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The Journey of Naked Florals, A Textile Exert by Batool Barry


Influencers You Should Know About


Reviving Belfast with the Games of Thrones


The Outfit of The Fall by Alexandra Belotte


Breaking Barriers by House of Lafrance


Introducing L&M Productions


Blaq Slay The Editorial

Editor in Chief Laura Lafrance InDesign Layout and Graphics Laura Lafrance Photographers Wellington Guzman Charles Long Kelly Sinuchi Patchelli Baptiste Bartool Barry Models Dani Cronemberger K’Blaq J. Ortiz Alexandra Belotte Amani Prince Jolline Richard Cassandre Joseph Locations Pont de Bir-Hakeim, France Newport News, Virginia Sunrise, Florida Belfast, Ireland North Miami, Florida

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Here we are again, the fall winter issue of 2018, the final issue of the year. I hope by now our viewers has grasped the concept of our magazine and is eagerly moving forward with us!

all across America as we speak. The creativity of print and artistery is out of this world. While it is sensational to be able to create prints and sell them or print them directly onto an apparel, it may be even more difficult to explore There were more than enough topics to the marketing aspect of this industry choose from when deciding on what to both digitally and in print. Luckily we actually present in this issue. Most of have found the right person with the the popular ones, obviously are being right tips for you to get going with this covered by all the other publications in booming indistry, so read on. South Florida i.e. Miami Swim Week, Miami Fashion Week and the likes of Want editorials? Well of course you do! those events. We experienced them as What is House of Lafrance Magazine our local shows, but we also digged the without them? But this time around, underground for unusual and unseen we went outside of the box with it! Foltalents instead. As we know it, there low the stories of these unsang talents are many voices that need to be heard, and tell us what you think. arts that need to be seen and stories that need to be told. Until next time, Between them is the extraordinary textile phenomenon that is booming

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I am a textile designer. I am unique and trendy at the same time. I try to approach my textile as an art form more than anything. Let me show you the uniqueness of my print and how I market them.


an you tell why I called it ‘The journey of Naked Florals’. You can obviously see the florals in the print, but why naked? I remember watching Snow white running through the terrifying woods full of naked trees. Even though it was scary, I still developed a thing for them. They have no leaves, no colors but aesthetically they’re very beautiful. There is something that drags me towards them, especially when you see the naked trees during winter covered in pale snow. I used that as my inspiration and started designing.

“I use mechanical pencil to sketch because they are always sharp and not too dark. I go for the sketchbooks sheets that supports gouache and water color.”

Besides the pale naked trees, my other inspiration came from the miniature details in African aboriginals. I blended my love for florals, my childhood inspiration from Naked trees and African aboriginals to produce this print. It might sound like it took me a while to decide how to create the print on the left; but you don’t realize that you always carry these ideas and inspiration at the back of your mind and when the time comes, you just pull that box out and use it.


What inspires me?

I remember watching Snow White r u n n in g Through the terrifying woods full of naked trees Since then I develop a thing for them

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Drafts after drafts... After you have found inspirations, the mind starts exploding with ideas. It’s time to pick up the pencil and start sketching. When your sketchbook is full of elements, start arranging these elements together in different drafts.

HOL Magazine | 12 The world runs on digitizing I like to draw. I love to paint. It doesn’t mean I don’t use computers. The faster way to see the outcome of your product is by taking these elements to the computer and making different compositions digitally. You can change the size of the elements faster, the arrangement of the elements and the best part, the colors. And that’s what I did with the naked floral print. Making it trend relevant Making your print trend relevant is very important. And colors play a big role in trends. When the trends are forecasted for the seasons ahead, colors play a prominent role in it. So use the elements in your prints to help you stand out among all the prints produced by your competitors and use colors to stay relevant to the trend.


“Colors play an important role in trends. We can benefits from it extensively with the help of today’s technology”

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You made a beautiful print, Great!

But how are you going to sell it? Finding the product for your Selling key to sucprint is the is cess. When you visualize your print before every creating it, visualize it thing on a product. Put down all of your product ideas. You created the lemon, now it’s the time to squeeze as much juice out of it as possible.

