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The Evaluation of space Part: 9 (E.S.: 9) – part c ‘The University of Plymouth: A survey project’ 2010-2012 Or: ‘One years Psychogeographic adventure into the alien environment of Academic facilities, bureaucracy and failure that turns into my personal fiction.”

E.S: 9c Brunel Lab ‘Ventilation vents’ Or: “The only thing that is going to kill me is a women or a bus along with the air around me.”

By Oliver Griffin

E.S.:9c / Fig. -

There has been a workshop standing on the site of the Brunel Laboratories since the 1970’s, as numerous site plans and map mark out an area called ‘workshop block’ to various dimensions. But as the site has been heavily transformed over the last century to accommodate the growth of the university of Plymouth campus, especially when the site became a Polytechnic and the function of a practical works space for heavy industry became a main focus of the institution. An industrial veneration system is integral to a building that demands it, like a Faraday cage within a cathedral. As the metal is moulded to the architecture to be a major fixture that can is integral of the working of a function building. The Heath and Safety Executive sates within the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Heath Regulation) that 3 basic steps to design and maintain effective local exhaust ventilation: identification of the nature and source of the dust and fume, in particular the method of generation, competent design, installation and commissioning of the ventilation system regular inspection and maintenance. Within situations that industrial Lathes and precision pillar drills are based, large amounts of metal filings are produced in which overhead ventilation can save any man from pneumoconiosis in the future. The Brunel Laboratories was made as a temporary building while the extension of the Charles Seale-Haynes Library bearded down on the original site of the ‘workshops’ and the long awaited new Marine Innovation Centre, which will house a new cutting-edge wave tank. Replacing the sizeable 80’s wave tank within Brunel, although no dates for the deconstruction and re-build of this site have been released yet.

E.S.:9c / Fig. 0-1

E.S.:9c / Fig. 2-3

E.S.:9c / Fig. 4-5

E.S.:9c / Fig. 6-7

This series of pychogeographical adventures within the University of Plymouth, U.K, explores the t o p o g raphy through the typologies of the everyday objects and elementary architecture that clutters Oliver Griffin’s educational environment between September 2010 to November 2012. Though this transplantation into an alien environment for the purposes of education, these publications are records of mundane points of interest accompanied with observational notes and a crudely research history of the site. This is set of documents evaluates and archives a point in time where the United Kingdoms educational at a graduate level is changing within a political landscape along with the psychical environment of this particular academic environment.

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Borist Press

Life is boring, why make it interesting?

Borist Press

Life is boring, why make it interesting?


ES 9c  

This series of pychogeographical adventures within the University of Plymouth, U.K, explores the topography through the typologies of the ev...

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