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ITTIP Launches new website

Have you visited www.ittip.org recently?

ranging from grades K-12. Available

Did things seem a little different? Well,

curriculum spans across content areas,

you were not off base! The Institute for

including integration of multiple subject

Teaching through Technology and

areas. You can use the table on the Lesson

Innovative Practices (ITTIP) has recently

Plans page to sort for grade level or subject

launched a new website. The new website

area lesson plans, or even use the search box

organization should make it easier to

to put in key words to find lessons that

locate the Institute’s current and past

meet your needs. More lessons will be

programs, upcoming events, student

added this summer. If you do go to

and/or teacher recruitment, and lesson

http://edresources.ittip.org/, you will be


redirected to the site’s content new

The biggest change in the website is under

The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms in Virginia through the use of technology by providing highquality professional development for educators, in order to maximize the learning experiences and opportunities of K-12 students for a globally competitive workforce.

Upcoming events May 14 Longwood Graduation May 16 Closed, Longwood Staff Appreciation Day May 30 Closed, Memorial Day


the Learning Resources menu. In the past, ITTIP has hosted a separate website for

in this issue

lesson plans created by teachers through various grant opportunities at

The Institute is very excited about this new

http://edresources.ittip.org/. ITTIP has

website launch and welcomes any feedback.

merged that site data with that of

If you have any questions or comments

www.ittip.org. Now, when you look

regarding the transition to the new website,

Page 3 PISTEM II Summit

under Learning Resources, or the sub-menu

please feel free to contact our office at:

Page 3 Teaching Environmental Sustainability – Model My Watershed

titled, Lesson Plans, you will find the resources previously hosted at http://edresources.ittip.org/. There are over 100 lesson plans that can be found,


Page 1 New Website Launch Page 2 IMPRES Workshop

May 20162015 Megabite – Longwood University ITTIPITTIP March Megabite – Longwood University’s


IMPRES – Cohort 1 Wrap-up & cohort 2 recruitment On Saturday, April 16th, the

cohort is under way. Eligible

Innovative Mathematics Partnership

teachers include K-5 mathematics

for Rural Elementary Schools

teachers in Brunswick and Sussex

(IMPRES) participants completed

counties. For more information

their last face to face workshop and

regarding cohort 2 of IMPRES,

participation obligations for the

please visit our website’s project

2016-2017 cohort. The workshop

page, IMPRES, or read the

was held at Sussex Central

project’s recruitment flyer.

Elementary School and lead by

Registration will be open until May

Highly Effective Services. During the day, participants worked on learning ways to use formative and summative assessment strategies to assist them in preparing their students for the upcoming SOL tests. Teachers were also able to collaborate with teachers in their professional

Above: Participants pick their “clock” buddies for a formative assessment activity.

18, 2016, but only 24 teachers will be accepted. Teachers that were in cohort 1 are still eligible, and will get priority for enrollment in

learning community (PLC), across

cohort 2. Cohort 2 content focus

their district and across the two

will be in measurement.

participating divisions (Sussex and Brunswick counties). Recruitment for the 2016-2017

Google Computer science Resources

Were you aware just how much Google supports the computer sciences? Google CS Education provides resources for computer science including, academic and career opportunities, coding tools and resources for teachers and students. Their resources for teachers and students include coding competitions, as well as a collection of programs for students, parents and teachers. They even offer a free online course to help educators integrate computational thinking into their curriculum and/or a manual for learning Pencil Code, an open source tool for learning the basics of programming. Check out Google CS Education and see how you can use it to promote the computer sciences in your classroom!

May 2016 Megabite – Longwood University’s ITTIP


PISTEM II Celebrates Their Successes On Saturday, April 30, 2016,

During the summit, participants

PISTEM II was a grant funded

participants of Problem-based

gained insight from their peers

through the State Council of Higher

Interdisciplinary STEM Learning II

regarding different integration ideas

Education for Virginia (SCHEV) for

(PI STEM II) met at Longwood

and models for using the

the 2015-2016 school year. ITTIP

University to celebrate their year -

Hummingbird Robotics kits

was previously funded (2014-2015)

long work with ITTIP and their

through problem-based learning

for a similar grant project, PI

classrooms. PI STEM II

experiences. Some teachers


participants celebrated their

partnered up with other

successes and challenges with their

participating teachers to integrate

peers that spanned across nine

after school programs, while others

school divisions: Charles City,

were able to seamlessly integrate

Chesterfield County, Franklin City,

the STEM experiences for their

Lunenburg County, Mecklenburg,

students directly into the school

Patrick County, Rockingham

day’s curriculum. Everyone was

County, Williamsburg-James City,

very enthusiastic about using the

York County

kits again next year.

Below: PISTEM II participant shares a student example of a bridge using the Hummingbird Robotics kit.

Teaching environmental sustainability – Model My Watershed The Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP) is actively seeking Grades 6-12 Science teachers to participate in a second cohort of teachers for Teaching Environmental Sustainability Model My Watershed (TES-MMW). Starting in summer 2016 and continuing through the 2016-2017 school year, participation in this opportunity provides the following: Stipend of $1,000 in three parts – 1) Attendance at first summer 3-day training and customize activities for classroom use (1/3 of stipend) 2) Participation in two five-week online courses (fall and spring) and at least six hours of instruction with TES-MMW activities with students (1/3 of stipend) 3) Attendance at second summer 2-day training in summer 2017 after participation throughout the 2016- 2017 school year (1/3 of stipend) On-campus lodging (if needed) and lunch will be provided for the summer session at Longwood University. Please see the flyer for more information, including registration: TES-MMW Cohort 2

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ITTIP May 2016  

This is the Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP) May 2016 newsletter.

ITTIP May 2016  

This is the Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP) May 2016 newsletter.

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