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Social anxiety treatment, known as social phobia, is a must for anyone who faces such a situation. In such a case, you are very conscious and negative in thinking what others may think about you. All the time, you may assume that someone is minutely scrutinizing all your actions and is looking at you with an eye of suspicion. What you fear is that you may not measure up to their expectations. The symptoms in such a case will be similar to the ones experienced in other socially disorder ones. These instances arise only when one is confronted with a social situation. These symptoms include increased heartbeat, internal tension, sweating, not being able to speak fluently, drying of mouth and shivering. It goes without saying that during such a scenario, an additional fear is developed within an individual, which only makes things worse, and he is very conscious about being scaled by others. Ultimately, people who face such a situation will withdraw himself from the social world. He may debar social gatherings, and quit doing things that would require him to speak, thus avoiding the pressure. Most people do this whenever they feel that such an anxiety attack is inevitable. Also, some people take it in their stride, but are under high pressure and stress while in the period of the attack. Social anxiety treatment options There are vast treatment alternatives to choose from to deal with such social anxiety attacks. These alternatives are long-lasting, generally for the rest of the life of the person. Thus, social anxiety treatment options should always be considered to deal with these kinds of attacks, some of which are given below: - Medication: Many drugs are available to treat social phobia facing people. Generally, these medicines are anti-depressants which are also known as 'Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SRIs. They are very much effective in treating such social phobias. The Paxil is a very common medicine which is often prescribed by medical practitioners to deal with such situations. - Self help: For social anxiety disorders, many herbs and treatment based on herbals are available in the market, that really help. These have been in use for over centuries, with a good success rate. Also, yoga and acupuncture are of immense help in treating these phobias as they remove stress and provide a sense of healing to the body.

- Help by behavior: To treat social phobia, psychotherapy is used quite a lot of times. This type of treatment is very much helpful to people. Here, the root cause of the fear is identified and worked upon for effective treatment. To treat social phobia or such anxiety attacks, you need to go out and seek the help of professionals. You should chat with your doctor at length about your problem so that he may be able to help you in a very good manner. Don't be apprehensive about approaching your doctor, as around 13 percent of all people experience such attacks resulting out of social conditions some or the other time in their lives. So realize the fact that you aren't the sole person suffering from such a situation.

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==== ==== For the #1 rated self-help manual for Social Anxiety, download a copy for just $4.95 from Just click the link below or copy it and paste it into your browser website address bar. ==== ====

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