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Hoof&hand urban stables and equine therapy

what is

H&H? Hoof and Hand is a facility houses horses and the opportunity of equine therapy for those interested. Horses have been proven to help people grow not only as individuals but grow and continue to deepen a loving relationship with a horse. Horses being the size that they are can be a challenge to manage. They will fight you if you do not treat them with respect and refuse to work together. With a hoof and a hand we can make this human-horse relationship even stronger. some personal growth areas associated with human and horse interraction:

-Assertiveness -Emotional Awareness -Anger Managment -Lonliness -Self-Worth -Tolerance -Problem Solving Skills -Impulse Control -Reality Testing -Self-Regard -Independence -Social Responsibility -Intrepersonal Relationships

why New York? Its not everyday you see a horse in the city without a bugge attatched to its back. We want to make horses readily available for the inner equestrian in all of us.

meet founder, john montgomery


what misty gave me

is immesurable -

a sense of purpose

john & misty

when i saw no reason

to live anymore.


It was 2009 and the stock market was not doing its best. Broker, John Montgomery was on the forefront of the turmoil and turned his stress into anger and began to erupt on his coworkers. He was asked to take leave of absence and seek an anger managment facility. One of his few options included a dude ranch in California. This placement changed John’s life forever. He was able to gain a deeper understanding of the human/animal connection and learned a great deal about himself as a delagator and leader. It was also then that he decided he must find a way to bring this to New York.

Equine therapy: a look back

dale evans & butterButtermilk was ridden by Evans in the 1950s television series The Roy Rogers Show with her husband Roy Rogers. Working in such close proximity to the horse, Dale was able to devlop a great relationship with buttermilk - an experience that she claims indeed changed her life forever.

roy rogers & trigger Husband to Evans, Rogers also found an unexpected companion in his horse, trigger while filming for the television series. Rogers is a huge fan of our program and endorses horse/human connection and interraction across the nation.

our services:

Highlighted below are a few exercises commonly practiced in equine therapy and are available here in the New York location.

how e.t. works grooming mental exercises

vocal directed

exercises Solely by using vocal guidance and communication the participant must guide the horse through specific tasks.

Exercises testing mental capacity and stamina while dealing with a 1000lb animal.

dual trust

exercises Dual trust exercises focus on the human/horse connection trust exercises. Requires both participants to be trusting of one another.

Grooming the animal is a simple way to get to know the horse and learn responsibilities.

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our location: 80 w. 39 street

hoof and hand brochure  
hoof and hand brochure  

designed brochure for equine therapy program