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Achieve Work/Life Balance with a Hobby


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Photo: Petra Lansky

A NEW YEAR A NEW YOU! As we all look ahead to a fresh new year, many of us think about resolutions and ways we can improve our lives. One of the most talked about resolutions revolves around becoming more fit, losing weight and eating better. Since making drastic changes is difficult, we felt making doable small improvements might be easier. Read “Fitter Fort Collins Health and Wellness Tips” inside of “New Year, New You” for tips to improve your health, reduce stress and improve your quality of life. Since many of us have demanding schedules,


experience work stress, family, and life stress, research says that finding a hobby is one way to relax and offset our stressful lives. Read some of Dr. Michelle Glasgow’s recommendations to reduce your stress level in “Achieve Work/Life Balance With a Hobby.” As we looked for hobby ideas, many different ones surfaced. I’ve known that John Sinnett built model aircraft, but didn’t fully appreciate how engaged he really was in this hobby. When he starts working on a model in his shop area, he leaves behind all stress and worry. He is so preoccupied with his project at hand that it totally consumes him and gives him the needed break from his demanding job. It is much the same with Ivy Sipes who does exquisite lace knitting. When she is creating a piece, she must concentrate on counting stitches and must be totally engaged in what she is doing. The others we interviewed were just as passionate about their hobbies and found them to be a wonderful way to enrich their lives and reduce their stress levels. Be sure to read, “People with a Passion” for a snapshot of people who are truly engaged in a variety of hobbies. Speaking about hobbies, I took one up this last year, at the encouragement of friend, Julie Sather. She has been my mentor for crocheting. Although, the only time I generally find to crochet, is at night when the day is done and I’m relaxing in bed listening to late night TV, it is so very satisfying to create something with my hands. And, in fact, I crocheted a large blanket for my daughter and son-in-law as a Christmas present and I think they liked it!

Over the past year, a popular department in our magazine has been our articles about beautiful homes and interesting building projects. For this issue I had the pleasure of getting a tour of The Brownes on Howes. It is a well thought out six home townhome project in the downtown area. It is surprisingly roomy and beautifully finished and perfect for a couple wanting to down size and enjoy reduced home maintenance and increased proximity to downtown amenities. Be sure to read, “The Brownes on Howes” and stop by to have Brandon Tompkins with ReMax Alliance give you a tour! The votes were tallied and the results are in. We listed all of the 105 Best Of 2016 winners, first through third, in the December issue of Style and are featuring highlights of some of the first place winners in this issue. We were thrilled with the community response this year with lots more votes then in 2015. Congratulations to the winners! These are businesses that work hard to excel in their line of work and provide excellent products and services! Be sure to congratulate the winners when you patronize them; they obviously work hard to deserve your confidence! As we look ahead to the New Year, we, at Style, are excited about the many fun topics we will be writing about this year. We hope you will continue to enjoy our magazines and always welcome your ideas and suggestions. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2017.


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David Lamb

Nancy Lamb

CLOSING THOUGHTS Einhellig is a big believer in leading by example and has learned many lessons along the way. “Do the best you can, and realize that every day we are in the position to make a difference in peoples’ lives by impacting their health.” Einhellig says. “I have many business philosophies and one is that being an independently owned business ourselves, we strongly believe that we should support and patronize other local businesses, as well. “Another is that our team is the core of our business,” she adds. “We believe in employee recognition for going above and beyond and we have a system in place to do so. We believe very strongly in recruiting skilled and talented individuals, and developing a strong team to take care of our patients.”


In 1985, pharmacists David and Nancy Lamb purchased Doug’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in Loveland and Good Day Pharmacy was born. Eight years later, their cousin and fellow pharmacist Vicki Einhellig joined the Lambs to help manage and expand the pharmacy business. A second community pharmacy was added in Fort Collins in 1993 as the company continued to grow. Good Day currently owns and operates 10 community pharmacies in Colorado, and one specialty long term care pharmacy.


Good Day provides all the services one would expect a community pharmacy to offer, including prescription compounding, specialty medications, synchronized and automatic prescription refills, vaccinations, medical equipment and supplies, wound care, and delivery service. Its long term care pharmacy specializes in customized prescription programs and services needed in assisted living, skilled nursing, hospice, and intellectually/developmentally disabled homes and facilities.


As a Colorado-born company, Good Day consistently contributes to local economies and every employee is responsive to the demands of their patients. Coupled with a strong training program, they perpetuate professional growth within the company to ensure every patient receives the very best in pharmacy care by a skilled team member. Customer service is key. As defined in the company’s mission statement, “We look for opportunities to make every day a Good Day for the people we serve and our team.” In 2015, the Eaton, Colorado location was recognized as the top performer


in Colorado, and the Fort Collins and Wellington locations were in the top 15 percent of all MTM (Medication Therapy Management) centers in the country.


Good Day’s synchronized medication refill program (Med Sync) has so many benefits for patients and it has the potential to positively affect the medication-taking regimen of countless people. Currently, they have over 2,800 patients using this free program, which significantly simplifies their medication process, ensures they never run out, and ensures they always have what they need when they need it. It reduces medication-taking errors. With the rise of overdose deaths, the staff is concerned with opioid abuse and they are part of a state-wide task force led by Governor Hickenlooper to decrease prescription drug abuse in Colorado. Good Day principals sit on the boards of several organizations, including Rx Plus Pharmacies, the Colorado Medicaid Review Board, and Independent Pharmacy Cooperative.


Corporate Office

3780 E. 15th Street, Suite 102 Loveland, CO 80538 970-461-1975 Fax: 970-461-4042

Good Day Pharmacy at Spring Creek Medical Park 2001 S. Shields, Fort Collins CO 80526 Good Day Pharmacy at Sprouts Farmers Market 2601 S. Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins CO 80525 Good Day Pharmacy at Greeley Medical Clinic 1900 16th Street, Greeley CO 80631 Good Day Pharmacy at Hays Market 201 Johnstown Center Drive, Johnstown, CO 80534 Good Day Pharmacy 1749 Main Street, Longmont CO 80501 Good Day Pharmacy at Boise Avenue 2033 Boise Avenue, Loveland CO 80538 Good Day Pharmacy 7955 6th Street, Wellington CO 80549 Good Day Pharmacy Special Care Services 201 Johnstown Center Drive, Johnstown, CO

Good Day Pharmacy at Heritage Market 180 S. Elm Avenue, Eaton CO 80615 STYLEMEDIA.COM

Maximizing Care Through Accurate Diagnosis Serving patients across the Rocky Mountain region for more than 35 years Providing unrivaled comprehensive diagnostic services to our community

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Craig Nerby, MD

Phil Haberman, MD Richard Halbert, MD Wentzell Hamner, MD

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Carrie Pizzi, MD

Arlene Libby, MD

Michael Walts, MD Heath Worcester, MD STYLE 2017



People with a Passion By Michelle Venus



hob·by ˈhäbē/

Noun, plural hobbies an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving. According to the website Not So Boring Life, the 50 most popular hobbies in America range from reading and watching television to crafting, volunteering, traveling and engaging in sports. Online dating came in at #32. Who knew dating was a hobby? Some hobbies become passions. And that’s when a hobby takes on a whole new dimension. Making Model Magic John Sinnett, chief estimator with D.S. Constructors, LLC, builds model airplanes in his spare time. Like many model builders, it was a hobby he started as a young boy, when he received models as gifts. As he grew older, his interests turned elsewhere. But he found himself turning back toward model making after his children were born and he introduced his son, Ben, to the hobby. Finished planes were hung from the ceiling in Ben’s bedroom, much like in John’s childhood room. At one point, John reckons, there were almost a dozen planes suspended above Ben. And while his son never quite found the same level of enthusiasm for model making, the bug once again bit John. It bit him hard. Model building has become John’s avocation and stress reliever. “When I’m working on a build,” he says, “I’m not thinking of anything else. This hobby takes total concentration, and when I sit down on the weekend or in the evening, [model making] allows my mind to go away from work and go away from stress. Everything just melts away.” A study published in the “Annals of Behavioral Medicine” reported that participants who engaged in leisure activities were 34 percent less stressed and 18 percent less sad than those participants who were not involved in hobbies. In addition to feeling happier, these hobbyists had lower heart rates than their counterparts, STYLE 2017

and that calmness continued for several hours after the activity stopped. The researchers discovered that the actual activity wasn't all that important—what was important was that the participant deeply enjoyed what he or she was doing. What does John do with completed models? They can get quite large—one has a wing span of nearly three feet. “That’s a good question,” says John, “and

one my wife asks every time I start a new build.” The Allure of Lace Ivy Sipes learned knitting as a child from her mother, Elaine, who was taught by an older sister. Needlecrafts are not just a hobby for the Sipes family; it’s their way of life. Elaine and her husband Darrell own Your Daily Fiber (where Ivy


raccoons) that visit their northeast Fort Collins backyard. Since Tim retired from his neuropsychology practice, he and Jackie have traveled to far-flung places like the Galapagos Islands, where they’ve spied the blue-footed booby, and China, to marvel over the golden pheasant. The 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation reported that 46.7 million Americans observed, photographed, or fed birds, and of these 17.8 million people observed them away from their homes. These statistics are nothing to shake a tail feather at. Birders, like Tim and Jackie, often assemble a “Life List’ of birds they’d like to see in nature. “We don't have one of those,” explains Jackie, though she and Tim keep adding to the list of birds they’ve seen. On the home front, they’ve become experts about the type of seed their feathery friends prefer. Tim insists on purchasing high quality seed with black oil sunflower seed a part of the mix. “The better the seed, the healthier the bird,” he says. They’ve also incorporated plants

