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We’re all for mini-marts, mini-golf and mini-bagels

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16 - Interstate_Light_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz`1234567890-=[]\;’,./ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ~!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>?_åçéƒ ©˙î˚¬µñøœ®ß†ü¥à¡™£¢§¶•ªº–“‘«…æ÷|ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ¨„˛Á¸`⁄‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿|áéíóúâêîôûàèìòùäëïöüÿãñõÁÉÍÓÚÀÈÌÒÙÄËÏ ÖÜŸÑÃÕÂÊÎÔÛ ÅıÇÎ´Ï˝ÓˆÔÒ˜،‰Íˇ„˛Á¸`⁄¤‹›fifl‡°·‚—±”’»ÚƯ˘¿ ‘”�”‘’”

fridges. but not


At Homewood Suites, going away doesn’t mean leaving life behind. That’s why we give you a spacious living room, a full-size fridge, and a different dinner almost every weeknight. So stay with us and Be at home. Evening Dinner & Drinks Served Mon-Thu* / Spacious Suites with Full Kitchens / Wi-fi Internet Access Homewood Suites 3939 South Street, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-448-9700

Evening dinner and drinks available Monday through Thursday. Service of alcohol subject to local and state laws. Must be of legal drinking age. ©2012 Hilton Worldwide.

Hampton Inn Lafayette IN 3941 South Street, Lafayette, Indiana, 47905 765.447.1600 | © 2014 Hilton Worldwide

We’ll give you your space






Whether your visit is family fun or strictly business,




the Courtyard Lafayette makes your time relaxing



The Courtyard Lafayette is pleased to offer a brand-new 5310 sq. ft. conference center complete with state-of-the-art audiovisual and connectivity

Spacious Suites

and enjoyable. · Wireless Internet, luxurious bedding, a large work desk, and 32-inch TV

· All-suite hotel with studio, one, and two bedrooms · Fully equipped kitchen · Separate living and sleeping areas · Home Office space in suite · Free wi-fi throughout the hotel

· 24-hour food market and restaurant serving breakfast and light dinner · Indoor pool and fitness center

Book your reservation today!

capabilities. The center includes versatile,

Not Your Average Courtyard.

customizable space to accommodate gatherings of all sizes, from intimate groupings to 450 participants.

150 Fairington Ave, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-449-4800 ·

Full-service and off-site catering options are available.

Book your meeting today!

Not Your Average Courtyard. 150 Fairington Ave, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-449-4800 ·

163 Frontage Road, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-446-8668 phone · 765-446-1978 fax


128 Guest Rooms, including 10 Suites 50” Television in every Guest Room Made Market Restaurant & Made Market Lounge Complimentary Parking, High Speed WiFi, Indoor Pool, Indoor Whirlpool, Outdoor Courtyard with Fire Pit, and proudly brewing Starbucks Coffee 3,000 Square Feet of Flexible Meeting Space Hilton Honors


Our hotel features nicely appointed guestrooms and suites all with refrigerator and microwave. We offer free hot breakfast, Wi-Fi service, business center, Fitness Center, heated indoor pool and a meeting room to accommodate up to 40 people. Corporate and Group rates available. Earn IHG Reward Points.

200 Progress Drive, Lafayette, IN 47905 | 765-449-4400 Visit for area lodging,

dining and attraction discounts.

4000 South Street | Lafayette, IN 47905 T 765-449-0083 | F 765-449-0083 make your reservation today

155 Progress Drive, Lafayette, Indiana 47905 765-447-0575

Amenities include Complimentary Hot Breakfast Indoor Pool and Hot tub Free High Speed WI-FI Business Center • Fitness Center Fully Renovated October 2014 Refrigerators in all rooms Guest Laundry

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Event Calendar


Purdue University


Breweries & a Winery




Historical Places


Parks & Recreation




The Arts




A Short Drive Prophetstown State Park

Demographics & Important #'s Location 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 120 miles southeast of Chicago LONGITUDE: 86º 54’ 29" W LATITUDE: 40º 25' 32" N

In Case Of Emergency — Dial 911


ROAD INFO Indiana State Police, 765-567-2125

AIRPORTS Purdue University Airport, 765-496-6326 Indianapolis International, 317-487-9594

HOSPITALS Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital 5165 McCarty Lane, Lafayette, 765-448-8000

AIRPORT SHUTTLES Lafayette Limo — to Indianapolis, 765-497-3828 Express Air Coach — to Chicago, 765-743-3120 Reindeer Shuttle — to Chicago, 765-637-5124 Star of America — to Indianapolis, 800-228-0814 Suburban Express — to Chicago Suburbs, 217-344-5500

ELEVATION: 616 ft.

Population Tippecanoe County: 185,826 Lafayette: 71,111 • West Lafayette: 45,550 Purdue enrollment Fall 2016: 40,451 Ivy Tech enrollment Spring 2016: 8,594

Franciscan Health Lafayette East 1701 S. Creasy Lane, Lafayette, 765-502-4000

Time Zone Observed Eastern Standard Time (EST) — Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) Climate Mean Annual Temperature: 51 degrees F January Normal Daily Minimum: 16 degrees F January Normal Daily Maximum: 32 degrees F July Normal Daily Minimum: 63 degrees F July Normal Daily Maximum: 84 degrees F Weather Forecast and current weather conditions: Media TELEVISION: WLFI,, channel 18


WPBI, channel 16

URGENT CARE CENTERS IU Health Arnett Urgent Care, 765-448-8000 Franciscan Express Care, 765-463-6262 Med Express Clinic, 765-446-2871 Unity Immediate Care Center, 765-446-1362

AUTO RENTALS Ace, 765-269-8025 Avis, 765-446-1167 or 765-743-2027 Budget, 765-743-9620 or 765-449-9130 Enterprise, 765-463-4804, 765-448-4246, 765-474-0858 Hertz, 765-447-4038

CRISIS CENTER (can provide shelter information) Lafayette Crisis Center 1244 N. 15th Street, Lafayette, 765-742-0244

BUS CityBus, 765-742-7433 Greyhound, 800-231-2222 Hoosier Ride, 800-544-2383 Suburban Express, 217-344-5500

Government City of Lafayette, 765-807-1000

NEWSPAPERS: (1) Journal & Courier, (2) Purdue Exponent,

City of West Lafayette, 765-775-5100


Tippecanoe County Government 765-423-9215, 96.5 FM 95.3 FM 91.9 FM 93.5 FM 95.7 FM 99.7 FM 102.9 FM


98.7 FM/1450 AM 101.3 & 105.9 FM/920 AM 89.9 FM 106.7 FM 105.3 FM 1410 AM 97.3 FM

Greater Lafayette Commerce, 765-742-4044

TAXI SERVICE A2B Cab Co., 765-807-7070 Goodie Rides, 765-337-5965 Locomotives Taxi, 765-426-3109, 765-477-1234 Magic Cab Ride. 765-490-9192, 765-742-8400 TRAIN Amtrak, 800-872-7245

Visitors guide is published annually by Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette ©2017 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior written permission. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the publication at the time of printing. The advertisers and the publisher shall not be liable for damages arising out of errors or omissions.

Graphic design by Tammy Stanisz, in conjunction with Purdue Marketing and Media (pages 10-27). Special thanks to our contributing photographers: Laura Frank Hale, Dan Hester, Trevor Mahlmann, Brent Russell, David Schmidt and Tammy Stanisz.

This is Boilermaker Country


We are always here for you!

Welcome to Lafayette-West Lafayette, home of Purdue University. We hope your visit is enjoyable and educational. You’ll find our community is rich with tradition and all the beauty of a classic Midwestern destination. Our vibrant downtown, spanning Lafayette and West Lafayette, remains the heart of our ever-growing community. Here you’ll find antiques, eclectic shopping, quaint coffee shops and restaurants, including the state’s oldest drive-in restaurant, pubs and even local breweries. Experience a sophisticated art scene, including galleries and outdoor art, plus a variety of great festivals throughout the year.

Visitors Center

email: Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. A self-service vestibule is available 24 hours.

And when you visit Purdue University, you’ll discover a campus community driven toward innovation and exploration. Purdue is home to some of the best minds on earth who are committed to moving the world forward with big ideas. Arts, entertainment and athletics abound on the Purdue campus, too.

Purdue University

Purdue University Welcome Center Purdue Memorial Union, Room 110 101 N. Grant Street, West Lafayette 765-494-INFO (4636)

Whether it is education, industry, a sports event or just an adventure that brings you to the area, we are glad you are here or planning to visit. If you have questions before or during your visit, the Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette office or the Purdue Welcome Center would be happy to assist you.

email: Annual Events

Cover — In March of 2016, Purdue students observed the last visible pass of the space station before astronaut Commander Scott Kelly returned home. Kelly is not a Purdue alum, but the University is called the “Cradle of Astronauts,“ proudly having 23 graduates become astronauts.

Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette 301 Frontage Road, Lafayette 765-447-9999 800-872-6648

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (closed on Saturdays in the summer)



Event Calendar

Wabash Riverfest

When you visit, take time to experience one of our many cultural, family-friendly and diverse events. Enjoy one of many memorable festivals and make your trip one to remember. Stop in at one of three farmers markets to meet local farmers and vendors. Spend an evening strolling from art gallery to art gallery while enjoying live music. This listing highlights our annual festivals; for a more complete listing of local events and happenings, visit the events tab on

May 2017

Farmers Markets — see page 9 27 Round the Fountain Art Fair —

Paintings, sculptures, pottery, photography, jewelry and more. Downtown.

June 2017

Farmers Markets — see page 9 17 TASTE of Tippecanoe —

A festival of the arts to benefit the arts! Highlighting the culinary, performing and visual arts with great music, food and fireworks. Downtown.

23-25 Indiana Fiddlers’

Gathering — Three-day traditional

music gathering. Enjoy stage presentations and informal jam sessions. Tippecanoe Battlefield Park.

Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering 6

Purdue events can be found on pages 24-27.

Round the Fountain Art Fair

July 2017

Farmers Markets — see page 9 4 Stars & Stripes Celebration —

Lafayette Citizens Band patriotic concert followed by a robust display of fireworks at dusk. Location TBD.

8 Wabash Riverfest — Voyageur canoe

competitions, kids' activities, entertainment and educational displays. Tapawingo Park.

22-29 Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair —

4-H projects, animal competitions, carnival, tractor pull and more. Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds.

TASTE of Tippecanoe

August 2017 Farmers Markets — see page 9

4-9 Colt World Series — Teams from

all over the world compete in baseball playoffs for 15- to 16-year-olds. Loeb Stadium at Columbian Park.

26 Beers Across the Wabash — Taste an assortment of ales and lagers from over 30 Indiana breweries. Downtown.

29 Tippecanoe Steam & Gas Power

Show — Antique tractors and cars, gas engines, farming equipment, quilting, food and music. Tippecanoe County Amphitheater.

Colt World Series

Additional community happenings can be found at Tippecanoe Steam & Gas Power Show



Event Calendar


September 2017 Farmers Markets — see page 9

9 Germanfest — Fun for all ages! Authentic German

food, beer and wine tents, live polka music and carnival rides. Downtown.

16 Global Fest — Celebrates world cultures through music, dance, crafts, displays and international food. Morton Community Center.

16 OUTfest — Day of celebration for diversity in the community. Downtown.

24 Art on the Wabash — Outdoor juried art fair featuring artists from 15 area counties. Tapawingo Park.

30 Starry Night Festival — Street festival with a

unique blend of music, merchants, interactive creativity and food. Chauncey Village.

Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 Feast of the Hunters’

Moon — Historical re-enactment featuring traditional

crafts, goods, food and lifestyles of the 18th-century trade period. Fort Ouiatenon Park.

Art on the Wabash

October 2017 Farmers Markets — see page 9

Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 Feast of the Hunters’

Moon — see September for event details and location.

14 Purdue Boilermaker Half-Marathon —

Starts at Ross-Ade Stadium and meanders through the Purdue campus and both cities.

December 2017

2 Christmas Parade, Dicken’s and

Holiday Lighting Celebration

— Dickens characters performing scenes from “A Christmas Carol”. Followed by Indiana’s largest Christmas parade. Day ends with lighting of the community Christmas tree. Downtown. Dickens: Friends of Downtown, 765-423-2550 Christmas Parade & Lighting:

2-3 Purdue Christmas Show — This holiday

student production has been declared one of the most outstanding musical presentations in the country! Elliott Hall of Music.


Starry Night Festival

For additional area happenings, visit our online calendar at or download our app, available for both iPhone and Android. There’s always something going on: concerts and plays, gallery shows, sporting events and even live entertainment dates.

Purdue Boilermaker Half-Marathon

Lafayette Farmers Market

Farmers Markets From May through October, find open-air markets offering fresh produce, flowers, plants and herbs, crafts, live entertainment and special events.

Lafayette Farmers Market on 5th Street between Main and Columbia streets on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ••

Purdue Farmers Market north end of the Memorial Mall on Thursdays, May 4 through August 10, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Thursdays, August 17 through October 26, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. •• Downtown Gallery Walk

Recurring 2017

West Lafayette Farmers Market at Cumberland Park, 3065 N. Salisbury St. on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 7 p.m. ••

dates: May 19, July 21, September 15

Downtown Gallery Walk — Presented by

Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Gallery Walks feature regional performing and visual artists in over 25 galleries and business venues throughout Downtown Lafayette.

dates: May 13, June 3, July 8, August 12 and September 2 Mosey Down Main

Street — An evening of arts, food, shopping and entertainment. Downtown.

