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Children and Youth Film Festival



Welcome Message Welcome to the 8th edition of the Children & Youth Film Festival organized by the International Children’s Film Festival of Cyprus, a non-profit association that has been focusing on cinema and its role in the lives of children and young people. It is a great challenge every year to select the films that will be included in the program of the Children & Youth Film Festival, not only because there are so many worthy films that are made, but mainly because I think of the audience that will attend the event and I try to imagine their reaction. This year “Helping Others” has been chosen as the theme because in today’s world we often get too caught up in ourselves, our own troubles and we forget to think about others. It is for this reason that I decided to collaborate with the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), a voluntary, non-governmental association, dedicated to fighting cancer through education and awareness. We are grateful to our Sponsors and Supporters who put their trust in us year after year and who believe in our work, as well as the schools, teachers and families who participate in the different activities offered by the Festival. A special thank you to the Teachers who prepared this year’s Teacher Packs and who seized the opportunity to become involved with this project. And of course my Team – I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope you all enjoy this year’s line up! Amalia Macris Festival Coordinator


A word from the Ministry of Education and Culture Τhe International Children’s Film Festival of Cyprus has successfully reached its 8th year of existence. Throughout these last few years, the Festival has managed to provide a platform for Greek and Turkish Cypriot children and youth, as well as for the international community of Cyprus, to engage and collaborate in activities and projects around the world of cinema. This year’s edition aspires to strengthen the substantial bonds that have developed between the local public and cinema practices, through workshops and activities taking place throughout the Festival, whose programme will run from the 12th until the 19th of February, 2012. Bearing in mind that today’s social educators actively seek new teaching methods for transmitting knowledge and skills to children and youth, but also for enabling them to explore their own thoughts and emotions around current social issues and beyond, this event aspires to constitute a significant platform for cinematographic education. While various contemporary media are increasingly used in our daily lives to convey messages, it becomes vital for young people to be able to differentiate fact from fiction, to formulate unbiased views of the world around them, and to address important issues head on. The Festival attempts to support this complex process by educating children through the art of cinema and by drawing their attention to key topics regarding family relations, politics, society and the world. Since 2003, the Ministry of Education and Culture has supported the International Children’s Film Festival as its main sponsor. The Ministry undoubtedly shares the strong values underpinning the Festival’s activities regarding education and training, considering them essential in the formation of tomorrow’s citizens. Our collaboration with the Festival is renewed this year, affirming the Ministry’s genuine and ongoing support towards the overall project. I would like to congratulate again the organizers, collaborators and friends of the Festival, for undertaking such an active role within the local cultural, educational and public domain. Pavlos Paraskevas Director of Cultural Services Ministry of Education and Culture


Message from the Children’s Rights Commissioner It is with pleasure, that for the third consecutive year, I am placing the Children & Youth Film Festival under my auspices, because as Walt Disney said “Movies can and have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood”. The United Nations Convention of Children’s Rights states the responsibility of adults to preserve children’s rights for education, entertainment, development and to ensure the highest possible standard of living level. Cinema, through its multidimensional effect on the lives of children, is a medium which can respond and ensure those rights. Films offer entertainment and leisure to children, but also serve an educational purpose by transmitting knowledge and raising some thought provoking issues, thereby contributing to their moral, social and aesthetical cultivation. As I have stated in previous years, I believe that the Children & Youth Film Festival is a quality intervention to the cultural life of our country, and at the same time a substantial contribution to the promotion of children’s rights in Cyprus. For these reasons, I would like to congratulate the organizers of the 8th Children & Youth Film Festival for their particular action, with which they offer children the possibility to participate in a cultural and artistic activity by enjoying screenings which correspond to their age group, level of maturity, as well as their needs. To the children who will participate in the workshops I wish them creativity and to all the children who will take part in the morning and marathon screenings I wish good viewing. I would like to believe that the Children & Youth Film Festival will continue its substantial contribution to the cultural, educational and social landscape of our country. Leda Koursoumba Children’s Rights Commissioner


Opening Ceremony DATE: Sunday 12 February 2012 TIME: 17:00 VENUE: Zena Palace Under the auspices of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights Screening of the film “Liverpool Goalie” (page 15)

