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JAN 10 2014




This is what you territory team is here for—Steve, Terie, Trent, Heather, Marti, Stephen. We are here solely to be your ever-ready support, guidance, and resource, all in the service of ...

Believe it or not, with the sending of this issue, after 4 pm on Friday afternoon, Week 2 of 2014 is already over, and Week 3 is now commending By the close of business ext Tuesday, 1st Quarter will already be 20% over. It goes fast, but we in the territory offices are here to do whatever we can to help slow the speed of the game down and let you take the time to make the right decisions when the come up, and not just quick decisions. This year promises to be the biggest in the history of the now-combined

territory. Even after the staff changes and structural (regional) realignment, we still should expect to hit north of the $14,014,000 that the territory wrote in 2014. Not only do we expect the year to be bigger, but we expect it to be busier as well, with more new cases, more contracts, and more welcome calls than any year on records—and that will mean, even with FastForms, lots of paperwork and service requests. That’s where we come in, we’re here to help– just call on us as you need us!

New brand! See pp. 6-10

THE ENERGY BUS “This is your Energy Bus. You are the driver. Did you know you can take your bus anywhere you want to go? Say “yes” three times with me: “Yes! Yes! Yes!” You can take it to the movies, the beach, of the North Pole. Just say where you want to go and believe that it will be so. Because very journey and ride begins with a desire to go somewhere and do something and if you have a desire than you also have the power to make it happen.” From The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy,” by Jon Gordon, 2007, Wiley, p. 30. More next week.!


The Head of the Class for 2013


These 5 DGAs killed it in 4Q

Jackie Kohorst led all DGAs in 2013 with the highest % of annual plan - and 4 Q plan as well!

A real tip of the hat goes out to five of our district managers. These five produced over 100% of not just their 2013 annual sales plan goal, but also their 4th Quarter goal (4th quarter being traditionally the largest quarter each year for sales). Each worked amazingly long and hard a deserves our applause!

Julie Abarzua did not reps contracted! stop there either—she Last but not least, surpassed her 2013 anGeorge Sorrentino exnual goal ceeded his for new 2013 annual The purpose of total cases writ- leadership is to improve goal for new ten, and for performance in al four reps connew reps tracted. These domains of life—by creatcontracted! ing mutual value among statistics indiDel cated that the them. STEWART FRIEDMAN Downey district managexceeded his 2013 aners cited here did thornual goal for new reps ough and successful contracted. work in several aspects Jackie Kohorst also of their role, showing surpassed her 2013 anleadership to their nual goal for new cases ADMs and ASRs and to written, and for new the rest of the field!

Jackie: 198.04%! George: 133.79%! Del: 108.33%! Mike: 107.79% Julie 107:34% Finishing 2013 strong and laying the foundation for 2014!


Assistant Managers Rocked in 2013 too!

N EW C ASE C OUNT T OO ADMs/DDMs succeeded!

Six different assistant managers hit or surpassed annual or quarterly goals.

Peter Quinn, talking soccer at ,puts it this way, “In any sport, assistant mangers/coaches are unsung heroes and their importance is undervalued. Most home supporters are fully aware of their manager’s assistants and the roles they play. , but outside of the club that is not the case. This statement isn’t groundbreaking. In any profession, people understand the value of a quality support system in the workplace.

The boss is the one whose head ceive more recognition. There is on a platter if the business is are times when assistant managstuttering. That’s why it’s imers will handle media responsiportant for him/ bilities (pre- and her to choose post-match interThe assistant manager quality associview, press conferrole is crucial to the sucates and deleences, etc.) for the cess of a district. gate authority boss. But their conSTEVE POLK appropriately. tributions still reThey would main vastly underwant loyal indivalued by the maviduals with a tremendous work jority of fans. But there’s no ethic, defined roles, and the question of their value to the ability to put in the necessary club or its manager. Loyal and time it takes to insure the busitrustworthy assistants are the ness a success. … With the unsung heroes of football mangrowth of media outlets, assisagement.” And it’s as true ins tant managers and other game ales as it is in soccer. The assisday staff are beginning to retant manager is key to success.

