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ITTIP Hosts SVRTC Courses in South Boston ITTIP hosted two workshops at their office’s location in South Boston located at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC). As the Southside Vir-

The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in PK-12 classrooms through the use of technology by providing high-quality professional development for educators and engaging programs for students, in order to maximize their learning experiences and opportunities in a globally competitive workforce.

ginia Regional Technology Consortium’s (SVRTC) administrative

Upcoming events

and fiscal agent, ITTIP organized two information technology (IT) courses for SVRTC members after a survey went out to stakeholders. The information resulted in an opportunity to participate in two extensive training courses during the month of February. While the recruitment for these opportunities only went out to division representatives in midDecember, the first course at-

Above: VMWare participants join for a photo opportunity.

tracted eighteen participants from eleven SVRTC divisions. Deploying VMware vSphere, was offered as a four-day course on February 5 – 8, 2018 to those participants. The second, a five-day Microsoft HyperV course, was offered February 19-23, 2018. There were seventeen participants from ten SVRTC

Mar 5 - Office Closed, Mar 6 Spring Break Mar 7 EdTechRVA, Richmond, VA Mar 13 IMPRES, Webinar V Mar 14 SVRTC Banquet, Longwood University Mar 15 - NSTA, Atlanta, GA Mar 18

divisions in attendance for this opportunity. The participating

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SVRTC divisions included: Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Cumberland, Franklin City, Halifax, Henry, Hopewell, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Patrick, Petersburg, and Sussex. In addition to Above: Hyper-V participants in their training room.

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March 2018 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

ITTIP Continues Visits To InTEL Participants Educators of Inspiring Teachers

teaching and learning pedogo-

for Engaged Learners (InTEL) are

gies and practices that included

continuing to experience observa-

problem-based learning, global

tions and support from ITTIP staff

education, alternative assessments

as part of their year-long partici-

and more.

pation in this grant funded opportunity. Since completing a book

In addition to making changes in

study in the fall, teachers have

their classrooms this year, these

continued to make incremental

educators have been actively pre-

changes in their classroom expe-

paring online portfolios to docu-

riences to engage and empower

ment these changes and provide

their learners.

student artifacts to share during a showcase at the end of April.

As part of the grant, educators

Please look for more information

recieved loaner kits of littleBits,

about the InTEL showcase, as we

as well as had access to class-

may be streaming live content for

room kits of Google Expeditions

virtual viewers to attend.

throughout the school year.

Above: This teacher modified a lesson developed for a state initiative on performance-based assessments, by integrating the use of littleBits technologies and recycled materials. Students worked in groups to solve a challenge incorporating their knowledge of simple machines.

Teachers were also educated in

YouTube Live While many of you may have seen YouTube Live used for gaming, live music, or sporting events, educators can also benefit. YouTube Live provides a free platform to users that enables live stream video, audio, and screen share options through the integration of Google Hangouts. While there are some customizable features, the live stream records and then publishes that recording to your YouTube channel. Additional features of the live stream include the ability to use a “chat� with participants while recording live! An even newer feature (Feb. 28, 2018) includes the ability for the recordings to play back the chat dialog while viewing. Check it out! We challenge you to think about ways that educators can use this tool (or, even students!).


March 2018 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

YouTube Live: Learning Experiences to Engage and Empower Students

SVRTC Courses (cont.)

Monday, February 26th,

study through a community of

SVRTC members, attendance was

ITTIP’s STEM Learning Special-


extended to SVHEC IT staff result-

ist, Stephanie Playton, presented

ing in three more participants in

a YouTube Live session at 7

If you were unable to participant

VMware and one more in Hyper-V

pm. The presentation, Inspiring

in the YouTube Live event, you

courses. Both courses were pre-

Teachers for Engaged Learners

can review the recording here:

sented by the Learning Tree Inter-

(InTEL), shared experiences from an ongoing grant initiative this


school year.

SVRTC members are aware that IT While Ms. Playton presented

environments will require support

As a participating practitioner,

on behalf of ITTIP’s partner-

staff to keep up with the latest tech-

viewers are exposed to tools and

ship with the Greater-Richmond

nologies, as it is the organization’s

examples of integrating tech-

Area Technology Consortium

mission to “. . .to assist members

nologies and learning experienc-

(GRAETC), ITTIP looks forward

with coordinating the acquisition and

es, abroad; however, as an edu-

to using YouTube Live to add

effective integration of viable up-to-

cator for instructional design

content to their channel in the

date and emerging technologies. . .”.

for teachers (i.e. Instructional


These courses support that mission.

technology coach, professional

Today, those emerging technologies

development coordinator), the

include virtualization and use of the

take aways include the program

“cloud”. Both these courses provid-

design that includes breaking

ed participants with the knowledge

up face to face instruction (e.g.

and skills required to design and

5-days split into two separate

implement virtualization in enter-

weeks) and facilitating a book

prise environments.

Google Expeditions Across Southside Virginia Google Expeditions, a virtual

continue to be of high demand.

reality tool for the classroom, is making its way through south-

In the last three-months, the

side Virginia schools. As part of

Google Expeditions have been

an initiative of ITTIP, classroom

used by over 2,000 students, while

loaner sets of Google Expedi-

also providing experiences for a

tions began circulating through

number of teachers and adminis-

schools since November and


Above: Prince Edward teacher experiences virtual reality through a professional development opportunity.