Closing Ceremony DATE: Sunday 19 February 2012 TIME: 16:00 VENUE: Zena Palace Under the auspices of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights ICFFCY will screen all the work done during the workshops


Morning Screenings Morning screenings will be taking place in Nicosia from Monday 13 - Thursday16 February 2012 at Zena Palace Cinema, Nicosia. These screenings are open to schools and teachers, who need to register their class in advance. Teacher Packs are also available for in-class activities before and after you have seen the film. On Friday 17 February the Morning Screenings will take place at Theatro Ena, in Limassol. Below is a detailed program of the screenings. Monday 13 February 2012 8:30 - Selection of Shorts (Age 3 - 6) 11:00 - On the Sly (Age 7 - 9) Tuesday 14 February 2012 8:30 - The Runway (Age 10 - 12) 11:00 - Tomboy (Age 13 - 15) Wednesday 15 February 2012 8:30 - Game Must Go On (Age 10 - 12) 11:00 - Ways to Live Forever (Age 15+)* Thursday 16 February 2012 8:30 - The Crocodiles Strikeback (Age 10 - 12) 11:00 - repeat of screening Limassol Friday 17 February 2012 9:00 - On the Sly (Age 7 - 9) 11:00 - The Runway (Age 10 - 12)

For a summary of each film please see page 10 To make a booking or download the teacher packs please go on line to and fill out the application form, if you need other information contact us on 99 957 518. * Part of the proceeds will be used in aid of the Services and Programs of the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends.


Morning Workshops 13 – 17 February 2012 The morning workshops will give children and youth the opportunity to be involved in the planning and making of films by following all the steps involved in the creative process. Our aim is to introduce participants to cinema, image, and sound. Workshops will be taking place at CCMC and schools need to register in advance. We will be hosting the following workshops:

❶ Animation Nathalie Konalyan Using stop motion, children will learn the basics of storytelling by creating their own animations.

❷ Fiction Film Making Ivan Charalambous A story developed through children’s own experiences that explores the theme of “Helping Others”

❸ Documentary Sasha Ljubojevic Taking a moment, a fact and making a story – documenting it as a reference for people to watch. The workshops will be held from 9:00 – 13:00 and last 4 consecutive days. To reserve your class a spot in the workshops please send us an e-mail on, if you need more information contact us on 99 957 518.


Limassol Marathon Screenings 17 February 2012 For the first time, the Children & Youth Film Festival will host a full day and night of screenings of its films at 17 in Limassol. Theatro Ena, B’ Municipal Market. 16:00 - Selection of Shorts (Age 3 - 6) 17:00 - Crocodiles Strikeback (Age 10 - 12) 19:00 - Tomboy (Age 13 - 15)

For summaries of the films please refer to page 10


Nicosia Marathon Screenings SATURDAY 18 February 2012 The Nicosia Marathon will be open to the public and will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a selection of films from this year’s Festival. 9:00 - Selection of Shorts (Stoneflies, How the Shammies Bathed, Snowflakes & carrots, The Little Red Plane) (Age 3 - 6) 10:00 - Crocodiles Strikeback (Age 10 - 12) 16:00 - Get Educated Paatshala (Age 10 - 12) 18:00 - Tomboy (Age 13 - 15) 20:00 - Ways to live forever (Age 15+)*

For summaries of the films please refer to page 10 * Part of the proceeds will be used in aid of the Services and Programs of the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends.


Bicommunal Day SUNday 19 February 2012 TIME: 10:00 – 14:00 Children from all communities will meet at CCMC to partake in a selection of activities around cinema.

Closing Ceremony TIME: 17:00 VENUE: Zena Palace Under the auspices of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights ICFFCY will screen all the work done during the workshops.


