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Sandy Alexander The Company

We were green when it was still blue and


Sandy Alexander is a catalyst for the progressive future of visual communication providing a cohesive system of environmentally responsible print and multimedia solutions.


Sandy Alexander

is one of the nation’s leading off set printing companies.

They have been around for forty-five years. During that time they were able to become one

of the three largest printing companies in the United States.

Recently, they have been moving in the direction of integrating print and marketing strategies into the digital world

to expand on the services they are able to offer customers. Sandy Alexander offers its clients top quality printing services,

as well as innovative one-to-one marketing solutions

in both digital and print formats. 7

Sandy Alexander Environmental Stewards

Sandy Alexander is the current leader in environmentally responsible printing.

They are completely committed to maintaining and improving the standards for businesses etiquette regarding the environment. Sandy Alexander strives to set an example for other printing companies and businesses by using low VOC inks, recycled paper, non-chlorine bleach, and practice sustainable forestry by obtaining yearly SFI, FSC, and PEFC certifications. Sandy Alexander is also powered entirely by wind generated electricity. Each year, Sandy Alexander releases its carbon footprint so that clients and customers can know for certain that Sandy Alexander is the real deal. They are committed to educating their clients on green washing so that they can spot other companies that may try to appear green, but in actuality only cover up their environmental hazards.


Sandy Alexander Identity Development

Each division of Sandy Alexander has it’s own unique personality. We continued with the idea of transparency and color mixing to create the logos for each of the divisions within Sandy Alexander.


Sandy Alexander is a company that provides a wide range of quality services to its clients and customers in addition to being environmental stewards. The new Sandy Alexander design system reflects aspects of the print production part of the company, their environmental responsibility, as well as their contemporary approach to communication strategies. Each corporate division has its identity which has been tailored to represent their unique function within the company.

The concept for the logo came from:

We were green when it was still blue and


The edge of the stems on the S and the A are perfectly aligned.

The overlap of the letters has been set up so the colors touch the sides with extreme precision.

The stem of the A has been adjusted so that the letters line up at the top and bottom.


The umbrella term for all divisions and aspects of Sandy Alexander, the blue, green, and yellow SA logo will be the most frequently seen and most distinguishable of the branch marks. This mark was created with several ideas in mind. The environmental aspect of Sandy Alexander, the blue and yellow overlapping to create the green, as mentioned in the statement. The precise alignment of the letters and their overlaps; a subtle, yet poignant way to demonstrate Sandy Alexander’s commitment to perfection and top quality printing services. This element carries over into the division logos. Finally, the printing process. Although Sandy Alexander is branching out into the digital and marketing world, they are still, in essence, a printing company who can supply their clients with top quality, environmentally responsible print products. The printing process involves printing layers of CMYK inks in an overlapping pattern to create a wide variety of colors. This element also carries over into the division logos. 21

The letterhead for the company utilizes the logo placed inside a black box. This black box serves to emphasize the logo on the companies collateral. The bright colors will stand out more against the dark background bringing just enough emphasis to make the letters really stand out. The black box should always be placed in the upper left hand corner. The body copy is to be written in Minion Pro size 12. The letterhead is very simple without a lot of clutter to bring emphasis to what’s most important: the company and the content.

Each division of Sandy Alexander would have its own business cards supporting the division logo. The layout for the business card is pulled directly from the letterhead so as to provide a cohesive feel between all the elements of the company a client might see. The text is to be set in Minion Pro size 8. This should allow for room for the longest names or positions to fit on the card without feeling crowded or needing abbreviation.

Michael Graff President P - 973.470.8100 F - 973.470.9269 200 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ 07014


200 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ 07014

The company envelope would include the same style as the letterhead and the business cards. Again, each division of Sandy Alexander will have its own header on the envelope. Like the letterhead the envelope features Minion Pro size 12.

Tiffani Sahara Sprague Rocky Mountain College Art + Design 1600 Pierce Street Denver, CO 80214

The web site utilizes elements from the traditional business collateral while allowing for room to grow. Clients can access files or information about their orders or proof documents online. One key aspect of the website.


For presentations or important business meetings with clients each member of the corporate part of Sandy Alexander would wear a simple suit, a black t-shirt underneath, and their division would be marked by see-through pieces of fabric in their jacket pockets. The employees that work within the actual printing areas will have a casual dress code. They could wear jeans with a black t-shirt featuring their specific division logo on the front.


Sandy Alexander also uses environmentally responsible ways of sending out their products to clients. They use reusable and recyclable plastics and biodegradable boxes to ship out all of their products.

For the interior spaces of Sandy Alexander, each of the division sections of the building will be color coded specifically to what their mixed color is in the logos. This will help with navigation of their building. When a potential or current client walks into the building and asks how to get to Sandy eSolutions, the desk receptionist would simply tell them to follow the teal lights.



Sandy Promotions is the name for the branch formerly known as Sandy Label. We felt to really capture the essence of what this branch does, a name change was necessary. The name Sandy Promotions lends itself to the advertising and marketing abilities of this branch. They focus on flexographic labels and specializing in on-pack coupons, extended text labels, promotional materials and game cards.


Joe Brocato Executive Vice President P - 973.470.8100 F - 973.470.9269 200 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ 07014


Sandy eSolutions specializes in one-to-one marketing, VDP, web-to print, and offset-quality 7-color digital printing. We chose to make this mark more in greens and blues since this branch is geared more towards printing less and coming up with digital solutions to help the environment.


Neal Alexander Managing Director of Sandy e-Solutions P - 973.470.8100 F - 973.470.9269 200 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ 07014


Sandy Direct is Sandy Alexander’s direct response facility with in-line finishing and 7-color web printing. In-line capabilities include: windows, special effects, flaps, scratch-off game cards, and scenting capabilities. We chose the brighter cyan and magenta colors to represent their printing capabilities.


Sharon Pratt Vice President, Human Resources, Sandy Direct P - 973.470.8100 F - 973.470.9269 200 Entin Road, Clifton, NJ 07014


Sandy Alexander, at its heart, is a transparent company. To be transparent is defined as “easily seen through, recognized, or detected�. For Sandy Alexander this means honesty. The client knows that Sandy Alexander is a company that hides nothing. Not only are they as environmentally responsible as they say they are, but the client doesn’t have to worry about getting anything less than promised when doing business with them. Since transparency is such an important element of the company it has been applied to many elements of the branding applications.


Sandy Alexander

is a company committed to quality

environmentally responsible printing. More than that, they provide solutions for their clients.

Whether they’re looking for

one to one marketing strategies or digital solutions for a greener planet.

Sandy Alexander can deliver.

Sandy Alexander Final Book  

Presentation Book

Sandy Alexander Final Book  

Presentation Book