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For over 30 years, Forsythe Jewelers, located in The Shops at Sea Pines Center has brought the world’s best designer jewelry and gifts to Hilton Head. Carrying the most popular designer brands, this third-generation family-owned business provides an unhurried, small-town shopping experience to every customer who enters the store. Over the past three decades, the store has established itself as an island landmark and its name is synonymous with shopping on Hilton Head. For many locals, Forsythe is their “neighborhood” jewelry store where they are warmly greeted by name. For first-time visitors, the shop is the perfect backdrop for choosing a gift to remember their Hilton Head vacation. For returning visitors, shopping at Forsythe is as much of a part of their vacation as an evening bike ride or walk on the beach. It’s an event they’ve been anticipating since their last trip to the island. Forsythe allows customers to slow down and shop at a pace that only a vacation can provide…no rushing or compromising; they’re now on “island” time. Store owners Debbie Berling and Andrea Bragg keep Forsythe on-trend by traveling to Europe, Africa and throughout the United States to meet personally with designers and see firsthand where and how the items they choose for their showcases are made. As a member of The American Gem Society, Forsythe Jewelers takes pride in being among only a small percentage of jewelry stores in the world dedicated to high standards of professional ethics and education. 2

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AlbionŽ is one of David Yurman’s most recognized designs, first introduced in 1994. A celebration of the beauty of cushion-shaped gemstones with signature checkerboard faceting, Albion creates a greater play of color and light.

Now, David Yurman unveils a refined new iteration with softer, more sensual edges and a setting that holds the stone closer to the skin. Colored gemstones are backed with sterling silver for enhanced brilliance, and diamonds are set in a mosaic pattern, creating scintillating sparkle.


Sybil Yurman once told David that she wanted a “bracelet that told time.” This was the starting point for a timepiece collection that combines signature David Yurman design elements with exceptional technology and craftsmanship. Now, playing on the new look of the Albion® Collection, we introduce a watch that truly combines timekeeping with jewelry. The watch’s face, square with rounded corners, takes its inspiration from the collection’s recognizable cushion shaped gemstones. Its linked bracelet makes the design perfect for pairing with a stack of David Yurman bracelets.


Black Jade Impressive design alludes to impactful style with the Black Jade collection. Being the first jewelry designer to introduce African black jade to the industry, Roberto Coin himself deems this a new icon of “ultra glamorous� jewelry. The sleek, asymmetrical silhouette lends itself to a contemporary look, while the piercing green chalcedony accents give this collection a distinctly sophisticated personality. Available in bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, Black Jade is a force of nature.


“I’ve always shared the love for black with the World of Fashion and I was looking for a new, strong collection that could have the same success of my Fantasia Black & White collection – an icon of ultra glamorous style in jewelry. The new Black Jade collection has the right design and style impact, and I am extremely proud to be the first one to introduce black jade from Africa as the protagonist stone of the new Roberto Coin iconic collection.”


Roberto Coin Visits Forsythe Jewelers What’s it like to host a jewelry “rock star?” It’s meraviglioso…formidabile…and totally amazing! After having received the generous hospitality of Roberto Coin in Vicenza, Italy on several occasions, it was a real treat to reciprocate the kindness when Roberto visited Forsythe for a personal appearance in October. Roberto and colleague Peter Webster (President of Roberto Coin USA) flew onto Hilton Head Island in a private jet, and were immediately whisked away to The Inn at Harbour Town for a good night’s rest. The next morning, Forsythe was packed with fans of all ages who came to chat with the jewelry celebrity. Roberto, instantly recognizable in his signature blue eyeglasses and handsome Italian pinstripe suit, graciously posed for photos, talked about his designs, signed autographs and only ducked out of the store once to take a cell phone call from Dubai and get some fresh air. Before boarding his jet the next morning, he spent some quiet time with all of us at Forsythe to tell us a bit about his creative process and answer questions. We learned that he creates an astounding 400 distinctively new designs each year. Why so many? Because, he says, “We all don’t like to wear the same clothes, do we? I don’t see why we should all like or wear the same style jewelry as the next person. We have to create different styles for different tastes.”

