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A fusion of Soul and originality Painter and artist, Born from a mixed race utilizing his medium as a voice for this generation...



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Words from THE EDITOR Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a wonderful 2017! We at House of Lafrance have had some high and lows, nonetheless, much needed experiences so that we can grow as a magazine! 2018 is bound to be more exciting, with many new faces, returning artists of course, and other industries as well. Unlike the last issue, this season issue is much more edgy and we took a different approach to convey the visual and its message. We won't bore you with the pesky details, but we will let you explore for yourself. If you are an employer looking for a spedific set of skills or talent, we hope that you will find it in any of our issues since we strive to give everyone and anyone the opportunity to show their skills and art. If you are published in the magazine, your best foot foward couldn't get any better with the professional exposure we provide you here at House of Lafrance. Stay active, follow your dreams and keep working smart! Until next time,




you should know about Jason Gonzalez


ason is a makeup artist from Texas. Makeup became a passion for them at a young age being drawn to the perfection of advertisements. The colors have always fascinated them and still do today. They moved to Miami to begin their professional career. They're the primary Makeup instructor for the Florida College of Natural Health, Miami Campus. In addition to their teaching they freelance for photographers, runways, films, and various clientele. Through advanced training and apprenticing, they developed a distinctive technique for custom blending and a passion for color. follow their Ig @jasonthemua to see all the outstanding looks.

Kelly Sinuchi


elly S. is a South Florida Photographer and a visual creator. He has been published with us here before at House of Lafrance Magazine the winter issue. He has a keen eye for visual creation and always keeps busy, as you can soon tell after following his social page on Ig @Sinuchi. He does portrait, fashion photography as well as special occasions. You now know who to call for your next photoshoot.



Ali Claire Marino

li Claire Marino is the Studio manager at Patti Wilson in New York, and a Freelance Fashion Stylist. She graduated the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Fashion and Visual Merchandising. She has interned for well established companies such as Chanel in New York, GreenGale Publishing, and Elite Model Management in Miami. When Someone apply their skills and practive in the field they operate, they are definitely someone to keep an eye on. Follow her Ig @aliclairemarino to keep up with her latest fashion styling.


Giovanni Aramendiz

irm in the belief that we are creatures of fellowship, Giovanni Aramendiz has committed his life’s work to psychology and storytelling. If asked why, he’d undoubtedly repeat, “Because whether it’s ancient elders sitting around a camp fire speaking to the community or dark theaters with faces lit up by the cinema screen, stories define who we are as humans; they permeate our everyday lives.” As creative director, he is always concerned with the what? and the why? above all other questions. And as a producer devoted to each stage of production, he’s learned that less is more and that quality trumps all especially when dealing with budgets and deadlines. Giovanni’s only hope is to create fashion visual themes that are timeless both for audiences and clients alike. He doesn’t “make movies,” he raises questions and makes statements that are ultimately bound together by story. Ig @geeoh8


Lea Louisa

ea was born in Berlin, Germani and moved to Miami due to her parents journalism career in 2010.She started her classical music education at the age of six, attended a school of arts participating in a choir as her focal point. She also takes acting classes at the Miami Acting Studio to pursue her acting career. Lea has learned the importance of consistency and dedication when setting high goals, striving to rurn these passion into a career. She has been working as a model for two years. Projects includes: Fort Lauderdale Fashion week, #fashionforpuertorico and Planet Fashion TV- Art Basel Edition. Her latest single is available on her instagram bio @Lea.Louisa HOUSE OF LAFRANCE


Photographer: Joe Wesley | Suit: Asos | Shirt: J-Crew Sunglasses: Cole Haan | Belt: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Bass Rings: Stylist's own | Earrings: Stylist's own | Social Media Channels: @Sirvaj



jarrett joseph

From fashion show production for NYFW to Miami Fashion Week working with world-renowned designers like Versace and Oscar de la Renta and editorial work for Men’s Vogue, Jarrett is one to keep an eye on!.


arrett Joseph is a freelance fashion Stylist/Creative Director based in Miami, FL. He has a keen eye for detail whether it’s working with established or emerging designers. His studies and experience have taken him all over the world including the United Kingdom, Barcelona and France where he studied fashion and media communications. Jarrett has a Bachelors of Science in Merchandising with a concentration in business and a Masters of Arts in Media Communications. As he continues to build his resume his goal is to gain more experience while challenging himself. He loves working with clients that allow him to use his full creativity so as a team they could create a work of art.



