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Wholesale Catalog 2018

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the story behind the pug Lydia & Pugs all started with the love of a rescue pug named Lydia. She is the inspiration behind the brand. What began as an idea with a fat pug leading the way, turned into a thriving small business that people everywhere soon fell in love with. Lydia & Pugs is a boutique stationery company located in the central part of the sunshine state: Orlando, Florida. We specialize in hand-drawn watercolor designs of whimsical pet related illustrations. Our unique and colorful work appeals to a large audience especially animal enthusiasts. Launched in 2009, founded by Dawn Armstrong with the support of her husband Chris, Lydia & Pugs continues to grow adding new designs and whimiscal ideas. From sketchbook to editing to the print process to packaging, we are very much involved in every step of the process. It is such a joy to see an idea come to life on paper, mailed through snailmail and putting smiles on people’s faces. we like to be social. @lydiaandpugs is our handle: |



wholesale terms Welcome! We hope you will consider selling our goods in your retail shop! We make efforts to build lasting relationships with our brick and motar retail stores. To be considered as a retailer, please email us at, the following info: - Store name, location, website and/or photos - Buyer contact information

- Lydia & Pugs offers your customers unique and whimsical line of hand illustrated greeting cards. - Full access to the Lydia & Pugs wholesale line. - Special promotions and pre-ordering for limited edition products such as our calendars and seasonal stationery.

To submit an order, simply email your completed order form to or email a list of the items you’d like to order including the item numbers. Order payment is required prior to shipping. Payment can be made through check, PayPal, or credit card (Visa/MC/Discover). Net 30 terms are offered to retailers with an established relationship with Lydia & Pugs.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. All shipping costs are charged at time of shipment and will be included in the final invoice. Once payment is submitted, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to ship. Please let us know if you need your order by a specific date and we will do the best to meet your needs. All USA orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground. Canada and international orders ship via First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail.

Wholesale orders are always shipped with as few boxes as possible depending on the shape and size of ordered goods and quantities. Art prints are enclosed in a cello sleeve with a cardboard backing board. Greeting card box sets are enclosed in a clear box with label on the back detailing the designs. Single cards are enclosed in a cello sleeve. Refunds within 7 days of receipt of merchandise on damaged goods only, in which a replacement/exchange will be provided. Pricing wholesale products includes greeting card boxed sets, single greeting cards, postcards, notepads, notebooks, wrapping paper and calendars. Wholesale pricing is not available for custom stationery of any kind, personalized stationery or artwork.

Our minimum opening order is $150. Minimum reorder is $50.

Retailers interested in Lydia & Pugs products should complete the wholesale form on our website at Lydia & Pugs/wholesale. Please call us at 321.209.3934.

Retailers considering licensing of Lydia & Pugs artwork should contact us at Lydia & Pugs retains all ownership to the copyright of licensed artwork. |



illustrated greeting cards All greeting cards are A2 size (4.25x5.5 inches) Blank inside | Various Envelope Colors single & boxed set of 8 (sku-B)