Roberto explained how important it is to him that all women can afford to own one of his creations. He explained, “Nowadays the word ‘luxury’ has a quite negative connotation since it is often associated with excess. In fact, a luxury jewel does not have to have a high price, but it must have beauty, style and intelligence, too. Every piece I create has a story that makes it unique and somehow is able to tell this story.”


Roberto says he takes part of his inspiration from the Italian culture, and his continuous traveling and learning about peoples’ historic values and arts. “As Italians, we feel that our inspiration comes from our genes. We love culture, history, painting, sculpture, architecture, design and nature. All these important elements give inspiration, but the most important thing for me is to create something never seen before.”

We asked Roberto what he considered the jewelry “essentials” for a woman. His personal “must haves” include beautiful cocktail rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Regarding the future of his brand, Roberto projects a rosy future. “We are now in 53 different countries and as long as we remain the same as today—highly respected, with high quality and endless creativity—we will surely have a flowery future.” We couldn’t agree more.


Naga Collection The Naga collection has been re-imagined with ornate scales exquisitely embellished with diamonds and precious stones. The majestic river is home to the mythical Naga. Diamonds, the most precious of gems, are used to signify water illuminating its scales as it glides through the depths of the Mekong, giving protection to the ones he loves. According to Balinese Legend, the Naga (Meaning Dragon in Balinese) lives high in top of one of the two volcanoes in Bali. By day, he protects the people and the kingdom of Bali from harm. In the evening, the dragon jumps from the volcano into the far depths of the sea to visit his one true love, the glistening pearl. The pearl and the Naga together represent eternal love. The next morning as the Naga rises from the sea to return to the volcano, the water cascades down off his scales as he goes over the harvest, which feeds and nourishes the rice field bringing prosperity to the people of Bali. The Naga symbolizes protection, eternal love and prosperity. Remember when you wear your Naga Bracelet head facing out he is protecting you from harm. When you wear him facing towards you, he showers you with love.

Noble Heritage Continuing to find inspiration in natural surroundings and native artisan cultures, head designer Guy Bedarida and his team drew artistic motivation from a voyage to Luang Prabang for the Spring 2015 collection. Nestled in northern Laos, this world renowned destination is known for preserving culture and artisanal traditions; the same ethos at the heart of the John Hardy brand. From the majestic Mekong River to the royal residences and traditional Laotian architecture, the Spring 2015 collection pays homage to this unique place. The Classic Chain collection is delicately hand-woven to mimic the silky flow of the Mekong River’s water. Inspired by the native eagles that symbolize freedom, feather motifs accented with precious shades of blue sapphires are used throughout the collection.



The Beginning of a New Era... After three generations in the Forsythe family, Forsythe Jewelers is about to change hands. When owner Deborah Forsythe Berling decided she wanted to retire this year, she realized she would have to look outside her own family for a buyer. Her choice of successor was easy. She had worked closely with store manager Andrea Bragg for 14 years, entrusting her with inventory management, buying and coaching the sales team. On July 1st, Debbie will happily ride off into the sunset while Andrea takes the reins. We asked Debbie and Andrea to talk about the transition.

Charlie’s L’etoile Verte was the perfect venue for signing the Shareholder’s Agreement, followed by champagne toasts. 12

ANDREA: I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity you are giving me, Debbie. I have a lot of respect for the business and the way you have grown and managed it. Are you a little disappointed that it’s going out of the Forsythe family? DEBBIE: Not at all! In my opinion, Andrea, you are family. Ever since you started working at Forsythe, you have treated the business as if it were your own. You have the same values and passion for service that my parents and I have, and you have worked just as hard as an owner. In fact, I often hear customers inquire if you’re the owner. Soon you can say “yes!” I’m wondering if you would ever consider changing the name of the store? ANDREA: Why in the world would I change a name that has come to be associated with the finest jewelry on Hilton Head Island? That wouldn’t be very smart. I’m very proud of the reputation we’ve built since Forsythe opened in 1981. Debbie, what are you going to do with all your free time? DEBBIE: All the things I’ve put off doing because of working full time! Everyone knows grandchildren are a game changer. Since my husband, Jens Martin and I have three grandchildren in his homeland of Norway, we’ll spend the summer there, and when we return in September I hope to spend time catching up with friends and family members I haven’t seen in a while. Speaking of family, do you think your handsome husband, Ray might ever join you in business? ANDREA: No. He loves his work as Head Golf Pro at the Sea Pines Country Club. Jewelry is not really his thing. DEBBIE: What about your 2 beautiful daughters? Might one of them be interested in learning the business? ANDREA: Maybe! Abbey will be home from college this summer and will most likely work at Forsythe as a Sales Assistant. Julia is a wild card! DEBBIE: Do you have any dreams for the business or plans for once you take over? ANDREA: Not just yet. The Forsythe business model is very successful and we have built a wonderful clientele, so it doesn’t make sense to make any big changes now. But times change, tastes change and technology keeps evolving. I know change is inevitable. We’ll just see what the future holds. DEBBIE: Well, even though I won’t be working in the store, you know you can always call on me for ideas or encouragement! But I doubt you’ll need any help. The Forsythe name is in good hands. You’ve put together a strong team. You treat others the way you want to be treated. You are a hard worker. Thanks to you, Andrea, I get to retire with peace of mind, and you get… ANDREA: …a beautiful jewelry store! Here’s to a win-win business transition! DEBBIE: Amen, sister!




Since the launch of his eponymous jewelry line in 2000, Marco Bicego has redefined the phrase “everyday luxury” with sensuous, extraordinarily beautiful jewelry which blends old world Italian hand craftsmanship with tradition, passion, and imagination. His uniquely crafted pieces are exceptional enough to make a statement, yet personal enough to wear everyday. This unique combination has attracted many modern and cosmopolitan women to this artisan’s work.

Paradise Created in 2005, Paradise was an instant success, and continues to dazzle even the newest Marco Bicego customer. Swimming in the Mediterranean waters of the Sardinian coastline, Marco Bicego found inspiration in the chromatic and crystalline reflections of sunlight to design this young and whimsical collection. Shimmering rose and white quartz compliment an infinitely delicate range of aqua blue and green semi-precious stones. A joyous “mix” of delicate golden chains, tiny hand-engraved golden beads and colorful gems joined together to help create another “iconic” collection in the precious jewelry sector.


First Prize for Versatility Every once in a while we spot an item of jewelry we consider a “must have.” This year’s top pick is David Yurman’s 72-inch sterling silver box chain. It’s hands down the most versatile item in our showcases. The chain can be worn in a dizzying number of ways, from wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet, to doubled and tied in a knot. Wear it alone, or layer other necklaces with it for a fuller look. For the very reasonable price of $595 you get a multitude of looks. Here are our six favorite ways (we are sure that six is just the tip of the


fashion iceberg!) to transform this one piece into different looks depending on your mood, occasion and style.

Lucky Charms Double your chain, then add charms…


one, two, three or as many as you like. Tell your story!

Knotty Necklace

Double your chain so that both

lengths are equal and then tie a knot wherever you like depending on your neckline or at whatever length is most

3 comfortable.

Color Your World (or Wrist!) Wrap your chain around your wrist and clasp. Add a pop of color with a colored gemstone bracelet. 16


Throw an Arm Party Wrap your chain around your wrist and clasp. Add a link bracelet for some texture and why not mix with some yellow gold? Now you have an arm party!


Lovely Layers Double your chain and layer it with another long necklace from your wardrobe. Mix textures and styles‌it’s up to you!


Triple Play Triple your chain so it falls at 3 different lengths. Add an enhancer on the highest or lowest loop depending on your mood.


