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David Stern

The Commissioner of the NBA All-Star Games In Las Vegas

VIP Parties Urban Guardian Awards 10 most profiled NBA players

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David Stern

„The NBA much more than just a game...“ by Earl K. Abdullah

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Eastern & Western Conference All-Stars Players Personality ProfilesandHoroscopes by Ann-Marie Goldstein



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Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams „Caviar-Creator“ Frank Schaefer by Earl K. Abdullah

Publisher‘s Letter by Simon Sahouri Ready to Enjoy Paradise by Jac Garcia-Green The Early Years of NBA by Bob Rind Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation History by LVH Staff From The Red Carpet... Where in World is Susan Thompson by Lori Kuss The Making of Fashion and Beauty - Paul Starr by LVH Staff David Stern „The NBA much more than just a game...“ by Earl K. Abdullah Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams by Earl K. Abdullah Eastern Conference All-Stars by Ann-Marie Goldstein Western Conference All-Stars by Ann-Marie Goldstein Only in America Finds Excitement in the GLOBAL Marketplace by Earl K. Abdullah Massage Therapy in Today‘s World of Sports by Ann-Marie Goldstein Bigger Than Life Entertainment by LVH Staff PhotoPainting - Art by Miloslav Zmrzly by LVH Staff Frank Marino ... Superstar Female Impersonator by Roberto Corteza The Filming Industry: A New Las Vegas Boom by LVH Staff Marina del Rey by M. I. Khan Spiritual & Financial Success! by Angelina Lazar Innovation Changing the Face of Entertainment by Beth Handler Movie and TV Extras Working in Las Vegas by Bob Rind Celebrity Scene News by Pete Allman Paparazzi @Studio 54 by Ladi Novotny Paparazzi @Vegas Party Scene by Ladi Novotny Paparazzi @Mint by Ladi Novotny The Mega Events by Polly Peluso... The Noisy Reporter with a Twist Tarot Time by Asherah




I would like to give special thanks Mayor Oscar Goodman, Sacramento Kings Owners, Joe and Gavin Maloof, last but not least, Commissioner David Stern for having the heart to grant Las Vegas as Host of the NBA All-Stars Game 2007. 2007 holds a great significance for Las Vegas/Hollywood Magazine. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary of service to you, our loyal readership and corporate sponsors, Thank you, for all of your support.

Welcome to Las Vegas and Good Luck to all... Simon Sahouri Publisher

Marco Derhy Annie Marie Goldstein Bob Rind Eddie Sahuri Earl Abdullah


Kenneth Hall





We welcome the NBA All-Stars, the world’s greatest athletes to the Entertainment Capitol of the World. We will do our very best to make this the best All-Star event ever. A very warm and special thanks to Brian McIntyre, SVP, NBA Communications and his staff for all of the support you have given us. All we need now is an NBA Franchise to complete our entertainment package.

Eddie Sahuri



This is a time of excitement for most Las Vegan’s. We get to be involved in a Major Sporting Event, other than Boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Las Vegas has finally arrived, and for the next few days the National Basketball Association All-Star Extravaganza, will be in full force, and Las Vegas will be the Show Place or earth, or at the very least in the United States.

Simon Sahouri


Bennie Palmore II (dedicated to the late C.J.Cansler) Ladi Novotny Steve Crespi Angelina Lazar Asherah Ann-Marie Goldstein Beth Handler Bob Rind Donald Thornton Earl Abdullah Jac Garcia-Green John Pecos Lori Kuss LVH Staff M. I. Khan Pete Allman Polly Peluso Roberto Corteza Susan Thompson Dina Hall David Hampton (Florida) (407) 896.6651 (407) 894.7245 fax Anke Ulrich Diedrich-Dannemann Strasse 106B 26203 Wardenburg Germany Europe +49 172 419 3732 E-mail: Anke@Ricercarholdings.com David Winter, Attorney At Law City of Las Vegas Cultural & Community Affairs Clark County Library District Clark County Parks & Recreation Hollywood Arts Council Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Marina del Rey Convention & Visitors Bureau Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Las Vegas News Bureau Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Community College of Southern Nevada Miloslav Zmrzly, BlueAtelier.biz (702) 792.4057 (702) 309.2424 FAX