April 2018

Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

14 TAP for TAF — A craft brew festival featuring

Indiana breweries and over 50 different beer selections. Downtown.

14-15 Purdue Spring Fest — Kid-friendly

weekend; Bug Bowl, Horticulture Show, Veterinary Open House and more. Purdue University.

21 Purdue Grand Prix — Go-kart race and trials,

car show and parade. Purdue University.

Purdue events can be found on pages 24-27.

Detailed event calendars can be found online:

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WELCOME on behalf of the more than 40,000 students and nearly 17,000 employees of Purdue West Lafayette. The campus community and the Purdue Welcome Center are happy to assist guests to the University and surrounding communities. Thank you for visiting us. HAIL PURDUE! PURDUE WELCOME CENTER


If you have questions or simply need directions to a campus building at any time before or during your visit to the University, the Purdue Welcome Center welcomes all questions.

The Welcome Center offers walking tours for individual, small and large groups by appointment during regular business hours. A four-week advance notice is preferred for large groups (10 or more visitors). Contact the Welcome Center for details. You also may go to to schedule a tour. You can find out more about the Purdue Campus Tour App on our map insert.

Purdue Memorial Union, Great Hall and Room 110 (main floor), 101 N. Grant St. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. (closed on Saturdays in the summer) 765-494-INFO (4636) â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


Note: Tours for prospective undergraduate students are coordinated through the Office of Admissions in Schleman Hall.

HOW TO GET HERE Sagamore Pkwy.



Lindberg Rd.

Metered parking at Northwestern Garage and throughout campus

The Purdue Memorial Union, right in the hub of campus, offers a variety of dining options to please any visitor to Purdue.


Ah Z • Flatbreads • Freshëns • Green Leaf’s • La Salsa Mexican Grill • Lemongrass • Oasis Café • Pappy’s Sweet Shop • Q Express • Sagamore Restaurant • Starbucks • Urban Market • Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Other Campus Dining Options The Earhart, Ford, Hillenbrand, Wiley and Windsor dining courts; Cary Knight Spot Grill; and Harrison Grillé are open to the general public. Dining options located in academic buildings include: Amelia’s • Beans • The Bistro • Catalyst Café • Continuum Café • John Purdue Room • LavAzza • Port • Undergrounds • Venture Café See the campus map in the center insert for dining locations.

Salisbury St.

Grant St.

Russell St.

University St.

M. Jischke Dr.

Grant Street Parking Garage Salem St.

e. Av

On Campus

Fowler St.


For reservations, call 800-320-6291 or 765-494-8913, or visit

te es w

This full-service hotel is located on campus, in the Purdue Memorial Union. The proximity to campus buildings and activities is as appealing to guests as the friendly service and atmosphere.



Union Club Hotel A blend of classic and modern elegance, the UNION CLUB HOTEL offers the service and accommodations you would expect of a world-class university like Purdue.



Central Lost and Found is located at Purdue Surplus (700 Ahlers Drive).


1400 W. State St. • Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 765-494-9494 •


The primary area for visitor parking is the Grant Street Parking Garage, 120 N. Grant St., adjacent to the Purdue Memorial Union. Purdue’s Parking Facilities office can answer any questions and assist you with acquiring accessible parking.



Stadium Ave.




Co Mc

Union St.

State St.


Harrison St.



Columbia St. South St.



Fourth St.


ive hR









Ahlers Dr.


Purdue University is committed to making education, employment, services, programs and activities accessible. The Purdue community works together to remove any barriers that prevent equal opportunities to community members who have physical and mental disabilities. There are numerous resources available to Purdue students, faculty, staff and visitors who may need additional assistance while attending, working or visiting the University. For more information on these resources, please visit Purdue’s Access and Inclusion Resources Site at



Cherry Ln.




North Ri ver

Yeager Rd.

Salisbury St.

Cumberland Ave.


CONSTRUCTION ALERT We want you to know about a major construction project in the area. The State Street Redevelopment Project may impact your ability to get around. Please visit and our campus map at for additional information. You can also consult the map above for general directions and information.

Whether you’re gearing up for a game or just looking to show off your school pride, you can find Purdue merchandise at bookstores on or near campus.


Bookstores and Purdue Merchandise Follett’s Black & Gold Mine, 714 Northwestern Ave. Follett’s, Purdue West Shopping Center, 1400 W. State St. Purdue Team Store, Ross-Ade Stadium, 350 Victory Lane Dr. The Purdue Shop, 101 N. Grant St. (in the basement of the Purdue Memorial Union) University Bookstore, 360 W. State St. University Bookstore, 720 Northwestern Ave. University Spirit, 135 S. Chauncey Ave. (Chauncey Hill Mall) Von’s Book Shop, 315 W. State St. Browse Purdue spirit gear online, Proceeds benefit

Purdue student scholarships.

Nearby Campus Shopping Find some trendy fashions as well as books, movies and music at locations within walking distance of campus. Chauncey Hill Mall, 134 W. State St. Purdue West Shopping Center, 1400 W. State St. Wabash Landing Shopping Center, 320 E. State St. In the West Lafayette and Lafayette area, visit Two Great Cities. One Great University.



HAIL, HAIL TO OLD PURDUE! Purdue’s 40,000 students on the

West Lafayette campus come from all 50 states and 128 foreign countries. Renowned initially for its programs in agriculture and engineering, Purdue’s academic repertoire now includes 200+ majors and more than 80 master’s and doctoral programs. In addition, we have nearly 1,000 student organizations. PURDUE PETE

BOILERMAKER Purdue’s “Boilermaker” nickname dates to 1891, when Purdue football players were featured in a Crawfordsville newspaper headline after they soundly defeated Wabash College.

HAIL PURDUE Although University events are the most likely place for Boilermakers to join in a chorus of Purdue’s official fight song, it’s not uncommon to hear it somewhere on campus every day. The song was composed in 1912.

BOILERMAKER SPECIAL Purdue’s official mascot is the Boilermaker Special train, and the first rendition of the Special was presented to the student body on Sept. 11, 1940.

Pete is our unofficial mascot, and is one of the most recognized characters in NCAA sports. Although he’s undergone a few makeovers, you’ll usually see him with trademark helmet and hammer, ready to cheer the Boilermakers on to victory.

AN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Purdue has about 5,100 undergraduate international students, with over 4,100 at the graduate and professional level. More than 20 percent of the faculty was born outside of the United States.

THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT Twenty-three Purdue graduates have been selected for space travel, including the first and most recent astronauts to walk on the moon. Purdue alumni have flown on about 35 percent of all U.S. shuttle flights since 1981.






Photos courtesy of Purdue University Athletics Communications





The iconic Purdue men’s and women’s basketball facility provides a distinct home-court advantage for the Boilermakers, with more than 1,000 wins since its opening in 1967. Seating and amenities for fans are among the best in the country. Guy “Red” Mackey served Purdue Athletics for 46 years, including 29 as athletics director. Seating capacity is 14,264.

The Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex features two public 18-hole championship courses — Ackerman-Allen and Kampen. Ackerman-Allen reopened in 2016 following a renovation designed to ensure that it is enjoyable for all to play.


1350 McCormick Road

900 John R. Wooden Drive, 800-497-7678

850 Beering Drive, 800-497-7678

Named for alumnus and inventor David Ross (class of 1893) and author and humorist George Ade (class of 1887), Ross-Ade Stadium is one of the most attractive and fan-friendly facilities in all of college football. Capacity is 57,236.

HOLLOWAY GYMNASIUM 1000 John R. Wooden Drive

The home to Boilermaker volleyball and wrestling is named in honor of Bob Holloway, a 1948 Purdue graduate and longtime athletics benefactor. The Brees Academic Performance Center is on the facility’s upper level.

ALEXANDER FIELD 1350 McCormick Road

Since its first game in 2013, Alexander Field has earned the reputation as one of the top collegiate baseball stadiums in the nation. It is named in honor of the late John and Anna Margaret Ross Alexander, parents of Dave Alexander, who provided the lead gift for the project. Dave Alexander was the Purdue baseball coach from 1978 to 1991.




1300 Cherry Lane, 765-494-3139


With four Fields of Excellence awards in 2013-16, Folk Field is noticeably improved with new bleachers and lights. The soccer complex is named for Loren and Donna Folk, who were faithful Boilermakers and generously supported educational programs.


One of the finest collegiate softball facilities in the country, Bittinger Stadium opened in 2015. It is named in honor of Marvin L. and Elaine Bittinger and their family for their generosity and support of Purdue student-athletes.

SCHWARTZ TENNIS CENTER 1324 McCormick Road, 765-494-3600

The Dennis J. and Mary Lou Schwartz Tennis Center is a 60,000-square-foot facility highlighted by Basham Courts — six indoor and 12 outdoor courts available for public use.

OTHER ATHLETICS FACILITIES • Boilermaker Aquatic Center • Boilermaker Cross Country Course • Lambert Fieldhouse. Indoor home of track and field. • Rankin Track & Field Complex. Outdoor home of track and field.

Two Great Cities. One Great University.








The Bell Tower, constructed in 1995 and standing 160 feet tall, serves as a reference point for campus visitors. A computerized carillon marks every half-hour and plays the Purdue fight song and the alma mater at 12:20 p.m., 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. A time capsule, which rests at the base of the tower, will be opened in 2095.

Seating more than 6,000 people, Elliott Hall of Music is one of the nation’s largest proscenium theaters. In 1934, Edward C. Elliott, Purdue president, envisioned a state-of-the-art music hall for the University. It was built during the Great Depression and dedicated on May 3-4, 1940. It hosts many Purdue Convocations events, such as Broadway musicals; operas; and rock, country and pop groups. It also is home to the Purdue Musical Organizations’ Christmas Show.

325 Centennial Mall Drive

DAUCH ALUMNI CENTER 403 W. Wood St., 765-494-2727

712 Third St., 765-494-3920

The Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center, dedicated in 2004, celebrates the history of Purdue and its alumni, serving as the primary center for more than 450,000 living alumni and 68,000 Alumni Association members. The airy atrium houses several exhibits, highlighting University and alumni achievements.


FOUNTAINS PURDUE MALL FOUNTAIN n Dedicated in 1989 with a gift from the Class of 1939, this walk-through fountain is also known unofficially as Engineering Fountain and overlooks Hovde Hall. A 10-foot protective cylinder was added over the nozzles in 2001 for safety reasons. MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN n Located near University Hall, this fountain was a gift on behalf of the Class of 1894. In accordance with his wish, Purdue University benefactor John Purdue was buried near the fountain. LION FOUNTAIN n The Class of 1903 donated this fountain, which is located on the Oval Drive near Stanley Coulter Hall. A fundraising effort, by the studentled Reamer Club, restored the water connections to the fountain in 2001.





This walk-through fountain near Beering Hall was renovated in 2003 and can recycle 2,200 gallons of water per minute. It was built in 1959 and relocated to Founders Park in 1989.


Dedicated in 2014, the Krach Leadership Center is a key resource to help students succeed inside and outside the classroom. The center houses student resources, including academic help, leadership development programs and student organization meeting space. An Amazon@Purdue site also is housed here.

DISCOVERY PARK FOUNTAIN n Dedicated as part of McGinley Plaza in 2009 near the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, this lighted, curvedglass fountain includes iconic campus images: Ross-Ade Stadium, the Bell Tower, Purdue Memorial Union, Hovde Hall, Mackey Arena and Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering.


355 N. Martin Jischke Drive, 765-494-3109

The France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center is five floors of ultramodern fitness and wellness resources. After wrapping up a $98 million renovation in 2012, the facility now boasts 355,000 square feet.


In 1975, Purdue renamed the Executive Building the Frederick L. Hovde Hall of Administration. During Hovde’s presidency (1946-71), 80,000 men and women graduated from Purdue and enrollment more than quadrupled. The offices of the president, provost, bursar and registrar are housed in Hovde Hall.

PURDUE MEMORIAL UNION 101 N. Grant St., 765-494-8900

Opened in 1924, the Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) memorializes the Purdue men and women who died in military service. Students of the Class of 1912 originated the “union” idea as a place to plan and conduct activities. Today, it remains a campus hub with dining, the 1869 Tap Room, meeting rooms, recreation facilities, the Alumni Association’s Boilermaker Station and the Union Club Hotel.


ON CAMPUS n 765-494-2900 3,876,830 printed volumes and electronic books 164,663 electronic and print journals 377,000+ government documents 86,000+ microforms

PURDUE UNIVERSITY AIRPORT 1501 Aviation Drive, 765-743-3442

Purdue University Airport, which opened in 1930, was the first of its kind and remains one of only a few university-owned airports in the nation. Including the Niswonger Aviation Technology Building, the facility symbolizes Purdue’s storied relationship with aviation.


475 Stadium Mall Drive, 765-494-1776

Schleman Hall, home to Purdue student services and undergraduate admissions, is named for Helen Schleman, director of the first women’s residence hall in 1934 and who served as dean of women, 1947-68. She championed women’s rights, including terminating a curfew for women students and spearheading a freshman conference program for women.

