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No matter whom you are or where you live, there are always something telling you what to wear and what not to wear. Every girl feels encouraged to wear the most appropriate dress, have the longest hair, and to always be a classy, sophisticated "lady.� When it comes to the male population, fashion is not "supposed" to be a number one priority. Men are meant to focus on obtaining a job, meeting a "lady," and supporting his family. Interest in wearing anything outside of the typical suit and tie is simply not masculine and not the norm! Zipper's mission is to motivate both men and women to wear what they want, not to wear what they think they're supposed to want. A woman can be androgynous without sacrificing her "ladylike" appeal, and a man can be fashion forward without surrendering his masculinity. The world of menswear is versatile, modern, and unique. No one should be prevented from using it to the best of their ability; however they want to wear it. Be different, stay stylish,

-Natalia Barr


Minimalism has emerged as a huge trend for both men and women for Fall/Winter 2012. Recently, opulence and glitz have dominated the runways and the streets, but this has gradually lessened with time. The minimalistic approach offers a refreshing break from the overly “done” looks that have become so popular. It focuses on solid colors, simple silhouettes, and impeccable tailoring. This creates for a basic but sophisticated look that suggests affluence, class, and refined taste. The minimalism trend also carries over to makeup. Instead of gaudy glitter, pops of neon, and harsh shading, minimalistic makeup suggests a fresh and almost “bare” look. Face products are used at a minimum and eye makeup is used sparingly just to enhance the natural eye shape and color. Lip and cheek products are mostly left out, except to add a slight tint. How to get the look? Embrace minimalism by adding staple pieces to your wardrobe, such as tailored blazers, solid Oxford shirts, and perfectly fitted pants and A-line skirts. Keep hair and makeup simple, and always stick to the philosophy that less is more.

The New ITCH

By:Alexia Harris

Tweed suits? That’s so 1912! But they are DEFINITELY making a huge comback not just for the typical British upper class man but for the “average” stylish man or women, yes women let go of the “corset”! Its like Paul Poiret is freeing us again. Your no longer expected to dress like a daisy. Where a suit… a real one a tweed one ! When most think of tweed you think of the itchest thing ever created by mankind aside from wool..or a rich man wearing their tweed suit walking along with a gold cane and a pipe in their mouth. Now being 2012 the suits back in a more stylish manor . Not a tight clostraphobic fit but a loose easy moving suit. You could polish off your outfit with a nice pair of Simone LeBlanc oxfords and a trendy “mad hatter” top hat. This look is completely ageless,however it could worn by women and men of all ages. Even a young seven year old boy could rock the Downton Abbey look on a Sunday.

Ageless Timeless Dressing‌This is a Prime example of how you can see a 20 year old wearing this exact outfit and see a 50+ man wear something as ravishing as this suit ! He wore it perfectly with the top hat and all. He looked very dashing walking about 5th avenue.

Feet First! By Natalia Barr Footwear is one area of fashion where men seem to play it safe. If someone is going to take a risk, they often choose to portray it through their clothing. Even the most fashionable men tend to stick to black and brown leather dress shoes or classic styles of sneakers to accompany their eccentric outfits. This fall, designers are encouraging men to think outside of the box for the trendy “statement shoe.” What makes these statement shoes different is that those who design them are paying close attention to each intricate detail of a shoe. Shoes no longer have to be what men simply choose to put on their feet. A shoe can be a piece of art, on display for everyone to see! With creative color choices, innovative patterns and designs, and inventive styles and shapes, men are definitely encouraged to take their own statement shoe in any direction that they would like. Advice for men who do not want to look too odd and eccentric would be to assign their shoes as the main focal point of their outfit. Clothing should be neutral and minimalist and accessories should be limited. The complete outfit will allow others’ eyes to be drawn to the shoes, rather than eyes not knowing where to look first! Women are also encouraged to try out the statement shoe trend! Women’s shoes are being similarly manufactured with great colors and exciting patterns. In addition, women can always buy a men’s shoe that appeals to her in her size. Statement shoes are fun to wear and allow for men and women to represent a very unique style. With statement shoes, even the first step into a room will let every person know that you are stylish and different!

Ladies Love a man with style!

Dress like your walking down a runway every day do not be afraid to be different. Be bold make a statement make everyone stare! Trust me the ladies love this ! Get the Zipper Look !




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For this year fall season, colors are starting to come alive. Colors such as orange, and deep reds and blues, will be seen in this year’s season. When you think of fall you think of dark colors like black and people that always wear black will be hesitant to wear “colors”. So they might step into other color close to black such as forest greens and navy blue. This year is all about stepping out from tight clothes and going into loose clothing and brighter colors.

Types of blue

Different reds orange You shouldn’t just stick to the color black that day to day people usually wear. You don’t even have to wear designer clothing as your probably are thinking. You can find these fashionable outfits or things that you are comfortable wearing at the stores that you love. 2012 fall fashion is basically showing you that don’t be afraid to add a little color to your wardrobe. BY: JAMISHA RICHARDSON

Navy Blazers: The Ultimate Chameleon By Nora McCarten The navy blazer has become known to be the quintessential fashion staple for men and women of all walks of life. Its versatility and ability to transform from casual to dressy, daytime to nighttime, uptown to downtown, is what has made it an iconic piece. Everywhere from Saks to Sears carries this staple, making it accessible to a vast range of people. For men, we see in the pictures above how the blazer can be manipulated to look either proper or casual and cool. In the first image, it has been paired with white button-down and white tailored pants, creating a sort of “Hamptons -chic” look. In the second photograph, the blazer has been dressed down with a plain blue t-shirt, tan pants, and an edgy scarf. These two takes on the blazer show its dimension and how it can become an everyday piece quite easily. With women’s fashion, the blazer also has the power to have its time in the workplace or on the street. In the picture of the first woman, we can notice how she has used it to create a sophisticated skirt suit and has enhanced that glamour with tasteful gold accents. The second photo gives an insight as to how the blazer would be styled for everyday purposes. Simple jeans and an untucked button-down give off a coveted effortless vibe.