Ready To Enjoy Paradise Welcome to the world? Once you know the ‚truth‘ it‘s impossible to just sit around and wait for the end and what a horrific ending indeed. Our very vain, will suffer the ultimate „Reality Survival“ game...World Wide. How stupid is that? Trust me... there will be nothing left. It really is a NO Brainer. In 1961 John F. Kennedy, in his inaugural speech, stated that, „God‘s work must truly be our own“, and we should, „Ask what we can do together“. Sounds like a pretty good thing to me, America is built on Capitalism. Let‘s look at the big picture. Private enterprise: an economy in which the production of goods and services is carried out by businesses owned and operated by people risking their investment of capital and/or labor in the hope of making a profit. Consumers: you and I, spend billions to buy their wares and services, a nice relationship. As we know, the best way to make real and lasting change is through those who, ‚think‘ they have no power, We the People“...remember? I‘m not talking about the politicians and those in government. I‘m talking about all of us in Private Industry and all of us Consumers, who enjoy our Capitalistic society. Private industry, organizations spend millions, billions to advertise, promote their wares, their good deeds to sustain their families.

by Jac Garcia-Green

REMEMBER, the Environment is NOT just the green grass, blue sky and the cool water, our Beautiful Planet Earth provides, it is anything that touches us. Anything, that touches each SECOND of the day: from the traffic jams on your daily drive, reckless, inexperienced kids driving our streets, ENRON types stealing us blind, deviants stalking our neighborhoods, high school drop outs and gangs looking for direction and opportunities, the environment our surroundings, are everything. We throw everything away, cars to kids. How much respect and compassion can the World have for you, after all, we are the people, in „We the People“ and guess what? We have the power, let‘s work together. The time for all of Private Industry and Consumers to collaborate and communicate is at hand. Reality is giving us a good view of the future and this is our time to shine and grow as humans. As of May 2003, 89% of Our Country recycles at HOME, 80% of consumers have reduced their energy use to protect the environment and 72% buy products specifically because there‘re better for the environment, according to a gallop poll. The votingis done. What‘s done is done.

an Environmental Business Network Member; this gives every industry from Concrete to the Health & Beauty the opportunity to participate in good stewardship and forward movement. It is a necessary and prudent measure that we move forward environmentally now, by, increasing recycling, reusing, using alternative fuel, these measures will bring hope and confidence to our communities and the racers edge to compete in our ever-Global Society and Economy. We have made our voice of change heard. It‘s time we roll up our sleeves higher, smile brighter and keep working smarter. As I see it, we, in Corporate America have been left with the task of running to the rescue. This is not altruism running amuck. Many companies have found that incorporating environmentally friendly measures and technology can reduce their costs and hold down prices and as a ‚side affect‘, please their customers, which include; City, State and Global Leaders. We are offering the opportunity via The Environmental Business Network, to continue forward by Voluntarily using and or offering New Technology and innovations, alternative production methods, products solutions and or services; for the health and welfare of ALL our communities. Enhancing your sustainability and our communities, via our‚ Voluntary‘ Promotional measures, is to promote and build: POSITIVE = HEALTHY „ Character based decisions“ in our youth and the Industry. Industries, Organizations and Supporters, become Network members; this is a mutually beneficial relationship, sharing common goals and mutual accountability. Our goal is to have all to join and become

Jac and Al Gore

Making services more accessible and effective as synergy offers ways to overcome obstacles, diversifying capabilities to accomplish tasks, shares resources and share rewards. We want you to be part of our network for a better future.

www.ebn.cc, 702-564-0842 www.myspace.com/environmentalbusiessntwk

The Early Years of NBA

by Bob Rind

by LVH Staff

but I turned it down. He was a great coach and many coaches try to emulate his coaching wisdom. Today’s salary cap is $53.1 million.

a Christian-Indian movement that attracted Natives from New England to a settlement in upstate New York and later, Wisconsin. As for the remaining land in Connecticut, by 1856 illegal land sales had reduced the 989-acre reservation to 213 acres.

