ITTIP April 2017 Newsletter

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11th Annual SVRTC Technology Awards Banquet The Southside Virginia Regional

There were fifty-four awards

Technology Consortium (SVRTC)

presented to SVRTC members,

celebrated the 11th annual SVRTC

celebrating the work and advance-

Technology awards banquet on

ments they have facilitated in

Thursday, March 23, 2017 at Long-

their divisions. These awardees

wood University. Nineteen SVRTC

are nominated by their school

school divisions were represented


with over 100 SVRTC members in attendance, including eight divi-

There were two competitive

sion superintendents.

awards; Technology Leadership

The program included a welcome by Dr. Paul Chapman, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services and a glimpse of the 2016-2017 SVRTC efforts and accomplishments, aligned with the Consortium’s strategic plan, was presented by Dr. Paula Leach, Director of the Institute for Teaching Technology through Innovative Practices (ITTIP).

and Division Leadership. The Technology Leadership award was presented to Dr. Jack McKinley, Amelia County School Division Superintendent, and the Division Leadership award was presented to Amelia County Schools. Under Dr. McKinley’s leadership, Amelia County Public Schools has launched several STEM initiatives, adopted blended learning instructional models, and has done training to support their one-to-one initiatives, among other efforts in the last 12 months.

The mission of ITTIP is to transform teaching and learning in PK-12 classrooms through the use of technology by providing high-quality professional development for educators and engaging programs for students, in order to maximize the learning experiences and opportunities in a globally competitive workforce. Upcoming events Apr 4 Hummingbird with Middle School Students, Cumberland, VA Apr 10 IMPRES, Webinar VI Apr 11 Hummingbird with Middle School Students, Cumberland, VA Apr 12 SVRTC Meeting, Nottoway, VA Apr 18 & 25 Hummingbird with Middle School Students, Cumberland, VA Apr 29 IMPRES Workshop, Sussex, VA In This Issue Page 1 Annual SVRTC Banquet Page 2 ITTIP Conferences

A complete awards list of the 2017 recipients can be found here. You can learn more about the awards Above: Amelia County Public School employees pose with their awards.

and their descriptions by viewing the application information.

Page 3 Verizon Grant Page 3 SVRTC, CyberSecurity Training Page 4 IMPRES Grant


February Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

ITTIP Presents at Technology and Mathematics Conferences

During the month of March, ITTIP

table at the conference where par-

Dr. Leach also presented at the

staff presented at two different

ticipants could come by and tinker

Virginia Council for Teachers

conferences. The content var-

with various STEM learning tools

of Mathematics (VCTM) annual

ied, covering different aspects of

conference on March 11, 2017

middle school teaching and learn-

at James Madison University.

ing through STEM activities.

Dr. Virginia Lewis, Longwood University Mathematics Pro-

Dr. Leach presented at the EdTe-

fessor, co-presented with Dr.

chRVA conference on March 8,


2017 at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her presentation, Problem- based Interdisciplinary STEM, discussed a two-year

Their session focused on invesAbove: Hummingbird Robot demonstration at the ITTIP table at EdTechRVA.

professional development project

for grades 2-12. She also had a

with teachers to help bring robot-

demonstration, ITTIP STEM Tools

ics and problem-based learning

Demo. Attendees could attend Dr.

strategies to Virginia classrooms.

Leach’s session, then get further

In addition, Ms. Playton had a

hands-on experience with STEM tools with Ms. Playton.

tigations in the mathematics classroom and the need to have students collect and analyze their own data to help them build a better understanding of both science and mathematics concepts. Teachers had to design an experiment, collect data, and identify what types of Continued on page 4

Video Production with Moovly There are many fantastic video creation tools out there; however, sometimes the term “free” used for these tools, doesn’t necessarily get you what you need (i.e. video production without watermarks, image library). Moovly is a great tool to start with if you want to do video production with students, without all the parameters of what some companies suggest as a free option. While it is restricted to ages 13 and up, Moovly provides features such as a gallery (backgrounds, icons, images) and share/embed links. The platform also has a fun “hand animation” in which a hand drags an item onto the screen. Moovly’s intuitive narration feature makes it a great choice for a video production. Check out Moovly with your students today!