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Kn ow y our costu mer Like I said earlier, knowing your product is important, but what is more important is knowing who is going to buy your product. Because at the end of the day it’s all about the costumer. Follow your costumer well, know what they like and dislike and what is trending among them, to successfully establish yourself as a design company/designer. Follow Along with Batool online on instagram for more visual stories like this. @FueledbyStyle


you should know about @TheKayeCoxWay Kaye is now an international published model who’s mark in the fashion catwalk is here to stay! This emerging and growing model is the true definition of “height don’t matter!” She has been featured in Wale music video Colombia Heights as the girl painted in gold and doing what she does best, pushing the envelop. She has also done multiple appearances in Miami Fashion Week as well as other state shows. Kaye was the very first cover of House of Lafrance Magazine, and is published in countless magazines as well. A true definition of shooting star.

Once you click on his name on instagram, you will understand why “Naduil” is an influencer! His feminine yet eccentric look gives him an accent and advantage over any male models! He can pose as what ever gender and role you wish to have him on. “Naduil” beard is his signature look. He has done multiple shows in south florida as a local, and has been published in many publications. A force to be reckoned with!


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@MelanyCabrera Melany is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. With a strong presence and 20K subscribers on YouTube, Melany is clearly made to be on display, with her funny and bubbly personality, yet tenacious and professional demeanor. She has gracefully assisted our las HOL issue by creating our templates and layouts and also created her own magazine as portfolio - which won best portfolio at Ai of Fort Lauderdale. Her career has taken off to a great start and with her “Mode to go” slogan and business, Melany is sure to influence everyone’s style and fashion.


Oh Peter! Such an inspiration for those in love with sewing and crafting! Peter Lappin is a custom clothing designer, Threads Magazine Digital Ambassador, and creator of the popular sewing blog “Male Pattern Boldness.” His instagram is full of tutorial-like post and step by step process of all his creations. His fine and detailed couture techniques are out of this world! He does custom for both genders and all sizes! A true definition of inclusion and “all size matter.”

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With the Games of Thones By House of Lafrance


hat is now known as the Games of Thrones location hot spot, is also known for the birth land of the ship Titanic. Belfast is located in Northern Ireland and is a breathtakingly beautiful city, with a rich history and background. The mix of their tales and real life experiences, the textile industry and political turmoil histories will captivate your attention in a good way. The locals are friendly

enough to give you di rection and simple “oy mate” salutes. Nothing too alarming as we American seems to think of other cultures. The food is to die for and organically speaking, the europeans are winning. Simply an opinion, but we digress. As for the Games of Thrones tour, we had to do it! No questions asked. Not only it’s fun to watch the show and say “I’ve been there,” but also we got to experience the irish life and do lots of touristy things. We hit all

the major landmarks of the show, such as the Dark Hedges, the Giant Causeway, the Carrick-a-Rede Bridge and more. It was packed! All the locals said the same! Business has been great with this new phenomenon. Because the titanic era has faded, things were slow and not as profitable, and trully this show has revived the region! Goes to show how filming in other countries sort of help them in a way and boy did they take advantage!

HOL Magazine | 23 We stayed at the Titanic hotel, which itself is a landmark for the Titanic enthousiasts! The food was great, the rooms were spacious and had great window views, and lots of historical paintings. It also helps that the Titanic museum was literally a few steps across the hotel. You won’t know where to start when you do decide to visit belfast.

One thing though, because of Belfast’s rich history, listen to the locals when they tell you to stay away from certain areas! They are aware of the tourists coming in, bus also of their historical background with tourists coming in (The wall of Belfast). There’s a history for every country on every continent. Nothing to fret about, just listen, enjoy yourselves and be safe. We enjoyed the touristic adventures, but we remained aware of all other aspects as well. So enjoy Belfast when you go! House of Lafrance

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The boyfriend shirt dress, Or simply a dress blouse



The “almost not there” necklace



The statement bracelet or ring

The sexy sandals

of The Fall by Alexandra Belotte


The “I have my life in there” Handbad


We are in South Florida, It is always humid and hot! This is the best way to stay trendy and show off your best assets.