Film Synopsis Crocodiles Strikeback Germany 2010, 90 min Director: Christian Ditter Screenplay: Christian Ditter, Neil Ennever, Max von der Grun Director of Photography: Christian Rein Music: Heiko Maile Editor: Ueli Christen Production: Christian Becker, Lena Olbrich Cast: Nick Romeo Reimann, Fabian Halbig, Leonie Tepe, Manuel Steitz, David Hurten, Javidan Imani, Robin Walter, Ella-Maria Gollmer

Summer vacation, the first tender stirrings of romance and cool new gang headquarters - life could be perfect for The Crocodiles, were there not strange goings-on in the plant where Ollie and Maria’s parents work. The factory is facing lay-offs and maybe even closure, which means their parents may lose their jobs and even their home. That would spell the end of the Crocodiles. So of course they do everything to solve the mysterious series of accidents at the plant - including hair raising stunts and chases, and undercover work at the hippest nightclub in town. The Crocodiles put the pedal to the metal and race full speed ahead - on bikes and souped-up wheelchairs - into their next adventure! Awards: Youth Jury (ages 8+) Best Picture / Adult Jury Best Picture and Edith Lando Peace Prize (Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth, Vancouver-Canada,2010)

The Runway Ireland 2010, 101 min Director: Ian Power Screenplay: Ian Power Director of Photography: P.J. Dillon Music: Gast Waltzing Editor: Amine Jaber Production Design: Ray Ball Production: Fastnet Films, Lucil Film, Poderosa Pictures Cast: Demian Bechir, Jamie Kierans, Kerry Condon, James Cosmo, John Carpenter

The Runway is inspired by the true story of a South American pilot who crashed his plane near Mallow, Co. Cork in 1983. Against all odds, the people of the town n came together to build a runway to get him home and briefly caught the imagination of the nation. It is the story of Paco, a young boy without a father who adopts the pilot and convinces the town to help him fix his plane to get him home. Awards: Winner of Best Irish Feature (Galway Film Fleadh-Ireland, 2010)


Ways to Live Forever UK 2010, 91 min Director: Gustavo Ron Story: Sally Nicholls Screenplay: Gustavo Ron Director of Photography: Miguel P. Gilaberte Music: Cesar Benito Editor: Juan Sanchez Production Design: Jason Carlin Production: Martyn Auty Cast: Emilia Fox, Greta Scacchi, Ben Chaplin, Ella Purnell, Alexx Etel, Robbie Kay

Sam is 11 years old and is fascinated by all sorts of information. He loves collecting stories and amazing facts. He wants to know about UFOs, scary movies, spaceships and ghosts. He also wants to find out what it feels like to try his first beer, to have his first drag of a cigarette…to kiss a girl for the first time. Sam wants to find out what teenagers feel, because he’ll never become one: he suffers from leukemia.

Tomboy France 2010, 84 min Director: Celine Sciamma Screenplay: Celine Sciamma Director of Photography: Crystel Fournier Music: Jean-Baptiste de Laubier Editor: Julien Acheray Production: Benedicte Couvreue, Elisabeth Depardieu Cast: Zoe Heran, Malonn Levana, Jeanne Disson, Sophie Cattani, Mathieu Demy

There is definetly something boyish about ten-year-old Laure. She has recently moved to a new area with her parents and her little sister, Jeanne. It’s summer time and all the neighbourhood children are playing outside – only Laure is alone, because she doesn’t know anybody her own age. But then, one day, she meets Lisa, a girl who is exactly the same age. Laure allows her new acquaintance to believe that she is a boy. Laure becomes Mikael, and, no sooner has she brought about this ‘transformation’ that she begins playing with all the other neighbourhood children. As time passes, Laure’s relationship to Lisa becomes increasingly close, making the ambiguity of her situation ever more complicated. Awards: The Milo Macourek Award - Special Recognition for a Feature Film for Youth / FICC Jury Special Prize (51st Zlin Film Festival for Children & Youth – Czech Republic, 2012)


Get Educated Paatshaala India 2010, 122 min Director: Milin Ukey Story: Ahmed Khan Screenplay: Ahmed Khan Director of Photography: Basha Lal Music: Hanif Shaikh Editor: Ashfag Makrani Production: Eros International, Paperdoll Entertainment Cast: Nana Patekar, Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Saurash Shukla, Sushant Singh

The story starts with a new English teacher joining the Swaraswati Vidya Mandir school on the outskirts of Mumbai. Though he creates instant rapport with students and teachers alike, he realizes that there is something amiss in this school. He sees that the manager of the school is making it compulsory for parents to pay for extracurricular activities. He even punishes the students when their parents don’t fulfill this new unjustified demand by the school. Day by day the stress levels among students increases leading to unexpected and grim consequences. The situation becomes so explosive that it eventually becomes a national issue.

