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coffee culture enhancing our cafe experience


company profile The Larder is a successful local cafe in the East London area. Since the opening in 2006, the Larder have recently expanded their business by opening two additional cafes in neighbouring areas. The Larder prides itself for being an honest, high quality and ethical cafe, offering ‘an antidote’ to the British cafe scene of ‘greasy spoon’ cafes and national coffee chains.

the Larder James ward “I wanted something to be truly proud of”

“In this final category the Larder has thrived since launch due to an unwavering commitment to the quality of its products and a focus on customer experience. The reception by local customers has been warm and there are a huge number of loyal clients, many using the café daily.  Whilst at busy times there can be hustle and bustle in the Larder, the general ambience is a peaceful one, following from an initial desire to provide an almost library-like During this busy time of expansion, the Larder have kept their initial main aims for the sister cafes, wanting to ensure that their initial values of “responsible retail” and “community” are not lost. The cafe speaks of their expansion as a “collection” of cafes “each different but with a common theme” rather than a chain. “Our three venues represent a collection rather than a chain, each different but with a common theme of highest quality ingredients and commitment to uncomplicated but appealing preparation and presentation.”

key points - Loyalty to local suppliers Driven by customers, wants the customers to have a “sense of ownership� - Organic growth - the Larder has changed to match customer needs and trends - collection of cafes, not chain - High quality, honest, real.




methods of research Observation Questionnaires Interviews Books

Wanstead 39 High Street, Wanstead, E11 2AA

AREA DEMOGRAPHIC Tube Stations: Wanstead or Snaresbrooke (central line) Family community 5 schools in 2 mile radius 4 nurserys 1 Crown Court USP Residential area On main high street Large range of products to buy Offer lunch + patisseries. Indoor + Outdoor seating Child friendly.

Bethnal Green 241-243 Globe Road, Bethnal Green, E2 0JD

DEMOGRAPHIC Densley populated area Young Professionals High competiton Multiracial community Multiple occupancy homes and local authority estates USP Unique style of cafe for the area Central East London Residential area Near famous Roman Rd Child Friendly Can buy products Offer lunch + patisseries. Outdoor seating Pay+display street parking (limited)

Butlers Retreat 12 Rangers Road, Chingford, E4 7QH

DEMOGRAPHIC (2mile radius) Epping Forest - Socail place used for numerous interests and group organised activities Sparesly populated Popular walk, running and cycle routes Large Horseriding community (10 stables/liveries) Tennis club Social hub from dog walkers to large organisations such as EFRA Used for wide range of school outdoor actitivites USP Historic setting - Tourist attraction In the middle of Epping Forest Close links to London - People escaping city life Car Park 2 Floors Outdoor seating offer lunch, patisseries, Sunday Roast Live music licence

idea generation - Want to recapture the original rules of behaviour in coffee houses. - A place to socialise with new people. ------------------- larders dedication to the local community its in - fear that with branching out, community and ‘independent’cafe feel is lost. --------------------- Online networking threatens offline socialising


taking the fear/awkwardness out of talking to strangers

Don’t want to be intrusive

Want to encourage offline

conversation through online newtworking

‘how to use’ guide

Less about the cafe and more

about the area/community.

about bringing out individuals of

different ages,agendas,lifestyl es,interests and bringing them to-

Must be accessible and easily used by all

fear that with branching out,community and ‘independent’cafe feel is lost.

gether to reflect the community they live in.


help people see an insight about the customer sitting next to them.

trying to rid the ‘ice breaker’

larders core values are based around the community its in

‘3rd Home’

Provide a platform for local businesses, groups and individuals to spread awareness

wine tasting event

people were instantly more chatty (before alcohol even served)

oppertunity to show customers just how loyal the larder is to local sourcing

Different to co-working space, won’t be work not focusing on pleasure orientated business

felt a common ground - all there for same thing

being addressed as a collective and not individuals

final design proposal

Community boards are found in all of the cafes and are very popular with customers (as outlined in research and observation). On many occassions the boards are overflowing with post. - Shows a clear interest in events, news, facilities etc. within the community - Acts as a middle man between the larder and the rest of the area. - Provides a platform for individuals to reach out to rest of community that they share.





stakeholder map


- A central hub for the community - New, events, groups, recommendations, discus sions, debate, photos, archive - A chance to meet people in the neighbourhood - Takes away the awkwardness of talking to strangers - A chance to create interest groups e.g. reading group. - Feel more involved with the community - Promotions - Share info and pictures - Can watch videos - Promotes the area they live in.


- Shows dedication to community - Promotes the Larder - Chance to show whats on offer, promote products on sale. - Show customers just how local food - Can use it to gather research for events, new products, service etc. - Makes people aware of sister cafes - Form a closer relationship with the customers - Get feedback and predict trends - Genuine interest from customers


Local news Creates awareness of groups, organisations. Local business can use it to promote ‘Friends of the larder’ Politically neutral

customer journey


thank you

coffee culture  

presentation for non-placed brief

coffee culture  

presentation for non-placed brief