ITTIP Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter

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MONTHLY MEGABITE Winter 2016-2017

ITTIP Presents at Fall Conferences It’s time for the annual Virginia Society for

Problem-based Interdisciplinary STEM with

Technology in Education (VSTE) confer-

Hummingbird Robotics, reflecting and sharing

ence. This year, the conference is being

strategies and implementations in regards

held at the Virginia Beach Convention Cen-

to the two-year professional development.

ter on Dec 4-6, 2016. The Institute for

In addition, VSTE is providing informal

Teaching through Technology and Innova-

pop-up sessions that will be found through

tive Practices (ITTIP) is happy to not only

locations of the convention center. ITTIP

be attending the conference to learn and

staff, Dr. Leach and Ms. Playton will be

network, but also to be contributing at the

hosting one of the pop-ups to help attend-

conference throughout various workshops

ees interact and learn about several STEM

and a pop-up session.

learning tools including Circuit Scribe,

This year, former ITTIP director, Dr.

Finch Robot, Hummingbird Robot,

Manorama Talaiver, and current ITTIP director, Dr. Paula Leach, will be presenting

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The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in PK-12 classrooms through the use of technology by providing high-quality professional development for educators and engaging programs for students, in order to maximize the learning experiences and opportunities in a globally competitive workforce. Upcoming events Dec 4-6 VSTE, Virginia Beach Dec 5 - Computer Science Education Dec 11 Week Dec 19 - Longwood University Offices Jan 2 closed- Holiday Jan 16 Longwood University Offices closed - Holiday

on computational thinking, during day-one

Jan 18 SVRTC Meeting, Nottoway, VA

of the conference (Dec 4).

Jan 19 IMPRES, Webinar IV

Computational thinking is In This Issue

one of the new student standards for the International

Page 1 Fall Conferences

Society for Technology in

Page 2 IMPRES Cohort

Education (ISTE) standards

Page 3 TES: MMW Cohort

released in June 2016.

Page 3 Computer Science Education Week

On Monday, Dr. Leach and ITTIP STEM Learning Specialist will be presenting

Above: ITTIP Schedule at VSTE 2016

Winter 2016-2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

Conferences (cont)


IMPRES Cohort Completes Fall Webinars

LilyPad, littleBits, and more!

Brunswick and Sussex county participants

up homework and sharing via Seesaw, an

ITTIP also recently presented at the an-

of Innovatative Mathematics Partnership

eportfolio tool. The presenations for the

nual Virginia Association of Science Teach-

of Rural Elementary Schools (IMPRES)

webinars have been posted on the IMPRES

ers (VAST) conference, November 17-19.

grant have been working hard this school

blog ( a feature within Seesaw), along with

While Dr. Leach and Ms. Playton present-

year. As part of their participation, they

some of their assignments. Feel free to

ed, UnderstandingYour Community’sWater-

have attended three webinar this fall: Tech-

visit, learn, contribute (comment), or just

shed, a professional development project

nology in the Mathematics Classroom, Alterna-

admire their work! The teachers are doing

and curriculum development in partner-

tive Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom,

some fantastic things and we should be

ship with four other states. Dr. Leach

and Growth Mindset. In addition to the we-

celebrating and learning from their efforts.

presented two other presentations with

binars, they have been completing follow-

Dr. Virginia Lewis, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Longwood University: Graph It! RepresentationsYour Science Students Should Know and Rubbery Statistics: Using Inferential Statistical Tests. Image from IMPRES blog:

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Winter 2016-2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

TES: MMW Cohort Finishes Fall Course

Computer Science Education Week

As part of the Teaching Environmental Sustainability : Model My Watershed grant (TES: MMW), sixteen Virginia teachers along with forty-seven teachers from four other states (California, Iowa, Kansas & Pennsylvania) participated in a five-week online course. During the course, teachers customized a student learning activity using the online portal (https://itsi.portal. that they will use in their classrooms. The activities include using a bluetooth sensor to collect data around their schoolyard, and integrating watershed simulations to run scenarios on creating a healthier community watershed. Teachers from across the participating states will we joining together to learn during a five-week spring course. At the end of the school year, it is expected that all sixty-three teachers will have implemented a customized watershed activity with their classrooms. These resources provide their students access to scientifically valid and easy-to-use watershed tools to accurately examine their own neighborhoods, to define local environmental problems or challenges, and to develop solutions to improve their environments.

Click on the image above to view a short video on the Hour of Code.

Computer Science Education Week is

to eleven options for this initiative. If you

celebrated every year around the first

and your students are “comfortable” with

weeks of December. This year it is being

coding experiences and in high school, you

celebrated December 5-11. Although it is

can find nine filtered options. Currently

important for educators to foster inter-

there are 192 options on the website,

ests in computer science fields and coding

designed for experiencing an hour of code,

all year long, this week is designated to

for grades PreK-12.

challenge educators to facilitate at least

Do your students want to code with

one-hour of code into their teaching

Disney’s character Moana, Elsa, or Anna?

and learning experiences. Currently, a

Or perhaps engage in Minecraft? Build a

website is designated to this “hour of code”

galaxy in Star Wars? How about invent an

(, to help educa-

app? Resources are available in over 45

tors find tools for coding that would fit

languages in 180 countries. Join in and Host

their classroom needs. For instance, if you

an Hour of Code in your classroom:

and your students are “beginners” in Grade 2, you can filter out the available resources