is the operations manager), a store specializing in everything needed for knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning. While knit one, purl two may offer everything a knitter wants in a project, for Ivy it’s not enough of a challenge. Several years ago, a friend asked if Ivy could knit a lace shawl for her (the friend’s) wedding. Even though she had never knitted lace before, Ivy agreed to the project. With only a few months before the wedding, she got started only to discover that the yarn and beads she had chosen for the bride’s shawl were not the right choices. Ivy finished two shawls in about four months. “It was a lot of work,” she admits. Then she was hooked. (No, wait, that’s crochet.) Now Ivy spends much of her free time knitting lace. Like John’s, this hobby is Ivy’s stress reliever. “I can't think of anything else when I’m counting stitches,” she explains. Knitting lace is very detailed


and intricate work and one missed stitch means going back and unraveling all the stitches until the errant one is reached, which Ivy says is “not fun at all.” She’s gotten so proficient that she can knit simpler pieces like a headband in a few hours. Larger projects can take a few months to complete. There’s a bit of a thrill watching lace projects grow longer and longer from the needles. “It really is exciting to see the lace take shape,” says Ivy. “There is definitely a sense of accomplishment.” Tweeting Tim and Jackie Bennett started out with one bird feeder in the back yard and soon purchased different types of feeders to accommodate different birds’ feeding patterns, along with a few heated birdbaths to quench thirsts year round. And then their hobby soared. The Bennetts enjoy watching the many different avian species (and squirrels and STYLEMEDIA.COM

that attract both birds and butterflies into their landscape. Why birding? For one, it transforms their yard into a sanctuary. Filled with birdsong and activity, the Bennetts spend a lot of fair weather time outside in their yard. When it’s colder, they watch from the kitchen window. “It’s so peaceful, and so restful,” says Jackie. “We just love it.” Unchained Malady By day, Malorie Gilbert is a mildmannered marketing professional. But at night, she becomes Unchained Malady, channeling her inner badass on two different roller derby teams—travel team Micro Bruisers and home team Psycho Sirens. Malorie discovered roller derby four years ago, when she went to the Black and Blue Ball, an annual event where the participants dress in—you guessed it—black or blue evening gowns for the bout. “Kind of like roller derby prom,” she quips. The sport has become more than a great way to stay in shape; it’s become family. Malorie finds a great sense of

community in roller derby. FoCo Roller Derby, the organization that hosts Malorie’s teams as well as another home team, the Cinder Hellas, “is filled with a really diverse group of women, who are probably the most important people Ive ever had in my life,” says Malorie. “They’re people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. These are the strongest women I’ve ever met and it’s really uplifting being with them.” The youngest woman in the team is 18; the oldest is 45. In season, Malorie is on the track two to three times a week. Skaters-in-training often skate four to five times. FoCo Roller Derby offers training that includes skills building, game play and strategy, gear advice, and even Flat Mat Yoga: classes designed specifically for derby skaters. Malorie is also the vice president of FoCo Roller Derby’s Board of Directors. Clearly, she is committed to this more-than-just-a-hobby. When she’s on her skates, Malorie STYLE 2017

thinks of nothing other than the game. Here, the theme song is echoed: “No matter how bad my day was, as soon as I get on the track, it all melts away. Roller derby is a great stress reliever. And the confidence I’ve gained translates into other parts of my life.” Hobbies are more than just a way to fill free time. In addition to the health benefits, they can become forms of expression, filling creative voids; they inspire travel; they build community and confidence. Now, with the new year upon us, this may be the perfect time to find a hobby. Michelle Venus is a freelance writer and the Development Director at KRFC 88.9 FM. She lives in a tiny Old Town bungalow, where the cat chases away any birds that visit the backyard. her roller derby name (if she were a derby skater) is Venus Dementia.



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970-232-6336 CINDY KURTZ
























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By Malini Bartels

The start of any calendar year is comparable to a crisp blank page in a notebook. Anything can happen and the opportunities are endless. A chance to start fresh can be both exciting and tremendous; with just a few small lifestyle changes, positive improvements can be made to your overall wellbeing. Get Strong & Healthy The typical resolution: I’m going to work out every day! Easier said than done. For those that might not be ready to hit the gym, or may not have the mindset to set extensive health goals, help is right down the street. Nancy Stilson-Herzog is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness Coach with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. She operates Fitter Fort Collins Health and Wellness based in The Other Club Fitness Center in Fort Collins and focuses on bridging the gaps between exercise, nutrition and behavior STYLE 2017

modification. “I am very passionate about the work I do because I myself have experienced so many health benefits from committing to living a healthy lifestyle. I want to share this with others and help them along the way,” says the fitness guru. “I have learned that it takes time and repeated effort to change old undesirable habits to life-giving healthy habits. This can, for many, seem impossible or out of reach. This is where the work I do comes into play and can help individuals map their goals so they can overcome stumbling blocks and achieve their goals quicker.”

Stilson-Herzog’s advice for everyone when starting 2017, “Do something to improve your health, no matter how small it is!” Anyone looking to gain a broader spectrum on Stilson-Herzog’s business can visit their website at Help Someone Else Volunteering your time to a cause that touches your heart is a win-win. Helping others creates resilience within oneself, so it’s only natural that donating time and talent to an organization that you have a connection with has a direct positive impact


on your attitude and spirit. Help in local schools, foster a pet, assist in a nursing home, or even discover what volunteer opportunities are available in your favorite non-profit. The validation gained from any charitable experience is more valuable than an accolade or therapy session. Dedicate a few hours per month in the New Year to selfless acts of kindness and witness the difference it can make to your outlook on life. Feed Your Mind Spend a little time learning something new. Daily brain challenges with crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or even word searches can help rejuvenate brain cells, and it’s free! The possibilities are infinite when it comes to learning a new skill or starting a new routine. Take up an instrument you’ve always wanted to play, learn a craft, or even venture into genealogy and start recording your family tree. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get absorbed into new experiences. Release past hurts Letting go. It’s important, and yet so difficult to do. Music and lyrics are one way to help release anger, deal with emotions, and a therapeutic way for us to learn from mistakes. Nancy Just, M.S. is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Singer-Songwriter. She views the process of songwriting as a sacred and incredibly powerful vehicle for one to heal and work through emotions and experiences. She founded Metamorphosis Counseling and Healing Arts, LLC with the intention to foster growth and healing in others. Music has helped her release past hurts in multiple ways. “I feel that lyrics bridged with melody and rhythm have an incredibly transformative power on our brain, energy, and emotions,” says Just about songwriting. “Music has helped shape my experience of how I view the world, has impacted how I experience love, grief, anger, sorrow, etc. Music invites us into others’ emotional world, and we realize that we are not alone and this is incredibly freeing. Music unites.” Composing music and writing songs can be a beautifully artistic vehicle for releasing baggage when trying to start fresh. “Songs enable us to utilize a platform that would be otherwise deemed socially inappropriate to speak in an everyday setting,” mentions the therapist with a musical background. “The medium of art allows us to scream, cry, beg, love, etc., and that’s really powerful.” “I believe these songs come through us, and that they are given to us, and are



ultimately gifts for us to heal ourselves and others,” mentions the songstress. “I absolutely feel that songwriting has helped me release past hurts, forgive, and free my soul.” More information about Just’s counseling services visit For her website about music, visit www. Have fun and laugh Laughter is truly the best medicine. It’s scientifically proven to reduce stress, combat depression, and help you think positively. Laughter is also thought to help boost immune systems by generating disease fighting cells and releasing endorphins. Don’t take things too seriously in the New Year. Relax and pamper yourself by scheduling a much needed massage or facial. Burn some calories with a good chuckle; it might even help you live longer! But, best of all… laughter is contagious. Wouldn’t you rather catch the giggles than a cold? Malini Bartels is a Capricorn who works at The Music District. She is also a freelance writer, chef, mother, radio host, and actress. Her incorrigible Corgi occupies most of her time.

STYLE 2017


Fitter Fort Collins Health and Wellness Tips

for 2017 By Nancy Stilson-Herzog

Cardio If you don’t already, take the stairs whenever possible. If you do take the stairs, pick up the pace a bit or take two steps at a time for a little extra cardio. Think of small ways to weave fitness into your life so it’s not too overwhelming. Take a lap around the office every hour. You may find it helpful to set a timer to remind yourself to do so. Strength Training Wall pushups can be done anywhere and a set of 10-15 and will strengthen your arms and chest muscles. While sitting in a chair, sit tall and pull your belly button to your spine. Hold for 3-5 seconds and relax. A set of 10-15 reps will help not only tone your abs but help alleviate low back pain. Using the strength of your legs and implementing good posture, practice getting up and down out of your chair 10-15 times. Calf raises are easy to implement at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Drop your


heels down and rise up on your tippy toes. It’s not only good for strengthening your calf muscles it gives a welcome stretch for your feet, calves and Achilles tendons. Shoulder squeezes can be done sitting at the computer and even while you are sitting at a stoplight. Pinch your shoulder blades together 5 times to relieve tight upper back muscles or a sore neck. 5 chin tucks are excellent for relieving fatigue in the neck, shoulder and jaw. Sit tall and try to make a double chin. You might be surprised at how effective and powerful this exercise is. Balance Brush your teeth or do the dishes standing on one foot with your abdominal muscles engaged. Stretching Place your arms on a doorframe and step through it to stretch your chest. Stretch your hamstrings and low back by leaning forward at your hips and reaching towards the floor. If you experience

back pain, place your hands on your thighs, table, or counter top to provide a little support. Nutrition Water. One of the best things you can do for yourself is drink water. Half your body weight in ounces is what healthy individuals should be striving for. If you aren’t there yet, try starting your day with a tall glass of water and then timing out a few more glasses throughout your day. Increase your fruits and vegetables. Some people get turned off by the preparation of fresh vegetables or feel they don’t have the time. Vegetable trays are economical and you can easily eat off it through your week. Or, try preparing sandwich bags full of fresh vegetables for each day of the week. Make it a goal to eat one each day. Think WHOLE in terms of vegetables, fruits, beans/legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. The more natural your food is, as in its original form, the healthier it is for you. Whole food makes for easier preparation and optimal nutrition. STYLEMEDIA.COM