UNIVERSITY HALL 672 Oval Drive The only building remaining from the original six-building campus, University Hall was dedicated in 1877. Known as “The Main Building,” it cost $35,000 to complete and originally housed the Office of the President, a chapel and classrooms. It was remodeled in 1961 to house the Department of History. Two Great Cities. One Great University.



NOTE: Check construction and travel impact at physicalfacilities/constructionmap.


You are always welcome to visit our campus buildings, but please refrain from entering classrooms in session. If you are interested in learning more about a campus area not included on this tour, contact Purdue’s Welcome Center.



Purdue Memorial Union (A) houses the Purdue Welcome Center and serves as the campus hub for gathering, dining, retail and banking services.



Ahead, you’ll see the Purdue Mall Fountain (L), which was sculpted by Robert Youngman and completed in 1989 with money donated by the Class of 1939. It is located in front of Hovde Hall (M), which houses the Office of the President.


2 STEWART CENTER Stewart Center (B) is next, just west of PMU. Stewart includes Fowler Hall, Loeb Playhouse, Ringel Gallery, and offices for Purdue Extended Campus Distance Learning and Conference Division. Its west-end lobby features “The Spirit of the Land Grant College,” a mural painted by Eugene Savage.



Turn right after Hovde Hall and walk along the south side of Elliott Hall of Music (N). This regal beauty is the home of WBAA — Indiana’s oldest radio station — plus hundreds of world-class events each year. Elliott, which seats 6,005, is Purdue’s answer to Radio City Music Hall.



The 8-foot-tall bronze “Unfinished Block P” sculpture (C) in Academy Park is a likeness of Purdue’s iconic Block P. Continue north through Centennial Mall, past the Purdue Bell Tower (D). Along the south border of the Purdue Engineering Mall is Purdue’s first LEED® Gold certified building in the Gatewood Addition to ME (E).



Turn left toward the Psychological Sciences Building (O) and continue south toward the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall, one of Purdue’s largest lecture halls. Continue on, and you’ll pass Recitation Building (P) and Beering (Q), University (R), Matthews (S) and Stone (T) halls, which surround Founders Park.



MSEE (F) is in the heart of the Purdue Mall. Its open atrium is a favorite study spot for students. Then head north past the Physics Building (G) and onto Northwestern Avenue. Turn left onto Stadium Avenue and continue past the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering (H).

9 JOHN PURDUE STATUE A bronze statue (U) of Purdue’s benefactor and namesake sits on a bench east of University Hall and south of John Purdue’s grave. Purdue requested to be buried on campus. Next, cross Memorial Mall along the Hello Walk (V). Turn right and head south to State Street.

Hayes St.





Lutz Ave.



N. Grant St.





Memorial Mall

Andrew Pl.

Centennial Mall


North St.

Academy Park

A 1






Oval Dr.

Founders Park


e. Av


3 C





8 CL50 REC

s we th

D Bell Tower


Fowler Ave.

r No




John R. Wooden University Dr.



N. Grant St.

3 6


University St.



Third St.

Waldron St.

Sylvia St.



ue rd ll Pu Ma

International Center

Sylvia St.


l al M

2 State St.


Marsteller St.




Agricult ural Mall


X 10

Wood St.

S. Grant St.

Sheetz St.

Suggested route

Marsteller St.

Hort Dr.

DAUC S. University St.

10 DAUCH ALUMNI CENTER Turn left at State Street and continue for about two blocks to Grant Street. Turn right and head about two blocks to the Dauch Alumni Center (X), which will be on your right. The center is open to the public with memorabilia and kiosks on the first floor. From here, head north on Grant Street toward the Purdue Memorial Union (A) and back to the Welcome Center. S. Russell Dr.

Duhme Dr.


m iu

N. Intramural Dr .

e. Av



Fifth St.

Turn left at the end of Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering and follow the sidewalk along Stadium Mall. You’ll walk Windsor Halls through the “Gateway toSecond the St. Future” arch, past Student Health Center (I), Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering (J), with a green roof, and Schleman Hall of Student Services (K), First St. with Purdue’s first green roof.




Stadium Ave.

n er


Fourth St.


st we th




Stadium Ave.


Intramural Playing Fields

r No

Download Purdue’s FREE CAMPUS TOUR APP from Sixthby the Android and iTunes stores St. searching “Purdue Campus Tour.” The app provides tour routes and information about Purdue, visiting campus, and student life.

Evergreen St.

Building with green feature

Harrison St.

Two Great Cities. One Great University.




JUST FOR FUN There’s no shortage of things to do on campus. Here are some ideas from students to get you started.


Carnival Night. Welcome Back Bash. The Purdue Student Union Board gives students plenty of options for ON-CAMPUS ENTERTAINMENT.



A short, westward walk from campus, the park is a destination for outdoor activities.


Free Ride Fridays are a Reamer Club specialty. The Boilermaker Special picks up in front of Stewart Center on Fridays before home football games.

Venture downstairs in the Union. Have a slice of pizza on your way to



Mamma Mia! is one of many popular musicals that have come to Purdue.



Enjoy a performance through Purdue Convocations or watch students perform as part of Purdue Musical Organizations (PMO), Bands and Orchestras, the cultural centers and Purdue Theatre. 18

Help us move the world Forward. Each time you buy officially licensed Purdue products, you support Purdue student scholarships.

Boiler Up Gear

Up shop online or visit our local retailers University Bookstore | University Spirit | Follettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Purdue West Black & Gold Mine | Purdue Team Store | Purdue Team Shop EA/EOU



Purdue has advanced an ambitious agenda that places us among the great academic institutions of the world: PURDUE MOVES. The challenges are extraordinary, but our resolve is strong. Through these ambitious measures — affordability and accessibility, STEM leadership, worldchanging research and transformative education — we forge a path of innovation, achievement, and growth, and harness the unstoppable power of Purdue.

WORLD-CHANGING RESEARCH Our researchers make discoveries that have a critical impact in the real world — not just in the lab. Purdue is an economic engine. We set a new pace for technology transfer and research commercialization. Experience our discoveries and innovations for yourself through Discovery Park, the Purdue Research Park and many other research outlets.

TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION Purdue is at the forefront of innovation both inside and outside the classroom, giving students access to some of the most effective and modern teaching and learning approaches to better prepare them for real-world careers.


STEM LEADERSHIP By leveraging our historic strengths in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Purdue answers the national call to prepare a greater number of highly capable graduates in these disciplines.

AFFORDABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY Purdue has set a national standard for student affordability and accessibility. We focus on optimal value and expanded opportunities.

Purdue University is pioneering a new vision of the land-grant university for the 21st century. Our graduates help feed the world. Lead Fortune 500 companies. Pen Academy Award-winning movie scripts. Engineer life-saving medical devices. Journey into space where no one has gone before. We place students first, champion research and innovation, and drive economies through industry partnerships and engagement.






Veil Nebula supernova captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, which was serviced by the Space Shuttle Atlantis crew that included Purdue alumnus Andrew Feustel in May 2009. (NASA image)




bring renowned performing artists to campus every year. Initiated in 1902, Purdue Convocations is among the oldest collegiate performing arts presenters in the United States. Each year, Convocations offers the region 30-40 performances of widely varying genres: Broadway-style shows, theater, dance, children’s theater, world music, jazz and chamber music, along with rock, pop, country and comedy attractions. The PURDUE BANDS AND ORCHESTRAS offer an array of concerts and performances by the “All-American” Marching Band, the Purdue Jazz Band, the Purdue Symphony Orchestra and more. For more than 75 years, PURDUE MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS (PMO) has proudly served the Purdue University family as an ambassador of goodwill on campus, across the country and around the world. PMO provides the highest-quality musical entertainment, with performances by the Varsity Glee Club and the Purduettes.

CAMPUS SPEAKERS Each year, dozens of speakers come to Purdue to inspire and enlighten the campus community. From artists and astronauts to entrepreneurs and engineers, speakers from all walks of life visit the West Lafayette campus.

Buzz Aldrin, NASA astronaut and author


Harry Belafonte, singer/actor

CULTURAL CENTERS Purdue and the local community provide places for the community to gather, share, learn and promote diversity. Centers on campus are: • ASIAN AMERICAN AND ASIAN RESOURCE AND CULTURAL CENTER, • BLACK CULTURAL CENTER, • LATINO CULTURAL CENTER,

PURDUE THEATRE Beginning with the Harlequin Club in 1907, theatre has maintained an important presence on the campus of Purdue for over 100 years. Purdue’s Department of Theatre — whose faculty and staff have worked at major theatrical venues throughout the nation and world — offers students the opportunity to perform in live theater productions each year. Performances take place in the HANSEN AND MALLETT THEATRES within Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts.

• NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER, • LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER AND QUEER (LGBTQ) CENTER, Most include libraries of culturally significant works and performing arts ensembles that offer performances throughout the year.


Purdue Galleries, in partnership with the PATTI AND RUSTY RUEFF GALLERIES, feature a variety of art forms and exhibits throughout the year. Artwork from regional, national and international artists, as well as the galleries’ permanent collection, can be seen at the ROBERT L. RINGEL GALLERY in Stewart Center and the FOUNTAIN GALLERY in downtown Lafayette. The RUEFF GALLERIES, located in Yue-Kong Pao Hall, regularly exhibit the work of Purdue students and faculty. For information on upcoming exhibitions, visit and Two Great Cities. One Great University.



AUGUST 2017 24

Boilerfest 4-6 p.m. Black Cultural Center Boilerfest is an introduction to the Black Cultural Center, various student organizations, campus support services and community groups. Boilerfest features live music, food and presentations by BCC ensembles.

Boilerfest, Aug. 24, 2017

SEPTEMBER 2017 2 8

Boilermaker Football Purdue vs. Louisville Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis

Boilermaker Football Purdue vs. Ohio West Lafayette


221 OCT.



“The Mousetrap” Purdue Theatre presentation in Hansen Theatre Rating: PG-13 Purdue Theatre presents Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap,” which follows a group of strangers stranded in a boarding house during a snow storm. One of them is a murderer.

Boilermaker Football Purdue vs. Michigan Homecoming West Lafayette

Purdue Theatre presents “The Mousetrap” Sept. 22-Oct. 1, 2017

Homecoming, Sept. 23, 2017

Boilermaker football


OCTOBER 2017 7

Boilermaker Football


Boilermaker Football

Purdue vs. Minnesota Band Day West Lafayette

Hammer Down Cancer Purdue vs. Nebraska West Lafayette


Boilermaker Football


“The Sins of Sor Juana”


Purdue vs. Illinois Salute to Service/Family Day West Lafayette

Purdue Theatre presentation in Mallett Theatre Rating: PG-13 Purdue presents “The Sins of Sor Juana,” a researched fantasy that explores the two turning points in the life of poet Sor Juana Inéz de la Cruz. Purdue Theatre presents “The Sins of Sor Juana” Nov. 10-19, 2017

Boilermaker Football Purdue vs. Indiana Old Oaken Bucket Game West Lafayette

Two Great Cities. One Great University.





Cultural Arts Festival 7 p.m. Loeb Playhouse The Black Cultural Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Performing Arts Ensembles share through dance, theater, song, poetry and so much more their fall research tour experience.

Cultural Arts Festival, Dec. 1, 2017

RECURRING EVENTS MAY-OCTOBER Purdue Farmers Market May-July: Thursdays, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. August-October: Thursdays, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Centennial Mall The Purdue Farmers Market is a popular outdoor lunch destination. The market is open May through October on Centennial Mall. The Purdue Farmers Market offers a variety of local produce and craft goods, along with locally prepared foods. The campus farmers market complements the historic Lafayette Farmers Market, which operates in downtown Lafayette.


Purdue Farmers Market


Purdue Christmas Show Elliott Hall of Music christmas-show For more than 80 years, the community has enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Purdue Christmas Show. While musical tastes and styles have experienced significant change over the years, the Purdue Christmas Show has remained a stalwart of quality music, inspirational messages and wholesome entertainment.

Purdue Theatre presents “The Beaux’ Strategem” Feb. 16-25, 2018

Purdue Theatre presents “Clybourne Park” April 13-22, 2018

FEBRUARY 2018 1625

“The Beaux’ Stratagem” Purdue Theatre presentation in Hansen Theatre Rating: PG-13 Purdue Theatre presents “The Beaux’ Stratagem,” a play which tells the story of two young bucks who, having spent all their money by living too well, leave London and roam in search of love and fortune.



Spring Fest, April 14-15, 2018

APRIL 2018 1322

“Clybourne Park” Purdue Theatre presentation in Hansen Theatre Rating: PG-13 Purdue presents “Clybourne Park,” a razor-sharp satire about the politics of race.




Spring Fest Purdue Campus Spring Fest is an annual event showcasing the lighter side of higher education. This free event is a great opportunity for students of all ages to learn about animals, art, astronomy and much more in two full days of hands-on activities. It’s part education, part entertainment and all fun.



Two Great Cities. One Great University.


Walking distance to Purdue University and Purdue’s Discovery Park. 105 spacious Guest Rooms and Suites with Free WiFi, Microwave and Mini-Fridge in every room. Free Hot Breakfast. Indoor Pool. 24-hour Business Center & Fitness Center.

Breweries and a Winery Wine. Be er Made rig . ht here.

