ITTIP October 2017 Newsletter

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ITTIP Visits Campus ITTIP was recently asked to

and Sphero. Students then explored

showcase coding tools to students

in pairs to tinker with the tools and

enrolled in Longwood University’s

explore their coding aspects.

course, Math 310: Probability, Statistics, and Programming, taught A final reflection of the tools includby Dr. Virginia Lewis, Associate

ed how these tools could be used to

Professor of Mathematics Educa-

support classroom learning expe-

tion. Dr. Lewis had been working

riences, as well as supporting the

with the students in this course

developing Virginia K-12 Computer

to learn a programming platform,

Science Standards.

Scratch, that they could utilize

Below: Students explore with Ozobots, as they once in their own classrooms with use specific colors to draw patterns and move their robots across paths on paper.

their own students. Dr. Lewis

wanted to expose her students to and see how they could apply their knowledge of Scratch, to other

Director of ITTIP, Dr. Paula Leach,

Oct 18 SVRTC Meeting, Nottoway High School

Oct 26 IMPRES Webinar II

and STEM Learning Specialist, Stephanie Playton, spent two days

Oct 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 & 31 Hummingbird Robotics, Amelia County Middle School In This Issue Page 1 Robotics on Campus

on campus with three of Dr. Lewis’ classes. Each session included a short introduction to the different coding tools that the students could learn about including: Alice

Page 2 InTEL Book Study

(software), Dot & Dash Robot,

Ollie, Ozobots, Scratch Jr. (app),

Oct 16 Offices Closed - Fall Break

Oct 24 ITTIP TechZone, Lake Country Distance Education Center

coding platforms.

Pad Arduino, littleBits Code Kit,

Upcoming events Oct 5 InTEL Webinar II

Oct 19 - 21 Virginia Children’s Book Festival, Longwood University

a variety of coding tools to explore

Finch Robot, Lego BOOST, Lily-

The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in PK-12 classrooms through the use of technology by providing high-quality professional development for educators and engaging programs for students, in order to maximize their learning experiences and opportunities in a globally competitive workforce.

Above: Student explore littleBits (left) and Scratch Jr. (right) with director of ITTIP, Dr. Paula Leach.

Page 3 IMPRES Webinar Page 3 STEM Summit


October 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

InTEL Program & Fall Book Study ITTIP staff began conducting the

rooms, Engaging Minds: Move to

presentation to summarize the

fall webinar series for participants

Global Collaboration One Step at

keys elements for steps in commu-

of Inspiring Teachers for Engaged

A Time, authored by Julie Lindsay

nication and citizenship.

Learners (InTEL). Eighteen InTEL

and Vicki Davis. One of the key

participants from seven different

outcomes from the project in-

Participants of InTEL not only

divisions began the grant funded

cludes helping to facilitate global

have the support of ITTIP staff

program over the summer and are

collaborations to promote critical

through the webinar book study

continuing their learning through

and creative thinking, collabora-

of global collaborations, but

a fall book study of Flatten Class-

tion, communication, and citizen-

through onsite visits and observa-

ship in the classroom (5Cs).

tions throughout the school year to help implement other goals

Participants have been prepar-

of the grant including problem-

ing themselves for the webinars

based learning and littleBits

by reading assigned chapters and


participating in discussions and other activities in regards to the book’s suggested steps in global collaborations. The most recent Above: Participants work in collaborative webinar had participants working breakout groups to create review slides for the in small breakout groups to deassigned book chapters.

velop a collaborative Google Slides

Above: InTEL participant introduces littleBits technology to her classroom during a problem-based learning activity.

Global Education Conference Save the date for the 2017 Global Education Conference: Connecting Educators and Organizations Worldwide. This free, online conference will be held November 13-16 (the 17th in some time zones!) for educators and innovators around the world. The conference should be great for connecting classrooms and educators in fostering global awareness, global competencies, and making educational experiences out of real-world problems. You can find the registration online, although it is not required to attend sessions. If you plan on attending, you can monitor the sessions and schedules in Eastern Standard Time, here.


October 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

the 10th Annual STEM Learning Summit: Registration Open The time is NOW to register for

IMPRES III Begins Webinar Series IMPRES III participants from Sussex and Brunswick county elementary schools began their year-long webinar series with ITTIP STEM

the ITTIP 10th Annual STEM

Learning Specialist, Stephanie

Learning Summit! We are pleased

Playton. While some participants

to be hosting our 10th STEM

in this cohort have been partici-

Learning Summit at Longwood

pating for their third consecutive

University on November 6, 2017.

year, for others this is their first

Our theme this year, Visions of the

experience with IMPRES and first

Future: Change the Classroom.

time participating in webinars. The first webinar was conducted September 28, 2017. During this webinar, teachers were intro-

Change the World., will focus on how we can create learning enAbove: Participants did an activity in Seesaw that they could do with their own students.

duced to the Seesaw Classroom that they will be using during the school year to document different ways they can teach mathematics in their classroom. While Seesaw provides a digital means to document learning portfolios for students, it is also serving as a platform for IMPRES participants to participate in activities virtually during webinars. These activities

throughout the school year are also being conducted as part of the grant funded program. A final showcase with the cohort is scheduled for the spring 2018. ITTIP looks forward to seeing the transformations that have occurred over the three-year implementa-

vironments for our students that use technology in a mindful way to challenge and enrich our students’ learning. Dr. Bill Rankin will be joining us and leading the interactive day that will be sure to provide you with strategies and resources to implement in your classroom and school division. More information and a registration link can be found on the online flyer.

tion of the grant

could later be used in participants’ own classrooms. Five additional webinars will be conducted over the course of the school year to help support mathematics teaching and learning. Onsite visits and observations

Above: Dr. Rankin, keynote for 10th Annual STEM Learning Summit.