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e f i L / k r o W e v e hi

By Angeline Grenz



Work stress, family stress, everyday stress—compounding pressures may make it difficult to find a way to de-stress. But research shows that finding a hobby can reduce blood pressure, ease tension and give the overworked the opportunity to step away and reset. But what exactly qualifies as a hobby? If the idea of learning to needlepoint makes your anxiety levels ratchet back up, don’t stress. “A hobby,” according to Dr. Michelle Glasgow, family medicine physician, Kaiser Permanente Fort Collins Medical Offices, “can be anything—running, joining a class, spending time with a friend—but it is something you don’t have to do, and it must be enjoyable to you.” Participating regularly in the activity is also key to considering it

STYLE 2017

for hobby status. Best of all; you don’t even need to be good at it (for all you golfers out there) to reap the benefits. By defining the activity, Dr. Glasgow reminds us that a hobby doesn’t have to be formal, or typical, but it must be the thing that provides you with a few minutes or hours worth of enjoyable respite from your busy life. “A hobby is a great way to practice mindfulness,” she says, “to get our minds away from the have-tos and stresses in life or anything that makes us anxious.” What can a hobby do for your health? Dr. Glasgow names several benefits: less stress, lost weight, reduced anxiety, improved relationships, reduced blood pressure, and the trickle down effect is even more important. Some patients require less medication; others are able to see


Michelle Glasgow, M.D., Family Medicine Kaiser Permanente Fort Collins significant improvements in their heart health. Hobbies are great stress relievers at any age, but they can also help cognitive function as you age. In fact, a 2014 study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, found a link between leisure-time activities and higher cognitive function in adults. Additional studies have found links to lower depression, a perception of being “happier,” and even greater satisfaction in life. For a hobby to be most productive, the participant’s goal should be to get to a state of “flow,” or the state of total absorption. Psychology Today calls it “the sense of effortless action.” Athletes might call it being “in the zone.” Dr. Glasgow has seen the benefits firsthand with her patients. She recounts a patient that had undergone significant weight loss with surgical intervention. The patient was looking for an additional way to keep the weight loss going. Dr. Glasgow recommended a crossfit class. The results were more than just continued weight loss—the patient found a hobby and a new community of friends with which to spend time. But for many, the idea of a hobby seems more like wishful thinking. “The biggest excuse I hear is there is no time. But there is always time. Get up a half-hour earlier or stay up a half-hour later,” she suggests, “Or use half of your lunch break to pursue your


interest. Studies have found that as little as 20 to 30 minutes a day can drastically improve mood.” What if you have children? Dr. Glasgow suggests incorporating your children into your hobby. If you love to hike, take them with you. If you love music, introduce them into your hobby. “Hobbies can absolutely be shared,” she says, and the benefits still abound. She also reminds parents that hobbies are as important for children as they are for adults. “Children have that drive, and they can experience the health benefits from hobbies.” Dr. Glasgow has found this to be true in her own case. Guitar is one of her hobbies that she shared with her 9-year-old son; it has become a favorite hobby of his as well; something he now enjoys participating in independently. The busy mother of two has several hobbies she participates in weekly. She swims with a local masters program, plays piano and guitar, and is involved in a crossfit program. When days are busy and the stress level is high, Dr. Glasgow has found that something as simple as five minutes spent in front of the piano can give her the boost she needs. The important point to remember, “is find what works for you.” The other common excuse Dr. Glasgow hears for why many people fail to find a hobby to participate in is money. People worry that a hobby is going to be expensive.

“Finding a hobby doesn’t have to cost a lot of money,” she says. “There are classes through the City [of Fort Collins], the Recreator and others that are free or low-cost. Saying a hobby costs too much is an easy excuse, but there are a million things that you can do that cost little to no money.” You might already have a hobby in mind, or you may need a little coaching. If your interests are varied and a focus is hard to find, there are plenty of Internet sites out there dedicated to helping you find a hobby that matches your personality. Or take a look at the City of Fort Collins’ Recreator site: Recreation programs are available and there is endless variety: from dance to pottery to sports and beyond. Look for local meet up groups in your area ( A variety of groups are available if you are the type to want to introduce a little socialization into your hobby of choice. Meet up groups are separated by areas of interest and are free to join. Wherever your interests may lie, find a hobby that appeals to you. Experience health and wellness benefits that a more mindful lifestyle can create. Angeline Grenz is a freelance writer and business owner based in Loveland. Contact her at STYLEMEDIA.COM

STYLE 2017


Votes in Style Magazine’s 2016 annual "Best Of" were more than DOUBLE of last years, demonstrating that Northern Coloradans love to go out to eat, drink, socialize or all of the above! And, they appreciate great service—from wait staff and Realtors to veterinarians and the people who care for their lawns.

Best Lawn Care

Lawn Doctor, Fort Collins

Best Landscape Design & Installation

Bath Landscape Design, Fort Collins

Best Plumbing Service

Food & Drink Best Breakfast

Allen Service, Fort Collins

Best BBQ

Nordy’s Bar-B-Que & Grill, Loveland

Best Burger

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, Fort Collins

Big Al’s Burgers & Dogs, Fort Collins

Best Food Truck

Best Fine Dining

The Waffle Lab, Fort Collins

Jay’s Bistro, Fort Collins

Best Bakery

Best Nano Brewery

La Creperie & Bakery of Fort Collins

Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, Fort Collins

Best Ice Cream & Gelato

Best Beer Garden

Walrus Ice Cream, Fort Collins

Best Neighborhood Bar

Equinox Brewing, Fort Collins

Best Dessert

William Oliver’s Publick House, Fort Collins

The Chocolate Café, Fort Collins

Best Happy Hour

Best Business Lunch

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Fort Collins

Austin’s American Grill, Fort Collins

Best Mexican Food Restaurant

Best Sunday Brunch

Blue Agave Grill, Fort Collins

Silver Grill Cafe, Fort Collins

Best Steak House

Best Donut

Sonny Lubick Steakhouse, Fort Collins

LaMar’s Donuts, Fort Collins

Best Oil Change Services Jiffy Lube, various locations

Best Car Wash/Detailer

Breeze Thru Car Wash, Fort Collins

Best Dry Cleaning Services Burke Cleaners, Various Locations

Best Childcare Services Mountain Kids, Fort Collins

Best Plant Nursery

Fort Collins Nursery, Fort Collins

Best Clothing Alterations The Sewing Room, Fort Collins

Best Car Tire Service

Discount Tire & Service, various locations

Best Home Cleaning Service Merry Maids, Fort Collins

Best Heat & Air Conditioning Service

Best Martini

Krazy Karl’s Pizza, Fort Collins

Social, Fort Collins

Fort Collins Heating & Air Conditioning, Fort Collins

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Brewery

Tasty Harmony, Fort Collins

New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins

Lee’s Hardwood Flooring, Windsor

Best Coffee Shop

Best Distillery

Mountain Standard Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Fort Collins

Best Pizza

The Human Bean, various locations

CopperMuse Distillery, Fort Collins

Best Margarita

Best Specialty Food & Drink

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Fort Collins and Greeley

Best Natural Grocery Store

Sprouts Farmers Market, various locations

Best Caterer

Fiona’s Catering, Fort Collins

Best Patio Dining

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Fort Collins and Greeley

Best Ethnic Cuisine Star of India, Fort Collins

Best Sushi

Best Flooring

Best Carpet Cleaning

Best Financial Planner

Savory Spice Shop, Fort Collins

Layman Lewis Financial Group, Loveland


Best Real Estate Company

Best Painting Services

First (1st) National Bank

Best Roofing Services

Public Service Credit Union, Fort Collins

Best Auto Repair

CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Fort Collins

The Group Inc.

Best Bank

M & E Painting, Loveland

Best Credit Union

Affordable Roofing, Fort Collins

Houska Automotive Services, Fort Collins

Best Home Remodeling HighCraft Builders, Fort Collins

Best Veterinary Clinic

Best Pet Boarding

Camp Bow Wow, Fort Collins

Suehiro Japanese Restaurant, Fort Collins



Best Pet Grooming

The Dog Pawlour, Fort Collins

Health & Beauty Best Hair Salon

Ten Salon & Spa, Loveland


Best Art Gallery

Fort Collins Museum of Art, Fort Collins

Best Museum

Best Women’s Clothing Boutique

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Fort Collins

Best Bike Shop

Loveland Sculpture Show, Loveland

White Balcony, Fort Collins

Lee’s Cyclery, Fort Collins & Loveland

Best Art Event

Best Outdoor Festival

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, Fort Collins

Best Hardware Store

Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, Fort Collins

Downtown Ace Hardware, Fort Collins

Best Tattoo Parlor

Midtown Arts Center, Fort Collins

Tribal Rites Tattoo & Piercing, Fort Collins

Best Sporting Goods Store

Jax Outdoor Gear, Fort Collins & Loveland

Best Waxing Studio

Best Liquor Store

Cinemark Movie Bistro and XD, Fort Collins

Best Men’s Haircut & Shave

Screamin’ Peach, Fort Collins

Wilbur’s Total Beverage, Fort Collins

Best Nail Salon

Best Furniture Store

Best Live Theatre

Best Movie Theater

Best Culture, Music, Arts School Midtown Arts Center, Fort Collins

She She Nail & Wax Salon, Fort Collins

Woodley's Fine Furniture, Fort Collins

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Best Children’s Clothing Store

Mishawaka, Bellvue

Best Hobby & Enthusiast Store

Mariana Butte Golf Course, Loveland

Best Knitting/Craftstore

Canyon Concert Ballet, Fort Collins

Best Jewelry Store

Horsetooth Rock/Horsetooth Falls

Best Florist

Spring Canyon Park, Fort Collins

Best Bookstore

Fly High Trampoline Park, Fort Collins

Northern Colorado Plastic & Hand Surgery, Fort Collins

Best Spa

Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic, Fort Collins and Loveland

