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Aspen Speech Therapy is able to treat all kinds of impairments with limited restrictions given the number of therapists and locations. There are no extensive waiting lists, making treatment more easily accessible. “I’m always learning and growing personally and professionally” she adds. “Whether it’s starting an equine-assisted therapy program or providing speech therapy services to home health agencies or a school district, I’m always looking for ways to expand the business. We always stay on top of treatment methods, and implement the latest and greatest therapy techniques.”


Each employee has a different skill set that diversifies the type of care Aspen Speech Therapy is able to offer. “If you look at most clinics of private practices they have one specific focus or they only work with kids or adults in this one particular setting,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to be very diversified. We see patients from eightdays-old who have feeding issues to 80 or 90-year-old patients struggling with cognition or swallowing issues. “We see people at the clinic, in their homes, and have local contracts with schools and nursing homes,” she says. “There are remote places where people live five hours away, so we also provided telepractice therapy, we are also starting to do equine-assisted therapy, utilizing horses as a treatment tool to target specific deficits in both adults and children.”


As a mother to two young girls — 7-yearold Kinley and 9-year-old Copley — Kelly wants to set an example of what being a strong woman means. “I’m a busy mom with two busy, busy kids,” she says. “I’ve had to become the master of time management. My daughters are exposed on a daily basis to the perks of mom/business owner. They go marketing with me, listen to business phone calls, watch the operation of managing the clinic and staff, and most importantly observe the beauty of helping others in need. As a mom and a woman, I think it’s super important that they see successful women and mothers.”


Offices in Fort Collins and Greeley (970) 682-3743

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