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If I move five inches to the right, I dangle off the rock ledge like a yo-yo.

I’m standing at the top of a 150 foot waterfall, about to climb backwards down it. My leg’s shaking uncontrollably from fear and the strong Andean wind.

The only things separating life and my 15 story free fall death are a rope and a guide. The rope is as wide as my thumb. The guide is half my size and visibly stoned.

At this moment, all I can think of is “Just Do It.”

So I do it.

The terror is liberating.

Advertising has never felt more relevant.

The white dots are my shoes.

AD/ Sarah Inglis CT/ Sharon Showalter

David Droga founded the TAP Project on a simple message: Pay $1 for a glass of tap water you normally would get for free. When UNICEF asked us to think of TAP’s next big idea, we looked to another kind of free water: the rain. All fundraising and campaign production were done by team members. lets people across the US donate $1 for every inch of rain that has fallen in their city in the last 30 days. For each dollar donated, one child will receive safe drinking water for 40 days.

Aggregates tweets about love for rain.

Accurately reports monthly rainfall totals for cities across the US.

The TAP Report, our fictional news program, follows a news team that’s zealous about all things water-related. TAP Report footage was placed on popular Richmond websites.

Through Twitter we reached out to those users who were tweeting about rain and rallied support for

We also spread the word with Hope In Rain branded Facebook badges.


Coasters and posters introducing Hope In Rain were distributed to Richmond and Washington, DC, restaurants.


N E XT STE P S A Hope In Rain flash mob will stage performances on live national news programs.

The TAP Update will be delivered by local meteorologists. During the weather segment they will report rainfall totals and direct viewers to

Profits from TAP Gear sales will go to support Hope In Rain’s efforts.

Donations will be encouraged through the TAP Report Weather Widget.



inches rain

A chart about love.

AD/ Everett Ching How do we revive an analog listening experience after the digital format has killed it? By telling the story of sound through words and images. This booklet would be placed at selected Borders, Best Buy, and Starbucks locations beside ION LP2CD conversion turntables. Along with seeded internet banners, these would serve as a conversation starter for ION’s online “A Beat Rebirth” community.

Mr. Leahy at Lunch on a Saturday Forgetting what hour it was at least six times last minute, Mrs. Davidson turns to you, spooked. She clutches the taut, cloth strap of her purse to her sagging chest knuckle-first like a wild, white rabbit, and asks you if it’s Monday. The woman across from you who loves pretending to be your wife, wails “Tom, you’re a playboy!” and drags her butter knife through the air like a wand. She strikes her fork’s handle down into her royal blue ramekin of applesauce, splattering some on the pepper shaker. A nurse guides Mrs. Davidson by the elbow to the sunroom, and sits her up in the wicker armchair, top blouse button undone. She waits beside the picture window for her next meal. You smile behind thick glasses and wink to your dinner companion, who has removed the clams from her chowder and fluffed up her wig, for you.

AD/ Everett Ching Wiffle is a recognizable brand, but many settle for its cheaper plastic counterparts. People have forgotten that the game is more than equipment. It's an experience rooted in imagination. Using this important unconventional player, Wiffle transforms yards into fields.

AD/ Alex Haglund There’s nothing premium about an Original Premium saltine. It’s just a cracker. Or is it? Cutting-edge executions highlight the cracker’s most mind-blowing attributes.

QR codes on print ads let users investigate Original Premium attributes in 3D.

Augmented reality makes this cracker experience unparalleled.

The Original Premium iPhone app is the most revolutionary cracker app in existence.

1. Directs users to the cracker aisle.

2. Indicates which box is an Original Premium box.

3. Confirms that the cracker is, in fact, an Original Premium cracker.

The line between seasons is a telephone wire. It sways when birds land on it, holds up the drifting horde. Eavesdrops on conversations no one else can hear. Suspended in nature’s hum, it’s the curtain between acts. The line is not static. It carries beginnings to endings, hearts to throats. It keeps secrets quiet to let outlaws reform. Trucks pass under it, a branch arching wind blows by and swings it. The line, a loose border, moves with the world.

Album I made with Lewis Kopenhafer. Cover art by Travess Smalley. Liner notes by me.

AD/ Lauren Perlow CW/ Heather Ryder

It’s been said that you can tell more about a person from their iTunes playlist than from many psychological tests. Music defines us. It brings us together. Music is our common ground. But how do we find this common ground with people we’ve never met? How do we find all of the friends we didn’t know we had? We do it with music. soundAFX is a social networking application that connects people in both the virtual and actual worlds based on their musical compatibility.

I live for good stories.

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