(National Basketball Association) In today’s sport’s world probably the most

successful fan watching sport is basketball, especially the NBA. Yes, football pro and college have great fan turnouts and TV viewers, but the pro’s play 16 games and the colleges 12. The NBA plays an 82 game regular season schedule and the colleges play a 27-30 game season. So in my way of analyzing this comparison, basketball wins and especially the NBA as the top fan based sport. For those that want to know more about the history of the NBA, outstanding statistics, awards, player information go to the NBA.com web site. Like most of today’s athletes they know very little of about who, what and when brought them to the position they are in today and made them millionaires. I will relate a bit of fact, trivia, and a trivia contest to test your NBA knowledge. Some of these answers you will find on the NBA web site and others from my knowledge of the sport as I was there first hand. The NBA as we know it today started in the autumn of 1949 after merging with the rival National Basketball league. Before that it was known as the Basketball Association of America. In 1949 the NBA had 17 franchises. In 1950 the NBA consolidated to 11 franchises till 1954 when there were only 8 franchises all of which are still in the league today. Trivia #1: which 2 original times still play in their original cities? Trivia # 2: Who was the first NBA president? In those early days the teams had a salary cap of $75,000 and when this cap was released some teams still worked by it, especially the Knicks. An example: Ray Felix was a rookie of the year with the then Baltimore Bullets and made $2000. Most players had off-season jobs. A new Chevy cost at that time $2000 and Ray asked me to lend him money to buy one. I met Ray when he and other top college and pro basketball players and I were coaching at Claire Bee’s Basketball camp. Claire at that time was very despondent from his college coaching days at LIU when the point shaving scandal broke. At the camp I was his confidant and guided him in the upcoming college draft I was offered by Claire a $2000 contract to play for the Bullets,

Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation History

The NBA claims that a Japanese player in 1947 broke the colored barrier, (he played for the Knicks in 3 games). Trivia # 3: What was his name and what college did he play for? The first Afro-American to sign to play in the NBA was Nat “Sweetwater ‘ Clifton with the Knicks, but the first to play in the NBA was Earl Lloyd in 1950 and the first Afro-American to be drafted in 1950 was Chuck Cooper. Trivia # 4: What team was Sweetwater playing for before he signed with the Knicks? Today’s sports broadcaster and so-called sports authorities still claim that Moses Malone was the first NBA player to come out of high school to play NBA ball. This is false. He played 2 years in the ABA and then when they merged into the NBA he played 2 games with Buffalo and was traded to Houston. Before the NBA formation and was at least 10 players without college experience that played in the old BAA, but one of them Connie Simmons played in both leagues and was an all-star with the Knicks. Trivia #5: Boston had a non-college player in the 50-51 season, he played 17 games. Name him. Originally the three second foul lane and foul shooting circle took the Shape of a “keyhole”. The layout of the “key” was widened and players couldn’t stay below the foul line other then being on the line, and while the players that lined up when foul shots were taken use to alternate spots now the defensive player had the first lane spots. Trivia #6: Why was the lane widened, and it was called the WHAT rule?

In our next issue of this magazine we will have the Trivia answers, more trivia question, unpublished stories and interesting facts that deserve more print, like scandals, unlikely stars and much more. Any questions or comments contact me here at this magazine.

In the early 1970s, tribal members began moving back to the Mashantucket reservation, hoping to restore their land base and community, develop economic self-sufficiency, and revitalize tribal culture. By the mid-1970s, tribal members had embarked on a series of economic ventures, in addition to instituting legal action to recover illegally seized land. The history of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is one of dramatically changing fortunes. Native peoples have continuously occupied Mashantucket in Southeastern Connecticut for over 10,000 years. By the early 17th century, just prior to European contact, the Pequots had approximately 8,000 members and inhabited 250 square miles. However, the Pequot War (1636-1638) -the first major conflict between colonists and an indigenous New England people -- had a devastating impact on the Tribe. When the Pequot War formally ended, many tribal members had been killed and others placed in slavery or under the control of other tribes. Those placed under the rule of the Mohegans eventually became known as the Mashantucket (Western) Pequots and were given land at Noank in 1651. In 1666, the land at Noank was taken from the Tribe, and it was given back property at Mashantucket. In the ensuing decades, the Pequots battled to keep their land, while at the same time losing reservation members to outside forces. By 1774, a Colonial census indicated that there were 151 tribal members in residence at Mashantucket. By the early 1800s, there were between 30 and 40 as members moved away from the reservation seeking work. Others joined the Brotherton Movement,

With the assistance of the Native American Rights Fund and the Indian Rights Association, the Tribe filed suit in 1976 against neighboring landowners to recover land that had been sold by the State of Connecticut in 1856. Seven years later the Pequots reached a settlement with the landowners, who agreed that the 1856 sale was illegal, and who joined the Tribe in seeking the state government‘s support. The state responded, and the Connecticut Legislature unanimously passed legislation to petition the federal government to grant tribal recognition to the Mashantucket Pequots and settle the claim. With help from the Connecticut delegation, the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Land Claims Settlement Act was enacted by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Reagan on Oct. 18, 1983. It granted the Tribe federal recognition, enabling it to repurchase and place in trust the land covered in the Settlement Act. Currently, the reservation is 1,250 acres. As the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation sought to settle its land claims, it also actively engaged in a number of economic enterprises, including the sale of cord wood, maple syrup, and garden vegetables, a swine project and the opening of a hydroponic greenhouse. Once the land claims were settled, the Tribe purchased and operated a restaurant, and established a sand and gravel business. In 1986, the Tribe opened its bingo operation, followed, in 1992, by the establishment of the first phase of Foxwoods Resort Casino, which has since earned the distinction as the World’s Largest Casino. The ceremonial groundbreaking for the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center took place on Oct. 20, 1993, in a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of federal recognition of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. The new facility, opened on August 11, 1998, is located on the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation, where many members of the Mashantucket Pequot tribal members continue to live. It is one of the oldest, continuously occupied Indian reservations in North America.

From The Red Carpet...

Where in the World is Susan Thompson

by Lori Kuss

It’s been a busy few months for model, international TV personality, actress & author Susan Thompson, a celebrity spokeswoman and founder of the North American Andy Transplant Foundation – NAATF.

Among Susan’s other guests were gorgeous international super-models Rachel Hunter and Eva Herzigova, and singers Natalie Imbruglia, Jordan Jade Jagger and newlywed pop star Michelle Heaton in a scandalously revealing dress. Thompson was part of this extraordinary event with the highest quality of music entertainment in the world and unsurpassed glamour. A beauty in her own right, the glitz of the evening wasn’t limited to the recipients and presenters...Susan was dazzling, outfitted in a red-hot sequined gown and sexy three inch strappy silver heels for a knockout appearance on the red carpet! STTV1.com Susan Thompson is the International Spokesperson and TV Personality for her affiliate partner, Port City International Model and Talent Agency, who were also at the World Music Awards. Susan distributed her new song, “Messages are Everywhere” (ASCAP), co-written with Sonny E from Earth Wind & Fire. Her song was written as a tribute to her brother Andy who passed away at age 37 before acquiring a life-saving liver transplant. Her Foundation was formed in 2005 after this tragic experience, and as a result, her passion is to help other families cover costs associated with transplant ‘red tape’, build awareness internationally of the importance of becoming a donor, and to provide support through her network of generous supporters. NAATF, Inc. is a public foundation committed to saving lives and to providing financial assistance to transplant patients and their families across the United States and Canada. All financial contributions are continue on page 14

Paul Starr

by LVH Staff

Drawing his inspiration from film, art, and a keen observation of everyday life, Paul Starr‘s palette has been colored by twenty years of experience, and his canvas has included everyone from ladies who lunch to movie stars, rock stars, and supermodels. Whether utilitarian or Tran formative, his makeup eschews disguise in favor of revelation.

On November 15th 2006, Susan was at Earl’s Court, London, England on the red carpet for The World Music Awards extravaganza now in its’ 18th year. The awards were broadcasted to over 1 billion viewers! Susan Her lifestyle magazine show covers food, fashion, trends, lifestyle culture and travel and is currently broadcast in 52 countries including the US & Canada, and also via the web on GoodNewsBroadcast.com to millions of viewers around the world. Surrounded by superstars, one of the most exciting interviews of the evening was with award winner Katie Melua, Best-Selling “European Female Artist of the Year” who performed that night with one of the most gifted artists of our time, Andrea Bocelli. Roberto Cavalli presented 2 awards that night to Andrea for “Best-Selling Italian Artist” and “Best Classical Artist”.