birthday balloons GC005 | GC005-B

birthday dots GC006 | GC006-B

birthday party GC007 | GC007-B

Birthday banner GC008 | GC008-B

Balloon Red birthday GC001 | GC001-B

Balloon Scallop birthday GC002 | GC002-B

every dogs bday GC009 | GC009-B

pinata pug GC057 | GC057-B

Flamingo birthday GC003 | GC003-B

brown dog bday GC004 | GC004-B

tandem birthday GC010 | GC010-B

birthday bouquet GC011 | GC011-B

beagle birthday GC012 | GC012-B

dogs celebrates GC061 | GC061-B

dachshund birthday GC015 | GC015-B

birthday balloon dogs GC062 | GC062-B |


purrfect bday GC067 | GC067-B



scottie bday party GC068 | GC068-B

scottie colorful bday GC069 | GC069-B

tandem pugs thank you GC020 | GC020-B

bon voyage pug GC021 | GC021-B

camper hello dog GC024 | GC024-B


Belguim GC072 | GC072-B


crazy cat lady bday GC054 | GC054-B



paris GC073 | GC073-B



scottie cupcake GC070 | GC070-B

taxi pugs GC022 | GC022-B

you're awesome dog GC025 | GC025-B

birthday cat GC060 | GC060-B

jeep thanks GC026 | GC026-B


thank you Chocolate lab GC071 | GC071-B

seaplane hello pugs GC023 | GC023-B

thinking of you GC027 | GC027-B


australia GC074 | GC074-B

london GC075 | GC075-B




savannah GC076 | GC076-B

las vegas GC077| GC077-B


los angeles GC080 | GC080-B

cape cod GC081 | GC081-B



hawaii GC078 | GC078-B


orange county CAlifornia GC082 | GC082-B


amalfi coast GC079 | GC079-B


new york GC083 | GC083-B

florida GC084 | GC084-B

thank you pug GC028 | GC028-B

thank you collie GC032| GC032-B

thank you westie GC029 | GC029-B

thank you boston GC030 | GC030-B

thank you dachshund GC031 | GC031-B

thank you german shepherd GC033 | GC033-B

thank you mastiff GC034 | GC034-B

thank you great dane GC035 | GC035-B |


bonjour dog GC036 | GC036-B

ciao dog GC037 | GC037-B

mahalo dog GC038 | GC038-B

sailor dog GC044 | GC044-B

rainy boots dog GC045 | GC045-B

swimmer dog GC046 | GC046-B

smalls dogs GC040 | GC040-B

Talls dogs GC041 | GC041-B

Pugs collection GC042 | GC042-B

Hello cat lady GC055 | GC055-B

be happy GC064 | GC064-B

congratulations dog GC013 | GC013-B

sympathy bowl GC066| GC066-B


dog sympathy GC049 | GC049-B

dog angel GC053 | GC053-B

gracias dog GC039 | GC039-B

usa dog GC047 | GC047-B

polka dog GC043 | GC043-B

this too shall pass GC059 | GC059-B

cat angel GC052 | GC052-B

dog anatomy love GCH001 | GCH001-B

pug anatomy Love GCH002 | GCH002-B

scottie valentine GCH005 | GCH005-B

i love you dalmation GCH036 | GCH036-B

sending love GCH003 | GCH003-B

smitten kitten GCH004 | GCH004-B

frenchie valentine GCH006 | GCH006-B

basset valentine GCH007 | GCH007-B

pug valentine GCH008 | GCH008-B

hot dog GCH034 | GCH034-B

i love you cats GCH035 | GCH035-B

congratulations married pugs GCH009 | GCH009-B


Congratulations on tying the knot!

best wishes GC037 | GC037-B

mr. & Mrs. pugs GCH010 | GCH010-B

tying the knot GCH053 | GC053-B

easter pup GC038 | GC038-B


fresh flowers

Happy Mother’s Day moms flowers GCH054

momma knows best GCH013

#1 Mom GCH012

best mom ever GCH039 |


father's day car GCH015

grad vespa GCH041

best dad ever GCH014

pops is tops GCH40


halloween cat GCH042 | GCH042-B

Black Lab Ghost GCH018 | GCH018-B

trick or treat dogs GCH016 | GCH016-B

pug pumpkin GCH046 | GCH046-B


give thanks GCH036 | GCH036-B

Gobble Labrador GCH021 | GCH021-B

thanksgiving barcart GCH047 | GCH047-B


Thanksgiving Table GCH020 | GCH020-B

assorted boxed greeting cards All greeting cards are A2 size (4.25x5.5 inches) Blank inside | Kraft Brown Envelope Colors Boxed set of 8 (sku-B)

