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e One Touch® Reminder Canister Set Set of four with easy open seals. Includes 5-cup/1.2 L Junior, 8-cup/ 1.9 L Small, 12-cup/2.8 L Medium and 17½-cup/4 L Large. 324 Black $40.00

Easy to open and close seals

Since joining Tupperware, I’ve received a lot of gifts, met extraordinary people, traveled like never before and, above all, I have a work-life balance that I would’ve never had anywhere else. I’m there for my children before and after school. I’m there to help with homework and school activities. I have time to play sports, make good meals for my family and take vacation when I want. I manage my schedule as I please. And that’s priceless.”

Martine Gauthier

3 Star Director St-Stanislas-De-Champlain, Québec


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