Photographer: Joe Wesley | Suit: Asos | Shirt: J-Crew Sunglasses: Cole Haan | Belt: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Bass Rings: Stylist's own | Earrings: Stylist's own | Social Media Channels: @Sirvaj



Photographer: Joe Wesley | Stylist, Hair & MakeUp: Rose Lherisson | @simplycre8tive | Model: Tiffani Black @ziitaly


with Rose Lherisson

Get into this vintage slay. The jacket tells no tales with its hand stitched fish scales. Top, floral Ankara shirt Bottom, green leather skirt by Peruzzi


Do you want to party or play? Your night could go either way in this mustard yellow mini dress. Vintage golden beaded shell shaped purse which can be worn over the shoulder, or as a clutch.



Photographer: Joe Wesley | Stylist, Hair & MakeUp: Rose Lherisson | @simplycre8tive | Model: Tiffani Black @ziitaly


Photographer: Joe Wesley | Stylist, Hair & MakeUp: Rose Lherisson | @simplycre8tive | Model: Tiffani Black @ziitaly

Stay cool in this minty combo Top, short open sleeves shirt in a soft mint color Bottom, floral pleated Bermuda shorts



13 questions with

Cassandre Joseph

" "

Miss Haiti International 2016

Growing and Glowing Question 1

Where were you born and where do you reside Currently? I was born in Aux Cayes, Haiti and I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Question 2

What schools did you attend? Back in Haiti, I attended college coeur de jesus, after coming into the states, I finished high school in Coconut Creek High School. I later got my licensed in medical coding and billing at FCC, and an Associate in Health Business Administration. Currently I am completing a Bachelor in Interior Disciplinary Studies at Keiser university.


Question 3

How did you get into modeling and why did you make that choice? I went to a casting in Boca with my little sister, and when the casting director saw me, he totally forgot about my sister and told me to come back a week later to sign me as a model. I was excited and petrified at the same time. I signed with him for 3 years and the rest was history. Frankly, I did not make the choice, it was an opportunity and I ran with it.

Question 4

How do you keep in shape? I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to working out! I have a personal trainer, Dennis Sheppard, from New Body Architect, that kicks my tail and gets me in shape.

Question 5

How comfortable are you in front of the camera? It has become a lifestyle now, I started since 2011, the camera is my second home now!

Question 6

Tell us your experience as Miss Haiti International. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Because of this experience, in Japan, at the 56th Miss International Pageant, I was appointed as Japan Tourism Ambassador, and Panasonic Beauty Ambassador.

Who are your favorite Designers? Chanel no doubt!

Question 8

Who or what inspires you? Two women inspire me, my mother Onite Elizabeth Joseph and my aunt Mirette Lourdes. These women are strong and virtuous women and I look up to them a lot.


Photographer: Ricardo Saint Cyr | Luckner Aristide | Stylist, Hair & MakeUp: Cassandre Joseph | Wardrobe: Laura Lafrance

Question 7

" " More than just a face


Question 9

What motivates you? I was bullied back in high school because I had a thick accent, having experienced being Miss Haiti International motivated me to become a strong and confident young woman.

Question 10

Did modeling or Pageantry have a big impact on your personal life? If yes, how? Of course it has! It made me more confident, and outspoken. With these platforms, I was and still am able to fight for what I beleive in.

Question 11

Do you intend to be a model or do pageantry for a long time? Once a queen, always a queen darling! I can still model from time to time, but right now I am pursuing my studies.

Question 12 Question 13

What do you say to anyone wanting to pursue a modeling career? Be yourself, have a bright personality and be bold! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview with house of Lafrance Magazine. We hope to see you very soon now that you have taken part into our movement. We wish you many successes and cannot wait to see where your endeavors take you! House of Lafrance


Photographer: Ricardo Saint Cyr | Luckner Aristide | Stylist, Hair & MakeUp: Cassandre Joseph | Wardrobe: Laura Lafrance

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I see myself traveling the world doing humanitarian work.


Les RUES sont


Cool Hunters Guide

The Rise of a New Generation In Street Wear


here is energy, alive and thriving, coursing through the veins of the Millennials and Gen Z Parisian consumer. A mixture of excitement, culture, and rebellion expressed in the dress code of the youth. Their resistance to traditional norms perfumes the air; their voice expressed through graffiti decorating the city. If we listen, we can hear their cries for injustices, revolution, and social reforms.