assT. birthday canine set GCA001-B

asst. birthday pugs set GCA002-B

ASST. traveling pugs set GCA005-B


assT. birthday dogs set GCA003-B

ASST. Hello small dogs set GCA007-B

ASST. traveling DOGs set GCA006-B

ASST. Hello LARGE dogs set GCA008-B |




holiday collection All greeting cards are A2 size (4.25x5.5 inches) Blank inside | Various Envelope Colors single & boxed set of 8 (sku-B)

christmas Reindeer weenie GCH022 | GCH022-B

christmas pug GCH023 | GCH023-B

asst. christmas dogs set GCA011-B

holiday carpool GCH026 | GCH026-B

holiday DOG GREETINGS GCH033| GCH033-B

christmas cats GCH030 | GCH030-B

mistletoe cat GCH043 | GCH043-B

holidays pug wreath GCH029 | GCH029-B

holiday dogs GCH032| GCH032-B

Little Christmas GCH044| GCH044-B

Christmas scottie GCH024 | GCH024-B

Tandem Christmas GCH045| GCH045-B

christmas westie GCH025 | GCH025-B

'twas the night GCH028 | GCH028-B

basset hound decorates GCH031| GCH031-B

hanukkah dog GCH035| GCH035-B


holiday collection continued... All greeting cards are A2 size (4.25x5.5 inches) Blank inside | Various Envelope Colors single & boxed set of 8 (sku-B) new


christmas boston terrier GCH048 | GCH048-B


christmas Yorkie GCH049 | GCH049-B

christmas golden retriever GCH050 | GCH050-B


christmas dalmation GCH051 | GCH051-B


christmas dachshund GCH052 | GCH052-B


Notepads come in either 4.25 x 5.5 inches or 4.25 x 7 inches. Both includes 50 tear-off sheets per pad, and are printed in the U.S.A on recycled paper.

pug 'notes' notepad 4.25 x 5.5 inches NPS003

boston terrier 'notes' notepad 4.25 x 5.5 inches frenchie 'notes' notepad NPS002 4.25 x 7 inches NPS006

Donut Dog 'Notes' notepad 4.25 x 7 inches NPS005 |


art prints Art prints come in either 5x7 inches or 8x10 inches and are shipped flat with protective sleeve and backer.

tandem pugs print APM001-8x10 APM001-5x7

airplane pug print APM005-8x10 APM005-5x7

red hot air balloon print APM009-8x10 APM009-5x7


vespa pug print APM002-8x10 APM002-5x7

Tandem dogs print APM006-8x10 APM006-5x7

taxi pugs print APM010-8x10 APM010-5x7

smalls dog print APM013-8x10 APM013-5x7

married pug print APM003-8x10 APM003-5x7

mr. & mrs. print APM004-8x10 APM004-5x7

scallop hot air balloon print APM007-8x10 APM007-5x7

multi hot air balloon print APM008-8x10 APM008-5x7

camper dogs print APM011-8x10 APM011-5x7

talls dog print APM014-8x10 APM014-5x7

Jeep dogs print APM012-8x10 APM012-5x7

anatomy of dog love print APM015-8x10 APM015-5x7

gift wrap Wrapping sheets are 19x26 inches, printed in full color with a blank back. Wrapping sheets are sold as flat single sheets or rolls of 3.






c. A.




celebrate dogs wrapping sheets WP003-S single sheet (flat) WP003-R 3 sheets (rolled)


polka dot dogs wrapping sheets WP001-S single sheet (flat) WP001-R 3 sheets (rolled)

christmas dogs wrapping sheets WP004-S single sheet (flat) WP004-R 3 sheets (rolled)


birthday dogs wrapping sheets WP002-S single sheet (flat) WP002-R 3 sheets (rolled)


lydia & PugsŠ all designs copyright lydia & pugs Š all rights reserved

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2018 Wholesale Catalog  

2018 Wholesale Catalog. For more information visit:

2018 Wholesale Catalog  

2018 Wholesale Catalog. For more information visit: