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Sadeki Edwards




“We met Sadeki Edwards during our stay on board the brand new Royal Carribean Internation cruise ship. His delicious finger bites during the inaugurational event had us begging for more. We had to share his story with you!”

- House of Lafrance


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at HOL. So, tell us a little bit about your background, what inspired you to become a chef?

Thanks for having me. Well, I remember helping mom in the kitchen on a day to day basis back in the days in Jamaica; going to the market picking out the fresh ingredients smelling the amazing herbs... I knew then I would become a chef. I had been falling in love with it all along, it’s only natural.

What is your go to comfort meal?

Again this question brings me back to memories of mom making porridge. The ultimate comfort food. I still do make it like hers from time to time (even if she would disagree).

Tell us about your worst Kitchen Moment/Disaster Story?

My worst kitchen moment was working at a steakhouse. It was very busy one night when all of a sudden, the light went out. I was using my knife at that time and I cut my fingers when the lights went out. You can imagine the horror. It was, and still is, one of the worst times in my career as a chef.

Your best kitchen moment/story?

One of the best moments in the kitchen was working with a chef who underestimated my abilities in the kitchen. On one of our busiest nights, I told him to step aside and let me run the kitchen. He was very surprised. The satisfaction of seeing the shock on his face made my night! Everything went so well... I still pat myself on the back for that night (laughs).

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 foods will you take with you?

The five foods I will take on a deserted island would be kale, berries, kiwi, beans, and quinoa because they have lots of vitamins, fibers & calcium.

What are some of the most essential ingredient(s) must you always have in your kitchen?

Olive oil, salt, and pepper, vinegar, allpurpose flour, spices, mustard, eggs, quinoa... just to name a few.

What is/are your best dish(es)?

Only one, “Wild mushroom risotto.”

Do you always have to be the one to cook when it’s a family gathering?

Of course! Being with friends and family, I’m always the one tasting and creating new things for them to enjoy. So naturally, they let me do all the cooking during all family gatherings.

When you travel are you finding yourself becoming the taste master for your friends and family cookouts?

Yes! Most of the time because they always want me to make something special for them, That’s why they call me, ”Quick Cook”. This is also due me to being a creative person and they know, I demonstrate the ability to cook anything am given.



Have you ever adapted other ethnic’s dishes to yours? If yes, who’s?

Yes! I’ve adapted many ethnic’s dishes in mine throughout my career. Italian dishes mostly. It all depends on where I am at a particular time and mood. I currently am working on a cruise ship and it calls for many ethnic meals.

Speaking of ethnic meals on cruise ships, tell us about your story with Royal Caribbean, How did you get started with them?

I was working as a chef in different hotels at the time. I always wanted to work on an international level, so one of my cousins introduced me to Royal Caribbean in 2008. I started as a commis chef and worked my way to my current level.

Where can we find you, should we wish to have your food?

Either on Royal Caribean or email for special request at Sadekiedwards@ymail.com

Curious to know what is your biggest dream as a chef, and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

One of my biggest dream as a chef is to own and operate not just one, but many successful restaurants. In the next 5 years, I’ll be a very successful entrepreneur. So keep your eyes on me.