160 Tapawingo Dr., West Lafayette, IN • • 765-269-8000

200 Brown Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906 FREE WIRELESS INTERNET Complimentary Continental Breakfast Copy & Fax Service • Cable TV Hair Dryer • In-Room Coffee • Pets Welcome Extended Stay Rates • Purdue Discount

Located conveniently on Brown Street, at the intersection of State Street & North/South River Road.

Single/Double/Queen & Suites Available Ask about Student Accommodations!

Walk to shopping, restaurants and Purdue!

Lafayette Brewing Company 622 Main St., Lafayette, 765-742-2591,

Lafayette’s original craft brewery is the holder of Indiana’s very first small brewer permit and has been a downtown destination since 1993. The brewpub offers a full-service lunch and dinner menu along with a diverse selection of handcrafted ales and lagers. Banquet space and carry out beer are also available. Open 7 days a week.

People's Brewing Company

Downtown Lafayette 333 Columbia Street Lafayette, IN 47901 (765) 742-1259

2006 N. 9th St., Lafayette, 765-792-4677,

Since 2009, People’s Brewing Company has been producing fresh local beer in Lafayette for restaurants, bars and packaging stores. The production brewery offers a taproom and patio, free tours every Saturday, and carryout for visitors. Ask for People’s all around town and throughout Indiana or join the friendly staff and patrons at the brewery.


Wildcat Creek Winery

3233 E. 200 N., Lafayette, 765-838-3498

Free wine tastings, indoor and outdoor seating, winery tours, gift shop, periodic food and wine pairings, and private events. Since opening in December 2008, Wildcat Creek Winery has established a high standard of winemaking excellence. The crew at Wildcat Creek Winery welcomes the opportunity to share their award-winning wines and Hoosier hospitality with you. 28

218 South Street West Lafayette, Indiana 765-607-4587

featuring hand-picked clothing & accessories

114 S. Main Street Culver, Indiana 574-635-0011


Shopping Retail therapy starts here.

Whether you are window shopping, picking out a souvenir to bring back home, or buying an entire new wardrobe, you’ll find a variety of shopping choices — from a large mall to boutique stores. Poke around in vintage antique stores, indulge in homemade candy shops, or discover hand-crafted artisan treasures. However you like to shop, be sure to add a little “retail therapy“ to your itinerary.

Downtown Whether you’re looking for collectibles and antiques, handmade pottery and crafts, delectable treats or the perfect gift, you’re sure to find it downtown

Lafayette Pavilions 100 S. Creasy Ln., Lafayette Fashion, hobby and home decor stores mixed in with a selection of cafes and themed restaurants make this convenient plaza very popular.

Market Square Antiques abound!

Antiques A large selection of antique malls, storefronts and indoor flea markets can be found throughout the community.

Artisan Galleries Explore galleries offering all types of exquisite fine art; from oil paintings and fine art prints to glass art, sculpture and contemporary pieces.

2200 Elmwood Ave., Lafayette This centrally located plaza offers fashion, hobbies, antiques, home goods, services and restaurants.

Sagamore West

Sagamore West Sagamore Pkwy. W. , West Lafayette Everything from birdseed to gourmet kitchen equipment! Local flavor restaurants, clothing and gift shops can all be found along the parkway.

Tippecanoe Mall 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., Lafayette Large indoor mall with a delightful array of over 100 specialty stores, restaurants and anchor stores.

Wabash Landing 320 E. State St., West Lafayette This downtown shopping center has a distinctive design. Offerings include: clothing, electronics, video games, hair salons and restaurants. 29


101 N. Grant Street • 765-494-8900 • •

3838 Grace Lane Lafayette, IN 47906 •



3834 Grace Lane Lafayette, IN 47906


Get everything you're looking for, all at a great price. We have what matters most to you, like a comfortable bed and a delicious breakfast, plus free Internet and free bottled water in your room, great local beer with Best Brews™ and much more.

Four Points by Sheraton West Lafayette BOOK NOW AT FOURPOINTS.COM/WESTLAFAYETTE OR CALL 800 777 9808 OR 765 463 5511


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AMENITIES: 147 Room Full Service Hotel; featuring 2 Hospitality Suites, a Fireplace Suite, a Presidential Suite and 3 Executive Kings with a balcony.

• 24-hour Business Center • Health & Fitness Center • Indoor Pool with Sun Deck • Valet Service • Gift Shop • Free Wireless Internet Access • Express Check-out

Lafayette City Centre 515 South Street Lafayette, Indiana 47901 Phone: 765-423-1000 Fax: 765-420-1510

• Professional Events Staff • 7,500 square feet of Meeting & Banquet Space

For Reservations: 800-423-1137

• Catering & Beverage Service • Downtown Location • Easy Access to Purdue University • Toscana Italian Grill & Bar

Historical Places Explore a National Bat tlef ield, tour a 1920s working farm and more!

Historic Lafayette Downtown

The Farm at Prophetstown 3549 Prophetstown Trail, West Lafayette, 765-567-4700 A farming and education center offering unique experiences on all aspects of farm life. Programs revolve around the 1920s farms as they began their transition from animal to tractor power. The Farm is a training farm for sustainable agriculture, gardening, canning, as well as farmto-table cooking, sewing and quilting. It draws on a wide range of resources such as beekeepers, master gardeners, farm experts and home economics experts. Admission is free with state park entry except for special programming and workshops. Located at Prophetstown State Park (see page 35).

Fort Ouiatenon Park

Feast of the Huntersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Moon 32

3129 S. River Rd., West Lafayette 765-476-8411, Fort Ouiatenon (wee-ah-teh-non), named for the Wea tribes in the area, was established by the French in 1717 as a fur trading post. It was one of the earliest settlements in what was to become the state of Indiana. Archaeology and research show that the area was home to approximately 2,000 to 3,000 inhabitants during its most profitable times. The replica blockhouse, built in 1930, is open weekends mid-May through August. The park also hosts the annual Feast of the Huntersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Moon festival in autumn. Programs and tours may be arranged through the Tippecanoe County Historical Association.

The Farm at Prophetstown

Historic Lafayette Downtown Head downtown and stroll the tree-lined streets with outdoor art and beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture. Many original buildings from the late 1800s still stand, featuring a large variety of architectural facades (see pages 39-41).

Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum 200 Battle Ground Ave., Battle Ground, 765-567-2147 An 85-foot marble obelisk was erected in 1908 to mark the site of this National Historic Landmark for the 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe between the United States’ forces, led by William Henry Harrison, and representatives of The Museum and adjacent memorial Tecumseh’s Native commemorates and interprets the nationally American confederation. significant November 7, 1811, Battle of The museum tells the Tippecanoe. The Museum focuses on the story of the battle. battle, early settlement and 19th-century Guided tours and Native American lifestyles. The History Store programming may be features a large assortment of books on arranged through the America, Indiana, military and Native history Tippecanoe County and culture, and offers reproduction historic Historical Association. goods, collectables and period clothing. Admission is charged Open 6 days a week, closed on Wednesdays. for museum entry.

Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum

Tippecanoe Battlefield

Tippecanoe County Courthouse 301 Main St., Lafayette, The Tippecanoe County Courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places and is truly a site to see. Built in the 1880s, the courthouse was requested by the citizens to be “of permanent and durable character.” Renovations over the years have ensured it will be here for many years to come. The courthouse has 100 columns, nine statues, a dome with four clock faces and a 3,000-pound bell. A 14-foot statue, depicting justice, tops the courthouse dome at a total height of 212 feet. A self-guided tour brochure is available at and group tours can be arranged by Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette. Tippecanoe County Courthouse


Parks & Recreation

Wolf Park

Nature’s calling. Answer it. Armstrong Park 900 Beck Ln., Lafayette, Park features three youth baseball fields, playground, basketball and tennis courts, Castaway Bay aquatics center, rentable picnic shelter and a beautiful 2/3 mile trail that surrounds a tranquil pond.

Celery Bog Nature Area 1620 Lindberg Rd., West Lafayette, 765-775-5172 One of our state’s significant ecological sites, this park offers footpaths and paved trails, birding and wildlife observation. The Lilly Nature Center adds opportunities with exhibits and educational activities. Programs offered throughout the year.

Celery Bog Nature Area

Clegg Gardens 1782 N. 400 E., Lafayette, 765-423-1605, Overlooks and runs alongside the Wildcat Creek. A naturalistic setting including prairie and oak savanna restorations, with extensive beds of wildflowers, labeled trees, bridges and nature trails. Open year-round, dawn till dusk.

Columbian Park and the Columbian Park Zoo (seasonal) 1915 Scott St., Lafayette, 765-807-1500, Park amenities include: age-relevant, handicapped-accessible playgrounds, Tropicanoe Cove Aquatic Center, a veterans memorial, lagoons and shaded picnic areas. Loeb Stadium is home to the Lafayette Aviators, and hosts the Colt World Series every year in August. The zoo houses 190 animals, representing 90 different species, and offers educational programs that inspire an appreciation for the world’s wildlife. Zoo admission is free.

Download our free app! Columbian Park Zoo 34

Wabash Heritage Trail

Ross Hills Park

Circle of Stones, Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown State Park 5545 Swisher Rd., West Lafayette 765-567-4919, A great place for camping, swimming, hiking, birding, biking, fishing, wildlife observation and more. Natural habitats including tall grass and wildflower prairies, woodlands, wetlands, and rivers await. The aquatic center features a tube slide, lazy river, splash zones and zeroentry swimming pool. Watch the sunrise over the Circle of Stones, a feature of 15 stones representing a proud spirit of unity and the people who stood bravely to preserve a way of life. Take a walk around the Native American village. Nature and history public programs are offered. At the visitors center, observe live animals and interact with educational displays. Picnic areas offer handicapped-accessible playgrounds. Four shelter houses and a campground with 110 modern campsites are available for rentals. Gate entrance admission charged. Park is home to The Farm at Prophetstown (see page 32).

8815 W. 50 S., West Lafayette, Located along the Wabash River, this park offers hiking trails, picnic shelters, sand volleyball courts and a softball backstop.

Tapawingo Park 100 Tapawingo Dr. N., West Lafayette 765-775-5110, Scenic views and easy access to the Wabash River. This heavily shaded park offers a tot playground, bandshell, access to the Wabash Heritage Trail and picnic facilities. Home to Riverside Skating Center (see page 41). The Farm at Prophetstown

Wabash Heritage Trail 765-567-6218, Unique wildlife observation and unparalleled views of the Wabash River can be found along this 17-mile trail. Starting at the Tippecanoe Battlefield, it follows the river into Lafayette and crosses over into West Lafayette to Fort Ouiatenon Park. Parts of the trail are paved and handicapped-accessible.

Wolf Park

Tippecanoe Battlefield Park

4004 E. 800 N., Battle Ground 765-567-2265, Dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation, with the objective of improving the publicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s understanding of wolves and the value they provide to our environment. Visitors observe wolves, bison, coyotes and foxes. Primary open season is May-November. Howl Nights offer a chance to howl and to hear the lovely tones of the wolves in reply; offered Saturday evenings year-round and Friday evenings May-November. Admission charged.

Parks Departments Lafayette Parks & Recreation 765-807-1500, Tippecanoe County Parks 765-463-2306, West Lafayette Parks & Recreation 765-775-5110, Wolf Park Clegg Gardens


Parks & Recreation Biking Whether you’re interested in off-road trails or you’re trying to find that perfect paved path, we’ve got something to offer the bike enthusiast. Visit for maps, trail info and more. Wabash River Cycle Club 765-497-1135, Zagster Bike Share

Bowling Alleys Landmark Lanes 1701 Schuyler Ave., Lafayette 765-742-0443, Market Square Lanes 2100 Elmwood Ave., Lafayette 765-447-4106, Mike Aulby's Arrowhead Bowl 2331 Brothers Dr., Lafayette, 765-477-6500 Union Rack and Roll 101 N. Grant St., Purdue Memorial Union West Lafayette, 765-494-8990

Canoeing / Kayaking Wildcat Canoe & Kayak Too CR 725 E., Lafayette, 765-589-8081 Hodges Canoe Rentals Delphi, 765-564-6806

Fishing Fishing is available at many of the local parks as well as several area creeks and along the Wabash River. Visit for a list of “friendly fishing areas”.

Hiking Trails There’s no shortage of hiking options! Take a hike along the Wabash River as you meander down the Wabash Heritage Trail. If you prefer a more urban setting, both Lafayette and West Lafayette parks & recreation have created trails systems that link the cities, Purdue campus and residential neighborhoods together. Clegg Gardens, Purdue Horticulture Park and the Celery Bog Nature Area offer scenic observation trailways for year-round enjoyment and discovery. 36


Enjoy eight daily fee courses.



Local courses offer bent grass tees and greens, challenges for all skill levels, driving ranges, and golf instruction. With eight daily fee courses, including designs by Pete Dye and Hale Irwin, you’ll have a tee-rific time!