When It Looks Too Good To Be True… Internet Diamonds Are A Risky Business By Andrea Bragg

In this increasingly mobile age, today’s information technology places the Internet and all of the vast opportunities it represents at our fingertips on a daily basis. It really is possible to touch a few buttons, input a credit card number and buy virtually anything we want from virtually anywhere in the world. Now I’ll be the first to admit I do love the convenience of online shopping for certain product categories, but when it comes to buying diamonds, well, that’s a different situation altogether. A diamond purchase is simply not one you should make sight unseen. Even we professional buyers, when doing business with trusted associates and colleagues, do not purchase anything we haven’t held in our hands and seen with our own eyes. That’s because diamonds are so much more than a commodity. Internet vendors would have you believe that loose diamonds are uniformly graded and evaluated for cut, color and clarity. But the truth is no two diamonds are the same. Two lab reports can have identical grades, yet the diamonds they describe can look as different to the eye as night and day. Each and every diamond you’ll ever see is as unique as two snowflakes. When you buy online, you are relying solely on a lab report “certifying” your diamond purchase falls within a certain set of parameters. But that report has very little bearing on how the diamond will actually look on your loved ones’ finger. Subtle differences in cut, color and clarity can negatively impact the visual beauty of a diamond, even though the reported grades look OK. Before you get roped into the questionable idea of shopping online for a diamond — or any piece of fine jewelry — visit Forsythe Jewelers. We guarantee you an honest education along with a highly pleasurable shopping experience. We take the time to completely explain the 4 C’s and why each one of these categories affects the price per carat. With this personal approach, we find out what is important to you so we can then help you select your ideal diamond. You’ll hold it, feel it and personally examine it with all of the proper magnification aids professionals use. Your purchase will be made with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a competitively priced diamond, ethically sourced, that is, in fact, as beautiful as your love. By the way, have you given some thought as to where and how you will present your diamond? We have lots of good ideas to share with you! 18

The Naledi Collection includes exquisite diamond jewelry of superb beauty and quality with an emphasis on engagement rings and fashion jewelry. Naledi Collection diamonds are accompanied by a GIA grading report and are laser inscribed with the luxury hallmark. A century of diamond cutting experience ensures each and every diamond is perfectly crafted. The Naledi Collection is distributed by IGC Brand Services, a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), an international organization bringing together more than 270 member companies from around the world and across the jewelry supply chain. RJC members are committed to promoting responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices within the diamond industry. A portion of each purchase is donated to Global Giving, a Washington, DC based organization that funds high impact social and environmental programs throughout the developing world.

Naledi RingFinder – Download on the App Store Naledi RingFinder makes finding your engagement ring simple. Browse Naledi’s stunning collection with that special someone, at home or on the go. The app provides all the tools you need to make your decision effortless, from diamond education to sharing favorites. A simple experience that makes this collection even more beautiful. Just like you.



Combining old-world tradition and the pursuit of perfection, Simon G.’s modern workshop produces some of the world’s most innovative jewelry. Noted for staying ahead of the curve in terms of design, Simon G. creations have won numerous awards and are recognized for the incorporation of various precious metals combined with natural fancy colored diamonds. Simon G. has a reputation for having perfected micro-set





diamond surfaces. This pursuit of perfection may be more time-consuming, but as Simon puts it, “Making an heirloom takes a little more time than just making jewelry.”


Available in 14K gold and sapphires, and sterling silver with blue topaz. Photo enlarged to show detail.


