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American Cheerleader


A fashion leading magazine. (6 bimonthly issues)

All about creative pl:lotography. (6, bimonthly issues)


Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Helps savvy consumers get the most out of ev.ery day, every destination, every dollar. (10 monttily issues)



Most Widely read boating magazine. (10 monthly issues)

The comp e:e q~Ce ::: planning the pe""ec wedding. (12 monthly issues J




ESquire Magazine

Family Fun

A home style magazine

Flyl~~9f theteend~nq~, world. (Hi monthly. 'issue~)

The # 1 source for an ~uthoritative ,pe~pective to the African-American community.

For the man interested in polities, spo$,. fClShion and Hollywood. (11 monthly issues)

craft$, p<!ity ideas and more. (15 monthly issues)

Dance SPifit'~J:s tcitfrE!'

with "n international (10 monthly issues)


exciting family vaeations, comes nex:.. (10 rnontt: v !SS.Je5

(11 monthly issues)

Flyitff' World's leading aviati0n maga;;:ine. (12 monthly issues)


lnli', the

tnaggtine for growing .compClliles. (10' mOf.l~lyissueS)

The premier men's fashion and life-style publication. (12molithly iss~es)

Outdoor Life Get more out of the outdoors - plus local coverage. (12 monthly issues)

Traditional Home Ar1ier,ica's most

fii'tky The ultimate shop maga~ine. (12 monthly issues.

Samiyah's FRmag2  

Forthe man interested in polities, spo$,. fClShion and Hollywood. Get more out of the outdoors -plus local coverage. (12 monthly issues) the...