ITTIP Winter Newsletter 2017/2018

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10th Annual STEM Learning Summit Future: Change the Classroom. Change the World, and was facilitated by Dr. William Rankin of Unfold Learning. Dr. Rankin actively discussed how educators Above: Dr. Rankin speaks to participants about ways they could create learning can change the classroom.

ITTIP hosted their 10th Annual STEM Learning Summit on Monday, November 6, 2017, in Blackwell Hall at Longwood University. The summit was attended by approximately 120 guests and represented by twenty-three school divisions (Amelia, Appomattox, Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Colonial Heights, Cumberland, Danville, Dinwiddie, Franklin City, Halifax, Henry, Hopewell, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Not-

environments that incor-

porated important dimensions of learning through different levels of communities, context, and content. Further exploration of the conceptual learning model, Dimensions of “Cubic� Learning, challenged participants to work with partners to come up with ideas about instructional experiences that they could modify and take back to their own classrooms and schools.

toway, Pittsylvania, Powhatan, Southampton, Sussex, and York), two private schools (Fuqua and

Dec 6

InTEL, Webinar V

Dec 18- Office Closed Jan 2 Jan 11

Mathematics Professional Development, Longwood University

Jan 15 Office Closed Jan 17 SVRTC Meeting Jan 18 IMPRES, Webinar IV

Page 2 VSTE Conference

Kenston Forest), as well as Longwood Partnership students.

around the theme, Visions of the

Upcoming events Dec 3- VSTE, Roanoke, VA Dec 5

In This Issue Page 1 10th Annual STEM Summit

Prince Edward, Prince George,

The one-day workshop focused

The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in PK-12 classrooms through the use of technology by providing high-quality professional development for educators and engaging programs for students, in order to maximize their learning experiences and opportunities in a globally competitive workforce.

Page 3 InTEL Book Series Above: Over 120 STEM Summit participants joined in Blackwell Hall at Longwood University.

Page 3 Amelia County Showcase


Winter 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

VSTE Conference Presentation On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, ITTIP’s STEM Learning Special-

Left: STEM Learning Specialist, Stephanie Playton, talks with attendees about the tools and resources that have made the InTEL experience postive for participating educators.

ist, Stephanie Playton, presented Learning Experiences to Engage and Empower Students, at the Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) annual conference. Playton had approximately 30 attendees ranging from classroom teachers to specialists (i.e. instruc-

provided a way to share the tools

mentation was shared to show-

tional technologists, media spe-

used to faciliate the experience

case the teacher outcomes so

cialists) and specialists.

for teachers, most of the content

far. While we are only half-way

was focused on how the success

through the grant with partici-

The presentation provided attend-

of the professional development

pants, we anticipate it to contin-

ees with a snapshot of the tools

design could be used to imple-

ue to be successful in its imple-

and resources used to design the

ment professional development

mentation design. For updates

grant funded, year-long profes-

in their own schools.

on the project, visit our website:

sional development experience, InTEL. While the presentation Data from the evaluator’s interim report of the grant imple-

Peergrade Are you looking for ways to engage and empower your students in higher order thinking skills? If so, you must check out Peergrade! To use Peergrade, you simply login with an account, create an assignment, and have students submit their work in various forms (e.g. YouTube, Word, Google Docs). Students are then automatically and anonymously assigned a peer’s work to review and give feedback. Benefits include creating opportunities for students to critically think and self -reflect, practice useful skill of giving and receiving feedback, empower students to take responsibility of their learning, and help them identify areas of improvement. A bonus: Student logins are not necessary. Check out Peergrade with a free account today!


Winter 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

InTEL Participants Book Study

Amelia County: Verizon Hummingbird Robotics Showcase ITTIP was awarded a Verizon

middle school students worked

to complete their Fall book study

Foundation grant in January to

in small groups to create a

on December 6, 2017. Participants

fund two after-school robot-

robotic masterpiece that could

have been meeting asynchro-

ics programs with Hummingbird

help a community need. The

nously to talk and reflect on the

Robotics. In the spring, ITTIP

students showcased their work

title, Flattening Classrooms, Engag-

completed the robotics experi-

on Monday, November 13, 2017.

ing Minds, by Lindsay and Davis

ence with middle school students

They were also given the chance

(2012). While some InTEL partici-

from Cumberland County Middle

to present their projects to the

pants are actively connecting their

School. This fall, ITTIP was able

school board members and

students through learning experi-

to offer the robotics club to Amelia


ences with classrooms outside of

County Middle School. Fourteen

their own schools, the book study

Below: Hummingbird Robotics mouse catcher. Right: Hummingbird Robotics pill dispenser.

InTEL participants are scheduled

provides steps on creating global educational experiences. While the book study will be completed in December, InTEL teachers will continue to make efforts to implement incremental changes in their classrooms to engage and empower their students. While classroom visits will continue, a face-to-face celebration of

Dr. Leach Presents at VAST Conference

the cohort’s accomplishments will

The annual professional devel-

be held in the spring.

opment institute for Virginia

in their session, they shared ways

Association of Science Teachers

teachers can get students excited

With approximately 20 attendees

(VAST) was November 16-18, 2017, about graphs and statistics by at the Roanoke Hotel and Confer- designing experiments in effective ence Center. Director of ITTIP, Dr. ways by gaining students’ interests and using it to represent, analyze, Paula Leach presented Engaging Students through Experimentation, in collaboration with Dr. VirAbove: InTEL book study book, Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds.

ginia Lewis, Associate Professor of Mathematics.

and interpret data.