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The Dyson DC17 Animal vacuum cleaner has many positive consumer comments and ratings. It is one of the most highly consumer-rated Dyson vacuums on the market today. It is a bit heavy and considered somewhat ugly by some but it excels in most other areas. The DC17 uses Dyson's Level 3 Root Cyclone technology to remove dirt from the air stream. This approach adds an extra cyclonic stage between the outer and inner cyclones and is able to remove particles as small as 0.5 microns in diameter from the air. Most vacuum cleaner reviews verify this system as being a powerful advancement in vacuum cleaner technology. The Dyson DC17 has a 12 amp motor, a 0.63 gallon canister capacity, 220 air watts of suction, and includes a HEPA filtration system which prevents small particulate matter from being circulated back into the room. With a 35 foot cord and a 17 foot extendable hose, there are few places in the average household this vacuum cleaner cannot access. The DC17 easily tucks away in a closet and like most uprights it does not take up much closet space. Unlike several other Dyson uprights this vacuum does not use the ball approach to locomotion and it is a fixed wheel machine. The cleaning head also has a low profile making cleaning under furniture less of a chore. The DC17 features a wand and hose system for cleaning shelves and stairs, plus a special attachment for vacuuming up pet hair. Not Great Looking When looking through customer reviews for this model, from Home Depot, Target, Viewpoints, and others, negative comments primarily address the vacuum's "ugliness" and several reviewers comment on the "ghastly" color of the Dyson DC17. However most consumers appear to be very pleased with the performance of their "beast", "purple monster", "juggernaut", or whatever they choose to call it. On the Heavy Side If you are in the market for a super light vacuum the Dyson DC17 may not be a suitable choice if 21 pounds seems a bit much to carry up and down the stairs. A number of consumers consider this on the heavy side while some feel the weight is not much of an issue. Vacuum reviews in general cite few other features of this model that appear to warrant complaints. Price Range The price of the Dyson DC17 Animal falls in the range of about $400 to $550, with the best deals often found in the big box discount stores. If one is on the lookout for a sale or a retailer's coupon, the DC17 can often become even more affordable. Dyson products are generally considered to be rather pricey but given the suction power and ease of use of the DC17, the price does not seem to be out of line.

If the Dyson DC17 Animal vacuum is within your price range and you don't think its look and color will scare the children, this may be one of the better choices for an upright vacuum.

Emily has been researching and writing about vacuum cleaners for three years. This author provides many vacuum reviews and vacuum buying tips on her multiple appliance review sites as well as expert reviews on specific vacuum models such as the Dyson DC17 Animal.

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==== ==== For the best Dyson reviews, see the website link below. It includes the latest descriptions of upgrades to the various models of the Dyson Brand. ==== ====

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