THE SEA PINES RESORT HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Discover the beauty, fun and excitement of the place that draws families to its shores year after year. The Sea Pines Resort’s natural setting offers an endless list of adventures—golf, tennis, bike trails, Eco-Adventures, fishing expeditions, kayaking trips, horseback rides, walking tours through the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, water sports, fishing charters, sightseeing and dinner cruises. After all the outdoor excitement, treat yourself to boutique shopping and exceptional dining. ACCOMMODATIONS Heralded as one of Condé Nast Traveler’s “World’s Best Places to Stay” and rated among the “Best Family Resorts in the Country” by Travel + Leisure, the resort offers more than 400 accommodations, from spacious homes and comfortable villas to the luxurious Inn at Harbour Town. The Forbes Four Star, AAA Four Diamond hotel, The Inn at Harbour Town is a member of the Preferred Resorts & Hotels program, Condé Nast Johansens Collection and Southern Living Hotel Collection. DINING You will find a variety of dining options at The Sea Pines Resort, including casual fare, Lowcountry cuisine and fresh seafood specialties. The resort’s restaurants offer views that are as memorable as the menu offerings. Enjoy the newest offerings including: Live Oak, Lowcountry-Inspired Cuisine; Coast, Oceanfront Dining; Ocean Lounge; and Links, an American Grill. TENNIS Under the direction of U.S. Open and Wimbledon champion Stan Smith, The Sea Pines Racquet Club has grown into a premier resource for tennis enthusiasts. With its wide selection of instructional programs, it’s easy to see why TENNIS magazine ranked this world-class tennis resort as one of America’s top destinations.

Photos courtesy of The Sea Pines Resort 22

GOLF With three incredible championship golf courses, there is no reason to stray from The Sea Pines Resort. The iconic Harbour Town Golf Links, home to the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing — South Carolina’s only PGA TOUR event — is irrefutably the “must-play” venue in the region. Heron Point by Pete Dye and the Ocean Course also feature highly regarded course layouts. Like their famed sibling, these courses abound with majestic, centuries-old hardwoods, lagoons and saltwater marshes. HARBOUR TOWN YACHT BASIN Located in the heart of The Sea Pines Resort, and ideally situated on captivating Calibogue Sound, Harbour Town is recognized for its premier offerings and is irrefutably Hilton Head Island’s most famous marina. Visitors and guests enjoy water sports, fishing charters, sight-seeing cruises and much more, all amidst the spectacular backdrop of the Harbour Town Lighthouse. NEW AMENITIES Just as it has set that standard in the past, the resort has now raised the bar for discerning guests through a series of magnificent new facilities available for all to enjoy. The Plantation Golf Club was completely rebuilt from the ground up and features stunning golf views, the delicious offerings of Live Oak, Lowcountry-inspired cuisine and a beautiful atmosphere that is striking, yet timeless. The famed Harbour Town Golf Links Clubhouse’s transformation honors the history of the facility while taking it in a bold new direction, maintaining the course’s legendary reputation through such amenities including Links, an American Grill, a 1,900-square-foot pro shop and a breathtaking 4,000-square-foot locker room suitable for everyday players and professionals alike. But the family-favorite highlight of The Sea Pines Resort’s new era is without a doubt the all-new Sea Pines Beach Club. Featuring all of the premium beach amenities that visitors have come to expect, the Sea Pines Beach Club elevates the oceanside experience through dining options such as Coast and Ocean Lounge.

CONTACT: regarding accommodations, dining or activities please visit seapines.com or call 1-(800)-SEAPINES.



In 1977, LAGOS was founded in Philadelphia by artist and master jeweler, Steven Lagos. The brand pioneered a new category of jewelry, between fashion and fine jewelry. In 1984 LAGOS introduced what has become its signature design: Caviar. From Caviar bracelets to new collections, the brand conveys a vision of bold femininity. “As a brand, we are clearly focused on what differentiates us: Caviar, the icon of the brand. We wanted our new advertising campaign, MY LAGOS MY WAY to reflect that focus, both today, and for years to come” says President and CEO, Chris Cullen. The LAGOS woman is strong and smart; her integrity is a core attribute of the LAGOS brand. The MY LAGOS MY WAY campaign represents the LAGOS customers who are dedicated to styling their LAGOS Caviar in their own personal way. LAGOS empowers a woman to be who she is, love herself and have the confidence to create her own signature look. “We want the campaign to encourage customers to own iconic and classic jewelry that reflects who she is”, says Chairman and Creative Director, Steven Lagos. “From the beginning we knew that the imagery should convey a sense of confidence and independence, two prominent attributes of the LAGOS Woman, throughout the tagline, the body language and the styling of the photography.”