Much like their American counterparts, parisian youths are struggling to find their place in the world. Driven by the hope for a brighter future and endless possibilities, they have created their counterculture in streetwear fashion. With different guidelines but the same hype. They express their lifestyle in their style, mannerisms, and social interactions. They created their counterculture within streetwear. With different guidelines but the same hype..


The more hype your “fit’, the higher you move up in the ranks among your peers. It's a culture created on the idea of appearance, where style gages the amount of respect given. Many becoming influencers of there own in their close-knit streetwear community. Tracksuits, fanny packs, retro brands, oversized silhouettes merge to create the uniform of the street; a contrast between new, old and what could be.

Heavily influenced by social media, western trends and luxury fashion; they thrive on the latest drops, frequent second-hand shops like Freepstar and Kilo (two must-sees for when you visit Paris)go to the wildest underground parties Paname has to offer. With large personalities and ambition, the rebellious and teen-spirited, Parisian youth are something to watch out for in the future.

" "

They created their counterculture within streetwear. With different guidelines but the same hype..



“MAGNIFY the beauty that already exists, and may your day be as FIERCE as your MAKEUP”

with Tiffani Alston


sonality provides all of her clients with fierce, dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional iffani Alston is an accomplished creative makeup skills. Tiffani has the innate ability to bring out the natartist and full specialist esthetician with experience in ural beauty of her subject, no matter the gender, ethnicall aspects of skincare and media makeup artistry. Born ity or character and she is always leaving a dose of love March 12, 1991 she began her makeup artist journey at and a fierce impression to be remembered. the age of 19 and has accomplished great success with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Whether you prefer to be natural or beat to the gods, it’s She worked as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics for important to start with a nice clean slate anytime you’re over 3 years and received her Full Specialist Esthetician giving face. Your skin is the first thing people see so why license from AVEDA Institute. Extensive training and not really give them something to look at. education, along with her loving and welcoming per-



LIFELONG CHANGES lifelong results

Having great skin has just as much to do with what you put in your body as the cleansers and creams you put on your body. YES! Eating the right foods, drinking lots of water, getting enough exercise and the right amount of sleep, on a consistent basis, is going to work hand in hand with your favorite skincare products to keep your skin fierce and healthy. When you take care of your skin, your skin takes care of you.


LONG LIVE the serum

Make sure you have a face serum in your skincare regimen, for it is the leading force that drives the skincare bus. Your face serum is what does the real work and leads all your other skincare products (like moisturizers, eye creams, etc.) to victory. Because serums have concentrated ingredients, they are chemically formulated to penetrate further into the skin and are of course much more effective. Serums should always speak to the condition of your skin and what you’re working on, whether it’s dark spots, fine lines or dehydration, having a good serum in your skin care is going to provide you with some of your daily essential skin vitamins.


ORDER OF THElineup skincare

One of the biggest doses of love anyone gave me while starting out was a general sense of how to apply my skincare and makeup on a day-to-day basis. Your day and night skincare routine should remain the same, so try not to cut corners on this. Your makeup lineup you can play around with to see what works best for you. Skincare: (1) Cleanser (2) Toner (3) Serum (4) Eye Cream (5) Moisturizer (6) SPF Makeup: (1) Primer (2) Brows (3) Eye shadow + Eyeliner (4) Foundation (5) Concealer (6) Setting Powder (7) Bronzer + Highlighter (8) Mascara + Lashes


BRUSHES ARE your skin'sDIRTY worst enemy

There is nothing that you beautiful skin hates more than dirty brushes. Using dirty brushes on your skin can clog pores and leave you with breakouts and unhappy irritated skin. Cleaning your makeup and facial brushes depends on how much you use them. You want to use a daily brush cleanser to keep them sanitized on a day-to-day basis, and use a brush shampoo to deep clean them at least once per week. MAC Cosmetics or Parian Spirit both make for a great daily brush cleaners and simple baby shampoo or Ely Maya Makeup Brush shampoo & conditioner are my favorites for deep cleaning your brushes.


