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It’s time to welcome your old best friend back into town, Framed Magazine. Fair greetings to you once again movers and shakers. Here we meet again, and we’re back to give you a heap of scrumptious, never-seen-before content. This issue will have your taste buds tingling and your eyes popping out of your head as we bring you 3 individuals, each with a creative and arty-farty skill that will have your jaw drop like a japanese elavator. Meet Brendan, a man with 3 bands in his pocket, Carleigh, a fun-loving freelancing Graphic Designer, and Michael, a local guy who knows how to use a paintbrush. We write the fun and interesting stories and facts about them - you read them. It’s a deal you really can’t refuse! So go on! Get on with it! Skull that drink that’s limiting your page turning technique, eat that dirty burrito so you don’t spill salsa on your favorite sections and say ‘Hello!’ to the greatest 30 or so pages of your life!




BRENDAN YOUNG - musician

Young he is, and gaining increasing local fame (especially with the ladies) due to the recent release of a five song EP recorded with one of the three bands he’s involved in. The enthusiastic bass player has been ripping up countless gigs by night while studying a Bachelor of Commerce at University by day. Brendan Young definitely knows his bass guitar business and is currently pursuing his musical dream with the bands Soap Box Derby, BowTie and The Conspiracy Plan. We talk to Mr Young to find out why all the ladies love him so much.

0 5 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

Daniel Southern is the drummer I play with in two of the bands, that’s Soap Box Derby and The Conspiracy Plan. We’re best mates and we get a long really well so that helps.

the who’s, the how’s & why’s.

What attracts you to the style of music that you play? It’s just fun really, heaps upbeat. I’m a fun type of guy, I like fun

Why did you learn how to play the bass? I started playing

times. I play a lot of pop punk in Soap Box Derby and The Con-

the bass because there was no one in my year, at school,

spiracy Plan. I just love playing it. I listen to a lot of it and we

who played bass, so I thought I’d give it a go. We were just

take a lot of influences from Blink182 and Sum41. They’re my

mucking around with music, and then we didn’t have a bass

favourite bands. Then I started doing BowTie, (which is an in-

player so I started playing. That was when I was about 14.

die folk band) just as a favor for my mate coz he needed a bass player and asked if I wanted to do it, but I really enjoy the music.

How do you manage being in three bands? It’s challenging especially with juggling the bands with work and univer-

Who are your musical inspirations? I used to be in-

sity, but I guess it’s all about using my time wisely and time

spired a lot by the bass player of the Red Hot Chilli Pep-

management. It’s a bit hard when gigs clash with other bands

pers, Flee. He’s pretty renowned for his bass lines. Then

but you’ve just got to weigh up the options and weigh up

there’s the Hillsong bass player, I don’t even know his

which ones are going to be more important to what band.

name, but whoever writes the bass lines is a freakin legend.

0 6 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

0 7 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

0 8 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

the more interesting questions

What is your favourite song to play live? I recently did

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? I think my biggest one

a school tour with The Conspiracy Plan, and there was so

would probably be tuning my bass guitar, and then I tune with

many fun songs to play, coz its pretty fast stuff. We play a

some girls in the crowd (laughs). I figured while I tune my

song called dangerous, that’s one of my favourites, and then

bass I may as well tune some girls, it just made sense to me

there’s teenage summer which is definitely one of my favour-

in my head. Double tuning! Killing two birds with one stone.

ite songs to play. With Soapbox probably a song tracked off our EP that we called surrounded which is really upbeat and

Has anything embarrassing ever happened on stage?

fast tempo. It’s a song you can really get down to and jump to.

Yeah, to Duanne and I, that’s my old guitar player. There was a part in a song where we used to jump off the side speakers

If you could do a gig with anyone, who would it be?

together, and I jumped off, but somehow when I landed, my

Oooh tough question.. The first band that came into

feet just came straight out from underneath me and landed

my head is Blink182, so I’m just gonna go with that. I re-

on my bum. I don’t even know how it happened. Before I

cently bought their new album that they released not

knew it I was in the air and the next thing I knew I was just

long ago and I’ve just been obsessed with it for days,

sitting down on the ground. I hopped up and kept playing.

close to a week now. That’s all I’ve been listening to.