On the Sly Belgium 2010, 77 min Director: Olivier Ringer Screenplay: Yves Ringer, Olivier Ringer Director of Photography: Olivier Ringer Music: Bruno Alexiu Editor: Olivier Ringer Production: Cast: Wynona Ringer, Olivier Ringer, Macha Ringer, Ourga, Ursula Noyer, Pierre Leroux

Like every weekend, six-year-old Cathy has to go with her parents to the countryside. She’s not very happy because she feels almost invisible to her parents. The weekend would be so boring as usual if Cathy didn’t receive some “magic seeds” from a worker at the farm. When the weekend ends, she decides to stay at the countryside to watch the “magic seeds” grow. Left alone, Cathy realizes that her parents are worried and looking for her. Scared that she’ll be severly punished, she runs away into the woods and gets lost… Awards: Main Prize of the Children’s Jury - for Best Feature Film for Children (51st Zlin Film Festival for Children & Youth - Czech Republic, 2012)


DOCUMENTARY The Game Must Go On Greece 2010, 80 min Directors: Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas Script: Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas Cinematography: Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas Music: Vaggelis Georgantzis Editor: Dimitris Peponis Producters: Rea Apostolides, Yuri Averof Production: Anemon Productions

In a crowded part of Athens, each day after school, Alexandra, Vlad, Chrysa and the rest of their crew gather in front of Christos’ house to play soccer until bedtime. But as soon as they begin, the neighbours assault them with curses, threats and sometimes violence. The kids’ reaction is fiercely defiant. There’s nowhere else to go. Alexandra decides to talk to the Mayor and insist that he sees the situation for himself. Thus begins a yearlong campaign to get the town to build them a play area. Over this time the kids’ lives and perceptions are revealed while their determination and friendship fuels their coping skills and sharpens their resolve. The film offers an intimate access to a remarkable cast of characters. Awards: Award for Best Documentary (Hellenic Film Academy, Greece, 2012) Quality of Life Award (Patras International Film Festival, Greece, 2012)

SHORT STORY ANIMATION FILMS How the Shammies Bathed Latvia 2010, 7 min Director: Edmunds Jansons Story: Inese Zandere Screenplay: Inese Zandere Director of Photography: Edmunds Jansons Music: Jekabs Nimanis Editor: Edmunds Jansons Production Design: Reinis Petersons, Una Laukmane Main Animator: Martins Dumins Production: Atom Art

What should one do upon hearing scary “drip-drop” sounds coming from a dark room? The Shammies – Mitten, Pillow, Hanky and Sockie – decide to take a bath. One by one they toddle down the stairs to discover a Monster who lives behind the bathroom door, and get acquainted with Splashy Water.


Snowflakes and Carrots Canada 2010, 4 min Director: Samantha Leriche-Gionet Story: Samantha Leriche-Gionet Screenplay: Samantha Leriche-Gionet Director of Photography: Samantha Leriche-Gionet Music: Michel Gionet Edited by: Samantha Leriche-Gionet Main Animator: Samantha Leriche-Gionet Production: Samantha Leriche-Gionet

A little girl steals all the carrots she can find on snowmen. Awards: The Hermina Tyrlova Award - Award for Young Artists up to the Age of 35 (51st Zlin Film Festival for Children & Youth – Czech Republic, 2012)

Stoneflies Germany 2010, 15 min Director: Anne Walther Storyboard: Daniel Stieglitz Director of Photography: Fabian Koppenhöfer Music: Peer Kleinschmidt Edited by: Anne Walther Production Design: Anne Walther, Manuela Greipel, Eva Maria Grüneberg Production: Anne Walther

On a little island lives Ferdi a little boy stonefly with his parents. Stoneflies cannot fly, they are too heavy and their wings cannot carry them. But Ferdi’s biggest wish is to fly. So he sets out on a journey to learn how to fly. On his way he meets several stones which he asks about the art of flying, but none of them are really able to help him. When he has given up all hope and accepts his fate, he meets a little girl - and his dream comes true... Awards: Children’s Jury Special Mention Award (Sapporo Shortfest Japan) Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Kurzfilmpreis (Sehsüchte, 2010) Orlandopreises of the Youth Jury in International Competition (Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, 2010) Audience Award (XXS Kurzfilmfestival Dortmund-Germany, 2009) Audience Award (Haydauer Filmtage, 2009) Lauder Mention of the Festival Jury (Dokumentarfilm-und Videofest Kassel, 2008)


The Little Red Plane UK 2010, 3 min Director: Charlotte Blacker Story: Charlotte Blacker Knitting: Charlotte Blacker, Vanessa Townley, Holly Blacker, Linda Blacker, Joyce Bull Music: Ryan Jackson, Peter Hunter, Mark Taylor, Stuart Brennan, Max Berg Executive Producer: Roy Blacker

A knitted adventure about a boy and his cat who travel far and wide to deliver parcels in their little red plane.