Best Health Club/Gym

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Centers, Fort Collins

Best Optical

Eye Center of Northern Colorado, Fort Collins

Best Chiropractor

Scott Chiropractic, Fort Collins

Best Massage

Massage Envy, Fort Collins

Best Yoga Studio

Old Town Yoga, Fort Collins

Best Dental

Front Range Dental Center, Fort Collins

Best Physical Therapy

Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy, Fort Collins

Best Orthodontist

Crane & Seager Orthodonitics, Fort Collins & Loveland

Best Dermatologist

Fort Collins Skin Clinic, Fort Collins

Best Acupuncture

Fort Collins Community Acupuncture & Massage, Fort Collins

Best Pediatrician

Fort Collins Youth Clinic, Fort Collins

STYLE 2017

Clothes Pony, Fort Collins

Hobby Town USA, Fort Collins

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts, Fort Collins

Sather’s Leading Jewelers, Fort Collins

Palmer Flowers, Fort Collins

Best Live Music Venue Best Golf Course

Best Dance Studio Best Hike/Walk

Best Outdoor Park

Best Children’s Activities

Old Firehouse Books, Fort Collins

Best Clothing Consignment Store Plato’s Closet, Fort Collins

Best Pet Supply Store Poudre Pet and Feed Supply, Various Locations

Other Best Dog Park

Spring Canyon Dog Park, Fort Collins

Best Neighborhood

Old Town Fort Collins, Fort Collins

Best Hotel

Armstrong Hotel, Fort Collins

Best Country Club

Fort Collins Country Club, Fort Collins

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Featured Best of Style Winners 2016

Best Clothing Alterations The Sewing Room | Fort Collins 970-225-6927 |

Best Distillery CopperMuse Distillery | Fort Collins 970-999-6016 |

Owner Debbie Zink believes The Sewing Room’s “cando attitude” is partly responsible for the business’ success. Located in an old home on 301 E. Swallow Rd., Zink and her employees provide alterations, sewing, clothing construction, as well as sewing classes and a dry cleaning service with Burke’s dry cleaning. They take pride in the job they do and want every one their customers to walk away happy. There’s a reason The Sewing’s Room motto is: “We’re Sew Good.”

CopperMuse Distillery offers a treasure trove of craft spirits and delightful food offerings. President James Hevelone’s focus is on the customer’s entire experience, which includes daily tours and crafting incredibly unique cocktails in its Art Deco-inspired tasting room. “The talent and passion our cocktail bar and kitchen staff shows in the hospitality they share with new and returning customers,” Hevelone says. “Our extensive offerings of infused vodkas and rums range from traditional flavors such as cucumber or fresh strawberry to more adventurous concoctions such as thin mint cookies, beef jerky and chipotle pepper.”

Best Plumbing Service Allen Service | Fort Collins 970-744-2557 | Armed with its honorable set of ethics, Allen Plumbing and Heating has been providing trustworthy, top-notch customer service since its inception 55 years ago. Helmed by Jeff Allen, the family-owned company believes its qualified employees make Allen’s the best. “The home services profession is evolving at a faster pace than ever before,” Allen says. “To provide this, we invest heavily in training our team on the latest innovations and technical training for all things plumbing, heating and cooling for the home.”



Best Jewelry Store Sather’s Leading Jewelers | Fort Collins 970-223-0256 | Established in 1910, Sather’s Leading Jewelers has been family owned since its inception. Julie Sather-Browne grew up in the business, which was founded by her great-grandfather, Sigurd Ludwig Sather, and great uncle, Art Sather. Since then, Sather’s has truly lived up to its name as “leading jewelers.” “Every person who walks through our door is treated like family,” Sather-Browne says. “We are blessed to have the most amazing team of people as our extended family that are trained professionals in every sense of the word.” From its extensive Estate Jewelry Collection to its wide array of dazzling engagement and wedding rings, Sather’s is the go-to jewelry store for every special occasion. “Sometimes I still need to pinch myself that this is my job,” Sather-Browne says. “It’s joyful to say the least. I think back to the humble beginnings of our company 107 years ago, and how difficult it has been for the generations that came before us. I am thankful for their fortitude and their determination to succeed in this worthy profession. They allowed us to take our business to the level it is now. I am sure they had no idea what it would become. I am certain they are looking down on us saying, ‘Well done, well done!’”

STYLE 2017


Best Liquor Store Wilbur’s Total Beverage | Fort Collins 970-226-8662 | Located on College Avenue next to Whole Foods Market, Wilbur’s Total Beverage is a titan of the liquor industry. The store occupies an incredible 24,000 sq. feet and boasts over 12,000 various items, including the largest local selection of wine and spirits, making it more like a liquor superstore. However, it manages to retain a small business, family oriented feel. Helmed by General Manager/Co-Owner Mat Dinsmore, the family owned business has served the Northern Colorado community since 2000. “My goal was always to create a big box feel with a family owned company,” he explains. “We strive with service, selection and price. We try to take the intimidation out of wine shopping.” Due to its expansive inventory, people are drawn to Wilbur’s because of the wide variety of choices. Its beer cooler alone is 62 doors long and holds over 1300 beers. Fortunately, the welltrained staff is on hand to answer questions and point their customers in the right direction, making every trip to Wilbur’s Total Beverage a pleasant experience.



Best Spa Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic Fort Collins & Loveland 970-223-0193 | When it comes to aesthetic procedures, the industry is experiencing a shift from invasive to non-invasive contouring methods, making it faster and safer to achieve the desired results. At Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic, the experienced staff at both the Loveland and Fort Collins locations have mastered their execution of laser treatments, contouring, skin rejuvenation, and hair removal in addition to their expert advice on diet and wellness. "The owner's commitment to continued training and education to ensure all providers always give the best service and results to the client,” officer manager Linda Lorenzen says. Allura also prides itself on excellent customer service, which keeps its clients coming back, and referring their friends and family.

Best Business Lunch Austin's American Grill | Fort Collins 970-224-9691 | Austin’s Steakhouse sits on the corner of Mountain Ave. and College Ave., where countless patrons pass through its doors on a daily basis, especially for business lunches. Samantha Preston, Creative Brand Director of Hot Corner Concepts, which owns Austin’s, believes the pride its employees put into delivering the best experience possible for every customer is what truly sets them apart. “We try hard to make sure that every guest gets service tendered to what their needs are for that specific meal,” Preston says. “We keep in mind that lunch needs to be quick, but we still impart a high level of service and home style foods in a fast paced timeframe.”

STYLE 2017


Best Bank First National Bank | Fort Collins 970-494-6111 | With 24 locations spread across the Front Range, First National Bank has built its staunch reputation by word-of-mouth and successful ad campaigns. For more than 150 years, First National Bank has been serving the Northern Colorado community in the areas of basic banking, mortgage loans and wealth management. “We've grown right along with the community,” Marketing Manager Fred Jacobs says. “That's not something you can just duplicate overnight. Hopefully, we've always talked the talk and walked the walk when it comes to serving our customers. We look forward to helping them meet all of their financial needs for another 150 years.”

Best Financial Planner Layman Lewis Financial Group | Loveland 970-669-1225 | Established in 2005, the family owned Layman Lewis Financial Group is spearheaded by the father-daughter team of Chuck Layman and Alicia Lewis. With decades of experience in financial planning, the small firm has earned a stellar reputation in the Northern Colorado community thanks to its expertise in retirement, estate, investment, and tax planning. “When we look at how we have doubled our business so many times, year after year, part of it is referrals,” Alicia says. “Forty-three percent of our business comes from referrals, which is huge in this industry. It comes from giving our clients what fits their needs.”



Best Daycare Services Mountain Kids | Fort Collins 970-482-3118 | At the unassuming midtown location of 419 E. Stuart St., sits Mountain Kids, a business custom-tailored to cultivating the minds and bodies of future generations. For over 35 years, Mountain Kids has been providing children quality instruction in a variety of programs, including gymnastics and dance, as well as summer day camp programs and swimming. With programs to fit any skill level, it’s suitable for children of all ages. The staff at Mountain Kids also throws birthday parties, and provides after school camps and transportation. “Our customer service is really good, people in the main office do a great job of being personable,” says owner Ron Baretta. “People love to see a smiling face and people who are happy to see them.”

Best Nail Salon She She Nail and Wax Lounge | Fort Collins 970-377-4181 | Owner/founder Susan Byrum opened the She She Lounge almost nine years ago and since then, the quaint salon-spa has become like home, a place she pours her heart and soul into every day. From nail services and spray tanning to full body waxing and results-oriented facials, the team of passionate professionals do a little bit of everything. “We believe that sanitary and personable beauty experiences should be accessible to everyone and we also aim to be affordable,” Byrum says. “We really offer a one stop shop for all grooming and pampering needs.”

STYLE 2017


Best Martini Social | Fort Collins 970-449-5606 | The local swanky cocktail lounge, Social, is owned by Ty Fulcher, who had a vision to provide a place where people could gather for a truly unique, high end craft cocktail experience. Punch Wednesdays have become extremely popular due to its different punch each week. The love the staff has for the craft is immediately recognizable. Consequently, Social has won the Award of Excellence from Wine Spector three years running and continues to garner national attention “We aim to provide excellent hospitality in general,” Fulcher says. “It’s not necessarily about the products. Our goal is to make people’s day.”

Best Hair Salon TEN Salon and Spa | Loveland 970-669-4836 | Located in Loveland, TEN Salon and Spa specializes in haircuts, customized hair color, re-texturizing, deep conditioning, hair extensions, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and massage therapy. In addition, its Grooming Lounge, is geared towards men’s barbering services. General Manager Amanda Wicker, loves their guests and truly believes in her team. “The TEN team has the most professional and highest trained service providers,” Wicker says. “We offer our guests the highest quality and trending services while experiencing a luxury environment. We pamper our guests—from complimentary beverages to paraffin hand treatments.”