Stay & Play Hotels Courtyard by Marriott • 765-449-4800

Days Inn & Suites

Ackerman-Allen Course Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex 1300 Cherry Ln., West Lafayette 765-494-3139,

Coyote Crossing Golf Club 5801 Augusta Blvd., West Lafayette 765-497-1061, • 765-446-8558

Four Points by Sheraton West Lafayette • 765-463-5511

Hampton Inn Lafayette • 765-447-1600

Hampton Inn West Lafayette • 765-269-8000

Homewood Suites by Hilton • 765-448-9700

Union Club Hotel

Battle Ground Golf Club 5505 Pretty Prairie Rd., Battle Ground 765-567-2178,

Bello Terra Golf Course 1601 E. 650 N., West Lafayette 765-463-1100,

Harrison Hills Golf and Country Club 413 E. New St., Attica 765-762-1135,

The Kampen Course Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex 1300 Cherry Ln., West Lafayette 765-494-3139,

courses offering

Stay & Play Packages • 765-494-8913

The Ravines Golf Course 8525 Division Rd., West Lafayette 765-497-7888,

West Lafayette Golf & Country Club 3224 U.S. 52 W., West Lafayette 765-463-2332, 37

Parks & Recreation Miniature Golf Glowgolf (indoor) 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., Lafayette 765-447-4227,

Monster Mini-Golf (indoor) 3573 Promenade Pkwy., Lafayette 765-471-1300,

Precision Putt Plus (seasonal) 311 Meijer Dr., Lafayette, 765-446-2250

Movie Theaters

For show times: 765-449-7469,


Goodrich Eastside 9 300 Farabee Dr. N., Lafayette

Castaway Bay 601 Beck Ln., Lafayette, 765-807-0006

Lafayette 7 3525 McCarty Ln., Lafayette

Fitness Centers Visit for information.

Wabash Landing 9 300 E. State St., West Lafayette

Prophetstown State Park Aquatic Center 5545 Swisher Rd., West Lafayette 765-567-4919,


Rollerblading/Rollerskating available on paved portions of the Wabash Heritage Trail, the Cattail Trail at the Celery Bog, Shamrock Park roller-blade court as well as over 27 paved miles of trails in West Lafayette. Lafayette Community Skate Park 5572 Mercy Way, Lafayette, 765-449-4600 Ramps & Obstacles can be enjoyed by skateboarders, bikers & in-line skaters. Riverside Skating Center 100 Tapawingo Dr. N., West Lafayette 765-743-7465, Outdoor ice skating rink (see page 41).

Tropicanoe Cove

Vinton Pool 3111 Prairie Ln., Lafayette, 765-807-0035 West Lafayette Municipal Pool 1200 N. Salisbury St., West Lafayette 765-775-5129, Prophetstown State Park

More Things To Do All Fired Up! Pottery Studio 308 E. State St., West Lafayette 765-743-7800,

Main Street Amusements 642 Main St., Lafayette, 765-588-1285

Climb Lafayette 4650 Dale Rd., Lafayette, 765-532-7752

Mission Breakout 325 S. Earl Ave., Lafayette, 765-250-5180

Elite Air Trampoline Park 3832 Fortune Dr., Lafayette, 765-276-4780

Painting with a Twist 2049 Veterans Memorial Pkwy., Suite B Lafayette, 765-269-7221

Exploration Acres (seasonal) 6042 Newcastle Rd., Lafayette 765-296-2863, Get Air Lafayette 3540 S.R. 38 E., Lafayette, 765-226-5651 Wea Creek Orchard 38

Tropicanoe Cove Family Aquatic Center 1915 Scott St., Lafayette, 765-807-1531

Ruggedxscape 324 South St., Lafayette, 574-847-4545 Wea Creek Orchard (seasonal) 5618 S. 200 E., Lafayette, 765-807-6142

Plenty more things to do at!

Historical places and smiling faces.

Downtown Downtown offers local flavor restaurants, artisan galleries, boutiques, a large variety of entertainment options, museums, libraries and more! All set along tree-lined streets with outdoor art and beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture.

John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge

Three Great Districts The Chauncey Village District, in West Lafayette, is the area situated between the Purdue campus and the Riverfront district. The name Chauncey is from the original settlement in this area in 1866. In 1888, the town’s name was changed to West Lafayette. This district caters to visitors, students and alumni alike with an emphasis on Purdue traditions. Enjoy a fun college atmosphere, a great nightlife and shopping including Purdue memorabilia. Spanning the river, the Wabash Riverfront District is the area between River Road in West Lafayette and 4th Street in Lafayette. This district hosts some of the area’s largest festivals and includes many attractions like the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge, Riehle Plaza, Tapawingo Park, Wabash Landing and the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. Enjoy the many restaurants and coffee shops featuring an eclectic mix of flavor from around the world and the public art displayed throughout the district and on the courthouse square. The Arts & Market District encompasses 4th Street to 12th Street and South Street to North Street in Lafayette. This district offers quaint shops, antique stores, museums and galleries in addition to theatre, live music venues, great restaurants and coffee shops. Also, don’t miss the Lafayette Farmers Market, one of Indiana’s oldest outdoor open-air markets, operating for over 165 years. Runs early May through late October.

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette 102 S. 10th St., Lafayette, 765-742-1128,

Offers changing exhibitions, studio classes, the ArtSmart: Indiana educational program and docent-led tours (see page 42).

Big Four Depot Building 200 N. 2nd St., Lafayette

Tippecanoe County Courthouse Historic Neighborhoods

A historical train depot building built in 1902 in the Neo-Jacobean architectural style. Moved from its original location to the plaza in the mid-1990s, it continues to be a hub of transportation, serving as a stop for Amtrak. 39

Downtown T hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no place like it! John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge and Riehle Plaza 200 N. 2nd St., Lafayette

A symbolic link between the two cities, this site hosts musical performances, festivals and community celebrations. Riehle Plaza is located on the Lafayette side of the Wabash River. The John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge spans the river to Tapawingo Park. Beautiful fountains, skyline panoramas and outdoor art add to the appeal.

Genealogy and Research Center

1001 South St., Lafayette, 765-476-8411

Public Art Trail

Operated by the Tippecanoe County Historical Association, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the destination for all researchers tracing their Tippecanoe County family heritage or exploring other areas of local history.

Historic Five Points Fire Station Museum 1511 Main St., Lafayette, 765-429-1046

Restored to its 1937 heyday, the museum houses a 1937 Ahrens-Fox fire truck that made runs from the station for 40+ years. Historical memorabilia, photos, documents and run ledgers that tell the history of the Lafayette Fire Department can be found inside. Open Saturdays and by appointment. Home to North Central Health Child Safety Center.

Imagination Station

600 N. 4th St., Lafayette, 765-420-7780,

Offers hands-on, interactive exhibits for children and their families in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Children under two years of age are free.

Historic Five Points Fire Station Museum

Lafayette Farmers Market

5th St., between Main and Columbia streets, Lafayette

Seasonal open-air market operating downtown since the 1830s. Offering fresh produce (organic and heirloom), flowers, plants, herbs and live entertainment. Open Saturday mornings, May-October (see page 9).


Imagination Station

Riverside Skating Center

Stars and Stripes Celebration July 4th concert

Along the river. Tapawingo Park and Wabash Heritage Trail 100 Tapawingo Dr. N., West Lafayette,

Nestled along the Wabash River is a quaint park where you can break away from the city bustle to enjoy a picnic or stroll along the Wabash Heritage Trail (see page 35).

Mosey Down Main Street concert

Lafayette Theater

Tippecanoe County Courthouse

600 Main St., Lafayette, 765-742-4080

301 Main St., Lafayette,

This unique and historic venue, a restored art deco theater, is a great place to catch a variety of live shows or enjoy an elegant reception.

Be sure to visit the courthouse, built in the 1880s (see page 33).

Long Center for the Performing Arts

Wells Community Cultural Center

111 N. 6th St., Lafayette, 765-742-5664,

Offering three galleries that feature regional artists. Home to Tippecanoe Arts Federation (see page 42).

The Long Center is a community-owned and -focused venue, geared toward local non-profit performing arts. Annual events like “The Nutcracker” and comedian Heywood Banks draw large crowds. Home to the Lafayette Symphony and its concert season, the Long Center also hosts Purdue Bands, “The Passion Play” and many other events. Restored to its vaudeville glory, it’s a Lafayette gem.

Riverside Skating Center

Self-Guided Tours

Chauncey Village District

100 Tapawingo Dr. N., West Lafayette 765-743-7465,

Seasonal. This outdoor ice skating rink, overlooking the Wabash River, offers open skating during the day and evening hours. Vending machines, lockers, restrooms and skate rentals are available. Opens the Friday after Thanksgiving, weather permitting, until the first week of March.

Several tours are available for download under the attractions tab on Lafayette Downtown Architecture Guide, Historic Houses of Worship, Public Art Trails and the Tippecanoe County Courthouse tour.

Visit for a complete listing of downtown places to play, dine, shop and stay, as well as an active daily event calendar.

Ready. Set. Go Downtown! 41

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Visual Arts Take in an eclectic display of art. Creativity can be seen in numerous art galleries and exhibits, outdoor art, art fairs, and historical architecture. Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to many highly talented painters, potters, sculptors, jewelers, glass blowers and textile artists. Purdue University students ad to the mix of talent. Wells Gallery

Art Museum of Greater Lafayette 102 S. 10th St., Lafayette, 765-742-1128 Accredited by the American Association of Museums. The permanent collection of the museum centers on the Art of the Americas, with a specific focus on Indiana art. Five galleries feature exhibitions changing four times a year. With a focus on arts education, studio art classes are offered. Docent-led tours may be arranged by advanced request.

Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art 920 E. State St., Lafayette, 765-494-3061 The Haan Museum is three museums in one, housed in a mansion that served as the Connecticut Building at the 1904 St. Louis Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fair. Known for its outstanding collection of historic Indiana paintings. Displays hundreds of Indiana ceramics. A major collection of massive American antiques adds to the homey feel. Sculpture garden, nature trail, guided tours, events and special exhibitions.

Artisan Galleries

Tippecanoe Arts Federation

Enjoy a large variety of local artisan galleries. Explore art galleries, under attractions on for a complete listing.

638 North St., Lafayette, 765-423-2787 Wells Community Cultural Center is home to Tippecanoe Arts Federation (TAF). It offers three galleries that feature regional artists, the Wells Reception Hall, meeting and rehearsal rooms, and performance space. The Federation is the umbrella organization and arts council for fourteen counties in North Central Indiana. TAF provides educational opportunities in the visual, performing and literary arts outreach programs to both underserved communities and at-risk youth, and funding for capital and operational expenses to fellow arts organizations region-wide.

Gallery Walks Presented by Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Gallery Walks feature regional performing and visual artists in over 25 galleries and business venues throughout downtown Lafayette. See page 9 for Gallery Walk dates.

Purdue Galleries 765-494-3061, Purdue Galleries offer a variety of art forms and exhibits. See page 23 for more information and locations. 42

Purdue Galleries


Architecture A full range of architectural styles: several magnificent turn-ofthe-century mansions, a Gothic cathedral and even an original Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home.

SAMARA 1301 Woodland Ave., West Lafayette, 765-409-5522, The John and Catherine Christian House is a pristine example of Frank Lloyd Wrightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Usonian architecture. In 2015, SAMARA was designated a National Historic Landmark, the highest designation conferred by the National Park Service on historic places of extraordinary national significance. (Tours by reservation only.)

Self-Guided Tours

Public Art Whimsical, historic, and magnificent outdoor fountains and art can be found throughout Lafayette-West Lafayette. Visit or pick up the Public Art Trail brochure, which showcases these 100+ treasures and includes a map to each of their locations.

Several tours are available for download under the attractions tab on Lafayette Downtown Architecture Guide, Historic Houses of Worship, Public Art Trail and the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. / Enjoy 12 webcasts featuring nine historic neighborhoods. Website showcases over 200 Wabash Valley Trust plaqued properties with a brief description and photographs. Walking tour maps available for download.

Indiana Statewide Cultural Districts promote the exploration of and participation in the arts and humanities through cultural experiences that are unique to our communities, while also supporting community life and economic vitality. The Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District encompasses the three downtown districts (see page 39). This area is home to an abundance of art and cultural attractions: art galleries, traditional and non-traditional performance spaces, and theaters.

Download our free app!

Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art


Performing Arts

Purdue Performing Arts

No shortage of talent. Enjoy an array of performing arts and live entertainment from the ballet to the symphony, from on-stage comedies to outdoor concerts.

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette

Bach Chorale Singers, Inc. 765-429-5151, Bach Choraleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Adult, Children and Youth Choirs provide a series of six to seven concerts a year. Performances are presented at various venues throughout the community. Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s summer programs are also available in June.

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette

Long Center for the Performing Arts 44

313 N. 5th St., Lafayette, 765-423-7529, Civic Theatre calls the Historic Monon Depot Theatre home. Presenting a variety of Main Stage productions including: musicals, comedies, dramas, classics and staged readings. Civic Theatre also offers an extensive theatre education program including summer camps, classes and workshops.

Lafayette Symphony Orchestra concert at the Long Center for the Performing Arts

Lafayette Ballet Company 765-423-1633, Performs classical ballets throughout the year, including an annual version of the ever-popular “The Nutcracker.”

Lafayette Citizens Band

765-423-2263, A part of the community for 170+ years. Provides 13 free outdoor concerts every summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Thursday evenings at Riehle Plaza.

Lafayette Symphony Orchestra 111 N. 6th St., Lafayette, 765-742-6463, Brings outstanding symphonic music and artistic excellence through performances and educational outreach to the community. Lafayette Symphony Orchestra makes its home in the grand setting of the Long Center for the Performing Arts (see page 41).

