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Some of you may think Greek life is something you would never join. Most people can be divided into the “maybe joiners,” “never joiners,” and “always joiners.” I was a “maybe joiner.” I didn’t know much about Greek life but was open to learning more and how it would benefit me. Today it seems like there are a lot of negative stereotypes surrounding the Greek system. It’s not all bad and there are plenty of organizations that do right by their organization’s principles and beliefs.

I joined Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., my senior year of college. Most people join fraternities/sororities during their sophomore or junior year. I told myself, “You have thought about this for so long, you don’t want to leave OU without being part of this.” I became member March 2008 and I graduated June 2008. While I didn’t have a lot of time as an active undergraduate, I learned a lot of life skills and I am still active in my sorority today as an alumna-at-large. I served as a facilitator at National Sisterhood Retreat in Chicago; I am an advisor for two entities in Ohio and as an editor/designer for the national newsletter, La Mensajera. The experiences and knowledge I have gained are immeasurable. Every time I meet with sisters or advise young entities, I feel rejuvenated in my commitment to SLG. Being Greek is not only for your undergraduate years. It’s a lifetime commitment and bond with people around the world. SLG is the largest, historically Latina-based national sorority with a multicultural membership. The sorority’s mission is to be the premier organization committed to providing a mechanism of empowerment to all women. (A mission to empower women…hmm sound familiar Khloē readers? Maybe that’s why I love this magazine so much!)

I want to touch on some of the priceless benefits of going Greek‌the life lessons that I have learned and continue to learn and perfect every day. Networking Conferences, retreats, committees. Members are from all over and know a ton of people. Your brothers/sisters are great resources of information. Time Management Planning events, community service, teleconferences, etc. Doing all of that and balancing other priorities teaches you effective time management. Emotional Intelligence This refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. Working with different groups of people from all walks of life helps you learn how to handle all types of situations. It also helps you understand yourself better. Leadership Being as involved as I have been has definitely helped me get over fears of emerging as a leader. I am not as shy as I used to be, I feel more confident when working with groups and I easily voice my opinions. I have learned how to get others involved and excited about something; all qualities of a good leader.

Being a member of Greek life didn’t make me who I am but it helped me become better than I used to be.

The Greek Life Impact  

Greek Life isn't just for college. I share my personal experiences and how being Greek has impacted my life after college.

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