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Save money, time, space and waste. Easily locate pantry contents and maximize shelf storage. Stacking and mixing container shapes means you can store more. Organize and watch your space grow. It’s way easier than remodeling! SPECIAL VALUE SETS a Pasta Center


Keep pasta, beans and rice in one area of your cabinet or pantry. Includes two Oval 4s and two Square 2s. $72 value. 380 Black $69.00

b Beverage Center Organize tea, coffee, creamer and sugar in one place. Includes two Oval 1s and one each Oval 3, 5, Square 2 and 3. $92 value. 381 Black $88.00 c Oval & Square Set


Great for cabinets and shallow shelves. Includes one each Oval 1, 2, 3, 4, 5— with one FREE Oval Pour-All Seal— and Square 1, 2, 3 and 4. $152 value. 384 Black $145.00

d Oval Pour-All Seal Fits all Oval containers. Flip-top locks open for easy pouring. 58 Black $5.00 d

Everyone loves our Modular Mates® Containers! ASK YOUR CONSULTANT how to get them half-off or free when you HOST A PARTY!



Oval & Square sets

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