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Left: Six kids and two adults live together in this tiny, one-room shack. Two of the children are orphans—their parents died from Hepatitis B, a liver disease that can be a mild condition lasting a few weeks, or a chronic illness that may lead to liver cancer. For the remote Candoshi, it often proves fatal. Below: Right after their new well was completed, this little boy’s mother filled a tub with fresh, clean water for him to bathe in.

Above: Tensions were high in this community, after a father strangled his three-month-old child. LWI Peru hopes that their presence and clean water wells will be a light in the darkness for the Candoshi Indians along the Chapuri River. Far Left: Candoshi children loving the first clean water they have ever seen. Left (Top): A Candoshi mother, surrounded by relatives, holds her malnourished child. Left (Bottom): A little girl holds her baby brother.



Pipeline, Winter 2008  

Pipeline is a quarterly publication of Living Water International, and raises awareness of the global water crisis and the work of LWI.

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