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Life’s Too Short To Sleep On A Bad Mattress The Sleep Store Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary

By Kyle Eustice


Walking into The Sleep Store of Ft. Collins’ expansive showroom on South College, it’s immediately clear why the longtime Fort Collins business moved down the hall last year. They’re now nestled in their new spot in The Square Shopping Center, just east of Trader Joe’s. The space is bright and impeccably organized, allowing for the best possible shopping experience. The new floor layout allows for a great selection of mattress models to be displayed. The Owner, John Cramer, has been in the mattress and furniture business for decades. In fact, this month The Sleep Store is celebrating their 45th anniversary. The Denver native started the business while still at CSU. Cramer’s first location was on LaPorte Avenue. He soon opened a second location in Old Town. Eventually, he established The Sleep Store in 1972 and never looked back. “I love the business,” he explains. “The community has been very supportive of our employees and our store. Not many businesses make it 45 years. Obviously we couldn’t have done it without the people in Northern Colorado. It’s been good. We try to give them value, expertise, and an individualized shopping experience. We work hard to earn their business and I think we consistently succeed in doing that.”


The Sleep Store stocks a plethora of mattresses, adjustable foundations, futons, pillows, sheets and linens, bunk beds, platform beds, Murphy beds, waterbeds, headboards, and footboards While online shopping has certainly changed the nature of the bedding business, Cramer prides himself on his old school values. By spending money at locally owned businesses, each dollar nourishes the community and in turn, it thrives. That’s why top notch customer service has been integral to their success. “Customer service is everything, especially now with the brick and mortars versus bedin-a-box online e-tailers” Cramer says. “We


can match any price they can do — that’s not the issue. It’s just that the new world is to get a bed-in-a-box. I’ve been at this a long time and I don’t understand that. Why would you buy a bed you can’t try out first?” With his business philosophy firmly rooted in tradition, Cramer still ensures The Sleep Store keeps up with the changing times. “I may be an old school guy, but we’re progressive in what we offer,” he explains. “We have a bed-in-a-box program, but you can try it in the store and take it home with you. If you want to ship it to your winter home, your summer home, your student… we can do that. One size doesn’t fit all. We have a firm, a plush and a middle bed, so you can get what you want, which is what we believe buying a bed is all about...we sell comfort, we sell sleep”


Thanks to its well-educated sales staff, and long-time Manager, Dennis Landry,

their warm, inviting approach and superior knowledge, each employee is able to provide the consumer with an overall positive and enlightening experience. “Our people have been in the business for a long time,” Cramer says. “They’re more into the education than the selling of the customer, and that’s the difference. If we educate them well and answer their questions, they’re going to buy here. On price, we can match anything anyone else can do, but some things we can do better. We’re a member of a $13 billion buying group, so we can buy at great prices. Because of our size, we’re a big mom and pop.” In addition, the new location has made a huge difference in the showroom’s appearance. He admits the last location wasn’t as nice as it could have been. “The other one was ‘dumpy,’ he says with a laugh. “We had stuff everywhere. We knew we were going to move, and didn’t want to STYLEMEDIA.COM

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2017-09 Lydia's Style Magazine  

Annual Breast Cancer Issue!