2015 Jewelry Fashion Forecast: Layered Luxury

By Andrea Bragg

Twice a year I get to experience Frank Sinatra’s lyrics — “Those little town blues, are melting away…” — when I fly to New York City to preview and buy the latest designs by David Yurman, John Hardy and Roberto Coin. Jody Gangloff, our invaluable Inventory Manager, comes too, toting a thick notebook full of spreadsheets. Seeing all the new designs, naturally I want to buy it all. Jody’s expert analysis of Forsythe’s inventory helps me buy smart, and (sigh) she tells me when to stop. It looks like jewelry styles are slowly getting bigger, bolder, and golder! After our appointments, we peoplewatch and check out the big name New York jewelry stores looking for fashion trends. Here’s what we’re predicting for 2015…

Seductive Marsala HERVÉ LÉGER by Max Azria

Every year the international color authority Pantone announces the colors that will influence the upcoming season for the fashion world, home décor and accessories. Marsala—a robust and subtly seductive red—is the 2015 Color of the Year, and is already showing up on Fifth Avenue clothing racks. David Yurman is setting earthy red garnets into his iconic Albion Collection. The color is absolutely gorgeous when worn with black or gray, or even warm colors from ivory to khaki. The Pantone color experts associate Marsala with “confidence, stability and feeding the mind, body and soul.” I’ll drink to that!


Patterns & Lacey Textures Although the price of gold has dropped about 40% since its high of $1,923/oz. in April 2011, it still can’t compete with the affordability of silver. Thanks to the design genius of Roberto Coin, however, gold can be woven and spun into ultra-feminine lacey but strong jewelry that’s easy on the pocketbook. Our favorite pieces are large dangle earrings from his Bollicini and Mauresque Collections. Not only are they fun and flirty, but also light and comfy. Ditto the matching cuffs and rings.

Bigger & Bolder This will be a year for drama! Big statement earrings are sometimes mismatched in terms of size or shape. Dazzling chandelier earrings can light up an unstructured dress. David Yurman is offering sensuous sculpted designs in cuffs and collars, and an upsizing of the iconic Albion Collection featuring a rainbow palette of colored gemstones. Celebrities have made a look-at-me statement ring a must for the middle finger. So, now that “big” is back, what’s a girl to do with her delicate necklaces and petite rings? The answer’s easy! Layer and stack. Wear several necklaces of different lengths layered like a bib, even if they don’t match. Throw an “arm party” by layering bracelets on your wrist and don’t be afraid to mix metals or designers. The more the merrier! Petite rings can be stacked to the knuckle on one finger or worn on several fingers.

As important as we think it is to following what’s new and trending, the most important shift in the fine jewelry industry is styling and the way jewelry is now worn. If you notice a jewelry trend on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, or if you have styling tips for us, we’re all ears.



A life worth living. Gurhan is internationally renowned for pioneering the revival of pure 24K gold jewelry and for changing the landscape of jewelry design with his award-winning creations. But Gurhan is much more than that… and so is the brand that he has created. He is a larger-than-life personality whose eclectic tastes have forged a brand which is known for its diverse and rich expressions of a life worth living. Gurhan’s initial creations in pure gold quickly drew attention from discerning collectors in Istanbul and travelers to Turkey. An early admirer was an Australian woman living in New York and on vacation in Turkey. She fell in love with his jewelry first, and then she fell in love with him. From the first moment it was evident that Fiona was Gurhan’s soul mate. Together they built a life of adventure and variety which continues to fuel Gurhan’s inspiration for his designs. Fiona Tilley, now his wife, is today president and CEO of their company. Together they have created a wonderfully successful brand which is the center of their life together—a life worth living.