0 9 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

Describe the best gig you’ve experienced. I think the best one that we had was when we performed for a school in Unanderra, and we played to junior school (years 7-9) and they weren’t allowed to come down the front coz they were so crazy but, oh man, they were itching, it was so funny! They hated their teachers after that. They said they actually start to get really violent.

Where do you usually practice your music? The bands I play in practice in a rehearsal studio in North Wollongong, named Aspire Studios so we practice there and we just go there whenever we want and we do recordings there, yeah its definitely a real handy thing to have coz we can use it whenever we need to. We can start practice at 2 o’clock in the morning and finish at 8.

What is the strangest thing a fan has said or done to you? A girl asked me, I think she was about 14, if I was Filipino. I was packing up my stuff at the end of the gig, and I told them my name was Charles (which its not really) and I hear ‘Charles! Charles! Hey Filipino!’ then they just kept asking me if I was ll these different nationalities.

1 0 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

1 1 / / TU R N THAT RAC K ET D O W N

we ask the gang what their favourite wearable whatever is.

Scarves, long necklaces and pearls with bling!

Comfort or sun protection? You choose, but

These are a few of a girls, particulary Car-

the truth is that it’s completely irrelevant as

leigh’s, favorite things. You’ll agree when I say

Brendan told us that his black Vans cap is his

they make or break an outfit combo, but when it

favorite thing to wear. So go on and hate hat-

works, these jewels really work.

ers! It’s back in black and it’s branded Vans. Pretty simple but pretty damn radical.

12 // WEAR ‘N‘ TEAR

With a pair of sunnies in his hand, Michael is ready to go. He claims he couldn’t live without them, we claim he’s probably right. You’ll notice he’s got them popped on his face in his shots (you’ll find them later), so he must find the sunglasses as a commodity.

13 // WEAR ‘N‘ TEAR



CARLEIGH PETT - graphic designer One energized pre-school teacher, mixed with a passionate love of tea and brunch, brings us the vivacious Carleigh Pett, who has a particular niche for graphic design. Designing anything from punk-rock posters to piano recital promotions, Miss Pett thrives in anything creative (and don’t be fooled, just because it involves a computer doesn’t mean she’s a nerd!). From the very lively age of 17, Carleigh has developed her own independent Graphic Design business known to the locals as Carposaurus Design. Starting out as a simple way to return favors to friends, Carleigh’s design business is gaining a golden reputation with her clientele made up of numerous famed musicians and eminent local businesses. We get a delicious inside scoop of Carleigh Pett’s dynamic life.



doing music design and that kind of thing. I really enjoy designing so I guess that’s why it came so easy for me.

the who’s, the how’s & why’s.

Who do you generally design for? I generally design for the youth demographic. I do a lot of music promotional stuff; making posters, flyer’s and logo’s as opposed to corporate type

When did you first realize graphic design was your

things, that’s why I did it freelance. I did work experience in two

thing? I used to always love doing art, so I wanted to be

different design places and they gave me all these corporate

an artist, but there’s not very much money in art, so I

jobs, like a logo for a medical centre. I was very creative and I

just started doing stuff on the computer, and it kind of

didn’t find it very fun. That’s what I like about doing freelance;

just came naturally, so I figured that I’d just go with it.

you can choose your demographic and your target clients.

You run your own business, how does that work?

What inspires your work? I think it depends on who my

I started when I was in year 11 and I just started offer-

client is at the time. For hardcore bands, I tend to be in-

ing to do things for people for free or as favours. Then I

spired by a lot of grungier stuff, and then if its something

made it a bit more formal by year 12 and just had every-

that I’m designing for myself, then it tends to have more of

thing on Facebook and Flickr, I started going to festivals

a vintage flare. I like to try and stay with or ahead of cur-

and introducing myself to bands as that’s more my field;

rent design trends. I do like to challenge myself to try things.


the more interesting questions

How did you come up with the name? For all of those who have no idea as to why my business is called Carposaurus Design, in my early teens I picked up the nickname ‘Carpy’ from playing a game on Playstation where I spelt my name wrong, and so this typo turned into a nickname that’s gone from just my youth crew, to my school friends, to now my work colleagues. Through that, it was always going to be ‘carp’ related. I used to draw all these little logos for really terrible names that I came up with. I had this one and it was going to be called ‘Magic Carp Design’ and it had this little carp fish with a magic wand coming out of his mouth, shooting colors! It was bad. It was really bad! People always gave me different derivations of carp, like Carpy, Carpolani, Car key, Car park, and someone was just like ‘Oi Carposaurus!’ and I loved it!