WHAT GOES ON must go off

Trust me! I know that feeling when you’ve gotten your face slayed to the GODS by your favorite makeup artist and then you get home and love your makeup so much that you just want to go to sleep on your back and wake up the next day with that same beat face. Or the ladies like myself that have had a long epic day and get home and don’t want to do crap but get in bed with a glass wine and Netflix and pass out...I call that the “I’ll just do it in the morning” excuse but its just that, an excuse! I will stress this to all of you beauties the same way I stress this to myself and all of my fierce clients...WASH OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE BED!!! I know it hurts but it’s for the greater good of your skin’s health. Trust me when I say that sleeping in your makeup is the only other thing that your skin hates more than dirty brushes. I recommend by starting out with an all-natural nourishing face oil first (argan oil, rose hips oil, coconut oil, etc.) to break down all the makeup first. Followed with your favorite gel or cream cleanser to remove the oil and makeup and continue with your toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer. Your skin will thank you later! HOUSE OF LAFRANCE


The face behind Thank you for taking the time to and I eventually would move back share your story with us here at to Brooklyn for middle school into a 2 bedroom apt with my father, 2 House of Lafrance. younger sisters, step mother, older Tell us a little bit about yourself brother, & step brother. When we and your background? moved from Bay Ridge to Flatbush Brooklyn it started my curiosity into art from seeing graffiti everywhere. My childhood was pretty interesting. was born in Brooklyn NY I never liked living in Virginia other in 1987, my father is from Hai- than being around a lot of family. A ti & my mother is first generation majority of my Puerto Rican famiPuerto Rican from the Lower East ly moved there from NYC so I was Side NYC. When I was of a young influenced by the culture, music, & age they moved down to Virginia of course food. My mother put my Beach VA. In my household it was sister & I in a private catholic school my mother, older sister, & I after my where I received a lot of discrimparent divorce when I was around ination. As a result I grew up very 3 years old. Every summer we were introvert & would never want to be in NYC either Brooklyn or the LES around crowds of other kids. I start-



ed breaking out & showing more personality when I moved to Brooklyn in middle school. It was interesting that I would adapt so well to the change of environment, having to share rooms, waking up sometimes with no running water, experiencing being in a roach & mice infested building, but not being discriminated anymore made it all great. Also I started to learn about my Haitian culture for I was living in a full Haitian household now. Unfortunately my parents decided to send me back to Virginia for high school & immediately after graduation I was right back in Brooklyn. So I’ve had a very back & forth mixed experience childhood.


Photographer: Kelly Sinuchi | Wardrobe: H&M, | RPS | Zara, Jared Lang |Florsheim, Mezlan | Watches: Bulova Bracelet: Brianna Tyson (@brinanapudding) | Braids: Luna (@LunaBraidsMiami) | Barber: Sean ‘Sap’ Grant (@SapBlackStarWorld)


Photographer: Kelly Sinuchi | Wardrobe: H&M, | RPS | Zara, Jared Lang |Florsheim, Mezlan | Watches: Bulova Bracelet: Brianna Tyson (@brinanapudding) | Braids: Luna (@LunaBraidsMiami) | Barber: Sean ‘Sap’ Grant (@SapBlackStarWorld)

When did you start painting? I started painting when I was about 23 years old. I had been drawing with pencils, pens, paint markers, and markers up until this point. One day I walked into a store in Manhattan to buy paint markers & saw graffiti art on canvases. I curiously asked the store cashier ‘what is that drawn on?’ And they told me it was a canvas. After that I search for an art store & bought my first canvas, paint, & paint brushes. Why do you do what you do? What is the inspiration behind your drive to paint? I create art because it was my outlet & greatest way to express myself. I found so much freedom in painting that it consumed my mind. People ask me what does art do for me & I tell them it’s the only thing I can ever focus fully on. I have such a creative & random mind that I often can see my art in a finish creation before I’ve even built the canvas. The only way to take my mind off of it is to create it whether it be a painting, picture, or video. Being artistic & creative was never taught to me as a way of life, but having a strong passion for art continued to grow greater throughout my life.