Heather Moore Jewelry demonstrates the utmost creativity with an array of stamping aesthetics to complement your personal style. “We want your charms to reflect the happiness, laughter and achievement behind each story. As life goes on, and you have more stories to celebrate, you can add on by choosing different layouts that map out the cherished memories of your journey, wherever you find yourself in your travels. Over time, you will have an amazing collection of pieces that capture moments in time, and truly reflect who you are,� says founder Heather Moore.

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To make the pieces even more unique, Moore uses a freehand stamping technique, where each character is individually positioned and stamped into place. This provides a countless number of text and image layouts, which the studio and sales teams design in conjunction with their clients. “Listening to people explain the story behind their charms has always been and still is a highlight for me,” Moore says.“This collection is not about impulse jewelry; it’s about documenting all that’s important in your life and remembering what shaped you. I am so honored to have the opportunity to make true heirloom pieces. And just how all treasured things are passed down through families, this is how your story will continue to live and be told.”

31 31

Extraordinary Designs from an Extraordinary Place

A Postcard from Aurora Forsythe owners Debbie and Andrea traveled to Aurora, NY, the home of MacKenzie-Childs, to preview the new collections and tour the grounds. Beautifully situated on a 6.5-acre former dairy farm overlooking Cayuga Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region, the grounds house the production studio, a Second-Empire Farmhouse that serves as a showhouse, and a retail shop filled with tableware, home furnishings and gifts.


Soon after acquiring the farm, MacKenzie-Childs turned the dairy barn into a working production studio where today handmade, hand decorated majolica pottery, furniture and home furnishings are crafted. The production studio, home of over 100 on site artisans, houses areas devoted to design, clay molding, firing, painting, furniture making and upholstery. The picturesque farm is also home to a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle, dozens of birds roosting in the Gothic-Revival-style Chicken Palace, a duck pond, a former Cornell horse barn, a 1930’s greenhouse, spectacular and ever-changing gardens, and plenty of hay fields. Learn how you can visit the home of MacKenzie-Childs at MacKenzie-Childs.com. 33



Showcasing brilliant hand-set diamond cases, Swiss movements and mother-of-pearl dials, the MICHELE design philosophy blends timeless elegance with contemporary fashion for a combination of classic and feminine style. Renowned for interchangeable straps, MICHELE features materials sourced from around the world, including fine alligator and exotic skins as well as premium calfskin leathers. MICHELE empowers each woman to make an accessory that is distinctly her own.


The Shops at


We have a new neighbor! Pyramids, the successful gift store located on Main Street outside the entrance to Hilton Head Plantation, opened a second store in The Shops at Sea Pines Center on March 6th. Pyramids offers beautifully displayed furniture, home accessories and gifts. Services include personal shoppers, permanent floral designs, gift baskets for any occasion and complimentary gift wrapping. We are proud to welcome them to Sea Pines Center! Also, don’t miss the fabulous Farmer’s Market inside Sea Pines Center every Tuesday from 9am to 2pm. It offers more than just fresh local veggies. You’ll find addictive kettle popcorn, gourmet cheeses, homemade cookies and breads, crafts, local artists, book signings, pulled pork sandwiches and more. The Farmer’s Market is open from late spring to late fall. For more information on the friendly merchants at The Shops at Sea Pines Center on Lighthouse Road in Sea Pines, including news and events, visit TheShopsatSeaPinesCenter.com.