A standing ovation, please, for three of our finer assistant managers. Toni Stacy, ADM in the Julie Abarzua District, reached her annual goal of for new accounts for 2013. and surpassed her 4 Q New Case goal as well Next, Mike McCarey, DDM in the Del Dpwney District, surpassed both his annual and quarterly new case count plan goals! Finally, Brian Rood, ADM on the Del Downey team, matched his


TKO TIME—11 days away in San Diego, 17 in Vegas


M IKE M INNEY 40 yrs 2.5 mos & counting!

Please make sure you have registered (meeting AND dinner) with Marti and/or Stephen

Hello, everyone 1 If you have not yet registered your attendance for the upcoming TKO event, please do so urgently. We have to place our food (banquet) orders by 1/14 in san diego and 1/20 in Las Vegas. We want to make sure everyone is fed, but make sure that we don’t over order by 25-50% as has been done in years past, a true waste of food and money.

Each meeting will com- trip information,. We mence at 1 pm local will hear the corporate time (for managers message from Viceonly, President there is a (This) can be one of our best years Bob Ruff, All it takes is all of us working morning ever! and old together, consistently telling our story, and helping as many working meeting friend who Americans as possible gain the ands then financial has graced protection they need for a private their families. We’re doing important our meeting & good work. KYLE ADDY lunch). more than Among once in the the topics to be dispast. There will be cussed are Direct Sales, three raffles (at least in 2014 changes to comSan Diego there will be) pensation, Broker Sales, and many things to give as well as the he 2015 each attendee in a welLeader’s Conference come packet of SWAG. and President’s Club Don’t miss it!

At the San Diego Territory Kick Off Meeting, early in the session, we will take a few moments to recognize Mike Minney on the occasion of the completion last November 6th of his 40th anniversary with Colonial Life. On January 2, 1977, Mike opener the very 1st Colonial Life sales office in San Diego. He’s still working at it as hard as ever!

San Diego-area TKO Tuesday, January 21, 2013

Las Vegas-area TKO Monday, January 27, 2013

*********************************** DGAs and ADMs meet from 8:30 am to noon and then have a managers’ only lunch from noon to 1 pm

*********************************** DGAs and ADMs meet from 8:30 am to noon and then have a managers’ only lunch from noon to 1 pm

*********************************** All-territory TKO meeting Starts 1 pm, ends 5 pm Cocktails at 5, dinner at 5:30, awards at 6:30 Spouse/ S. O. guest encouraged for dinner

*********************************** All-territory TKO meeting Starts 1 pm, ends 5 pm Cocktails at 5, dinner at 5:30, awards at 6:30 Spouse/ S.O. guest encouraged for dinner

*********************************** Venue: The Courtyard by Marriott Central (Kearny Mesa) 8651 Spectrum Center Boulevard San Diego, CA 92123 Exit Balboa Avenue off the 163 Freeway

*********************************** Venue: Maggiano’s Restaurant Fashion Show Mall 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard North Las Vegas, NV 89109 Across from the main entrance to The Wynn


Harmony 11.1

arrives January 19!


Harmony 11.1 Next weekend

You can read about all the changes, view the documentation & find out much more on Propr..