Best Car Wash/Detailer Breeze Thru Car Wash | Fort Collins 970-484-8893 | Breeze Thru Car Wash, located on the corner of Mulberry and Lemay, is the go-to for a quick and inexpensive car wash. Their automated vehicle washing system offers the highest quality wash for your automobile. Once your whip is clean, take advantage of Breeze Thru's free vacuums, Cheerios be gone! Breeze Thru Car Wash management prepares their employees for the future and provides for the community. They believe that for a community to continue to thrive it requires the efforts of all its members. Breeze Thru Car Wash supports the local communities of Fort Collins, Longmont, Greeley and Cheyenne.

Best Dental Practice Front Range Dental Center | Fort Collins 970-673-7321 | As one of Northern Colorado’s newest dental facilities, Front Range Dental Center offers state of the art equipment and happily serves patients in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, and Cheyenne. From basic cleanings and routine exams to more complex issues such as missing teeth, root canals or braces, its dental professionals can cover all dental needs. "The four dentists on staff are committed to treating each patient as a member of their own family, which is easy because a lot of our patients are friends and family,” Dr. Kathryn Radtke says. "From the moment you walk in the door until the time you leave after your dental appointment, you can be assured that it is a completely pleasant experience."

Best Specialty Food & Drink Savory Spice Shop | Fort Collins 970-682-2971 | Owned by Susan Kirkpatrick, Savory Spice sits in the idyllic Old Town area, where her customers are enticed by its fresh spices, herbs and seasonings. Couple with its fair prices and high quality customer service, the quaint shop easily meets the demands of their customer whether they need a small or large quantity. “My staff and I love our customers and we love spices,” Kirkpatrick says. “My employees and I enjoy cooking, eating and sharing our ideas with people from all walks of life. Our enthusiasm shows.”

STYLE 2017


Best Waxing Studio The Screamin Peach | Fort Collins 970-224-2930 | Staffed by 27 employees at two locations, The Screamin Peach is Northern Colorado’s premium wax salon spearheaded by owner/ waxer Jen Eichhorn. Established in 2006, Eichhorn believes it stands out because of its “down-to-earth vibe and urban, edgy studio.” Services range from waxing and false lashes to spray tans and brow tint. “The Screamin Peach feels more like a place to hang-out with friends than a salon,” Eichhorn says. “Our clients have become our close friends over the years. Each day, we get to enjoy the process of meeting new clients and building relationships with them.”

Best Steak House Sonny Lubick Steakhouse | Fort Collins 970-484-9200 | Named after legendary CSU football coach, Sonny Lubick, the Sonny Lubick Steakhouse has carved out its niche in the Northern Colorado community and beyond. In addition to the traditional Certified Angus Beef cuts such as slow-roasted Prime Rib, hand-cut New York Strip and Filet Mignon steaks, the menu includes chef-inspired specialties, vegetarian dishes and gluten-free options. Coupled with its warm atmosphere and one of the best wine cellars in Fort Collins, the beloved restaurant is a mainstay in the community.

Best Tattoo Parlor Tribal Rites Tattoo & Piercing | Fort Collins 970-221-9712 | Based on South College Ave, Tribal Rites Tattoo & Piercing prides itself on high-end jewelry and award-winning talent. Co-owned by Chad Williams and Curtis Burgess, the business has blossomed into one of Northern Colorado’s most respected shops. “We really have focused on the art behind tattooing and all of our artists are extremely experienced,” Williams says. “As far as piercings, we carry higher end jewelry than other shops and offer a much larger collection.” At least 50 percent of its business comes from jewelry and piercings thanks to its incredible selection.



Northern Colorado... Thank you for your support!

Our Our landscape landscape workmanship workmanship stands stands the the test test of of time. time. Each Each project project we we undertake undertake is is tailored tailored to to your your specific specific desires desires and and handcrafted handcrafted to to achieve achieve aa design design that that captivates captivates all all your your senses. senses.Whether Whether aa new new outdoor outdoor kitchen kitchen complete complete with with aa seating seating area area and and accent accent lighting; lighting; or or aa patio, patio, walkway, walkway, fire fire pit pit or or inviting inviting water water feature feature -- ifif you you can can dream dream it, it, our our landscape landscape professionals professionals can can build build it. it.

7029 7029 S. S. College College Avenue Avenue Fort Fort Collins, Collins, CO, CO, 80525 80525 (970) (970) 226-2296 226-2296


Fine Tune Your Financial Health in the New Year By Brad Shannon

If you’re like many people, you enter 2017 with good intentions. Some common topics for people who want the coming year to be better than the last are to take steps to improve health, relationships, to travel more, and to spend less and save more. Introduction This year, there’s more uncertainty than usual given November’s election results. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates on December 14 for the first time in 2016 and just the second time in a decade. Mortgage interest rates rose in anticipation, and the move is seen as the Fed’s confidence in the U.S. economy. Some expect more increases during 2017 – perhaps as many as three. If you’re looking to tune up your financial health in the new year, keep reading.


You’ll find some common-sense advice and resources, along with recommendations from local financial experts on what they’re telling their clients. Check Your Credit A free and easy first step is to check your credit. Don’t fall for advertisements on TV or the radio. Go to or call 1-877-322-8228. You are allowed, by law, free access once a year to the credit reports each of the three

major credit reporting bureaus have on you. Review yours carefully, as 25% have errors and 5% have inaccuracies of the sort that can cost you in higher interest rates or even a rejection of your request for a loan or credit. Make a Budget You can’t make changes and improvements if you don’t know what you have coming in and going out. There are many online tools and software packages that can STYLEMEDIA.COM

STYLE 2017


“we can get a Santa effect around the holidays. I would not be surprised if we see a pullback, but I’m hearing good things about ’17. With the new administration, perhaps some regulations will be put on hold, given the GOP’s preference for less oversight and regulation. That seems to have spurred the market.”

“We step in as a catalyst and someone to turn to when things change,” she emphasizes. “We discuss the need for legal documents, wills and trusts, to ensure all is in order and prepared for both yourself and your family. We make sure we understand your goals and tolerance for risk and that you understand your options.”

Denise Martz certified financial planner with Investment Centers of America

Marga Spangler managing director of private client services at First National Bank

help you create a budget, and your local library can be a good resource. Many are free, including, and If you already have relationships with finance professionals, ask them for help and advice. Invest Denise Martz, certified financial planner with Investment Centers of America, notes 2016 was challenging for many. “It started rough, with a big market pullback,” she recalls. “With Brexit this summer, and the election this fall, people were apprehensive about making new investments because of


the uncertainty.” Now, she observes, there’s been a big jump in the market since the election, and “we can get a Santa effect around the holidays. I would not be surprised if we see a pullback, but I’m hearing good things about ’17. With the new administration, perhaps some regulations will be put on hold, given the GOP’s preference for less oversight and regulation. That seems to have spurred the market.” Asked for what she’s telling her clients, she says she advises them to “make sure you’re well diversified, since we don’t know what will happen with the market, and

that’s the best way to mitigate losses.” She always encourages people to start investing sooner rather than later. “It’s easy to put it off, and another year passes. Start soon, start small, and diversify. Some put it off because they aren’t comfortable. That’s why I’m here. Reach out to someone who is a pro, who has the expertise to guide you in the right direction, whether you are rolling over an IRA, just getting started, looking to retire, or setting the groundwork in your 20s. We have the expertise to help.” Stay in touch with your advisor, she concludes, and review your investment portfolio on a regular basis to adjust to life STYLEMEDIA.COM

STYLE 2017


“We emphasize budgeting, being disciplined, and controlling expenses related to income,” he shares. “You will want to keep credit cards under control, pay down and pay off debt, and contribute to some sort of retirement plan through work or an individual IRA, not just for the tax break but for retirement planning. It’s also important to have a cash reserve or rainy-day fund for emergencies.” Philip Kembel Loveland based CPA

changes like marriage, job changes, having kids, or losing a family member, as these all have an impact on how you should be invested. Talk to Your Banker Angie Penland, branch manager of First National Bank’s Oak Office, and Marga Spangler, managing director of the bank’s private client services, report that ’16 was solid for their organization. “We had a great year in terms of deposit growth, new clients, loan growth and loan quality. Those are all good indicators on how things are going in the community,” Penland shares. “And for a fifth year in a row, Forbes had us on their list of the country’s top banks.” Penland says discussions on the new year with clients relate to planning and setting out manageable steps to pay down debt, save, set goals for the new year and use the tools she has to help them accomplish that. Spangler is in contact with customers every day, and while many have a plan in place, some have not been actively addressing issues that can impact them today or on the horizon. “We step in as a catalyst and someone to turn to when things change,” she emphasizes. “We discuss the need for legal documents, wills and trusts, to ensure all is in order and prepared for both yourself and your family. We make


sure we understand your goals and tolerance for risk and that you understand your options.” Plan Your Taxes Philip Kembel, a Loveland based CPA, notes that there’s talk of the new president’s interest in reducing corporate taxes. “That does impact tax planning,” he notes, “and we are talking to our clients about how they might shift some of their income into future years to be able to utilize those lower tax rates.” The other question for Kembel and his clients is how health insurance will change. “We’re waiting to see how coverage requirements change, what the cost of premiums will do, and how small and medium-sized business owners will be affected.” As part of the individual tax preparation work he does for clients, he regularly gets questions on improving individual financial health. “We emphasize budgeting, being disciplined, and controlling expenses related to income,” he shares. “You will want to keep credit cards under control, pay down and pay off debt, and contribute to some sort of retirement plan through work or an individual IRA, not just for the tax break but for retirement planning. It’s also important to have a cash reserve or rainy-day fund for emergencies.”