February 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

Verizon Grant ITTIP & SVRTC Host Funds Middle Cyber Security Training School STEM Club in Cumberland The Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium (SVRTC) ITTIP was recently awarded funding to conduct a Hummingbird

was delighted to provide partner-

robotics program with middle

ing school divisions the opportu-

school students. Stephanie Play-

nity to send technology personnel

ton, STEM Learning Specialist, is

from their division to participate

currently working with Cumber-

in a three-day training course

land County Public Schools sci-

on cyber security. Twenty-three

ence teacher, Judy Chambliss, and

SVRTC members from fourteen

16 middle schools students using a

school divisions participated in

problem-based learning challenge

the System and Network Security

and creating an anti-bullying

Introduction (course 468) training

model to promote bully awareness

on March 14-16, 2017.

Above: Cyber training participants from Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Colonial Heights, Danville, Dinwiddie, Halifax, Henry, Hopewell, Lunenburg, Martinsville, Mecklenburg, Prince George, and Sussex.

The training was provided by

their respective schools.

in their school and community. A class website is under develop-

Learning Tree International with

ment for the 7-week project. The

the support of Longwood Universi-

This training is representative of

after school program is expected

ty’s Institute for Teaching through

the types of services provided by

to run through the beginning of

Technology and Innovative Prac-

the SVRTC throughout the year.

May, where a culminating summit

tices (ITTIP), and took place at the

Cost for such training is reduced

will showcase the student’s work.

Southern Virginia Higher Educa-

by negotiating as a regional con-

As part of the grant, a second set

tion Center. Sixteen of the twenty-

sortium versus a stand-alone

of middle school students will

three participants attending the

school division. The savings are

have this experience in the Fall in

training sat for the certification

significant. Bringing the training

Amelia County.

exam on the last day of class.

to the region helped reduce the overall cost, and also made it more

The course provided was one in

convenient for participants to at-

a sequence of courses offered by


Learning Tree that prepare participants to become certified in specific areas of cyber security. This course is usually of interest to IT Above: Middle school students work with robotics kit microcontroller.

professionals charged with maintaining proper network security for


February 2017 Megabite - Longwood University ITTIP

IMPRES Grant Enters Its Third Year of Mathematics Professional Development The

Innovative Mathematics

Partnership for Rural Elementary Schools (IMPRES) is getting ready to start its third and final cohort of the grant. The grant supports elementary mathematics teachers in Brunswick and Sussex County schools through a week-long summer workshop, content webinars during the school year, a professional learning community, and classroom support with on-site mathematics coaches. Year 3 of IMPRES will focus on Probability and Statistics and Patterns, Functions, and Algebra. Previous years of the grant focused on Computation & Estimation (cohort 1) and Measurement and Geometry (cohort 2). This format allows teachers to participate multiple years, but also provides a way to reach all mathematics teachers within the two counties over a course of three years. While over half of cohort 2 also participated in year 1 (cohort 1) of IMPRES, we expect to see some new participants, as well as a handful of returning participants, for year 3. The current cohort, year 2, consists of twenty-two teachers. They are getting ready to complete their final webinar of the school year, in

Above: IMPRES (cohort 2) blog shares lesson plans and mathematics activities to help foster their professional learning community.

which they have also shared their

Conferences (cont.)

teaching and learning experiences

statistical analysis would be ap-

through a class blog. Their last

propriate for middle school stu-

face-to-face workshop is going to

dents. Dr. Leach and Dr. Lewis also

be held on April 29, and will focus

showed how their books, STEM

on alternative assessments.

Research for Students, Vol. 1 and 2,

During the week of June 26, the third cohort will begin at Virginia State University for the face-to-

are a great resource for teachers to make these types of connections in the classroom.

face workshop, with continued

In June, Dr. Leach and Ms. Play-

support through webinars and

ton will both be traveling to San

classroom coaching. The week’s

Antonio, Texas to attend the

learning will focus heavily on ac-

International Society in Technol-

tivities that get students involved

ogy in Education (ISTE) national

with their learning. As one teacher

conference and present a session

last year said, “I’ve found that the

on Hummingbird Robotics.

more fun the lesson is, the more that they (students) take from it, versus if it’s just a worksheet or they’re just looking at you lecture.” This professional development opportunity was awarded from the Virginia Department of Education, through a Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) grant in 2015.

Above: VCTM participants were challenged to design an experiment during the workshop.