Where is your favourite place to work on design stuff? Some design’s I’ll just get straight on the computer and do, if its something where I feel I have a lot to contribute to it, and if I need inspiration, my house backs onto mountains and the sun sets right there, so I’ll go out there with a sketch book and just draw there in the ambience. Normally when I design, its usually very late at night, when no ones around, with all the lights off, with ‘Boy and Bear’ playing. It gets my creative juices flowing.



Are there any food or drinks that get you in the zone?

who was graduating university and doing a piano recital. She

Oh a cup of tea for sure! I love my cups of tea! It has to be

just gave me the name of what it was, which was ‘Down in

Earl Grey for sure. When I run out, others will do, but gen-

Bird Land’, and gave me all the information and told me to

erally Earl Grey. One day I was designing and my brother

just do what I want with it, and it turned out to be a massive

bought banana pancakes in, but normally just a cup of tea,

pile of vintage stuff; we counted it and it had over 90 layers

otherwise I just get too distracted cos I really do love food.

that contributed to make this thing, and there was a lot of work and hours that went into that. Normally I like to just sit

What do you do when you’re not designing? My day job

and design in one go, but this one took days. It was prob-

is that I’m a preschool teacher. I’m also involved in leading

ably the most fun, because I got to be the most myself in it.

a youth ministry. I like to go on road trips. I like spontaneous and coffee dates and brunch! Brunch is my favorite

Describe the strangest thing you’ve had to create. Proba-

thing in the world. Blueberry and banana pancakes is also

bly my logo, designing a little dinosaur was a bit weird. But the

probably my most favorite thing in the world, with a latte.

most recent, strange design was a hardcore band and they asked me if I could somehow incorporate the moon from ‘The

What was the most fun thing to create? The most fun thing

Mighty Boosh’ but he wanted it to be subtle, so you couldn’t

I have done would probably be this poster I did for a friend,

really tell it was there yet still have a hardcore feel to it.


carleigh’s graphical goodness


Like most kids of his day, Brendan aspired to be a rockstar, playing shows, striving for fame and meeting ladies after gigs. It’s not wrong to say he semi-made it. He’s in bands and loving it. Lucky for him, because I’m sure the other 90% of the world desiring stardom haven’t made it... yet! The aspiring to be a music star follows behind being a superhero on the list of kiddies dream jobs, with being Spiderman the top hit! I’d say we’ll see more music stars than superheroes though... I hear the pay’s no good.


our special artist friends tell us their darkest secret... what they dreamt of being as a youngin’.

A Chef! What else could we expect from Mi-

From art teacher, to just a normal teacher, to an

chael?! He confessed that he truly does love

architect, Carleigh knew that she dreamed of

his food, but believed when he was younger

doing something arty, and as you’ve discovered

that he wasn’t cut out for the kitchen and so

reading her segment she made it into Graphic

settled for being a waiter, an idea that slowly

Design... a heavily artisitc time-spender, while

faded. I’d say because its not the greatest job

being a pre-school teacher too. What a double

of all time, but hey! Who wouldn’t want to work

whammy!! Now, just to give you some statistics

with food?! Although maybe being a food critic

so you don’t lack any knowledge, you should

would be more enjoyable; no cooking, prepara-

know that teaching is in the top 10 dream jobs

tions or cleaning, just eat, judge and leave that

of younger kids. Crazy! Who knew so many


people want to go back to school!





MICHAEL KADWELL - artist Painting. Sketching. Sculpting. You name it, this man does it. Michael Kadwell, a young man with a particular eye for art has a lot on his plate. After receiving numerous art awards in school, and drawing endless doodles (the arty kind) in maths, physics and every other class that allowed him, Michael finally found himself amongst hundreds of other young, ecstatic, art enthusiasts. I hear you say ‘but where?’ Well, it was in fact at the Australian School of Art (fancy I know) where he was sent to endure a profound Art Scholarship for the summer. Michael talks to us about his arty experiences.