OPENING CEREMONY FILM The Liverpool Goalie Norway 2010, 90 min Director: Arild Andresen Story: Lars Maehle Screenplay: Lars Gumestad Director of Photography: Gaute Gunnari Editor: Jon Endre Mork Production: Therese Bohn Cast: Asle van der Hagen, Susanne Bougher, Andrine Sather, Fridtjov Saheim

The Liverpool Goalie is a warm comedy, in which both girls and boys play football, worship their idols, and are frustrated by complicated friendships, first loves, anxious mothers and overambitious football coaches. At the heart of the events, we find twelve-year-old Jo, who tries to avoid potential girlfriends, mothers and football coaches, as he is hunting desperately for a rare football card which he believes will solve all his problems. Awards: ECFA Jury Award (BUFF Film Festival, Malmo-Sweden, 2012) The City of Malmo’s Children Award (BUFF Film Festival, Malmo-Sweden, 2012) Golden Slipper - for Best Feature Film for Children / The Don Quixote Award (51st Zlin Film Festival for Children & Youth – Czech Republic, 2012)


TRIBUTE by Francoise Arnould Tareque Masud, a Cannes Film Festival award-winning director from Bangladesh (The Clay Bird, 2002), inspired a whole generation of filmmakers in his country, had still many projects in mind, one of them to complete his dream film The Paper Flower, when a road accident put a term to his career. He was just 55 years old.

Tareque (sitting) and C Catherine (behind the camera) leading the bi-communal film making workshop (The Bags) with three young students during the ICFFCY 5th Youth and Children Film Festival (15-23 November 2008)

Back home, all his films were running to packed houses in theaters in Dhaka, and all over Bangladesh. His inspirational documentary on the liberation struggle, Songs of Freedom, 1995, revealed that Tareque Masud was no ordinary filmmaker. The documentary film traced the journey of a music troupe that travels through the country during the 1971 partition (Pakistan/Bangladesh). His wife, Catherine, and him follow their instincts agains all odds and produced as many films as his way to understanding what had happened in his country, when he was just 15 years old. In 2008, he had accepted, with his wife Catherine, to come and lead a workshop for the 5th ICFFCY Youth and Children Film Festival. It was an honor for us to share their talent and it was also a great surprise to see the Bangladeshi community in Cyprus respond to our film festival marathon. Tareque and Catherine brought us copies of The Clay Bird and The Homeland (2006), and we had a packed theatre on that day. After the show, Tareque and Catherine had a Q&A session with the audience. It was indeed a successful evening, beyond our expectations. Their workshops in Nicosia and Limassol produced two shorts made by the students of their groups who worked under their guidance, one of them called The Bags. In our tribute to Tareque, we would like to stress on his sensitive story telling and on his ability not to look back: documentary or fiction film, Tareque was at ease in both and could navigate from one to the other, becoming with Catherine the face of Bangladesh independent cinema. In a television interview recently, Tareque said: “if we had another life, we would make all our dream films�. It is up to us now to imagine him in another life, and up to Catherine to finish the unfinished project, The Paper Flower. We keep and cherish the memories of his. (thank you to Nupur Basu for sharing his thoughts with Francoise Arnould)


Matir Moina (The Clay Bird) 98 mins, Bangladesh, 2002 Screenplay:Tareque & Catherine Masud Cinematography: Sudheer Palsane, Editing: Catherine Masud Sound: Indrajit Neogi, Art Direction: Kazi Rakib, Sylvain Nahmias, Tarun Ghosh, Music Direction: Moushumi Bhowmik