Every artist has their own unique style of working to brings out their creativity in their work, describe your style of painting? I always get the question ‘what style of art do you do?’ & it’s funny because I never know how to answer it. I never studied art or went to school for art. I took a life drawing & fashion art class randomly at FIT in NYC. I believe that my self taught skills in art created a signature look that somewhat blends realism with abstract. Some people who studied art say figurative. I call it a blend of influences that stir my creative mind. Which medium bring the best out of your work? I mainly work with acrylic but I love mixed media. Oil paint brings a look that can be either very textured or smooth. Also I’ve found an interest in sewing fabrics to my canvases in a couple of painting. It’s really all about what kind of vision I have. Have you met any challenges to pursue this career and what opportunity and obstacles had come your way while being passionate about his work? Everyday. When you’re in school they treat you drawing as a distraction, when you get into your twenties it’s a hobby, when you tell people you’re taking it seriously you’re being impractical. I didn’t have artistic people around me or in my family so it was difficult to find motivation & support. When social media started becoming a greater platform for communication, finding random support became a good drive. When I sold my first painting to a random lady on Twitter it made me believe in what I was doing. It was a bit more than selling the painting however, it was the fact that she caught the entire emotion that I put into that canvas. There are many problems in society today and we need to solve the problem, at least try to. As an artist how has your work help the society in finding the solution? Or has your art help shed some light into the issues we are facing as a nation? I believe that as an artist I’ve helped people believe in themselves. Not having a support system in the beginning made me form a motto ‘Self Motivation, Self Dedication, Self INSPR.ation (inspiration)’ & through my brand, INSPR. Art, I spread this mindset on to everyone I meet or sees my social media. Any chance I get I try to bring people away from a conformed, systematic, cookie cutter mentality and tell them live life for yourself. I know my art has helped a lot of people to be confident in themselves. Do you have a muse or multiple? I work with multiple Muses. I love how different women can be from one another. Certain poses and looks that I want to paint cannot be concurred by just one Muse. Do you have a favorite piece of art/painting? This is a tough question, I know so many artist personally that I could probably pick out one from at least 2 or 3 that really move me. Plus there’s so much influence I get from looking up Haitian, Egyptian, & Aztec art. I don’t know if I could ever say ‘this is my favorite painting.’.



Photographer: Kelly Sinuchi | Wardrobe: H&M, | RPS | Zara, Jared Lang |Florsheim, Mezlan | Watches: Bulova Bracelet: Brianna Tyson (@brinanapudding) | Braids: Luna (@LunaBraidsMiami) | Barber: Sean ‘Sap’ Grant (@SapBlackStarWorld)

Photographer: Kelly Sinuchi | Wardrobe: H&M, | RPS | Zara, Jared Lang |Florsheim, Mezlan | Watches: Bulova Bracelet: Brianna Tyson (@brinanapudding) | Braids: Luna (@LunaBraidsMiami) | Barber: Sean ‘Sap’ Grant (@SapBlackStarWorld)

The ultimate blend of gifts... You must follow his Social Network page to fully comprehend the depth of his work! His passion shines through and through.


What would you say is the best experience(s)/achievement(s) in your career so far? Bringing a positive & motivational energy to people. Nothing is better than having people tell you how strong your art is. When I had thoughts of giving up, it was random people who support me that made me tell myself ‘I can’t because they want to see me achieve.’ Receiving that level of support for creating something you’re passionate about is incredible. Have you had any of your work in any museum or published? Not yet, but I’m sure this’ll happen pretty soon. Where do you see yourself in the next 2 to 5 years? Having multiple exhibits across the world, finding new INSPR.ation, excelling in my interest of creative directing, & continuing to motivate people to live out their passion. Thank you for sharing your story with us, what can you say to anyone starting or wanting to start their passion as an artist/painter? I would tell them to drown out any negative energy that comes into your space & create with a purpose. You have to be original, organic, & real to have longevity. Also learn how to build your value if you’re planning on doing this professionally. I sold high end jewelry for 6.5 years and learned that you need to be able to market, advertise, spark interest, sell emotion, & uphold a radiant persona with everyone you interact with. You cannot be a halfway artist, you need to do this 100% in order to put your soul into everything you create. HOUSE OF LAFRANCE

GETAWAY Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week is around the corner! It's a premier fashion event offering an international platform for designers from the region to seamlessly connect with media and buyers. The event will increase the domestic awareness of home grown fashion and increase the global presence of Fort Lauderdale design, while highlighting the culture and sophisticated glamour that solidify FLL as a style city. Significant resources are being invested into the future of fashion in Fort Lauderdale. Save the date: March 16-18, 2018.

around? WHAT'S HAPPENING Mimi's Boutiq 6th annual Fashion Show is Happening in less than a month! This is a young Haitian entrepreneur bringing awareness to the caribbean's fashion through her shows. This next show is as you can tell by the name, the 6th year of her showing up and coming designers and boutiques. Save the date for February 18th, 2018.

GOA (Graphics of Americas) is one of the graphic communications industry’s largest, annual, combined expositions and conferences, attracting printers, designers, and creative professionals from North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and all corners of the world. Should you wish to attend save the date for February 22-24, 2018.


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