Summary There are countless resources available to help get you started or move forward no matter what your level of financial knowledge. Start with an online search, contact one of the professionals mentioned here, or seek out recommendations from those you trust. The best tool or system to help you budget and save is one that you understand, like and use. It may be a software program or an app or paper and pen. The most important thing is to get started and stick with it. Do yourself the favor of making a personal commitment to schedule time each week or month to work on your financial health. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself in the same situation a year from now – another year gone, and the need for a plan and course of action still here. If you’re lost, overwhelmed, or otherwise stuck, visit with your banker, consider hiring an investment advisor or CPA, or contact a credit counseling service. The sooner you start, the sooner your financial picture improves. Look around, find the right tool for you, and make the most of 2017. Brad Shannon is is a freelance writer and owner of Shannon Marketing Communications, a marketing and public relations consulting firm in Loveland. STYLEMEDIA.COM

STYLE 2017




STYLE 2017



Stories Come to Life for the Whole Family By Elissa J. Tivona

Lucky Northern Colorado kids and adults can journey through the pages of larger than life picture books and nature stories thanks to Otterbox’s Digital Dome at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery (FoCoMOD). The Storytime in the Dome experience, originally conceived by Jason Wolvington, associate director of the museum, has proven an unqualified success. “We’ve had audiences ranging from 20 kids and adults to sold out crowds of 80,” reports Sarah Kinard, the Early Childhood and Special Learning Lead at the museum. Looking ahead, Kinard describes the 2017 expansion of the popular program. She says, “Visitors experience story telling like never before.” Beautifully illustrated picture books by local illustrator, Cathy Morrison, are adapted for the big screen by Ben Gondrez, Digital Dome Manager at the museum. “[Ben] creates the sound effects and page


turns and makes it all come together,” says Cathy. These special effects play as she reads the book aloud in the immersive OtterBox Digital Dome Theater. Following the deep dive into the story, kids head downstairs to the Museum’s Learning Labs for a related craft project and to continue conversations about the topic with Morrison and other naturalists. The hands-on crafts help children become grounded in the naturalists’ passion for the subject. Sarah Kinard explains, “Sometimes I’ll use suggested crafts from the back of Cathy’s books, or I’ll adapt another craft to fit in our time frame. It’s all aimed at encouraging a continuous conversation after story time is

over.” Morrison adds, “It's all interactive, we encourage the kids to comment and ask questions throughout.” The 2017 Storytime in the Dome experience, scheduled every other Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:30, debuts January 5th with Morrison’s picture book Dino Treasures. The Dino Treasures story, as described by Arbordale Publishing, “takes young readers into the field with paleontologists as they uncover treasured clues left by dinosaurs.” Picture books like this offer exactly the type of stories that further the Museum’s mission of providing hands-on explorations in science and culture. Kinard says, “We see this book as an ideal STYLEMEDIA.COM

complement to the Museum’s new exhibit, Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs, which runs through early April.” Participants in the Storytime program are welcome to upgrade tickets for the entire Pterosaurs Experience, which includes admission to the new special exhibit, general admission to the museum, and the film “Flying Monsters,” also showing in the OtterBox Digital Dome Theatre. Cathy Morrison, longtime Discovery Science Museum volunteer, was instrumental in bringing the Storytime series to the Museum. Her creative nonfiction picture books with Arbordale and Dawn Publishing are the first to be adapted for the series in the Otterbox Dome. Morrison says, “Both publishers have donated the rights to the books because this is experimental. We want to get kids interested in reading and storytelling and see where it goes from here.” And, where it might go appears unlimited. The staff and volunteers at the Discovery Museum are always on the look out for creative collaborations to engage the minds and hands of museum guests. Storytime in the Dome is the happy culmination of one such effort, and both Morrison and Kinard hint that there’s more to come in Northern Colorado as the weather warms up. Both women drop a few intriguing tidbits previewing coming spring/summer attractions. Staff and volunteers are already putting heads together for Culture in the Courtyard at Library Park. The expanded courtyard program will offer monthly immersive experiences for visitors while touring the historic Auntie Elizabeth Stone's house, Antoine Janis's cabin, the Boxelder one-room schoolhouse, and the Franz-Smith Cabin. As part of the experience, planners anticipate that docents, dressed in period costumes, will take historic storytelling out to the walkways in live performance mode. Stay-tuned as the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery continues to bring these and other lively programs of nature and culture to our community. For more information and schedule: storytime-in-the-dome-2/all/ Elissa J. Tivona is a busy journalist and academic. She has had the great privilege to travel internationally to present her work in peace and conflict studies but is always grateful to return home to beautiful Northern Colorado where she lives, writes, and teaches at CSU. STYLE 2017



Simplify your Life

in the New Year By Lynette Chilcoat



Happy New Year to our clients, care providers, and our community. We wish you all a Healthy New Year!

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Personal Care Companionship Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care Overnight Stays (24 hour care)

Seniors Helping Seniors® is dedicated to the safety and health of all loved ones who want to maintain their independence.

Services include:


Coordination of Care Services VA Coordination Experienced Staff Including RN to Plan and Manage Care

We Americans adore our stuff. Yet, owning all those items is an enigma. At the same time as we are coveting more stuff, we’re thinking we really should get rid of a lot of stuff.

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At some point we look at all these possessions and wonder how in the world we are going to let go in order to simplify our lives. Simplifying is an investment in more time spent doing activities that truly matter, and in concentrating on purchases you truly want. Think of each drawer or closet cleaned out, each unwanted item given away to charity, each piece of furniture sold on eBay as an adventure into your future. As you release items - whether it be to someone else or the city dump - allow feelings of being free of stuff to embrace you. If an item has served its purpose, then it’s time to repurpose. Discovering the stuff of substance can be quite cathartic, such as recognizing that the best things in life aren’t things. Learn to let go in order to move on to better horizons. “Once people learn how to let go, it’s a freeing experience,” says Robin Bachelet, co-owner of North Town Builders, Inc., a developer of luxury townhouses. “You really learn what is important.” But why do people cling to belongings so tightly? The reasons are multi-faceted. Many items are, indeed, quite useful. Furniture such as couches, beds, dressers and coffee tables allow for fashionable STYLE 2017


comfort. Kitchen appliances are a grand help, from a food processor to the microwave, which offer ease of food preparation in busy times. Clothing holds a category unto itself. For women especially, this becomes a real tough place to cut back. Take jeans, for example. We have fat jeans, skinny jeans, old workin‘ around the house jeans, jeans with bling for going out. There are jeggings and boot cut and straight leg. Each and every one has a place in our wardrobe. How is it possible to get rid of any of them? The same holds true with most articles of clothing. Whether it be comfy, classy, dowdy, cool, vintage or trendy, we often find our closets packed to the brim. Yet, switching to fewer, distinctive and easily interchangeable outfits means less time worrying what to wear as well as the initial monetary layout. In that same vein, plenty of people’s


personal effects are only perceived as utilitarian. An example is the extra easy chair that was Uncle Joe’s before he passed on to greener pastures (where, let’s face it, there isn’t much need for stuff at all). The recliner is still in good shape, and oh, does it bring back memories of your favorite relative rocking and reading and laughing out loud. So, gotta keep that even though there really isn’t a perfect spot for it. Which brings us to a related issue. Sentimentality. Most homes are filled, some to the brim, of bits and pieces of life’s story. Not only our own, but those who came before us, those who are still around and wish to share part of themselves and those little, endearing ones who look up to us. A few other reasons for hanging on are that you’ve paid good money for an item, for goodness sake, you’re going to get your money’s worth. Or, as soon as something

is let go, there will be a need for it. And finally, you think it’s cool to own it. In this way, a treasure trove of possessions becomes not a wonderful sign of fortune, but an encumbrance of clutter. “With the baby boomer demographic, or anyone really who has gone through the experience, there’s a whole psychology to downsizing,” adds Bachelet. Getting rid of excess items before moving is easier than packing and loading and eventually having to find a place to display or store them. Space clearing allows elbow room. Simply put, let quality overtake quantity. Yet, where to start? Kristynn Jenkins, owner of Furniture Consignments by Kristynn, is in the business of making the task of finding new homes for gently used furniture an uncomplicated reality. “We accept higher-end, stylish furniture, STYLEMEDIA.COM

STYLE 2017


such as dressers, sofas, dining tables, china hutches and Persian-style rugs,” says Jenkins. She adds that hers is a fine resale service for those looking to downsize or move. Another reason can be as straightforward as making room for new furniture. “Some of the reasons people tell me they are getting rid of these things is that they don’t want to hang onto them anymore,” says Jenkins. “Or, they don’t want their children to have to deal with it. Their belongings may be out of style or just don’t fit anymore. I see a lot of people who are combining homes, or selling estates and helping their parents move. Some, of course, only wish to scale back. It’s a burden to keep storing things and they like feeling better when they have less and live lighter.” Jenkins believes that ousting the old for the new is a relief, but especially when beloved family gems aren’t treated like junk and also provide a bit of financial gain. “I think they feel good to know that the things they cared for are going to someone else who wants them,” says Jenkins of



the items traded in her store. “Then they can bring new life into their home. They can buy something more suitable for that space.” And yes, letting go can be an emotional experience. A multitude of possessions are associated with love and good memories. “I’ve had a couple people cry, but they do feel better. There’s a weight lifted. They can feel good we’re here to help them,” says Jenkins, assuring she finds decent homes for their distinctive pieces. But, then, how to shift from acquiring to living well? Spend money on services such as a massage or activities to do together with family and friends, gifts everyone certainly appreciates. The memories will last much longer than subscribing to another unread magazine. Lynette Chilcoat, owner of Chilcoat Custom Literary, is a freelance writer living in Loveland who adores the Branney's new home. STYLE 2017