2 5 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

2 6 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

What do you usually paint? At first I was really into landscapes.

the who’s, the how’s & why’s.







faces, and I discovered that I could actually paint faces. I was shocked! I thought it would be way out of my league. However, at other times I won’t even paint an object as such, but more just graphic designs.

When did you realise you were good at art? I think one of the biggest milestones was when one of my works was

Where do you best work artistically? Surprisingly

actually selected to be put in a show. It was just a pencil

I work best late at night in my room. I love when I’m feel-

drawing of flowers in a vase, I was in year two, and it got

ing fresh in the middle of the day as well. Just sitting

in the show and got second place. I was always the one

on the veranda in the sun, catching rays while I paint.

who drew over the colouring-in, instead of colouring it in. Who are your inspirations? I’d say my cousin influenced What element of art do you usually concentrate on? I used

me a lot with her works. Seeing her works just inspired

to be focused on drawing because I never thought I could

me. Also my mum did art herself. She always encour-

paint, but then after doing a course at the National Art School,

aged us to be creative. She would set up a little tray of

my view on painting has been changed forever! I just love it!

stamps, or some paints and what not and let us go for it!

2 7 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

the more interesting questions

Do you do anything wacky to help you get in the mood? I

the only one up for it. So then she told me I just had to send

hate being tense when im painting, cos’ usually it restricts me,

off some work, write up a little statement and get permission

so I love just cranking up some music so loud that I can’t hear

off of the principle. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I mean I

anything. Its good as it blocks out distraction, but apart from that,

thought is sounded good, but my teacher never pushed me to

nothing wacky. No handstands or dances or anything like that.

do it, so coming up to the actual cut off date I finally got my act together, and thought ‘I could really, actually do this.’ So I got

Describe your favourite piece of art that you’ve created.

my stuff together, submitted it and did not think anything of it,

I’d have to say my pop art painting is one of my favourites, just

and did not hear back until a month later, thinking I mustn’t

because I loved how effective the concept of it was and the

of got it, then one Friday afternoon I received an acceptance

composition. I loved how the bright colours just popped out

and was accepted into my first preference (which was paint-

– hence the term ‘pop art’. I think that’s when I kind of found

ing) and I was over the moon! I actually did a little dance!

out I could draw faces even though its just cartoon. The painting is of a girl who is using Aerogard (it had to be Australian

Were there any typically arty looking people there?

inspired), and is crying because she has Aerogard in her eye.

Heaps of people were the ‘crazy-out-there’ artists! It is quite a

‘Aerogard Stings’, that’s what its called. Roy Lichtenstein was

prestigious art school, and if you go there you are quite well

the artist who inspired me, but his original version of the ‘cry-

known. To compare, I think I was quite normal. There were

ing girl’ was nothing like mine, it had no Aerogard (laughs).

some other freak-of-nature talented people, but you would never pick them cos they were just so down to earth. But

So you received an art scholarship? How’d you get that?

then you did have those crazy blue tights and pink-topped

It was very spontaneous! My art teacher said to me ‘there’s

girls with the frizzy hair everywhere! There was one girl with

this art course, do you want to do it? You just have to apply’

a top on with her bra on the outside… it was interesting.

and I was like ‘why me?’ and apparently she thought I was

2 8 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

2 9 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

3 0 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

michael’s paintings, portraits and picturesque peaks

3 1 / / LET‘ S PAI NT TH I S TO W N

And now you have reached the unfortunate end of this collection of wonderful and wacky creativity.. for now that is! We hope that every moment you have experienced with Framed has been rivetting and abundantly enthralling. Now, please, don’t forget that you can read this over and over again, use it as a paper weight, wipe your tookus with it, fry it up in a stir fry (preferably prior to the wiping) or simply hang it in a frame for all the world to see. Whatever it is that you do, we don’t mind, because us guys at Framed believe that we’re not just a magazine.. we’re whatever you make us! You can use us for whatever you like, whenever you like. Cool? Yes, we think so. Now go, do something outrageous! Until we meet again, adios to you, our fellow movers and shakers!




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Framed. For young, independent artists. - Cheers to Creativity My ITM Major Project for the HSC. I made this magazine, an accompanying webs...

Framed Magazine  

Framed. For young, independent artists. - Cheers to Creativity My ITM Major Project for the HSC. I made this magazine, an accompanying webs...