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Anatomy of the perfect wedding By Corey Radman All photos courtesy of Harper Point Photography.


Erin and David Clay met when Erin failed a college geology test. “I knew I would need some help to pass the course [at Trinity University in San Antonio], so a mutual friend introduced me to my new tutor.” David turned out to be the perfect helper because Erin got an A on the next test. Though she turned him down for two or three dates, she ultimately gave in to his charms. Persistence really does pay off. Fast-forward a few years, Erin is earning a Master’s in Education and David is working as a geologist. One day he suggests a surprise trip to Vegas. Erin was even more surprised and a bit alarmed when he woke her up early for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. “He had suggested it before, and I didn’t want to go because I was a little afraid,” she says. She had reason to be. Between the heat and the motion, Erin was feeling pretty queasy. She threw up as soon as the helicopter touched down. Not to be discouraged, David gave her a few minutes and then got down on one knee with the backdrop of the Grand Canyon behind him and proposed marriage. Erin said yes, and the good man kissed her, despite the earlier incident. They set about planning the wedding of their dreams from their home in San Antonio with

Erin flying up to Colorado every few months to make arrangements. Because Erin grew up in Fort Collins, she knew St. Joseph’s Church was the place to have the ceremony. With help from her Colorado-based mother and father, Laurie and Jim Singer, Erin planned the day of her dreams. Erin credits the spacing of the trips for maintaining her sanity. She says these trips were “intense bursts of activity with long downtimes between.” When the stress of planning a wedding in another state got to be too much, David would give her a big hug and remind her, “This is our day. All that matters is me and you and what we say to each other during the ceremony.” Erin also acknowledges that having an assertive person in the family (like her mom and her sister, Sarah DeVore) really helped make sure everything went smoothly on the Fort Collins end. When two people begin their lives together, they want the celebration of their union to be special, unique... and perfect. Erin and David’s wedding was arguably one of those perfect days. The couple’s mix of adventure, passion and love for family wedded to create a day of special memories that reflected their values and honored the special friends and family who came to witness the union.

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NOVEMBER HOLIDAY & WEDDING Our festive annual holiday issue has an emphasis on celebrations, family, fashion, gifting, and traditions with...

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