From the outside, the exterior of these townhouses commonly referred to as brownstones(,) have a fundamental appeal. The homes flow well one with the other, giving an impression the structures grew upward straight from the ground. Towering several stories high, the modernistic urban residential dwellings bring to mind stalwart red rock cliffs. Developers Robin and Christian Bachelet were inspired to develop The Brownes on Howes by a nationwide movement toward high style living within walking distance to all the amenities city centers have to offer like dining, arts, culture, shopping and nightlife. Many people still want the charming downtown character and central location but older homes have begun to wear out, STYLE 2017

they are expensive to purchase and costly in time and money to renovate and land is at a premium. As a result, many people are choosing homes where they do not have to invest in renovations. Therefore, it made perfect sense for the Bachelets to develop The Brownes on Howes; stylish townhouse living, conveniences, and high quality in a highly desirable downtown location. The Brownes on Howes are elegantly styled single-family attached homes in the heart of the city’s downtown civic district. Once one of Fort Collins oldest, most historic neighborhoods is now on track to become the City’s Civic Center. “Brownstone is more of a style of living than a type of construction,” adds developer Christian Bachelet, who owns North Town Builders, Inc. with wife, Robin. “Brownes on Howes captures the livability,

and high style reminiscent of townhomes so popular in New York and Boston yet with contemporary floor plans, conveniences and technologies." There are many advantages to town home style living like minimal maintenance, lock and leave convenience, but another significant advantage is in their “lot and block” design. “With a town home design you own the ground underneath your home. You have an actual street address associated with your home and not just a unit number,” says Brandon Tompkins, a ReMax Alliance broker associate integrally involved with the project. “A significant factor when financing and, eventually, for resale value. Once inside a Brownes on Howes home you can also just feel the quality of the construction.” According to Robin Bachelet, their


vision was to “fulfill a luxury housing niche in a prime downtown location.” At an ample but manageable 2,800 square feet, The Brownes features three bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths, with plenty of space for everything empty nesters, young professionals or a small family could need. “This location is unique,” says Robin Bachelet, noting that Brownes on Howes is part of the growing Downtown Civic District, which imposes very strict design and build guidelines for all redevelopment within the district. Going forward the quality of surrounding construction must equal or better the “enhanced standard” of architectural design set by The Brownes on Howes. These strict guidelines will undoubtedly create an incredibly unique and desirable neighborhood within the downtown area.


Some of downtown Fort Collins most notable amenities are within walking distance to the Brownes on Howes. The Lincoln Center, the Museum of Discovery, Lee Martinez Park and trails, The Farm, the brewery district, theater, and St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Working with a contemporary palette of off white and gray, the interior of the model reflects a new classic style with a trendy chic contemporary twist. In the dining area, there is a painted wood wainscoting that covers the lower portion of the soaring 10-foot tall ceilings, creating an open and elegant ambience. Wide plank white oak floors providing the anchor for this stylishly designed room. “I love the fresh, bright and airy feel of The Brownes and feel the materials we selected give it a unique look,” says interior

designer, Susan Kosonocky of Restyle Design. “We used barn wood to wrap beams, build shelves and create accent walls, added barn (track) doors for functionality and interest, and used a dark stain to offset the bright white of the trim and the white oak floors. We selected white and grey cabinets for the kitchen with polished nickel accents, giving it a classic yet contemporary feel.” The sizeable kitchen island seats three more providing for additional seating near the dining room. The hearth room off of the gourmet kitchen provides a cozy nook for reading by the fireplace or TV viewing. This main level is also where the master bed, 5 piece bath and laundry room and powder room are located providing main floor living. Leading either down to the garden level STYLEMEDIA.COM

or up to the third story, the black iron stair rail was designed to keep the space open and airy while the exotic looking wood stair treads add a pop of style and sustainability. Upstairs are two junior master suites and a generous living area opening to a south-facing terrace large enough to accommodate a six person dining table and outdoor cooking area. Off of the terrace a staircase leads to a full sized private rooftop deck offering panoramic views of the city and the foothills to the west. Enter the garden level from your two-car garage or the separate entrance located off the south facing garden room. For purposes of the model, the flex space has been designed as an office and sitting area with wet bar and separate bath. An additional room on this floor serves as a STYLE 2017

doggie room with pet bathing station. The mechanical room is also located on this floor which houses the home’s mechanical systems including a tankless water heater, wifi and the hub for the Control4 smart technology system. Control4 is a low-voltage home automation system installed by Imagine More. “People of any age and circumstance, can manage their home from anywhere,” says Lenard Gale, owner of Imagine More. “So, it would be good for, say snowbirds, who need to unlock remotely in order to let a visitor in.” The system is highly customizable to an owner’s unique specifications for lighting, music, interior temperatures, door locks and more. All controlled through the application on your smart device. This lock and leave convenience adds a level of spontaneity and flexibility to your life.

Running late? Turn on the oven from your office. Out-of-town? Monitor the utilities from afar. “Being outdated functionally and cosmetically is one thing,” says Tompkins, referring to older out dated homes." Technology obsolete is another hurdle to overcome altogether.” There was a definitive group effort to make this enterprise come to fruition. “The team the Bachelet’s put together was unbelievable,” says builder Mitch Greeno of Philgreen Construction, Inc., a company specializing in green construction. “Everyone worked together completely. That’s what made this project come together so well.”


Completely sophisticated. Perfectly simple.


Featuring 6 Sophisticated Townhouse Units • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Enjoy your own Howes Street address Low maintenance masonry exteriors Downtown living with ample space to entertain 2800+ square feet finished to your specifications Lock and leave convenience with smart home technology South facing decks and terraces Main floor living with private entry Private rooftop deck with mountain and downtown views 2 guest suites each with full bath Garden level flex space with separate entrance and private patio 2 car attached heated garage Elevator ready Starting at $949,000

Brownes on Howes embodies a unique and elegant style of living conveniently located in Downtown Fort Collins. Live easily on your main floor with private entryway, hearth room, dining room, gourmet eat-in kitchen, laundry room, powder room and master suite. Overnight guests are comfortably accommodated on your upper level with two guest suites with private baths, and a generously sized living area which opens up to a south facing terrace. From the terrace an outside flight of stairs takes you to your full size rooftop deck with panoramic mountain and city views. The garden level offers endless convenience and flexibility with bonus space for an office, fitness room, theater or music room. This level has a 3/4 bath, mudroom and storage area and enjoys a private entrance off of the court-yard patio. With smart home technology, manageable size and low maintenance, Brownes on Howes allows you to lock and leave any time from anywhere. Be wherever you want to be….


Be where you want to be!

309-319 N. Howes, Fort Collins, CO


Thanks to the SUBCONTRACTORS who worked on the Brownes on Howes

STYLE 2017


Thanks to the SUBCONTRACTORS who worked on the Brownes on Howes



Thanks to the SUBCONTRACTORS who worked on the Brownes on Howes

STYLE 2017


Experience storytime like never before at the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater with

1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month


$8/$6 members

Visit for tickets.




Winterize your

Canine Friends By Robin Downing, DVM, MS (Bioethics), DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP The Downing Center for Animal Pain Management, LLC

It's time to think about winterizing our vehicles, but we may overlook the need to think about "winterizing" our dogs. Colder winter months and busy holiday schedules can pose special health risks to pets. Here are some simple ideas to help your special furry friends to weather the winter: Antifreeze is a deadly poison. Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) has a sweet taste that many animals find irresistible. They may actually seek it out to drink it, and a very small amount can cause permanent and fatal kidney damage. Never drain antifreeze into the street, be careful to wipe up any spills, and store antifreeze in tightly closed containers far out of the reach of dogs as NO antifreeze product is truly safe. Wind-chill can be deadly. No matter the ambient outdoor temperature, the STYLE 2017

wind-chill can be devastating. Combine wind-chill with rain, sleet, or heavy snow and it can be fatal. Dogs should not be outdoors unsupervised when the temperature drops. Shorthaired, very young, and old dogs are at greatest risk for problems related to exposure to cold. Dogs are happiest and healthiest when they live indoors, but if your dog must live outside, protection from the elements is critical. An insulated doghouse should be elevated above the ground a few inches to prevent moisture from accumulating inside. Cover the floor with carpeting, a blanket, or a padded bed. Face the doorway away from prevailing winds, and hang burlap or canvas over the opening. Outdoor dogs need more calories in the winter, so speak with your veterinarian for specific guidance. Use plastic, not metal,

dishes, and be sure to provide plenty of unfrozen water. Pet paws are delicate. Dog paws are susceptible to frostbite. Remove caked ice from your dog's feet as soon as possible. If you suspect frostbite, thaw the affected areas slowly using warm, moist towels that are changed frequently, and see your veterinarian as soon as possible. Snow melt products have varying degrees of toxicity. The chemicals can burn foot pads. If the dog then licks its feet, the mouth can be burned too. Wipe off your dog's feet with a damp towel after any exposure. Read the labels and take all recommended precautions. Common sense can guide most of the decisions you make as you keep dogs out of harm's way during the upcoming winter months.



Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center in Breckenridge.

By Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer There is nothing quite as luxurious as a hotel spa getaway, and Colorado has more than a few sumptuous destinations to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a boutique spa experience or an expansive facility with Pilates and a pool, you’ll find it in the Rocky Mountains. Tension Free in Telluride At 42,000 square feet, the spa at The Peaks Resort & Spa in Telluride is the largest in Colorado. It includes a multilevel fitness facility, inside and outside pools and many different spa treatments. It’s the kind of spa where one is encouraged to spend the entire day relaxing with a cup of hot tea and maybe a glass of


champagne in the afternoon. You can start your experience here in a Roman tub or in a eucalyptus-infused steam room. My soak in this resort’s Roman tub put me in a Zen like state prior to my massage with Boulder native, Joanna, who worked my muscles like a pro. This 161-room resort, a Telluride landmark since 1992, has amazing mountain views, and its slope side location means easy access to the ski resort. It is home to Altezza Restaurant and the Great Room & Deck, perfect for après ski cocktails and snacks. Guests can grab a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich at Bean Cafe before hitting the slopes during the winter, and in the summer, they can belly up to the Deep

End Pool Bar, near the gorgeous outdoor swimming pool. While it’s a luxurious property, The Peaks Resort & Spa is far from stuffy. In fact, you can bring along Fido because this resort is dog-friendly. Pampering at 9600 feet One of the friendliest resorts in Colorado is Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center in Breckenridge. I’ve stayed here many times and it’s one of my favorite hotels in the Rocky Mountains because it encompasses everything we love about Breckenridge - it’s laid back and the staff is super nice. With a wide variety of room styles to STYLEMEDIA.COM

Westin Riverfront hot tubs.

Westin yoga Studio.