Jowie Yim July 11, 2012

Oversize is also FIT In the new trend of fashion, people start wearing loose clothing. Some people may think that could not show the body type. Do u think of that too? Oversize clothes can be also in fit cutting and it is also in good look and fun when wearing loose clothing. Loose clothing can be elegant, both in men and women. This is other kind of feeling and temperament. Moreover, loose clothing can mix the feeling of formal dressing and casual wear. The trend of Fall 2012 will be more colorful and vintage. Of course, black and white are always be popular. Oversize clothes can also be slim cut and show your body type.



These are Damir Doma Fall and winter 2012-2013 in Paris Fashion Week. In the first outfit, this is pants with a boots. The upper part is a formal suit but with pants then become a casual look, also with hat. Nomadic Style or Mongolian Influence, new season comes with loose silhouettes, exotic pieces, rich sprints and luxe fabrics. As models were dressed in tribal prints, adorned with beads, layered with loose overcoats, every look is so unique and extravagant.

This is Prada Fall 2012 collection in Milan Fashion week. Prada placed focused on modified pantsuits, tailored coats and graphic prints for the new season. Moving on from last season’s pastel hues, Prada reinvented sixties staples such as long vests, tailored suiting and platform heels for the modern woman. As my view, it looks vintage with the color tone and the belt. The belt get the use to show the cutting of waist. With the flats in black and white, it do has the contrast and being sharp in whole style.

Editor’s wishlist

bag $120

Some of the editor’s favorites…..

Watch $200

Ray bans $100

Shirt $90, Hermes belt $995

Oxfords $ 80

Horoscopes Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You may get pushed around by two very powerful camps today, Virgo. Since you're the kind, diplomatic, and sensitive one, you make the perfect target for more abrasive and opinionated people. You may want to side with the cold, hard facts presented to you, although there's a great deal of emotional power stirring the pot. Things may not be as clear as they seem at first glance Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You're apt to trend a bit more on the wild side today, Libra. There's a wave of powerful energy working to give strength to your ego and self-confidence. Use this boost to the best of your ability. You'll need it. There is a strong, fact-oriented force working to combat your aims. You'll find that it's equally powerful and stubborn. Cut through the fantasy and uncover the truth. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): A good tactic for you today would be to convert your fears into motivation for positive action. There's a great deal of energy at your disposal, Scorpio, so don't waste it. Be aware that this is one of those times in which the smallest comment or insult could set off a huge chain reaction of misinformation or battles. People are quite emotionally charged, so be careful where you step. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You're likely to face conflicting reports today, Sagittarius. Information may be tainted with emotion, so be careful about going with the choice that shouts the loudest. You may be getting secretly pigeonholed into a place where you don't want to be. Heed the internal warnings you receive. This is a good day to do things passionately. Take care of any detective work that needs doing. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You may be seduced by fantastic promises that offer

wonderful things and fanciful rewards. But beware of anything with lots of bells and whistles, Capricorn. There may be a great deal of talk but not much to substantiate such wonderful claims. Don't be surprised if people with intense emotions are stepping up to put in their two cents about how you should run your life. Don't forget who is boss. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19): People are apt to be quite emotional when it comes to the appearance they wish to project today, Aquarius, so be careful where you step. It's your job to see through the trendy makeup and fashion that hide the true personalities of the people who insist on wearing these masks. The key is not to be fooled by those who hide behind a facade built more by society than by themselves. Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20): Pisces, don't be surprised if some of your fantasies and dreams are put on trial today by a harsh force that cuts right to the truth of the matter. People are apt to be extra passionate about things. Most aren't going to be impressed with Disney-esque plans. You can try your normal approach of simply ramming ahead with your plans, but a better approach might be to be more strategic. Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 20): You've reached an emotionally climactic point right now, Aries, and you could find some harsh opposition coming at you for no apparent reason. There is a stubborn, strong, oppressive force today, and you should be aware that the more rigid your viewpoint, the harder it will be for any resolution at all. Compromise is an essential virtue of the day. Taurus (Apr. 21-May 20): Be careful not to be too cavalier today, Taurus. It would be wise to adopt a more serious tone than you normally would. You might be inclined to be careless with your words, but people are going to take you very literally. Make sure you say things that you actually mean. Your attention to fashion and pop culture may conflict with a force that's

asking you to focus on things of deeper spiritual value. Gemini (May 21-June 21): You have the sensitivity to pick up on what's going on in every situation today, Gemini. What you're apt to find are powerful emotions coming into conflict with extremely strong opinions. Welcome to the battle between the head and the heart. On this day you may be more apt to side with the heart. Realize that this arena is quite heated and that the forces at work are extremely stubborn. Cancer (June 22-July 22): The fantasy world that you've built for yourself is a pleasure to behold, Cancer. People frolic in your world and have a grand time. Your presence delights people with pleasure. Today, however, this world may be threatened by harsh realities coming in the

form of electronic information. This force is powerful and apt to be quite erratic and spontaneous. Be prepared to stand your ground. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): It may be difficult to stay grounded today with all the information flying around and the emotions roiling in your heart. Try not to take things too seriously, Leo. This is the key to maintaining a level head throughout the day. Do things with passion, and take care of any detective work that needs to be done. There are important facts coming to you from unexpected sources.

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