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Introduction Hello, my name is Maya and I am going to tell you about my trip of a lifetime. I want to sail around the world and visit Jeju, in South Korea, Manchester in the UK, Hollywood in the USA, and Honolulu in Hawaii. I will sail on the yacht ‘Dreamer’ with my family!








southern tip of the main land and prepare for my journey. I will sail from Busan to Jeju across the Jeju Strait.

Why I want to go to Jeju

 I want to explore the craters and volcanoes.  I want to play in the wavy blue sea.  I want to pick the scrumptious mandarins.  I want to visit the teddy bear museum.

From Jeju in South Korea I will go to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, stopping in Honolulu. I will sail across the Pacific Ocean. Why I want to go to Hawaii  I want to go surfing on the powerful waves.  I want to learn how to do the Hawaiian hula dance.  I would like to collect a Hawaiian flower necklace.

From Honolulu in Hawaii I will continue to sail across the Pacific Ocean into Los Angeles, U.S.A and visit Hollywood..

Why I want to visit Hollywood

ď Ź I want to visit the thrilling Disney Land! ď Ź I would like to visit Universal Studios to find out how movie special affects are created!

ď Ź

I want to travel on one of the trams to see the famous landmark Hollywood sign!

From Los Angeles I will begin the perilously long journey to Manchester in the UK sailing down the west coast of America, cut through the Panama Canal into the Caribbean Sea, then across the Atlantic Ocean round the south of Ireland along the Irish Sea to the Manchester ship canal.

Why I want to go to Manchester, UK. ď Ź I want to take my brother Jacob and my Daddy to see Manchester United play a

football match against Seoul FC!  Visit




science and history.  I want to travel on a train to go walking in the Peak district and meet up grandparents. What do I need to take with me!

 PASSPORT  First aid kit  Money  Emergency phone  clothes – 7 sets  wet weather gear  maps  compass



 wash kit  food  swim wear  torch  towel  trainers, boat shoes, flip flops  camera  boat ticket

Maya Trip of a Lifetime  

Maya's trip