Harmony and QuickQuote will be unavailable on Saturday, Jan. 18 and Sunday, Jan. 19, for scheduled maintenance because of the 11.1 release. If you have a scheduled enrollment during this time, you will need to download to offline before Jan. 18. Once the new version is released, you’ll not be able to upload any Harmony offline data enrolled before Jan. 19 until you’ve successfully downloaded and

installed Harmony 11.1 on or your connection speed. after Monday, Jan. 20. If Once the download is complete, you're downloading Harmony, a message box will open. Click Yes on the message box to you're required to have an Internet connecinstall the update, or tion. Follow No if you plan to Our easy-to-use Harthese instrucinstall it later. mony enrollment system tions to If you lose your features online and offInternet connection, download Harline enrollment capabilisimply start over at mony: ties & guides employees Connect to the step one. through the enrollment Internet using a If you're installing process. FORM 58457 high-speed Harmony, no Interconnection. net connection is Double-click the Colonial Life required. To avoid installation issues, make sure your laptop Updates icon on your desktop, then choose Download Harisn’t running on the battery but mony Offline Updates and click is plugged in to a stable power supply before you begin installaUpdate. Your download should tion. take approximately 30 minutes, possibly longer depending on

If you’re enrolling online during the weekend of Jan. 18, Harmony online will be unavailable on Saturday, Jan. 18 and Sunday, Jan. 19. If you need to download an account to Harmony offline, you must do so before Saturday, Jan. 18. If you have applications on your offline machine, please upload them by Friday, Jan. 17, if possible. If you have applications taken before Jan. 19 that need to be uploaded on or after Monday, Jan. 20, you won’t be able to upload these applications until you’ve downloaded and installed Harmony 11.1.

000.  Life 1 e l o h W   , and  h Fast ss 1.0 Harmony 11.1 e n l l I   hroug l t   a c d i t e i t r t ubmi  1.0, C st be s cident u c A m     h n licatio fer wit   ges:  al  our of er app y 11.1 wing chan t F n   s y o a b dition   m m   r o d o l p a a l   w u o H T o   f o     r n r n e  i o eans  e, a g des th   s New gible f hich m irst tim .   f What' y 11.1 inclu nd updates ccounts eli s   w   t igible  , e n e h u t u    a  a cco ore el  iss for on   a d s   m t   e r w c e t e o u   n n Harm  activations els for new d th five fer in   guara up pro ct l ev nts wi our of ritten with u F Produ derwriting  rdinators  offering gro   o y c b c   a o   o n s  nderw r new he Tw New u tures for co or account etup.  port t n now be u 000 fo .  , p F 0 u a    s : s 1 t e   t f c $   r o   s New  up to suppo roup produ en added t ent rider ca le live orms  g ailable to 99 eligib v a   w Fast F  to enable  els have be al confinem ssue   five  ) is no v teed I n Forms rwriting le ness hospit this rider.  Issue (PEGI counts with a r a nt Gu ed  nde sick r ac  for  rollme New u t 1.0 – The  ill be asked t Guarante  $5,000 fo n E   t s n en  to w ith Po sue.  Accide  questions  ost Enrollm vailable up eed is o $10,000 w t n a h   P a   t y l r l – a   a u  t .0 g.     on he writin w be g pply for up ness 1 , PEGI was r l l   o e I     : n l d   l e a l n i u c  u w a r w  iss usly Criti  issue nteed ollers  can no nt ride Previo nteed a r lives.  res for enr le for guara  confineme  applicant  a u g ital ilab ly for  , the eatu w app New f enarios ava kness hosp r accounts o n   n ll e sic  sc ant ca More t 1.0 – The  ew for sma  applic e h N n   t   e , –   d s i t Acc s 1.0 ccoun l Illnes aller a m s   Critica writing.  r w fo under e 1000 – Ne f i  L Whole


Brand Changes for 2014 Why change — and why now? Simply put, our brand needs to evolve because the world around us is changing.— RANDY HORN

Q. Why are we changing our brand? A. Our brand needs to evolve because the world around us is changing. The economic, social and political environment continues to shift, making our offerings more needed than ever. America’s workers are more vulnerable today. They’re forced to take on more responsibility for benefits decisions, and more of the cost, too. And of course, health care reform is adding to the complexity in the marketplace.