Purdue Performing Arts You’ll find a rich array of entertainment at Purdue (see pages 22-27).

Tippecanoe Chamber Music Society 638 North St., Lafayette, 765-409-3516, Dedicated to promoting the performance and appreciation of chamber music in the community. Presents six concerts per year, featuring the region’s finest musicians.

Nightlife For the late-night crowd, there’s sure to be something going on about every night of the week. Choose from dance clubs, campus bars, karaoke clubs, neighborhood pubs, pool halls and mellow coffee shops. For a listing of these nightlife hot spots, visit

Performing Arts Venues Carnahan Hall 2200 Elmwood Ave., Suite A6, Lafayette 765-420-9500, Duncan Hall 619 Ferry St., Lafayette, 765-742-4788, Unique historic setting for a variety of events. Elliott Hall of Music 712 3rd St., West Lafayette, A prime entertainment venue with 6,000+ seats, making it even larger than New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Lafayette Theater (see page 41) Loeb Playhouse 128 Memorial Mall, Stewart Center, West Lafayette Features 1,000+ seats. Long Center for the Performing Arts (see page 41) Slayter Center for the Performing Arts A striking outdoor facility on the Purdue campus that hosts Jazz on the Hill each spring. Tippecanoe County Amphitheater 4449 S.R. 43 N., West Lafayette, 765-463-2306 An outdoor theater with 1,500+ seats.

Lafayette Citizens Band


A Sampling of FREE Things to Do! V Check out the Columbian Park Zoo's animals and attractions, including everything from an interactive water globe to prairie dogs and wallabies! V Pick up our Public Art brochure and follow the trail leading you to 100+ outdoor art pieces. V Hike and bike our many trails throughout both Lafayette-West Lafayette. Hike the 18 mile Wabash Heritage Trail, Happy Hollow Park trails and the ever scenic Clegg Botanical Gardens. V Savor historical architecture! Visit and then tour our nine historical neighborhoods throughout both Lafayette and West Lafayette.

V Visit Purdue's University, where you can tour the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering exhibits, learn about Purdue’s Arboretum (an outdoor living laboratory), and enjoy the plentiful outdoor art installations and fountains. V Go tubing, kayaking or canoeing down Wildcat Creek. V From Memorial Day to Labor Day, head to Riehle Plaza on Thursday evenings for an outdoor concert. V Tour People’s Brewery, Lafayette Brewing Company or Wildcat Creek Winery and enjoy free tastings! V Taste the international flavor of our community at Global Fest, held in September.

V Get back to nature at the Wa-BaShik-A Nature Center, located at the Tippecanoe Battlefield. V From May through October, enjoy vendors, entertainment and the sights and smells of our Farmers’ Markets. V One day a month in the summer, head downtown during Mosey Down Main Street to enjoy several blocks of free music and entertainment.

Contact us for more FREE Things to Do. 800-872-6648

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Hungry? We figured you were! 308 Bar & Grill

Another Broken Egg Café

1869 Tap Room


WL 308 State St., 250-9278 WL 101 N. Grant St., 494-6393

Aces Pub L

BP, 3215 S. 18th St., 269-9943

WL 705 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 464-6657

AJ’s Burgers & Beef


L 3575 Promenade Pkwy., #700 743-1940

Akropolis L

3311 South St., 447-0001

Alley-Oops L

1701 Schuyler Ave., 742-0443


7506 S.R. 25 N., 589-8244

Americus Pizza King

Purdue University campus dining Indiana Foodways Alliance Member A statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration, promotion and preservation of the authentic food culture of Indiana.

Arby’s Roast Beef

L 4066 South St., 449-0082 L 2219 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-1500 WL WV, 531 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-2133

AJ’s Burgers & Beef 2

Downtown dining

L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-1999 WL 3009 Northwestern Ave., 463-0308

Agave Azul

WL 134 W. State St., 743-1940

Dining Key

WL 516 Northwestern Ave., 250-3861

Americus Restaurant & Bar A

7460 S.R. 25 N., 589-3721

L MS, 2200 Elmwood Ave. 447-1108 L 2323 Wallace Ave., 447-9436 L DP, 3111 Builders Dr., 807-0400 S 2523 S.R. 25 W., 477-6888 L TC, inside Payless 2513 Maple Point Dr., 446-2200 WL SP, inside Payless 1032 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 464-0011

Serving Indiana for over 50 years! World-famous pizzas, salads, sandwiches, subs, pasta, munchies, desserts and more! Dine-in, carryout and catering. (see ad below)

Asahi Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar L

3412 S.R. 38 E., 447-2711

Auntie Anne’s

L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-4446

765 area code City Abbreviations L = Lafayette WL = West Lafayette A = Americus BC = Buck Creek BG = Battle Ground

CH = Clarks Hill D = Dayton R = Romney S = Shadeland WP = West Point

Mall, Plaza, Center Abbreviations LAFAYETTE BP = Brady Plaza DP = Daughtery Place EP = Eastway Plaza IS = International Square JS = Jefferson Square LM = Lafayette Marketplace LP = Lafayette Pavilions LS = Lafayette Station

MJV = Mar Jean Village MS = Market Square PC = Payless Center PP = Promenade Plaza PS = Plaza South TC = Tippecanoe Court TM = Tippecanoe Mall VL = Valley Lakes WP = Wea Plaza

WEST LAFAYETTE BRP = Brindon Plaza CHM = Chauncey Hill Mall CPC = College Park Center CS = Chauncey Square LEP = Levee Plaza MW = Market West PW = Purdue West

RM = River Market SP = Sagamore Plaza SST = State Street Towers WL = Wabash Landing WV = Wabash Village 47


Over 275+ dining options.

B&N Diner

Christos New City Grill

Baker’s Peak Bakeshop and Deli

Chuck E. Cheese’s


L 3291 Teal Rd., 474-6618 WL SP, 1018 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 497-3164

2220 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-3100

WL 1185 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-0219


Basil Thai


Authentic Thai cuisine in a lively atmosphere near campus. Serving flavorful dishes and variety of bubble-tea.



WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-3330


122 N. 3rd St., 420-9372 TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-1463

Budge’s Drive-In (seasonal)

Cold Stone Creamery

Big Apple Bagels

Buffalo Wild Wings

Copper Moon

Bistro 501

Burger King

Ben’s Soft Pretzels

L 4205 Commerce Dr., inside Wal-Mart, 447-1977 L 2049 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S. 430-2054


1102 N. 14th St., 742-1500

L LP, 2715 S. Creasy Ln., 477-9325 WL LEP, 360 Brown St., 743-1188 L L L WL

MS, 2175 Greenbush St., 447-4515 LS, 2338 Teal Rd., 474-1704 4092 South St., 447-3652 1069 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-6713

Black Sparrow


927 Main St., 429-8250

Blue Nile

WL 1920 Northwestern Ave., 588-3701

Bob Evans

L LP, 210 S. Creasy Ln., 447-0300 WL 257 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-6200


501 Main St., 423-4501

The Bistro at Courtyard Marriott L L

150 Fairington Ave., 449-4800 223 Main St., 429-0405

WL 117 Northwestern Ave., 269-9980 L

4300 South St., 448-4707

Bobby T’s L

605 Main St., 420-8262

Boiler Bistro

WL 900 W. State St., 494-4643

Brothers Bar & Grill WL 306 W. State St., 746-1090


WL 212 Brown St., 743-1668

Buck Creek Pizza D

718 Walnut St., 296-7950

Buttery Shelf Eatery Cafe Literato

Camille’s Sidewalk Café Captain Gyros


4729 Meijer Ct., 607-1550

Corlew Donut Company

L VL, 1803 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S. 471-9718

Country Cafe L

4254 South St., 448-1557

Cousin Pauley's

WL 112 Andrew Pl., 269-9982

Crabby Mike's BBQ L

2660 Schuyler Ave., 736-4122

Cracker Barrel L

40 Frontage Rd., S.R. 26 E., 447-9544

The Creek

WL 132 Northwestern Ave., 743-7170

Cellar 422

Culver’s Frozen Custard

Champs Sportsbar & Grill

D&R BBQ Diner & Catering


Dairy Queen

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

Down Under


DQ Grill & Chill


422 Main St., 746-6754 610 S. Earl Ave., 447-3212

1521 Kossuth St., 838-8301 91 N. 36th St., 746-6811

3836 South St., 446-2053

Chili’s Grill & Bar L

3980 South St., 449-8430


340 N. Creasy Ln., 449-1169

L 135 N. Creasy Ln., 449-4000

WL PW, 1402 W. State St., 743-6610 L


302 Ferry St., 429-8149 4717 Meijer Ct., 448-7979 PC, 2831 Old U.S. 231 S., 471-7727 3949 S.R. 38 E., 446-1610 CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 269-9302

China 1 Buffet


WL 132 Howard St., 743-9988


China Dragon

Digby’s Pub & Patio

WL 2060 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 743-7770


China King

Doc’s Pizza, Salads and Subs

Chipotle Mexican Grill



2400 Greenbush St., 269-7677

L 4030 South St., 446-0072 WL 200 W. State St., 743-4804

L LP, 100 S. Creasy Ln., 447-4400 WL WL, 338 E. State St., 250-5184

BC 4900 Main St., 589-3777



LP, 100 S. Creasy Ln., 449-1020


4260 South St., 448-1007 133 N. 4th St., 269-7179

295 Dayton Rd., 296-8200

L 1221 S. Creasy Ln., 447-9111 WL CPC, 1518 Win Hentschel Blvd., 497-4992 WL 330 E. State St., 743-3000


area code

Purdue University campus dining

Downtown dining

Greek’s Pizza


Green Leaf Vietnamese Cuisine


3457 South St., 449-1725

Fiesta Mexican Grill

WL CS, 102 N. Chauncey Ave., 838-0987

Firehouse Subs L

LP, 170 S. Creasy Ln., 449-3473

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-3100


WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8884


50 N. Creasy Ln., 449-0511

Don’s Dog-n-Suds (seasonal)

L 601 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-5457 WL WV, 401 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-5700

Downtowner L

MS, 2200 Elmwood Ave., 269-7435

DT Kirby’s L

644 Main St., 429-6666

Dunkin Donuts L

2131 S. Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-3300

A gourmet sandwich, salad and soup concept featuring hot artisan breads baked in a gas-fired, open-hearth oven.

Fox’s Pizza Den L

4921 S.R. 26 E., 838-0564


WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8888

All about “Food with a Purpose,” offers many healthy choices from hand-crafted crepes to fresh-blended smoothies or a variety of fat-free frozen yogurt options.


WL 102 N. Chauncey Ave., 250-9182

East End Grill

Freshii, a health casual restaurant, offers fresh, energizing food with a diverse and completely customizable menu of burritos, bowls, soups, salads, wrap and juices.

Eddie Joe’s Icehouse

Frozen Custard (seasonal)


1016 Main St., 607-4600

WP 4941 Washington St., 572-2000

Egyptian Café & Hookah Bar

WL 130 Northwestern Ave., 743-0500

Einstein Brothers Bagels

WL 201-203 Northwestern Ave., 743-8988

El Chicano

Eye Opener Cafe

BG 103 North St., 430-2495

Don Pablo’s

Indiana Foodways Alliance member


2319 Wallace Ave., 447-2492

Fu Lam Chinese Restaurant WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-0300

WL 2520 N. Salisbury St., 463-0001

WL SST, 111 S. River Rd., 743-2288

Green Leaf’s Beyond Great Salads

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St., 494-8878

Greyhouse Coffee & Supply WL 100 Northwestern Ave., 743-5316

Grindstone Charley’s L

3443 South St., 449-8692

Happy China

WL RM, 219 E. State St., 743-1666

Happy Cup Bubble Tea & Smoothies


TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 476-1999

Harry’s Chocolate Shop WL 329 W. State St., 743-1467

Heisei Japanese Restaurant WL 907 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-1682

Hideaway Bar & Grill L

3269 Teal Rd., 464-6574


WL 134 W. State St., 250-3567

Honey Baked Ham L L

LM, 3540 S.R. 38 E., 449-1223 116 N. 3rd St., 250-5770

Hooters L

TM, 2327 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 449-9464

Hot Box Pizza

Fuel Coffee Shop

L 2049 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S., 588-4040 WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-3400

The Garden Café

Huhot Mongolian Grill


1016 Main St., 423-7400

WL 1600 Cumberland Ave., at Four Points by Sheraton, 463-5511


El Meson

Garden Grille & Bar

WL 227 E. State St., 250-9121

El Pollo Feliz

Savor a cooked-to-order breakfast or dinner and drinks daily in the Garden Grille Restaurant. Delicious options available on the evening room service menu as well.