Ara Spa on the ninth floor of the Ameristar Casino Resort.

choose from, you can visit Beaver Run for a weekend with friends in large condo style digs, or enjoy a romantic weekend away complete with an extra-large in-room tub. The Spa at Beaver Run is a boutique spa with a variety of treatments available. They are one of only a few Colorado spas to offer Watsu, a deep relaxation and aquatic therapy treatment conducted in a pool. They use their state of the art outdoor therapeutic heated saltwater pool for these sessions. They are also, as far as I know, the only Colorado spa with a canine mascot. It’s hard to miss Scout, as he’s a 155-pound malamute that is often lounging on the couch in the spa’s foray. Scout is famous around Breckenridge and beyond. You can STYLE 2017

follow him on Instagram at I received a heavenly facial from Amber during my visit to The Spa at Beaver Run. She also helped relieve some of my carpal tunnel pain. In addition, this spa offers everything from sports massage to cranberry yuzu sugar scrubs. Make sure to schedule extra time to soak in their saltwater pool and hot tubs. Finding Peace in a Gambling Town You might not consider the gambling town of Black Hawk, Colorado a peaceful place, but enter the doors of the Ara Spa on the ninth floor of the Ameristar Casino Resort and all your cares will melt away. I’ve had the great pleasure of being

pampered at some of the most fantastic spas in Colorado and Ameristar’s Ara Spa rivals the best of them. The contemporary decor combines wood, stone and water creating a calming atmosphere. Guests can relax before and after their treatments in the Ara’s peaceful men and women’s hot tub rooms with adjoining steam rooms. A co-ed relaxation room has been beautifully designed with a large fireplace, comfy chairs and privacy curtains. The Ara Spa offers everything from facials to manicures to eye and lip rejuvenation. On my visit, I received an aroma fusion massage which incorporated essential oils to enhance overall mental and physical well-being.


My therapist, Eileen, was one of the most intuitive massage therapists I’ve encountered. And while all the spas highlighted in this piece have friendly staff, Ara had the most charming personnel I’ve come across in my spa travels. Bliss in Beaver Creek The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous hotels I’ve stayed in. Located on the banks of Beaver Creek in Avon, the resort provides guests a spectacular view of Beaver Creek Mountain. With easy ski in/ski out access, it is an ideal ski destination. It’s also an ideal spa destination. The Westin’s Spa Anjali is one of the most well-appointed spas that I’ve ever stepped a slippered foot inside, although I could have been slightly influenced by the fact that I was greeted with a glass of wine. They truly spoil guests here, making it a top shelf spa experience. Your treatment at Spa Anjali is personalized, and upon arrival you will fill out a little paperwork so they can put together a combination of products specialized for your skin’s needs. My personalized facial with Jacqueline was delicious, and not



The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek just because I got a chocolate and shea butter face mask. It was a truly bewitching experience. Do not miss soaking in the Westin’s infinity style saltwater pools, located on the same floor as the spa and fitness center. In addition to their beauty, a dip in these tubs is good for you. According to Livestrong. com, the combination of heat and salt can be an “effective way to treat swelling and edema,” making it an excellent choice for after a workout. Each of the hotel spas highlighted in this article are unique. Whether you love blackjack or skiing, they each offer more than just an escape from everyday life, they represent a way to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you enjoy these destinations solo, with a spouse, or with friends, they are sure to create a memory you won’t soon forget.

We sell Exquisite Jewelry... ...and by the way, we are a tattoo & piercing studio too! Huge selection of gold jewelry from designers like B.V.L.A, Venus by Maria Tash, and Body Gems.

Best Tattoo Parlor

628 S. College Ave. 970.221.9712

Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer is a freelance writer and expert on Colorado travel. She’s also the founder of, featuring Colorado’s best festivals and destinations. STYLE 2017


about town

MCKEE PRESENTS GALA November 5 Embassy Suites | Loveland

Kathryn Perkins, Ed Sutphen

Mat & Lindsey Dinsmore

Excitement prevailed at McKee Presents Gala as the 35th annual event presented by McKee Medical Center Foundation (MMCF) and Board got underway. Hollywood glamour greeted the 400 physicians, community leaders, and business owners as they walked the red carpet under a canopy of lights and were greeted by flutes of champagne. The event included presentation of the 2016 McKee Foundation Philanthropy Award to Bert and Joyce Honea for their long time support of MMCF. More than $146,000 was raised to benefit two new cardiac intervention laboratories at McKee Medical Center and their programs to improve cardiac care. Photos courtesy of Craig Vollmer Photography.

Lieutenant Eric Klass & Hope Klass

Jerry & Meg Ashbach

Allis Gilbert, Brad Montgomery, Allan Gilbert

Coleen & George Ligotke

Joyce & Bert Honea McKee Foundation Philanthropy Award Honorees


Randall Marsh

Brandon & Jennifer Schneider


about town

RESPITE CARE HOLIDAY BALL November 19 Embassy Suites | Loveland

The 34th Annual Respite Care Holiday Ball hosted more than 1100 guests for an evening of elegance and celebration. The event featured beautiful dĂŠcor, dinner, dancing, a 2017 Honda HRV-LX car raffle, grand silent auction, a spirited live auction and more. With the generosity of those in attendance the event raised more than $600,000 to benefit Respite Care and their programs to provide short-term care for children with special needs, giving rest to parents and enhancing the quality of life for the entire family. Respite Care currently serves over 150 families in Larimer County and provides nearly 57,000 hours of care annually. Photos are courtesy of Aspen Photo and Design.

Jon & Jen Houska, Deb & Kent Obermann

Jack & Deanna McCrery

Cassie & Craig Hau

Gary & Sherry Pelton, Bob & Jill Pfankuch

Chris Kay, Marcie Kay

Michael & Lindsay Bellus

STYLE 2017

Lindsey Carmody, Byran Eubank Raffle winners of the 2017 Honda HRV- LX

Jorge Becerra, Terry McNeal


about town


December 3 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Hall Fort Collins More than 100 participants, sponsors and volunteers participated in the 5th annual juried gingerbread house event. Trays of gumdrops, pretzels, shredded wheat, marshmallows, and more awaited 27 teams as they put their creativity to work and decorated their gingerbread houses into works of art. The fun holiday event raised more than $13,000 for The Center of Family Outreach and their programs offering education, intervention and support for families who are challenged by the adolescent years.

Kari Harkin, Marva Hewett, Sara Wallace Team Everbank

Susette Miller, D Schmidt, Bonnie Benham Team Mountain Kids

Photos courtesy of Francis Gonzales.

Back: Gil Cron, Rayno Seaser. Front: Jennifer Kelly, Lydia Dody, Laurie Klith, Avie Strand, Cindy DeGroot, Carrie Baumgart, Deirdre Sullivan, Tom List, Patty Seaser, Cathy Kipp


More than 1,200 beautiful handmade cutting boards of assorted sizes and shapes greeted hundreds of excited shoppers getting a jump on their Christmas shopping, while supporting a worthwhile cause. Attendees enjoyed bread samples and listening to live music while deciding on their favorite boards. A silent auction of 77 special signature breadboards, handcrafted from a variety of woods, provided much spirited bidding. The event, created by Sears Trostel, raised nearly $35,000 to benefit the Food Bank of Larimer County in 2016 and since its inception in 2005, has collectively raised almost $260,000.

December 3 Sears Trostel | Fort Collins


Bonnie Cochran

Chaunce Elder, Morgan Jones

Teresa McElroy

Mark & Michelle Simmons

Connie Hanrahan with her 25 boards


Jennifer Kelly, Megan Kelly, Mia Valvur, Karisa McAmis, Trevor Merrifield Team Jennifer Kelly - Keller Williams Northern Colorado

Back: Dustin Klith, Dave Klith. Front: Hailey Klith, Hannah Fowler, Mackenzie Klith, Laurie Klith, Colleen Thorgesen

Curt Viehmeyer, Debbie Alman, Pam Schwartz, Stephen Schwartz

Carol Stajduhar, Laura Eversole

STYLE 2017


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REALITIES FOR CHILDREN CHARITIES NIGHTLIGHTS December 1 | First Presbyterian Church Front Lawn | Fort Collins Families, sponsors, business owners and individuals gathered to brighten the lives of children in our community and to kick off the holiday season at the 19th annual Realities for Children NightLights event. Performances by The Children’s Cast of “A Christmas Story” and Ridgeview Madrigal Singers filled the night air while attendees enjoyed hot cocoa, soup and tasty treats. The evening culminated with the lighting of the one-of-akind, 50-foot tall NightLights Tree with over 30,000 blue LED lights synchronized to holiday music. Over $125,000 was raised for Realities for Children and their programs to help benefit abused, neglected and at-risk children in Larimer County through the Realities For Children Emergency Fund, partnering agency support and youth activities. Photos in part courtesy of Craig Vollmer Photography and Jenny Harding.

Larry & Kay Edwards, Jennifer Guerriero holding Josephine, Jonathan Edwards with baby Elliott, Meghan Reusser

Teddy Hocum, Ted & Kristina Hocum, Hannah Benoit

DeAnn Zamora, Jennifer DeMario


Craig Secher, Randy DeMario

Stephen Fenzi with Madison, Katrina Fenzi holding Logan

Tyler & LeAnn James

Marcy & Eric Petago, Krissy Petago. In front Derek and Dominic

Jordan Secher, Joyce Dickens, Todd Harding and Jaylynn, the winner of the 33lb chocolate Santa


STYLE 2017




DENVER, CO PERMIT NO. 5377 211 W. Myrtle St., Suite 200 Fort Collins, CO 80521

B:8.875” T:8.375”






Prototypes shown with options. Production models may vary.

2017-01 STYLE  

January : New Year, New You Features & Best Of Highlights January’s issue has a focus on everything NEW. From renewing yourself with health...

2017-01 STYLE  

January : New Year, New You Features & Best Of Highlights January’s issue has a focus on everything NEW. From renewing yourself with health...