She tells us that hope lives in her because “Everyday I have on earth is a gift. With support from family and friends I’m able to survive and flourish while having cancer.”

Nancy Barker

Nila Croll

Sylvie Carlyon

LaShaun Davis

Nancy has been married to Tim for 51 years and they are parents to Dawn Zakanycz, 51, and Tim Jr., 47. They have eight grandchildren. She is self-employed as T&N Property Management. In her leisure time she enjoys reading, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and watching her grandkid’s play sports.

Sylvie has been married to Jonathan for 21 years and they are parents to Zoe, 20, and Ana, 13. Sylvie works as a chef for St. Joseph Catholic School and Lakeview Commons Assisted Living.


Kara Coates

Nila is mother to Pamela Kurtz and Jeff and Brian Croll. She is fortunate to have seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. After a busy career, Nila is enjoying her retirement years. “Hope Lives! is a wonderful organization to help cancer survivors,” she says.

LaShaun is mother to Alexis Jacobs, 21, and grandmother to five-month old Zayvion Von Lintel. She is a ramp agent at Denver International Airport. In her free time she enjoys making candles and soaps, and visiting with family and friends. LaShaun says, “Hope Lives! is a great organization to be part of.”


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2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

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