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TIS & That Volume 2, Issue 3

September 27, 2013

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As educators we have all experienced the morning we woke up wishing we did not have to go to school, wishing we did not have to teach that lesson on converting fractions to decimals, wishing we did not have sit through that staff meeting (especially because you always seem to get beside that teacher). Have you ever stopped and thought about why you actually feel this way and what you could do to change it? A lot of times, I believe we get bored with the daily routine, long boring lessons, and staff meetings that eventually turn into gripe sessions and last forever. If you feel this way before you step foot in your classroom, just imagine how your students must feel, and how your attitude affects them! You can make each day a new experience with new and exciting and lessons. Remember your first year teaching? Remember thinking you could change the world? Remember teaching because you loved it, regardless the pay? Technology could help light those old flames again!

Page Technology in the Read- Many have the preconceived notion that new ideas, adding technology and ing Classroom different teaching styles will be a burden and take twice as long to plan for. 5 Technology Integration This is not true! It does take time to learn how to use it when you first discover your new tool. However, if you find these new tools beneficial to your classroom, it will be well worth your time. With all the technology devices, Page Professional Development Opportunities and applications, videos, websites, and online games now available, teaching 6 Webinars should be a breeze. These are all supplemental aids that can help you make those 45 minute lessons fly by. You can always find tools that Newsletter Contributors make what you are already doing, faster, easier, and a more fun and engaging way to learn. Amanda Cooper Special Educator Jackson County Schools John Holmes ABE Career Development Consultant RESA 8

Laura Nester Technology Integration Specialist Greenbrier County Schools

In this issue of TIS and That, we will give you tools that will make your lessons more interactive and easy to create. You no longer have to make flash cards, file folder lessons, or graphic organizers. These are at your disposal with the touch of a button. We hope to give you resources that you can use and share with other teachers in your school, your county, your state, your country, and even the World! When you find something that works well for you do not be afraid to share! We hope that after learning how to make your lessons more fun and engaging, not only will you want to go to school but your students will want to be there as well!

Technology Tools for the Arts Here some top sites recommended for integrating technology in and through the arts! Software for Arts Integration: Google Sketchup Audacity Garageband Prezi Wordle Comic Life Aviary Design Suite Digication Portfolio

Lesson Plan Ideas Music and

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Language Arts

and Math


In a group, write a poem that is set to a beat. Use Garageband to keep a drummed beat in the background and record your poem.

Students pick a topic and use Wordle to create a word cloud (image) about that topic. Students measure the size ratio of each word with others in the same picture.

Reading Students choose a story with a town setting. Students will create the town with Google Sketchup.

Can Physical Education Classes Benefit from Technology? Using technology in PE class can be very beneficial for both teachers and students! Technology can motivate students and individualize the activities. Heart rate monitors are a great motivator for students because it gives instant feedback for students and teachers. This instant feedback allows students to not only view their heart rates, but it also shows them if they are exercising at a level to improve their overall health and fitness. The use of technology can also individualize physical education, allowing each student to be challenged appropriately. For example, if the purpose of the lesson is to exercise within an individual’s target heart zone for 20 minutes, a student with a high level of fitness might need to run in order to achieve that, while a student with a low level of fitness could exercise at the same intensity by walking.

So what kinds of technology can be used successfully in PE classes? Physical education teachers can integrate a variety of technologies into classroom instruction. Some of these technology integration ideas include the use of pedometers and/or heart rate monitors. But what if the physical education department is on a tight budget and is unable to purchase technology like the heart rate monitors or pedometers? How about implementing an exercise game day and get the students active using Dance, Dance Revolution or Wii Fit? If you don't have access to a game system, you can do a simple search to find videos of these games to display on your interactive whiteboard or projector. The games are easy to follow, the kids love them and it really gets the heart pumping.

Pinterest in the Classroom One of the fastest growing social media outlets is Pinterest. It can be an invaluable classroom resource! Throughout the school year, educators categorize and organize their classroom activities and resources. What better way to organize and categorize than using Pinterest? Pinterest is a fantastic tool that allows educators to pin lessons and activities, bulletin board ideas, organization ideas, and much more. Some of us are intimidated by social networking and weary of getting on yet another site, but Pinterest does not have to be another social activity. It can be a great organizational tool for categorizing your classroom. It is as easy as browsing for keywords and pinning to your board. There are TONS of ideas out there that are ready to be shared. What makes Pinterest to great? It is all based on visuals! Ideas are posted, visuals are included, and people click on them and re-pin or share the ideas with others. Isn’t that what education is all about? Sharing ideas and learning from one another. Give Pinterest a try for your own classroom and see how it goes!