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Breaking Barriers

By House of Lafrance

Societal standards... Aren’t we moving backwards How do we know that all have been answered? Why not break Barriers? Risk taking forging us to be warriors We already are carriers No they say, you can’t do it Sending fear energy they won’t admit Do we always need a permit? Why not break barriers? Risk taking breaking the cycle of followers We would rather be leaders!

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FRONT ROW ACCESS L&M Productions is a creative agency and full-service fashion event planning production company founded by two inspired sisters, Lovely and Fabiola Jean Baptiste, to provide a platform for designers and models nationwide. The creative founders take pride in exceeding even your most extravagant visions

for your fashion event. Whether it’s a chic fashion show, gala, or glamourous personal celebration, their exquisite attention to detail and unrelenting demand for perfection will be sure to impress you. They merge creative inspiration with their vision to deliver unforgettable events reflecting the latest trends in design,



@Kimonia Revolution





and entertainment in their community. Planning an event with L&M is a worry-free, exciting and unparalleled experience. L&M harnesses the power of creativity to make your most important day an unforgettable one.

From left to right: Fabiola Jean Baptiste and Lovely Randle, the co-founders Photographed by Kelly Sinuchi

From left to right: Sheldine Jean Baptiste, Fabiola Jean Baptiste, Lovely Randle with their mother Mrs. Emmanuela Alcius. Photographed by Kelly Sinuchi

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t all began with a train ride to the New York City fashion district in December of 2017. Sisters Lovely and Fabiola began sharing ideas about an entrepreneurial venture that would come to fruition months later. They agreed that they really wanted to create a platform for local designers and models who wanted to showcase their creativity. Fabiola graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she studied Fashion Design. Lovely, a New Jersey resident, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from New Jersey City University and soon after earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Kean University. The sisters were not oblivious to the harsh world of the fashion industry where opportunities were scarce but they ultimately decided to plan a fashion show that would birth the start of their very own event production company called L&M Productions. On August 12, 2018 L&M Productions launched the 1st Annual Summer Beat Fashion Show which featured collections from 6 local designers including co-owner Fabiola’s Prestige collection. Other participating

designers included Laura Lafrance, Ashili Mcelhaney, Detrick Sawyer, Kimonia Sharp and Christian Carr. “We are so grateful to have the full support of our family, friends and also the support of great local leaders like as Commissioner Jean Monestime from District 2 of Miami Dade County who helped sponsor the event,” the sisters explained. They also expressed that they were looking forward to producing the Summer Beat Fashion Show in Miami annually. When asked how they have been able to successfully plan the Summer Beat Fashion Show while living in two different states, they proudly detailed that after working an 8-hour day at their full-time jobs, they designate several hours for family time before allocating at least four hours for completion of business related tasks at the end of the night. Co-owners Lovely and Fabiola are currently planning for their next fashion show set to take place in New Jersey during the spring of 2019. For more information on upcoming events coordinated by L&M Productions, visit their website at

Story Covered by House of Lafrance Magazine Written by Lovely Randle

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Photographed by: Charles Long Model: K’bana Blaq Creative Director: Blaq Slay Stylist: K’bana Blaq Location: Scott’s Rug Cleaners Factory Since 1947 Newport News Virginia

HOL Magazine | 33

An unexpected Place for couture & fashion

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Photographed by: Charles Long Models: K’bana Blaq J. Ortiz Creative Director: Blaq Slay Stylist: K’bana Blaq Location: Scott’s Rug Cleaners Factory Since 1947 Newport News Virginia

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Photographed by: Charles Long Models: K’bana Blaq J. Ortiz Creative Director: Blaq Slay Stylist: K’bana Blaq Location: Scott’s Rug Cleaners Factory Since 1947 Newport News Virginia

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Photographed by: Charles Long Models: K’bana Blaq J. Ortiz Creative Director: Blaq Slay Stylist: K’bana Blaq Location: Scott’s Rug Cleaners Factory Since 1947 Newport News Virginia

Photographed by: Charles Long Model: K’bana Blaq Creative Director: Blaq Slay J. Ortiz Stylist: K’bana Blaq Location: Scott’s Rug Cleaners Factory Since 1947 Newport News Virginia

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Dedicated to be the voice of the unexposed in South Florida and around the world.

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