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DEAR FRIENDS, 10 years ago, on an April morning after flying back to Kenya from medical school at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN, we woke up to roosters crowing and the smell of boiling sugarcane molasses. We were at once proud, mournful, and nervous, as this was the day we would open our community’s first health center. It was a day of pride as this building had been the culmination of many late nights and anxious days. It represented the deep commitment of hundreds of local people and the generosity of hundreds of Americans. Donations ranged from community land, to middle-school penny wars, to a few risk-taking organizations who chose to dream with us. It was also a day of mourning as our parents had recently died of HIV/AIDS complications. Mom had died 18 months and Dad just 6 months before we would open the health center that could have saved them. The project had been our father’s dream and we had pitched in to honor him. So, as we stood looking out at the crowds of people gathered to celebrate the opening, we wished our parents, Margaret and Erastus, had been there too. Finally, it was a day of great nervousness. We had built the structure, but how would we maintain it? Would we meet the expectations in the eyes of our neighbors and friends? Would we end the health crisis? Would we bring honor to our father’s dream? We never could have imagined that just 10 years from that day, we would have a hospital serving nearly 50,000


patient visits a year, community health workers tracking and treating 10,000 people, and a robust education program in 13 schools. We never could have imagined that we would stem the crisis with drastic decreases in maternal deaths, child deaths, and newborn HIV infections. Now, based in a belief that everyone deserves health and wholeness of life, we dream of taking this same model to reach a million rural people. Thank you for dreaming with us! Our story has always been a collective one: community members, the Kenyan government, middle school children in Hanover and Nashville, universities, board members, corporate sponsors, foundations and private philanthropists. This report, chronicling a decade of impact, honors you as it honors our father’s dream. With gratitude,

Milton Ochieng’, MD and Fred Ochieng’, MD Co-Founders, Sons of Lwala

Lwala Community Alliance Decade of Impact Report  

Read about the impact we have made together over the last decade!

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