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CONTACT: Julie Dworkin, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (312) 933-3498 (cell) Mike Truppa, (312) 286-5077 (cell)

CITY CLERK VOUCHES FOR FORECLOSURE-RELIEF ORDINANCE; SUPPORTERS CALL ON DALEY, BURKE TO COMMIT TO VOTE NEXT WEEK Del Valle Makes Same Appeal to Colleagues, Confirms that Groups Filed Proper Paperwork CHICAGO – Supporters of the Sweet Home Chicago ordinance informed Mayor Richard Daley and Ald. Ed Burke Thursday that City Clerk Miguel Del Valle has certified they have filed all necessary paperwork to call the measure for a vote in City Council next week. The announcement puts the onus on the city’s chief executive and its most powerful Alderman to cease efforts that have kept the bill bottled up for months. Last month, Burke exercised a parliamentary maneuver to prevent a vote on the ordinance when passage appeared possible. Daley upheld Burke’s challenge, and the vote was delayed, perpetuating a pattern that has kept the issue in limbo for nearly a year. For most of 2010, Burke, as chairman of the city’s Finance Committee, refused to allow vote that would have advanced the measure to the Council floor, before he finally acquiesced in November. On Thursday, Del Valle, who champions the ordinance, issued a news release verifying that supporters of the bill have complied with all city and state requirements providing timely notice of their intention to call the matter to a vote on the next City Council meeting on February 9th. He said the Council should conduct that vote. The Sweet Home Chicago ordinance would mitigate fallout from the city’s foreclosure crisis by allocating 20 percent of all Tax Increment Finance (TIF) revenues to fund affordable housing, including the purchase and rehabilitation of properties that have succumbed to mortgage defaults. -more-

“We’re in the throes of the worst housing crisis in our memory, and yet Mayor Daley and Alderman Burke have steadfastly refused to permit a vote on a bill that would stabilize neighborhoods battered by foreclosures,” said Julie Dworkin, Policy Director of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. “When so many neighborhoods in Chicago are scarred by decaying properties and vacant lots, there is no excuse to prevent even a vote on this ordinance. And today, by filing all the necessary paperwork, we’ve deprived them of the excuse they’ve tried to use in the past. It’s time for them to acknowledge that the time to vote of this ordinance is now.” Partners in the Sweet Home Chicago coalition are Action Now, Albany Park Neighborhood Council, Bickerdike Redevelopment Corp., Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Jane Addams Senior Caucus, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Lakeview Action Coalition, Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Organization of the Northeast, SEIU Healthcare Illinois/Indiana, SEIU Local 1 and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881. -30-

Sweet Home Chicago Press Release, 02.03.11  

City clerk vouches for foreclosure-relief ordinanace; supporters call on Daley, Burke to commit to vote next week

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