Set against the backdrop of the turbulent period in the late 1960s leading up to Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan, “The Clay Bird” tells the story on the director’s own childhood. A young boy, Anu, is sent off to a strict Islamic school, by his deeply religious father Kazi. As the political divisions in the country intensify, an increasing split develops betwen the moderate and extremis forces withing the school, mirroring a growing divide between the stubborn but confused Kazi and his increasingly independent wise. Honors & Awards FIPRESCI International Critics’ Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2002 Best Film & 2 other awards, Krafilm Festival, Pakistan 2003 Best Screenplay Award, Marrakesh Int’l Film Festival 2002 Best Film & Best Director, Channel I Awards 2003 Best Film & 5 other awards, Bangladesh Film Journalists Assoc. 2003 First Bangladeshi Film in Oscar Competition 2003 Script Award, French Government ‘South Fund’ Grant

Ontorjatra (The Homeland) 84 mins, Bangladesh, 2006 Direction & Screenplay: Tareque & Catherine Masud Story: Tareque Masud, Editing: Catherine Masud Art Direction: Tarun Ghosh, Music Harold Rasheed & Bruno Sound: Abdus Sattar Ripon, Producer: Tareque Masud

“Ontorjatra” is an intimate exploration of the complex issues of dislocation and identity in a diasporic world. A divorced mother and her son return to Bangladesh after 15 years in London, prompted by the ex-husband’s sudden death and funeral. The story follows the transforming experience of mother and son as they, in very differnt ways, try to come to terms with this loss. For the son, a Britishbred teenager with no memeory of his father or “homeland”, the return to Bangladesh is a journey of self actualization and rediscovery. For the mother the journey is a mixture of nostalgia for her youth, and anxiety in anticipation of a difficult reunion. this return also brings different branches of the family face to face, across generations and cultures.

Muktir Gaan (The Song of Freedom) 78 mins, Bangladesh, 1995 Direction: Tareque & Catherine Masud

Feature length documentary film about a troupe of traveling musicians during the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971.


FILM IN PROGRESS «The fish has flown away» Low budget Funky Batosh film production A long term workshop with three main aims: > to have fun > to make friends > to learn how to make films

Origin 2 years ago a small group of teenagers accompanied by Belgian filmmaker Julie Perry-Sandor living in Cyprus, started to work on the idea of making a film. During 8 months, they managed to meet once in a while and invented a story, first by creating characters and having long talks about who they were. Then putting them into situation, the script took form. A casting was organised at CCMC to find actors and in July 2011 the shooting began! egan!

A day of shooting Saturday morning, October 29th It’s a beautiful day, we are lucky. Today and tomorrow we are having an important shooting session. After months of wondering how these scenes will happen, we eventually manage to organize them. The biggest challenge was to find the place, an old abandoned house. We’ve seen many, by the way, the old city of Nicosia no longer has secrets for us. Old Nicosia is an amazing place to shoot, we learned to be aware of this fact, to realize how precious the geography under our feet was. It’s nine o’clock, Dimitris has allowed us to take some furniture from his antique shop, very close to where we will shoot. The day starts with carrying a table, an old sofa etc, to our abandoned house. We have to create a set, a kind of strange place where an old guy lives. One o’clock, the set is ready, we are quite happy about it, our friend Stavros, who runs a small coffee shop by the house we are using, came and was impressed by the transformation of the place. We are now sitting at Stavros’, waiting for the lunch, discussing a major issue: now it is time to find a title for our film. One of the scenes we will shoot in the afternoon will be graffiti of the title. We knew the time for a title will come at the right moment, when


we will be ready for it. After lunch we had a few suggestions, that we left «simmering» for when the moment of shooting the scene would come.… It’s time to shoot and write the graffiti title, a last deliberation and yes we have it! «The fish has flown away», don’t ask why, watch our film and then tell us about our choice!

Elasticity, curiosity and freedom!

The characters Isabel is a quiet girl living with her mother and two sisters, her father is dead. Her mother has a conservative approach towards life. Petros is a snobbish rich boy. He goes to the same school as Isabel. Thandie lives with her father, taking care of the house during the week while her mother works as a maid and comes back home only on Sundays. Ahmet is a young happy boy working as a pastry cook in a Turkish delight workshop.