Q. What’s different about our go about our jobs every day with brand now? A. We’ve been empathy, care and devotion. Q. telling a great story, focusing Do we have a new logo? A. heavily on our expertise in oneThe only change to the logo is to-one benefits an adjustment in the We’re going to change the colors. The two counseling. That’s still a big way we talk about Colonial words — Colonial part of what we Life and tell a stronger story and Life — will be do, but it’s just about who we are and what the same color inone part. Our stead of two differwe stand for. stronger brand ent colors. Q. Do RANDY HORN story is about we have a new all of us, in the tagline? A. Yes. sales organization and home Our new tagline is “The benefits office, working together to serve of good hard work.” “Good hard our customers. Our brand still work” is what we produce at focuses on what we do, but it Colonial Life. We go above and also talks about why we do what beyond to make our benefits we do, what we value and why experience special. The tagline we’re a better choice for our also acknowledges the good customers. We set higher stanhard work of employers and dards. We’re here to help people their employees, and the benewhen they need it most, and we fits they deserve.

The New Logo


S IGNATURE : How should it read?

Your Name Your Title Your District Colonial Life Your Address City, ST ZIP xxx-xxx-xxxx (cell) xxx-xxx-xxxx (fax) firstname.lastname@coloni (for address, use your personal address, not our office) We recommend 10 pt Arial


Colonial Life is you! (Brand Brochure)



Q. How should I explain our brand to customers and business partners? A. Here’s a concise version — what we call the “elevator speech” because you can say it quickly between floors on the elevator: “Colonial Life preserves and protects the vitally important things America’s workers work so hard to build.” For a more detailed version, read the About Us card. (These will be available in time for the TKO and everyone who attends the TKO will get one! But here at the right is what this About Us Card looks like!)


Example of updated flyer with new brand

s A. It’ es? rder n o ld o new rder you shou siness o I ould et bu tion. ently or sh m frequ ity is to g organiza s d r e r a ales se th t prio ss c sine t if you u (O)ur firs ially our s u b g .‌ spec ly, bu istin y ex emporari nd image g roles, e m e ra in us st r-fac card ent b still an I existing a consist custome C . Q se in eate o use OK t nes to cr ds of tho n o new in the ha s d car


The 2014 Territory Weekly Calendar The value and benefits of preparation cannot be overem-

POWER WEEK II: Feb. 3-7, 2014 Natl RACE Event

phasized. No matter how long a show plays on Broadway, the actors continue to rehearse.—Kinder Bros

The website has a section for tips on bettering your game. In that section, they write, “For beginning golfers, the first step in learning the game is to master the fundamentals -- the elements that all good golf swings have in common.” in another section, they come back to this theme, saying that “A repeatable golf swing is one the golfer is able to execute with precision over and over, whether

on the practice range by himself the routine. If you watch a proor at a crucial stage of a match.” fessional basketball player that Similarly, Clark Rickman at has a very high free-throw perDetectcentage, you will see that he does Belief precedes behavior; writes, “Anyone don't speak from the top of exactly the same that performs things every single your head-speak from the anything at an time he shoots a bottom of your heart; never extremely high confuse activity w/ accomfree throw.” The level realizes same thing applies plishment. KINDER BROS. that little things in direct sales—it’s work together to make big mastering the repeatable basics things happen. The secret to that lead to short-term and espemaking an extremely high percially long-term sales success. centage of basketball shots, The “Weekly Calendar” below throwing a bunch of strikes, or is the best system yet to instill anything – even killer crosssuccessful execution of the funstitching I imagine – is all about damentals and generate success!

The first week of February will be just the first “clean” week of 2014 so far, with no meetings or trainings or classes. Our Power Week will be organized around a National RACE event, in which we show the other 39 territories across the country who’s the boss. Not that they don’t know this already. Anyway, more details next week!

Week Of: Every Week!

MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN Date Date Date Date Date Date Date 9:30 am: Territory  Sales Meeting  10:30 am: District  Sales Meeting  1:00 pm: Direct  Sales Call Clinic 

All day: Drops  (minimum 100 per  week) and  Appointments 

All day: Drops  (minimum 100 per  week) and  Appointments 

All day: Drops  (minimum 100 per  week) and  Appointments 

9:00 – 12:00  Direct Sales Call  Clinic  12:00 – 1:00  (Territory Office  only) Lunch  provided 

District Managers  Only:  

1:00 – 3:00 Direct  Sales Call Clinic 

8:00 am: Weekly  Conference Call 


3:00 pm :  Call Lab  for Recruiting 

_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________

Weekly Calendar Template 


Leaders’ Conference 2015 Details


President’s Club as well Grand Cayman, here we come! Extra! Extra! In spring 2015, qualifiers are headed to The Grand Cayman Islands! It’s a grand escape you don’t want to miss. 2015 President’s Club Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman April 13-15, 2015 From the moment you arrive at the RitzCarlton, Grand Cayman, on April 13, 2015, you’ll be greeted and pampered as if you were the only guests at this exclusive resort. With the lush surroundings, the beautiful furnishings and exceptional hospitality that’s expected of a Ritz-Carlton Resort . you’ll bask in the luxury of this world-renowned location. Sitting on the famous Seven Mile Beach, the Ritz-Carlton is a Grand Cayman icon. The resort boasts five restaurants, two outdoor pools and Blue Tip,

a world-class Greg Normanstay. You’ll also enjoy the resort designed nine-hole golf course. that U.S. News & World Report Attendees will stay in oceanvoted one of the “Best Hotels in view rooms and have all meals the Caribbean” for 2013. Take and tours provided during Presithe opportunity to enjoy the dent’s Club. Silver Rain Spa, You don’t want to miss This elegant voted one of the resort is the World’s Best Spas this fantastic Leaders’ fitting reward (2010-2012) and for all your hard Conference. Make a plan No. 1 in the Caribto be there with your work. It’s time bean by Condé Nast to bask in the Traveller. With all Colonial life Family. sunshine and the on-site water COLONIAL LIFE NEWS renew your sports included, spirit. Some of you’ll have plenty your amenities for this elite of time to have fun with your group of salespeople areh ospiColonial Life family and tality cabanas on the beach and friends. Grand Cayman offers a complimentary activities for the diverse range of activities for two days at President’s Club. the energetic, nature lovers and 2015 Leaders Conference Ritz die-hard shoppers. Take a stroll -Carlton, Grand Cayman through the streets of GeorgeApril 15-19, 2015 Qualify for town, and you’ll feel like one of the 2015 Leaders Conference, the “Rich and Famous” travelers and you’ll enjoy the fun, arrivwho frequent this Caribbean ing on April 15 for a four-night gem.

Colonial Life Las Vegas West Charleston Pavilion 10801 West Charleston Boulevard, Suite 125 Las Vegas NV 89125-1214 Phone: (702) 862-19251 Fax: (702) 228-4397 Emails: TSM Steve Polk: RI Trent Smith: TR Heather Schoenwald: TEA Marti Black:

Corporate presence across social media:

 Fri 1/17: No issue (preparing for the TKOs)

 Fri 1 /24: Focusing on the

San Diego TKO just past and the Las Vegas TKO about to start  Fri 1/31: Focusing on the Las Vegas TKO just past and final 2013 stats for the territory as a whole  Fri 2/7: Power Week / National RACE event focus  Fri 2/14: Back to “regular” issues

Colonial Life San Diego Pinnacle Executive Centre 10920 Via Frontera, Suite 440 San Diego, CA 92127-1732 Phone (858) 386-4452 Fax :(858) 451-9939 Emails: TSM Steve Polk: RI Terie Bradford: TEA Stephen Sims:

January 10 2014  
January 10 2014  

Welcome to our first 2014-focused issue of the territory newsletter. Hope you enjoy the new format.