ITTIP Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Inspiring Teachers for Engaged Learners ITTIP’s recent grant, Inspiring learning experiences, alternative Teachers for Engaged Learners

assessments and global collabora-

(InTEL) began its face-to-face

tions through on-site visits and

workshops in June with 19 teach-


ers from 7 different divisions: Amelia, Appomattox, Buckingham,

In Spring 2018, InTEL participants

Cumberland, Halifax, Nottoway,

will join for a summit to share

and Prince Edward. Teachers met

and celebrate the successes and

for two days in June and three days

challenges encountered while

in July. During the face-to-face

transforming their classrooms for

days, participants learned about

student engagement.

The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in PK-12 classrooms through the use of technology by providing high-quality professional development for educators and engaging programs for students, in order to maximize their learning experiences and opportunities in a globally competitive workforce.

Upcoming events Sept 4 Holiday - Offices Closed Sept 19 InTEL, Webinar I

technology tools such as littleBits and Google Expedition, as well as

InTEL was funded through the

pedagogy in problem-based learn-

State Council of Higher Educa-

ing (PBL) and alternative assess-

tion (SCHEV). SCHEV grants are

ment. Teachers were exposed to

awarded on a competitive basis

different tools and resources that

and are part of Title II, Part A:

facilitate global learning experi-

Improving Teacher Quality State

ences in their classrooms. We

Grants. This year-long experience

have published a YouTube video to

is aimed towards fostering en-

summarize some of their experi-

gaged and empowered classroom


environments to increase student motivation and achievement.

The year-long professional learn-

Sept 20 SVRTC Meeting, Nottoway High School Sept 28 IMPRES, Webinar I In This Issue

Page 1 InTEL Workshop Page 2 IMPRES - Cohort 3 Page 3 Coding in South Boston

ing community will continue their participation through fall

Page 3 ISTE 2017 Conference

webinars, a book study and as-

Page 3 SVRTC Meeting Dates

signments. In addition, teachers will be supported to implement the technologies, problem-based

Above: InTEL participants use Google Expedition to explore ways it could engage students in learning.


Summer 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

Mathematics Grant in Third and Final Year Elementary mathematics teachers from Brunswick and Sussex coun-

The final year of this profes-

methods and a hands-on learn-

sional development will continue

ing approach to teaching and

ties joined for a week-long face-to- with content webinars during the

learning in mathematics.

face workshop as part of a 3-year grant, Innovative Mathematics

This professional development

Partnership for Rural Elementary

opportunity was awarded from

Schools (IMPRES). During the

the Virginia Department of Ed-

week of June 26, the cohort met at

ucation, through a Mathematics

Virginia State University explor-

and Science Partnership (MSP)

ing and participating in hands-on

grant in 2015.

mathematics experiences focusing on the strand of Probability and Statistics and Patterns, Func-

Above: Participants work with maniputlatives and learn engaging strategies for students.

Below: Participants work through an activity that they can use in their classrooms.

tions, and Algebra. While we had some new participants in cohort

school year, a professional learn-

3, a majority of the teachers have

ing community, and classroom

been involved in the two previous

support with on-site mathemat-


ics coaches. As a result of this three-year grant, we hope to see a transformational change in classroom practices to include inquiry

FlipGrid Are you looking for tools to increase student engagement and empowerment in your classroom this year? Check out FlipGrid! FlipGrid allows users to create and share interactive discussion boards through recording video, adding video (e.g. from computer, YouTube, Vimeo), text prompts, images, giphies, and even Emojis! You simply post a question or a prompt while having the capability of making it engaging (i.e. video, giphies), and empower participants to respond! While there are limitations to the free version, you are still able to create a “grid� with unlimited prompts/topics for participants and gather responses. They also have various app mashing ideas!


Summer 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

Coding in South Boston The Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) recently hosted a one-week Americorps Explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Camp for grades 3-5 students. One of the STEM Camp highlights was an introduction to coding and robotics, conducted by Dr. Paula Leach, Director of ITTIP. Dr. Leach used littleBits Robotics to introduce students to the concept of coding while giving them hands-on experiences with the littleBits so they could build and code interactive games like the Hot Potato of Doom. This tool was implemented into the STEM Camp because of its success in getting

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2017 Conference The annual International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference was held in San Antonio, Texas, June 25-28, 2017. Dr. Paula Leach, Director, and Stephanie Playton, STEM Learning Specialist, of ITTIP were able to attend, learn, and network. In addition, ITTIP was able to contribute to the conference through an interactive lecture. Their session, Problem-Based Interdisciplinary STEM Learning, presented implementation information from a two-year grant project, Problembased Interdisciplinary STEM Learning (PISTEM) and PISTEM II. The presentation talked about

Above: Slide from ISTE 2017 presentation.

variations in the grant-funded cohorts, as well as strategies that Virginia teachers used to implemented Hummingbird Robotics into problem-based learning for their students through STEM experiences. Approximately forty participants attended the ISTE presentation.

participants to design, build, and code their own projects and see the results of their efforts within a small time frame.

Above: Participants tinker with littleBits Robotics.

SVRTC Meetings 2016-2017 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Wednesday October 18, 2017 November 15, 2017 (no December meeting) Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Wednesday, February 21, 2018 SVRTC Awards Banquet (TBA, no March meeting) Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Note: All meetings will be held at Nottoway High School from 10 am-12 pm. For more information, visit