The story All these young people have music as a common hobby. This hobby brings them together as a new group of friends. They find an abandoned house where an old, strange, crazy man hangs out. This house becomes their secret place to meet and play music. Little by little, the kids enjoy meeting and have fun transforming their boring reality into a colourful and exciting world in which a strange fish is showing the way… The «Funky Batosh» film project is an independent bi-communal production supported by the International Children Film Festival of Cyprus. Its former members come from the «Youth Team» initiated through the ICFFCY workshops in October 2009. Participating in Project: Robyn, Mehmet, Kemal, Mario, Teresa, Pavlos, Fatosh, Hermes, Maria, Aleen, Andrew, Mohamed, Mathias, Willy, Tassos, Freaksos and Julie.


Cyprus Artefact Treasure IN ACTION The Cyprus Artefact Treasure in action project - CAT is a media education project run by a team of teachers from the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities, under the umbrella of the ICFFCY non profit association. CAT is supported by the BSP of the American embassy. After the success of the first CAT illustrating the artefact of the Ayia Irini collection, this year, as Cyprus is taking the EU presidency, the project is focusing on medieval Cypriot artefacts, which will be presented at an exhibition set up by the Louvre museum in Paris. The project is following the same structure level than the previous one: pedagogical documents for students and teachers, various media products produced by the bicommunal children team from Paphos and Famagusta and medieval artefact blogs, diaries, music and others media materials by primary and secondary students of Nicosia. The CAT enables cross curriculum communication and promotes peace by implementing media education through the lens of archaeological heritage. The children and adults have the opportunity to interact and create different media products illustrating and bringing alive their common culture; building therefore long-lasting friendships and true dialogue between communities. This project promotes strategies for conflict resolution, intercultural dialogue, respect of human rights and peace and is part of a media education research done at the university La Sorbonne Nouvelle. The CAT team project: • Paphos, Antamosis, cultural and research organization Demetra Socratous GCY coordinator • Famagusta cultural centre: Esen Beyköylü, Mustafa Tugcan, Osman Elkovan, Hande Cumaogullarι TCY coordinator • New York UNIS: Françoise Arnould ICFFCY • Pedagogical documents: Eva Argyrou ICFFCY • Media maker coordinator: Alana Kakoyiannis and CCMC • CAT coordinator: Bérangère Blondeau, Master 2 AIGEME, ICFFCY For more information see the CAT trailer

Mesmerized by the spell of cinema and common culture, building long-lasting friendship and becoming active citizen of Cyprus


The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) is a registered charity no. 525. The Association was founded in 1986 by a group of people with cancer experience. Since its foundation, PASYKAF has established Services to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families and Cancer Prevention Awareness Programs aiming at a cancer free Cyprus. The Services and Programs are offered free of charge across Cyprus and they include: - Home Nursing and Palliative Care – Psychosocial Support – Physiotherapy – Lymphoedema Clinics – Patient Transport Services and Day Care Activities Centers. The services are provided to cancer patients and their families. - Awareness programs and presentations about cancer prevention and early detection provided to Firms, Organisations, Educational Centers, Communities and Social Clubs. - Workshops and counselling about cancer prevention and management at the workplace, provided to Management Teams and Professionals. Public support is vital to the Association continuing existence. PASYKAF welcomes membership subscriptions, public donations and legacies, sponsorships and fundraisers. In addition, the Association has established and operates Charity Shops in Paralimni, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos. PASYKAF is a member of various international and European cancer organizations such as the International Union Against Cancer and the European Cancer Leagues. The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Cyprus.

Contact PASYKAF at: Nicosia, tel. 22 345444 Limassol, tel. 25 747750 Larnaca, tel. 24 6651989 Paralimni, tel. 23 730460 Paphos, tel. 26 952478


message from the board We have been incredibly lucky to witness the growing relevance of world cinema in the Cypriot movie culture and we are proud to expose all the communities of this island to the art and life of others. Each year since 2005, we have brought international as well as local releases, classics and new, and we have invited industry professionals to participate in hands-on workshops. Still in its infancy, the festival has proven its commitment to the media arts in Cyprus as an educational tool and a community-building endeavor, leading our participants in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image. The Board would like to congratulate the Festival’s Team, as well as all those who participated in the project. Long live the Children and Youth Film Festival of Cyprus! Francoise Arnould ICFFCY co-founder and Board Member