6 Earl Ave., 448-4206 408 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 449-0270 594 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 447-1650

El Rodeo L L

140 Frontage Rd., 449-8036 PC, 109 Beck Ln., 477-6029

En Lai Chinese Kitchen L

LP, 210 S. Creasy Ln., 449-8885

En Lai Chinese Restaurant L

LS, 2408 Teal Rd., 474-7916

End Zone Sports Bar & Grill L 2408 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S., 471-9663

LP, 100 S. Creasy Ln., 447-8903

Hungry Howie’s

WL WL, 356 E. State St., at Hilton Garden Inn, 743-2100

Gaza Korean Grill

WL BRP, 3457 Bethel Dr., 497-2346

Gigi’s Cupcakes L

LP, 170 S. Creasy Ln., 293-2932

Golden Corral L

79 Shenandoah Dr., 447-6915

Great Harvest Bread Company L

1500 Kossuth St., 742-7323 49

Dining Hunter’s Pub

WL 1092 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-7785

Ichiban L

2 S. 4th St., 742-6600

Igloo Frozen Custard L L

4909 Tazer Dr., 449-0100 1817 Troxel Dr., 474-4566

Legendary • Local • Landmark Old fashion Frozen Custard, sandwiches & more, using many recipes for four generations! Open all year. (see ad on page 51) Dine in • Drive up • Patio.


4215 South St., 446-0716

Indian Mahal Fine Indian Restaurant WL SST, 111 S. River Rd., 746-2345

Yummy! Khana Khazana Indian Grill

WL 108 Northwestern Ave., 743-1223

Kibu Café

WL SST, 111 S. River Rd., 743-3190

Klondike Pub

WL 2801 Klondike Rd., 497-7777

Knickerbocker Saloon


113 N. 5th St., 423-2234

Kokoro Japanese Seafood Bar L

526 Main St., 742-8180

Kung Fu Tea

Latea Bubble Tea Lounge

La Bamba

Legacy Pub

La Fiesta Express Burrito


WL 360 Brown St., 917-251-5188

Insomnia Cookies


Jake’s Roadhouse

L 2122 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S., 474-4300

WL 602 W. Stadium Ave., 743-9070

2120 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 474-6560


11 N. Earl Ave., 447-0601

WL WL, 358 E. State St., 586-9398 L

DP, 3230 Daugherty Dr., 474-8060

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8885

Java Jo’z

La Hacienda Bar & Grill

Wok-fired entrees and a variety of appetizers, emphasizing vegetables, sauces and spices found primarily in China and Vietnam, as well as fresh sushi and noodle bowls from AHZ.

Java Roaster

La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill

Lin's Wok Chinese

WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-5253 L L

1221 S. Creasy Ln., 269-7226 130 N. 3rd St., 742-2037

Jerilee’s Pub L

MS, 2100 Elmwood Ave., 447-5775

Jet's Pizza L

210 S. Creasy Ln., 446-0011


103 Farabee Dr. N., 447-7080 2810 Creasy Ln., 446-8400 1052 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-9000 720 Northwestern Ave., 743-8600 134 W. State St., 743-8200

Jimmy John’s

WL 140 Howard Ave., 771-7930

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8895

“South of the Border” cuisine featuring high-quality, fresh ingredients and famous for its salsa bar. Salsa made fresh daily.

La Scala Italian Restaurant L

312 Main St., 420-8171

Chef-owned Italian dining. Downtown Lafayette's longest-running fine dining. Farm-fresh food from the chef's own farm as well as other local farmers.

JL Hufford Coffee & Tea L

TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-2775

John Purdue Room

WL 900 W. State St., 494-6845


WL 1048 C. Sagamore Pkwy. W., 233-6066

Kathy’s Homemade Kandies & Chocolate Lounge L

611 Main St., 429-5176

Kentucky Fried Chicken L IS, 3809 South St., 447-1149 L PP, 3561 Promenade Pkwy., 474-9794 WL 609 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-6212

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622 Main St., 742-2591

Fresh Food... Fresh Beer... Made Here. Full service lunch and dinner menu. Children welcome. Banquet space and carryout beer. Open 7 days a week.

Las Perlas Tapatias

Inside Scoop

TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 449-5899


KTV Bubble Tea

WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 838-3513


Lafayette Brewing Company

WL 1044D Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-6401

Lindo Mexico L

405 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-0383

Linnwood Tavern Bar & Grill L

1244 N. 14th St., 742-8691

Little Caesars

L 3105 S. 9th St., 477-1000 L 3205 Union St., 447-5151 WL 2060 U.S. 52, 464-6393


area code

Indiana Foodways Alliance member

Purdue University campus dining

Downtown dining

Logan’s Roadhouse

Mango Loco

MCL Restaurant & Bakery

Long John Silver's/A&W

Maru Japanese Sushi

Merlin’s Beard

Los Tulipanes

Mary Lou Donuts

Mi Cabanita

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza

McAllister’s Deli

Midtown Oven (opening spring 2017)

Luca Pizza Di Roma

McCord Candies & Lunches


3840 South St., 446-1551 2839 Teal Rd., 474-0304

3810 South St., 746-6846

WL 316 W. State St., 761-4400

L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-1254

Mad Mushroom

L 3014 Underwood St., 449-8081 WL 320 W. State St., 743-5555

Maguey L

IS, 3861 South St., 588-6798

Maje Sushi

L 2415 Sagamore Pkwy S., 250-3785 WL 204 South St., 743-7777

Mama Ines’ Mexican Bakery L L

518 Sagamore Pkwy. N. , 446-2629 3107 Builder's Dr., 474-8388

Mammaw's Sweet Shop L

3540 S.R. 38 E., 269-9591


WL WV, 521 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-6621

1440 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 448-1715

WL CS, 102 N. Chauncey Ave., 743-2646 L L



1830 S. 4th St., 474-9131 LP, 100 S. Creasy Ln., 449-2300


1001 Main St., 714-4441

2601 Teal Rd., 477-7924 625 Columbia St.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

L LP, 170 S. Creasy Ln., 447-6637 WL WL, 332 E. State St., 743-5000

536 Main St., 742-4441

McDonald’s L L L L L WL WL WL WL


4200 South St., 448-1222 510 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 448-1433 2333 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-1455 PS, 2812 Old U.S. 231 S., 474-6477 3606 Osborne Ln., 471-9365 605 W. Stadium Ave., 743-7518 613 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 497-4663 124 E. State St., 743-6069 5918 S.R. 43 N., 567-4255

McGraw’s Steak Chop and Fish House WL 2707 S. River Rd., 743-3932

Monical’s Pizza

L LM, 3500 S.R. 38 E., 448-6066 WL BRP, 3457 Bethel Dr., 464-2885

Mountain Jack’s L

4211 South St., 448-1521

Voted best prime rib, steaks and wine list. We feature excellent service and a relaxing atmosphere complete with three fireplaces. Can accommodate large parties.

Mt. Fuji Japanese Steakhouse L

700 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-7373

Neon Cactus

WL LEP, 360 Brown St., 743-6081

PEPE’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 2525 Sagamore Parkway S., Lafayette, Indiana 765-448-1888 •

HOURS Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM Friday & Saturday: 11 AM - 11 PM



For here or to go? Outpost Bar & Restaurant L

2511 U.S. 231 S., 471-0200

Panda Express

L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-6188 WL 138 Northwestern Ave., 743-0105

Panera Bread

L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-4286 WL WL, 328 E. State St., 746-2400

Papa John’s New Cheng Du L

3800 South St., 449-8728

New York Café L

6 N. Earl Ave., 447-9067

Noble Roman's

4333 South St., 448-4212

Noodles & 1

WL 111 N. Chauncey Ave., 743-1192

Noodles & Company

Pappy’s, The Original Sweet Shop

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8948

A favorite on the Purdue campus since 1927. Enjoy a burger, dog or a shake, malt or cone made with Pappy's original Purdue Creamery recipe ice cream.

Parkside Seafood House Oyster Bar L

1902 Scott St., 464-6531

L 3640 South St., 447-2288 WL CS, 102 N. Chauncey Ave., 743-4444

Parkway Pizza & Subs

Nori Japan

Parthenon Greek American Grill

L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-6040

Oasis Café

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8887

Featuring a full line of richly brewed coffees, chai and teas as well as hot or cold gourmet sandwiches/wraps and hearty soups.

O’Bryan's Nine Irish Brothers

L 3520 S.R. 38 E., 447-0999 WL 119 Howard Ave., 746-4782

An award-winning traditional Irish pub with two locations, serving premium Irish food and spirits. Smoke-free, live Irish entertainment on weekends. Accepts reservations & large parties.

O’Charley’s L

TM, 2413 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 446-9466

Olive Garden L

4151 South St., 447-0074

Oliverio’s Southland Restaurant L

2670 Old U.S. 231 S., 474-0076


405 Sagamore Pkwy., 250-3017

WL MW, 2060 U.S. 52 W., 743-6778

Family owned and operated since 1980, Parthenon Greek American Grill has been serving Greater Lafayette homemade Greek Cuisine, and American classics with a Greek twist.

Peking Buffet


3613 S. 18th St., 474-7878

Penn Station East Coast Subs

L LM, 3540 S.R. 38 E., 448-9957 WL CPC, 1570 Win Hentschel Blvd., 497-1669

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant L

TM, 2525 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 448-1888

Reservations accepted. Mexican cuisine, signature dishes include: chile con queso, fajitas and seafood enchiladas supremas. Seasonal patio. (see ad on page 51)

Peppercorns Kitchen

WL WL, 360 E. State St., 250-3416

Pete’s Diner L

601 Main St., 420-7383


The Pickle

WL RM, 213 E. State St., 743-3838


O’Rear’s Pastry Shop

The Pink Walrus Frozen Yogurt


321 N. 9th St., 742-2285

Outback Steakhouse L 52

L 2404 Greenbush St., 447-7727 L 109 Beck Ln., #114, 477-0044 WL PW, 1400 W. State St., 743-2800

3660 South St., 449-1790


914 Union St., 423-9999

3537 Promenade Pkwy. S., 250-3575

The Pit Stop Diner R

10930 U.S. 231 S., 538-2222

Pizza Hut L L L WL

3161 Teal Rd., 477-6459 100 Farabee Dr. N., 449-1266 35 Beck Ln., 471-7700 506 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-1529

Pizza King L L L BG CH

WP, 3613 S. 18th St., 471-8555 JS, 1400 Teal Rd., 474-3414 109 N. Creasy Ln., 447-6994 105 North St., 567-2790 9415 White St., 523-2610

Poblano’s Mexican Restaurant

WL LP, 360 Brown St., 250-3060

Potbelly Sandwich Shop WL 117 Northwestern Ave., 743-2993

Professor Joe's Sports Pub & Pizzeria L

648 Main St., 746-6271

Eight beers on tap featuring craft and local brews, full liquor selection, and the county’s best calzones, pizzas and meatballs. 21+ only.


WL 300 Brown St., 746-5000

Qdoba Mexican Grill

WL 139 Northwestern Ave., 807-0338

Randy’s Bar & Billiards L

5 N. Earl Ave., 464-6027

Red Lobster L

LP, 120 S. Creasy Ln., 446-0381

Red Mango

WL CS, 102 N. Chauncey Ave., 743-3300

Red Seven Bar & Grill L

200 Main St., 742-7337

Rice Café

WL 128 Pierce St., 743-3503


area code

Richelle in a Handbasket L

MS, 2200 Elmwood Ave., 441-2626

Rookies Sports Club L

3618 S.R. 38 E., 446-4230

Route 66 Diner

WL CPC, 1566 Win Hentschel Blvd. 497-9466

Purdue University campus dining

Downtown dining

Serves only 100% ground sirloin burgers, soups, salads, beer & wine along with Triple XXX Premium Root Beer. All-day breakfasts available. (see ad below)

Sacred Grounds Espresso Coffee Shop L

724 Wabash Ave., 429-8452

Sagamore Restaurant

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8945

Sit-down restaurant located on the second floor of the Union offering breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

Indiana Foodways Alliance member


WL 2827 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 637-1302

Sixth Street Dive Bar & Grill L L

Sgt. Preston’s of the North


6 N. 2nd St., 742-7378

Local favorite established in 1980 in the historic John Purdue Block. Offers the largest seasonal outdoor patio and entertainment. Home of the famous Preston Burger and Specialty Wings.

Sharma’s Kitchen L

EP, 1403 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 769-4455

Shaukin Indian Fast Food WL RM, 138 S. River Rd., 743-2222

Shelly’s Café L

JS, 1400 Teal Rd., 471-2734

Silver Dipper Ice Cream WL RM, 201 E. State St., 743-7511 WL WV, 307 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 743-7511

918 Main St., 588-6212

Sonic L


827 N. 6th St., 771-7105

Something Blue Bakery

Scotty’s Brewhouse

WL WL, 352 E. State St., 746-3131.

LP, 150 S. Creasy Ln., 447-7700

South Street Smokehouse 3305 South St., 446-0559

Southside Diner

L 2108 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S. 838-0176

Spageddies Italian Kitchen


3990 South St., 449-0773

Start with a complimentary loaf of warm bread, then enjoy generous portions of Italian classics like Lasagna and Chicken Parmesan, or our signature Sizzlelini®. (see ad on page 54)

Spot Tavern L

409 S. 4th St., 742-7989

Spurlock’s L

721 Main St., 420-8090

Stacked Pickle

WL 516 Northwestern Ave., 746-6845



Savor the local flavor.

Star City Coffee & Ale House L

Sunrise Diner

210 Main St., 420-7099


Starbucks L L L L L


LP, 160 S. Creasy Ln., 446-7296 1700 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 449-7098 17 N. Frontage Rd., 449-1205 3630 South St., inside Target, 446-8551 TM, 2323 Sagamore Pkwy. S., inside Barnes & Noble, 449-4330 1196 3rd St., 494-0600 WV, 545 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-4822 WL, 342 E. State St., 746-1674


WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8879

Offering a full menu with both hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and baked goods, whole bean coffee, and retail merchandise.