Top Ed Technology Boards to Follow on Pinterest All Things Technology Free Technology for Teachers 1:1 Technology EduTech Resources Classroom Technology Teaching Ideas and Apps What the Tech Technology

First Aid in the Classroom According to the American Heart Association, about 92% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital, but statistics prove that if more people knew CPR, more lives could be saved.

ternal Defibrillator (AED), pictured on the right, chances are that you may save a life! Most schools already have the AEDs on the property, so it’s up to everyone to learn how to use these simple, effective devices. Immediate CPR can double, or Contact the Public Service even triple, a victim’s chance of Training department at your survival. local RESA for more information and training opportuniCPR is the act of pushing on ties. Also check out the chest (compressions) and for more inforgiving breaths. When commation on CPR and First Aid. bined with an Automated Ex-

Technology in the Science Classroom

Looking for a free app that details the inside of a cell? HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnolgy has created an app that gives the student a 3D view of the inside of cells. The types of cells included are animal, plant, and bacteria. The app is free, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. An Android version is also available.

Technology in the Math Classroom According to recent National Assessment of Education Progress reports, less than one-third of 8th grade students and fewer than 25% of seniors now test as proficient or better in math. This describes the scene in most math classes across West Virginia. Teachers often hear the sigh of students when it is time for math to begin. Whether they struggle because they can not keep up with the rising standards and expectations, they are uninterested, or they are just bored, effectively using technology can beef up your classroom atmosphere, your lessons, and especially your students’ attitudes about math. Technology is great, but what if you are limited to just two or three classroom computers?

There is an online program for elementary math teachers that helps your students become more fluent in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Xtramath helps students mater basic math facts by repeatedly answering problems they answer incorrectly. This program is timed and keeps data on the students progress. If you are lucky enough to have an iPad or iPads you should definitely check out the site below! If you only have one or two iPads this is a great opportunity for independent practice!

Technology in the Reading Classroom Alternatives to: Read Alouds/Videos: Youtube, Teacher Tube, &

We caught YOU using technology!

Flash Cards: Time For Kids not only gives you the opportunity to create free flash cards online, but it already has premade cards for topics frequently used with flashcards. Graphic Organizers/Diagrams: allows you to create beautifully organized visual aids that USED to take hours. Collaboration: Skype in the classroom allows you to collaborate with people around the World!

More Resources for YOU! Want an interactive class website? Here are few good places to start. (,,

Mike Knopp Ripley Elementary Mr. Knopp is setting up his classroom with the Remind 101 app.

QR Codes! If you still don’t understand what they are you HAVE to try one. They are so simple to create. Go to to create your own. Then all you or your students need is a device with a QR reader! Thinglink

Last year, Kindergarten classrooms in Greenbrier County had a wonderful time skyping with an Arkansas Firefighter Dayna and Tango, her Fire Safety Dog. What a fun new way to learn about fire safety!

PS: this code takes you to a “thinglink” we created. Thinglink is a great tool to use as an alternative to powerpoint. Insert a pic- October is Fire Safety month. Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation is a non-profit organization that teachers fire safety skills to chilture with “nubbins” that dren. Visit their website at can include sites, pics, and get access to free resources and schedule a time to have videos, and more. her Skype with your classroom!

Professional Development Opportunities and Webinars West Virginia Adult Education Association 2013 WVAEA, Inc. Fall Conference October 28-31, 2013 Oglebay Resort, Wheeling, WV

Math and Technology Free Webinars Math & Technology: Bringing Research to Practice Learn how to apply interactive simulations and online tools to what evidenced-based research indicates are the most effective interventions in math. Learn how online math simulations and interactive tools can support math instruction while improving student learning.

West Virginia Science Teachers Association

K12 Online Learning Free Online Conference October 21-25, 2013 and October 28– November 1, 2013 Past Conferences are available on iTunesU

2013 WVSTA Conference October 31-November 2, 2013 Lake View Resort in Morgantown, WV

Innovate and Mobilize Your K-5 Math Classroom Learn to integrate mobile technologies into their elementary classrooms. Suggested apps will be shared along with instructional strategies for teachers to (1) foster active, participatory learning, (2) increase student engagement in the learning process, and (3) create exciting, empowering, exploratory, student-centered learning environments.


Personalize Learning to Meet the Common Core This webinar will clarify what is and is not Personalized Learning. Personal Learning Toolkits will be shared which includes charts, Common Core lesson examples, Personal Learner Profiles and Personal Learning Backpacks along with strategies to support the diversity of learners in the classroom. You will learn how to transform a traditional classroom to a Stage One Personal Learning Environment.

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