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SLIDE 1 – Personal into Practice   

Didn’t feel inspired by any of the set briefs, decided to write my own. Extended practice is going to be fuelled by my interest in fashion and modernism. Personal project to learn to draw women and clothes, fuelling my illustrations from my interest in fashion and Creating work that has a commercial value.


Engaging with current fashion London Fashion week Focusing on colour and style I am going to produce a few series of magazine covers that explore my own personal taste of fashion and ideas of society and culture.


Design a range of patterns, for a collection of accessories Want to produce a series of pattern for portfolio key for me to explore to create work for my portfolio that has commercial value. Produce Illustrations to support collections

SLIDE 4 – EDITORIAL     

To engage with magazines articles Responding to various Magazines Fashion based illustrations Send work onto magazines Engaging with society and the here and now


Really enjoyed Applying work to clothes last year Design a series of images to be applied to clothing Set of designs, with supporting images and illustrations Interest in high end fashion

SLIDE 6 – SHOES   

Extravagant shoe design A collection of shoes aimed at the high-end woman that would have a function suitable to wear the shoe Interest in exquisite design


    

A goal, to make an appearance on the web Get my online portfolio together Find my confidence Find a personal driven practice Engage with external briefs?

Extended practice script 2  
Extended practice script 2