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Flexible silicone bottom to easily remove cubes!


c Fresh & Pure™ Ice Tray Preserve herbs and stock or create pretty party cubes. Flexible bottom provides easy ice cube removal. Hinged opening provides mess-free filling. Cover, fill to max line and freeze. Seal also shields from freezer particles and odors. 1114 Tropical Water $14.00 a Freeze-It® Starter Set Includes two 1¼-cup/400 mL Small Square and one each 2½-cup/600 mL Medium Shallow Rectangular and 3½-cup/800 mL Small Deep Square containers. Set of four. 1116 Tropical Water $30.00

b NEW Freeze-It® 2-Pc. Set Includes one of each 2½ cup/600 mL Medium Shallow Rectangular and 5-cup/ 1.3 L Medium Rectangular containers. 1531 Tropical Water $21.00




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