Forsythe Jewelers Giuseppi’s Pizza Heritage Classic Foundation Joseph Adams Designs Le Spa Legacy of Golf Lighthouse Realty Lowcountry Produce Memory Lane Portraits Palmettoes 36

Peddling Pelican Bike Rentals Plantation Station Pyramids Sea Pines Liquor The Back Door The Club Group The Sea Pines Resort Fitness Center Truffles Cafe United States Postal Service



Hilton Head offers something for everyone nearly each month of the year. Below are some of our favorites for 2015. Visit ForsytheHHI.com, SeaPines.com and HiltonHeadIsland.org for additional details on the events listed below: Farmers Market at The Shops at Sea Pines Center Every Tuesday from 9am to 2pm, April-October

RBC Heritage Golf Tournament

John Hardy Trunk Show July 16-18 at Forsythe Jewelers

Lagos Trunk Show August 6-8 at Forsythe Jewelers

April 13-19

RBC Heritage Golf Tournament Presented by Forsythe Jewelers near the Liberty Oak in Harbour Town April 16-19

David Yurman Albion Event May 7 at Forsythe Jewelers

See What’s New in MacKenzie-Childs Gift with Purchase Event May 1-16

Gregg Russell Concert Beginning May 22 from 8-9:30 pm under the Liberty Oak in Harbour Town

4th of July Fireworks July 4 at 9pm in Harbour Town

Marco Bicego Trunk Show September, at Forsythe Jewelers

Sea Pines Yard Sale October 17, 9am-Noon

Roberto Coin Trunk Show October 22-24 at Forsythe Jewelers

Halloween on the Harbour October 25 from 3:30-5pm in Harbour Town

Concours d’Elegance October 31 – November 1 at the Port Royal Golf Club

David Yurman Holiday Preview November 19 at Forsythe Jewelers 37


These are a few of our favorite things! The Forsythe team have nicknamed themselves “The Gems.” Every day they are asked by visitors to suggest their favorite places to go and things to do on Hilton Head Island. Below, “The Gems” share their favorite thing to do within the gates of Sea Pines.

Debbie’s favorite thing is: That’s easy! My new favorite thing is the Lobster BLT at Coast, the beautiful new restaurant at the Sea Pines Beach Club. It has huge chunks of Maine lobster along with fried green tomatoes, smoked bacon and citrus and tarragon aioli. It’s a lotta lobsta for only $18!

Andrea’s favorite thing is: It’s more fun than ever to spend the day at the beach now that the new Sea Pines Beach Club is open! My perfect beach day ends with drinks at Ocean Lounge overlooking the turquoise surf, followed by dinner at Coast.

Laurie’s favorite thing is: When my niece is in town we like to have lunch at the Salty Dog for their delicious Wild American peel-and-eat shrimp and hush puppies. Afterwards, we trek to the top of the Harbour Town Lighthouse for the 360-degree view.

Barb’s favorite thing is: Every now and then I like to stop by Truffles after work with Andrea and the Forsythe “gang” to discuss the events of the day over appetizers. You can’t beat their baked brie, coconut shrimp, or artichoke spinach dip..the best I’ve ever had! 38

Tammy’s favorite thing is: Biking on the beach! The hard-packed sands of the Sea Pines beaches at low tide are perfect for a great bike workout first thing in the morning. If I get there early enough, I’m rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

Rebecca’s favorite thing is: I love the excitement of the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament. It’s the biggest social event of the year. Check out the Golf Digest tent and get your photo taken for the cover!

Jody’s favorite thing is: I like to hike and bike in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. I love the wildflower garden, the egret rookery island, and the boardwalks. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Keith’s favorite thing is: Hands down, my favorite thing in Sea Pines is playing the Harbour Town Golf Links. It has four of the best Par 3s I’ve ever played, and the finishing hole is spectacular.

Behind the Gates At 5,000 acres, Sea Pines is Hilton Head’s largest resort community. Boundless adventure awaits the many guests and visitors who pass through its gates. Explore the beach, ride horseback through the Nature Preserve, go fishing, bike the leisure trails, enjoy tennis, boating, dining and of course great shopping in Sea Pines Center. Sea Pines charges a $6 entrance fee for daily visitors. The fee is used to pay for free parking and trolley service within the resort, road and leisure trail maintenance, and general upkeep and beautification. Many merchants are happy to reimburse the fee when you make a purchase. 39

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