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SLIDE 1 – Personal into Practice   

Didn’t feel inspired by any of the set briefs, decided to write my own. Extended practice is going to be fuelled by my interest in fashion and modernism. I am going to explore the ideas of metamodernism and its influence on fashion.

SLIDE 2 – Personal Projects   

Exploring my own personal interests, I want to create work that is applicable to fashion, spot designs. Creating work that has a commercial value. I want to make illustrations that hint to things from pop culture capturing women of individuality. My projects will be rather practice led as I want to explore making as much as possible.

SLIDE 3 – Professional Development   

I am going to produce a few series of magazine covers that explore my own personal taste of fashion and ideas of society and culture. Alongside this I am also going to produce fashion editorials. Pattern is something that I think is also key for me to explore to create work for my portfolio that has commercial value.

SLIDE 4 – Online Presence    

A goal, to make an appearance on the web Get my online portfolio together Find my confidence Engage with external briefs?

SLIDE 5 – Action Plan   

To get involved with my making Draw lots of women Refine projects and make an action plan

Extended practice  
Extended practice