The Making of Fashion and Beauty

Michael Jackson

Starr‘s technique reflects the beauty of uniqueness and individualism. Internationally, he has keyed fashion shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, and Dolce & Gabanna, while helming multiple shows including Halston, Sass & Bide and Jenny Kayne for New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks. working with the most influential photographers of his generation, including Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Stephane Sednaoui, David LaChapelle, Michel Comte, Paolo Roversi, Nick Knight, Ellen Von Unwerth, Albert Watson, and David Bailey. He was privileged enough to work with legendary photographers George Hurrell, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Horst P. Horst and Herb Ritts, on some of their iconic sessions, creating classic images that will endure for generations.


Starr‘s collaborations with commercial, film, and video directors such as Tim Burton, David Fincher, Mark Romanek, Paul Hunter, and Spike Lee have helped define a look for the past two decades. Drawn to strong-minded and unique women, his video reel is like another artist‘s Greatest Hits, including Madonna, Bjork, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Jill Scott, Toni Braxton, Sheryl Crow, Lauryn Hill, and Joni Mitchell. His male resume including David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Sting, Marilyn Manson, and Boy George is no less singular. Starr leaves his mark of distinction on the best advertising campaigns as well, including Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, L‘Oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Calvin Klein, Victoria‘s Secret, Hugo Boss, and Levi‘s. Actors are the bread and butter of any Hollywood makeup artist, and Starr‘s client roster includes the best of the new breed, established stars, and enduring legends, including Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek, Renee Zellweger, Lindsay Lohan, Brooke Shields, Anjelica Huston, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Jane Fonda.

Enya at the World Music Awards

Susan and Katie Melua


Susan and Bob Sinclair

As founding Beauty Editor of Flaunt magazine from 1998-2001 Starr enlarged his scope to include photo production, art direction, and interviewing; coordinating monthly pages that ranged from male grooming editorial to a conversation with makeup artist and beauty mogul Shu Uemura. In 2002 Starr became the first makeup artist to work in-house with cosmetics giant Estee Lauder. As head of their National Makeup Artist team, he advises on product development; selects, coordinates and trains the elite Makeup Team, and makes personal appearances nationwide. Starr’s first book Paul Starr: On Beauty was published in Fall 2005 by Melcher Media. www.PaulStarrMakeup.com In the ephemeral world of fashion and celebrity, he has created a lasting body of work both recognizable and distinct. His creativity comes from a mind never at rest, and a personality unwilling to settle for obvious answers or the easiest solution. Paul Starr gives lie to the maxim that the words „makeup“ and „artist“ should never be combined. With him, they are the most comfortable of bedfellows.

Susan @NATPE

photo by Ladi Novotny, model Vera Pospisilova

continued from page 12 tax deductible to this 501c3 corporation. For more information about the foundation, or to make a contribution, you can go to the website www.andytransplantfoundation.org. From London, to Las Vegas for the annual NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) convention at the renowned Mandalay Bay. Her black and gold themed booth featured original artwork generously donated by artists Renee Dahl from East Hampton, NY and Veronica Samuels of North Carolina in addition to her own published books, A Message From Up Above, and The Little Black Book of Beauty Tips. Special celebrity guest and co-sponsor of the booth were her friend and associate, Patrick “Punchin’ Pat” Nwamu, the Super Cruiser Weight Champion of the World. Pat, a/k/a The New York City Kid, was there for the duration, complete with his jewel encrusted Championship belt, signing autographs and distributing his film “They’re Just My Friends”. Pat wrote, produced and starred in this loosely based true story about a man who grew up in one of the toughest sections of the Bronx, constantly challenged by his environment, to become a better man who sculpted his own destiny to become a professional athlete. other guests included Miss Puerto Rico and Ms. Letizia,. Comedy and high jinx prevailed when Kato Kaelin yes THE Kato of OJ fame - bumped into the author of this article on the escalator! After a warm hug and a kiss, Kato instantly agreed to an exclusive interview with Susan. He has a great sense of humor – still!