On behalf of the Festival’s Board of Trustees: Eva Argyrou, Berangere Blondeau, David Hands


The Film Festival Team Amalia Macris (Festival Coordinator) Vanesa Kerkes-Christou (Administration Coordinator) Yiangos Hadjiyiannis (Technical Support) Lydia Kyprianou (Graphic Design & Illustration) Ioannis Soulos (Translations & Subtitles) Loukia Vassiliou (Limassol Support) Louise Thomson (Venue Support) Η Ομάδα του Φεστιβάλ αποτελείτε από τους: Αμαλία Μακρή (Διοργανώτρια του Φεστιβάλ) Vanesa Kerkes-Christou (Συντονίστρια Διοίκησης) Γιάγκος Χατζηγιάννης (Τεχνική Υποστήριξη) Λυδία Κυπριανού (Εικονογράφηση και Γραφικά) Ιωάννης Σούλος (Μεταφράσεις και Υποτιτλισμό) Λουκία Βασιλείου (Υποστήριξη Λεμεσού) Louise Thomson (Υπεύθυνη Υποδοχής) The Teacher Packs were made by Elena Koushiappi Stella Kyriakidou Esmeralda Garza-Lantidis Despoina Nicolaou Eleni Nicolaou George Stoyias Το εκπαιδευτικό υλικό ετοιμάστηκε από τους Έλενα Κουσσιαπή Στέλλα Κυριακίδου Esmeralda Garza-Lantidis Δέσποινα Νικόλαου, Ελένη Νικολάου Γιώργο Στόγια

For more information / Για πληροφορίες: Tel.: +357 22 875 242 Mob.: +357 99 957 518


Screening programME February 2012

Sunday / Κυριακή

Monday / Δευτέρα

Tuesday / Τρίτη

Wednesday / Τετάρτη








Selection of Shorts age 3-6

The Runway age 10-12

Game Must Go On age 10-12




On the Sly age 7-9

Tomboy age 13-15

Ways to Live Forever age 15+

17:00 Opening Ceremony The Liverpool Goalie

Opening & Closing Ceremony Open to the Public @ Zena Palace Nicosia Morning Screenings For Schools @ Zena Palace Limassol Morning Screenings For Schools @ Theatro Ena Limassol Marathon Screenings Open to the Public @ Theatro Ena Nicosia Marathon Open to the Public @ Zena Palace Bi-Communal Creative Day Open to the Public @ Cyprus Community Media Centre (near Ledra Palace)



Thursday / Πέμπτη Friday / Παρασκευή Saturday / Σάββατο 16/2/2012

8:30 Crocodiles Strikeback age 10-12



Limassol Marathon

Nicosia Marathon




repeat the screening

On the Sly age 7-9

Selection of Shorts age 3-6



The Runway age 10-12

Crocodiles Strikeback age 10-12

Sunday / Κυριακή 19/2/2012

10:00 - 15:00 Bicommunal Creative Day

17:00 Masud Tribute “Triple Bill”

Matir Moina (The Clay Bird) Ontorjatra (The Homeland)

16:00 - 16:30



Selection of Shorts

Get Educated Paatshala age 10-12

Closing Ceremony



Crocodiles Strikeback age 10-12

Tomboy age 13-15

Muktir Gaan (The Song of Freedom)



Tomboy age 13-15

Ways to Live Forever age 15+

Τελετή Έναρξης & Λήξης – ανοιχτές για το κοινό – Κινηματογράφος Zena Palace Πρωινές Προβολές για σχολεία – Λευκωσία – Κινηματογράφος Zena Palace Πρωινές Προβολές για σχολεία – Λεμεσός – Θέατρο Ένα (Β’ Δημοτική Αγορά) Μαραθώνιος Προβολών – Λεμεσός – ανοιχτό για το κοινό - Θέατρο Ένα (Β’ Δημοτική Αγορά) Μαραθώνιος Προβολών – Λευκωσία – ανοιχτό για το κοινό - Κινηματογράφος Zena Palace Δικοινοτική Δημιουργική Μέρα – ανοιχτή για το κοινό – Κέντρο Κοινοτικών Μέσων Κύπρου (CCMC)

8th Children's & Youth Film Festival of Cyprus  

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