Steak ’n Shake L L

2 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 447-6091 200 Meijer Way, 447-3375

501 Columbia St., 742-4204

Sunset Restaurant Grill



L 1 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 447-1764 L PC, 109 Beck Ln., 474-3787 L 220 Meijer Dr., 447-1900 L 291 Yost Rd., 296-5028 L MS, 2200 Elmwood Ave., 447-6373 L 2347 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S., inside Wal-Mart, 474-1300 L LS, 2404 Teal Rd., 474-7827 L TM, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy. S., 449-1464 L 3605 Osborne Ln., 474-6967 L 3990 S.R. 38 E., 423-4456 L 4205 Commerce Dr., inside Wal-Mart, 838-0014 L 2660 Schuyler Ave., 423-3279 WL 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-0889 WL PW, 1400 W. State St., 743-7827 WL 720 Northwestern Ave., 269-7466 WL 1060 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 497-7827 WL 2801 Northwestern Ave., inside Wal-Mart, 463-4551 WL 5851 S.R. 43 N., 567-2800



1904 U.S. 52 W., 588-6372

Sushi Burrito

WL 350 E. State St., 771-7970

Sushi Don L

3338 Main St., 447-6655

To celebrate “Best Asian Fusion” and “Best Korean” Restaurant Awards from Journal and Courier Readers Choice Award 2016.

Szechuan Garden

WL 945 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-2364

Taco Bell L L WL WL WL

JS, 2190 S. 26th St., 474-0618 IS, 3805 South St., 449-4166 CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-4433 1016 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-1010 5860 S.R. 43 N., 567-4900

Taco Express (seasonal) L

3401 Fairfield Ct., 215-8700

Taco Tuesdays

Limited Time. All day on Tuesdays. Dine-In Only. Tacos $2 each.

Italian Combo

Chicken Parmesan & Lasagna




Dos $

Equis Bottles


House Margaritas

Lafayette | 3990 South Street | 765.449.0773 www.spageddiesitaliankitchen.c om


3980 South St. | Lafayette, IN | 47905


Purdue University campus dining

Downtown dining

area code

Indiana Foodways Alliance member

Tokyo One Sushi Buffet L

140 Frontage Rd., 607-2719

Toscana Italian Grill & Bar L

515 South St., at Holiday Inn Lafayette City Centre, 742-5230

Excellent mix of American Grill & Italian cuisine set in a relaxed atmosphere with a full-Service Bar and extensive beer list. Family friendly.

Town & Gown Bistro WL 119 N. River Rd., 250-3425

Taco Rico L

1325 Sagamore Pkwy. N., 446-9798

Tailgate Grille & Bar

WL 1600 Cumberland Ave., at Four Points by Sheraton, 463-5511

West Lafayette's family friendly sports grille & bar, serving the best burgers, great sandwiches, steaks, and seafood for lunch and dinner. Private dining.

Taqueria El Maguey L

MS, 2090 Elmwood Ave., 449-0160

The Trails Banquet Facility WL 325 Burnett Rd., 742-6478

Triple XXX Family Restaurant

WL 2 N. Salisbury St., 743-5373 Serves only 100% ground sirloin burgers, all-day breakfasts along with old-fashioned shakes, floats and Triple XXX Premium Root Beer. (see ad on page 53)

Tsunami Japanese Fusion

Tasty Buffet

WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 743-0606

Teppanyaki Grill

WL 134 W. State St., 269-7857

TC’s Restaurant

WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8943


109 Beck Ln., 838-1164 2641 Maple Point Dr., 446-0888

BG 109 N. Railroad St., 567-2838

Texas Roadhouse L

TM, 3615 S.R. 38 E., 446-0404

TGI Friday’s L

LP, 110 S. Creasy Ln., 449-9051

Thai Essence

WL CPC, 1534 Win Hentschel Blvd., 269-9380

Elegant Thai dining experience. Serving a variety of well-prepared dishes. Great wine and Thai beer. One block from West Lafayette Wal-Mart, near Purdue Research Park.

Thieme & Wagner Bar L

652 Main St., 607-4804

Tick Tock Tavern & Eatery L

1816 N. 9th St., 742-9425

Two Fellas Grill Urban Market

An upscale convenience store featuring organic, sustainable and natural foods, Korean Street food from Q Express, skewered meats and bubble tea.

The Vault Lounge & Billiards L

205 N. 2nd St., 269-9329

Vienna Espresso Bar & Bakery

WL 208 South St., 743-4446

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen WL Purdue Union, 101 N. Grant St. 494-8878

An Italian restaurant offering pizza, pasta, and garlic sticks using “old world” recipes, and a build-your-own salad concept called Green Leaf's.

Von’s Dough Shack WL 311 W. State St., 743-3700

Walt’s Other Pub L

3001 S. 9th St., 474-9527

Locally owned for over 20 years! Neighborhood friendly with ample space: two floors and patio. Famous Pub wings, Lafayette's largest bar and separate family dining.


L JS, 1201 Teal Rd., 474-0903 L TM, 3621 S.R. 38 E., 449-2772 L 2010 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. S, 474-7935 WL 252 E. State St., 743-5885 WL 701 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 463-4939 BG 2029 Northgate Dr., 567-0114

Where Else? Bar

WL CHM, 135 S. Chauncey Ave., 746-1122

Whiskey Bob’s Saloon L

210 Meijer Dr., 250-3222

White Castle/Blaze L

4723 Meijer Ct., 446-0707

Wings Etc.

L 4729 Meijer Ct., 607-4354 L 2049 Veterans Memorial Pkwy., 838-2304 WL MW, 2060 U.S. 52 W., 588-6740

Wolf’s Fine Chocolates

WL 1185 Sagamore Pkwy. W., 446-2211

Locally manufactured Fine Box Chocolates for over a half of a century. We only use the finest and freshest ingredients. Ice Cream available seasonally.

Yummy Time

WL 620 W. Stadium Ave., 743-2600

Xin Asian Bistro

WL BRP, 3457 Bethel Dr., 463-2900

Food Trucks seasonal, locations vary

EMT Food Truck

Famous Franks

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Kona Ice of Tippecanoe Co.

Lkora Fastfood

The Pink Walrus Food Truck

Smolder BBQ



Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll love our neighbors...

A Short Drive Adams Mill

765-268-2530, Cutler, Visit an 1845 turbine-powered mill that ran until the 1950s, an 1872 covered bridge, and The Museum of Americana offering special events, festivals and activities.

Delphi Opera House 765-564-4300, Delphi, A historically restored 1865 opera house offering a full season of concerts and cultural events (see ad on opposite page).

Energy tours Benton County Windfarms

Self-Guided: Guided: White County

Guided Windfarm & Clean Energy Tours:

Fair Oaks Farms 877-536-1194, Fair Oaks, Includes interactive activities, live cow and pig birthings, a full restaurant, and bus tours of the farm. Admission charged.

Indiana Beach 574-583-4141, Monticello, Amusement and water park on Lake Shafer. Admission charged.

RDM Aquaculture 765-583-0052, Fowler, Shrimp farm offering group tours.

Wabash & Erie Canal Interpretive Center 765-564-6572, Delphi, The Interactive Center demonstrates how the canal affected Indiana over its 30+ years of operation. Canal boat rides are offered, weather permitting. Hike and bike the 10+ miles of historic trails (see ad on opposite page).

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Located just six miles from Purdue University and Stadium, La Quinta is the place to stay in Lafayette. There is a variety of shopping and major businesses within a few miles, plenty of championship golf courses and restaurants for every taste, just a short walk away.

Conveniently located between Chicago and Indianapolis on I-65 we are close to major businesses, hospitals and restaurants, 6 miles from Purdue University.

• Each Suite Features a Fully Equipped Kitchen

Recently Fully Renovated

• Free High-Speed Internet

Business Center

• Free DVD and CD Library

• Fitness Center and Indoor Pool

• Guest Laundry

Fridge, Microwave and Free High Speed Internet Access in All Rooms Fitness Center • Guest Laundry Indoor Swimming Pool Free Hot Breakfast

G. N I M O C L E W


Outdoor BBQ and Picnic Area

312 Meijer Drive Lafayette, IN 47905 (765) 446-2400

Features: • Free High-speed Internet • Free Hot Breakfast • Fitness Room • Guest Laundry • Hair Dryer, Refrigerator and Microwave in Rooms • Close to Many Restaurants • Purdue University Only 5 Miles Away, Caterpillar 2 Miles, and Subaru of Indiana Automotive 2 Miles

201 Frontage Road Lafayette, IN 47905 (765) 449-4808 Fax (765) 448-1939

240 Meijer Drive Lafayette, IN 47905 (765) 807-5735 Fax (765) 807-5736

TOTALLY, NEWLY RENOVATED Motel 6 Lafayette is located on the east side of Lafayette, right off of Interstate 65, Exit 172. We are less than two blocks away from a Cracker Barrel and authentic Mexican restaurant. In addition to our free wireless Internet access in all guest rooms, we have many amenities at Motel 6 Lafayette. We serve hot coffee in the office 24 hours a day. Available upon request are rooms with mini-fridge/microwave. Additional Amenities • Wireless Internet (WiFi)

• Coin Laundry

• Free Local Calls

• Standard Amenities

• Data Ports

• Pets Allowed

• Free Expanded Cable

• Accessible Rooms

• Free Morning Coffee

• Kids Stay Free

139 Frontage Road, I-65 at S.R. 26, Exit #172 Lafayette, Indiana 47905 Phone: 765-447-7566 | Fax: 765-448-2833

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Everything, stay HGI tonight!

When tomorrow is a big day…

ng, Right where you need it!®

Stay in comfort at the Hilton Garden Inn Wabash Landing hotel, the ideal base among hotels in West Lafayette, IN. Leave the details to us, and enjoy the comfortable accommodations, a refreshing The Hilton Garden Innbusiness - West Lafayette/Wabash Landing spacious guest rooms full of thoughtful amenities leisure pool and modern amenities—from theoffers intimate function rooms with catering to thecomplemented by friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere. By focusing precisely on what guests have said they need and want, and less on complimentary 24-hour Business Center. Only four blocks from Purdue University, this hotel is within whatofthey don’t use, we deliver the highest degreemeeting of servicespecialists, and cost savings to both business and leisure travelers without easy reach several business locations. As small our staff will be happy to assist the quality associated the Hilton name. Each ofrooms. the 104 well-appointed guest rooms include a hospitality center planning and hostingwith events in the function acious guest with rooms catering, full ofsacrificing thoughtful amenities complemented

you need it!®

mini-refrigerator, microwave, ely on what guests have with said they need and want, and less on and coffee maker, electronic door locks, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, cable TV with onnd cost savings to both business leisure travelers demand movies and video games, and interactive Hilton guest services. Spacious desk withking-sized dual-line speakerphone, Prepare for theand day ahead in without a comfortable, West Lafayette, Indiana hotel guestwork room with

e 104 well-appointed guest roomsaccess, include adataports hospitality center Internet voicemail. Hotel features and heated indoor pool &Work whirlpool, fitness Great American Grill® and or queen-sized bed, easy chair,and work desk, refrigerator microwave. out in thecenter, complimentary oor locks, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, cable TV with onPavillion Lounge. 1,274 squareor feetenjoy of flexible meeting/conference space to accommodate fitness center a swim in the hotel pool. services. Spacious work desk with dual-line speakerphone,

door pool & whirlpool, fitness center, Great American Grill® and quare feet of flexible meeting/conference space to accommodate

tions. The Hilton Garden Inn - West Lafayette/Wabash Landing tly located six miles off I-65, in the heart of West Lafayette, 356 East State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906 m Purdue University, Tippecanoe Battlefield, Wolf Park, and 765-743-2100 • FAX 765-743-6520 m. Area businesses include Eli Lilly, Subaru of Indiana Automotive,

and numerous others.

Enjoy classics for breakfast and dinner at a variety of American functions. The Hilton Garden Inn - West Lafayette/Wabash Landing the Garden Grillesix&miles Bar®offorI-65, grabin athe convenient is conveniently located heart of West Lafayette, snack PavilionTippecanoe Pantry®. Battlefield, WhateverWolf Park, and minutes fromfrom Purduethe University, the reason you're staying, you're guaranteed Art Museum. Area businesses include Eli Lilly, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, a comfortable and easy stay at Hilton Garden Caterpillar, and numerous others. Inn West Lafayette Wabash Landing hotel.

Now featuring complimentary high-speed internet and remote printing!

peed internet and remote printing! Enjoy complimentary high-speed internet and remote printing!


VISIT LAFAYETTE-WEST LAFAYETTE 301 Frontage Road Lafayette, Indiana 47905-4564

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2017-18 Lafayette - West Lafayette, Indiana Visitors Guide  

Official guide to everything Lafayette - West Lafayette, Indiana has to offer. Published and made possible by Visit Lafayette - West Lafayet...

2017-18 Lafayette - West Lafayette, Indiana Visitors Guide  

Official guide to everything Lafayette - West Lafayette, Indiana has to offer. Published and made possible by Visit Lafayette - West Lafayet...