Susan with Brian Kato Kaelin @NATPE

The booth @NATPE

Off to Los Angeles to cover a Cigar Night at Schatzi – we all know who the “owner-actor is” - where invited guests and celebrities will smoke the finest cigars and have a scrumptious dinner. Thompson is attending with the Film Artists Network (F.A.N.), “truly independent cinema”,. As a worldwide membership organization of talented filmmakers, it is also an innovator of projects and programs devoted to developing, promoting and supporting Independent filmmaking. They have partnered with Susan to support her efforts in establishing the NAATF as a prominent charitable foundation and will have a kick off Gala in March at this very restaurant. Next stop – The Hamptons! To meeting with manager and producer of The American Dream Show Ingrid Lemme. WVVH TV – Hamptons, New York and the Tri-State area. Ingrid’s guests include artists, actors, producers and many other notable “extraordinary individuals.” Back to Las Vegas for the NBA All-stars Game. info@thesusanthompsonshow.com

Susan, Punchin Pin and Miss Puerto Rico

what our players do in their communities. The priority is projected in our “NBA Cares” campaign, which has gone a long way towards giving our fans a better understanding of our players as real people.

Vince Carter... N.J.Nets

The league has generated billions of dollars, and is sometimes criticized for generation huge amounts for a small number of people. Is it hard to change that negative public perception?

David Stern „The NBA much more than just a game...“ by Earl K. Abdullah

During the week of Feb 13-18, the National Basketball Association will take over Las Vegas, which is a dream come true for Mayor Oscar Goodman and the Maloof Brothers, owners of the Palms Hotel and Casino. As soon as an agreement was made with the Casinos that gambling on the game would be strictly prohibited, the game was on. Even though most people, who live here, would like to see a professional Sports franchise in the City of Lights at least the NBA All-Star game is a great start. In the past 4 years at least, there have been talk on Sports Radio as well as in the Newspapers about whether Las Vegas would support a professional franchise, with so many other activities happening. At this point most residents, who are from somewhere else, would love to have a Major League Franchise to support. However, David Stern, the Commissioner of the NBA remains silent on the issue of licensing an Expansion team in Las Vegas. Mayor Goodman remains positive that the city will land a Major League Franchise in the very near future. Las Vegas-Hollywood Magazine acquired an interview with David Stern, regarding the state of the NBA and the future of the league, this column will reprint excerpts from

that interview with the leader of the National Basketball Association. The National Basketball Association is at the world’s premier men’s professional basketball league in North America. Founded in New York in June 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, the league adopted the name National Basketball Association in the fall of 1949 after merging with the rival National Basketball League. With its games televised around the globe in 43 languages, the NBA also owns the Women’s National Basketball Association and the NBA Development League. The first question to Mr. Stern regards how satisfied he is with the progress of the league and his priorities for the future. “It has been and extraordinary season. In the playoffs, we were blessed with a bunch of exciting games, great individual performances and a close series, all of which have served to give us a boost. One priority that we have going forward is to make our fans more aware of how talented our players really are, off the court as well as on. So we have spent a lot of time letting people know

“We use NBA Cares as an umbrella for all of the community activities in which we are engaged, and that has been helpful offsetting criticism. It doesn’t refer to one particular program, because it covers all the work going on in the communities of our individual players. It also refers to the community work after Hurricane Katrina, and it has an interesting component too, through Basketball without Borders. In short, NBA Cares captures the gamut of our community activities. Our aim is to demonstrate our players’ commitment to the community. We want to enhance people’s understanding of our players’ respect for the tradition and history of our sport, and we also want to capture their passion for the game and the engagement with the fans. I think we have achieved those goals and have moved up the scale on all fronts this past season.” Do all the players in the league understand the value of community Involvement? “Yes, as a matter of fact the players have an extraordinary desire to use their personas to do good. They often look for ways to channel that desire, but it does not always come easily. I recently sent a letter out to all the players thanking them, as a group for what they have done this season, as a result of that letter 15 players who hadn’t been as active as they would have liked call me and said, “what more can I do this summer?” so the desire to give back is very much generated within the players, not from the outside.” The NBA Brand is growing internationally, what are some of your key priorities as the NBA grows globally? “It is important for us to demonstrate our commitment to our global audience. So, for instance the men’s national team, which is run by USA Basketball, played in the Basketball World Championship in Japan in August and September. On the way there they stopped in Guangzhou, China for games against the Chinese and Brazilian teams, and in Seoul, Korea for games against the Korean team and the Lithuanian Team. That kind of activity is taking place all the time. Beyond that, we’re spending a lot of our time focusing on China, where Adidas, our apparel partner has more than 2,000 franchised stores. We have recently made a deal with the largest Chinese consumer

products company -Haier- and we have 25 television deals and many streaming video deals in China. Interestingly, 20 per-cent of NBA.com’s business is generated on our Mandarin language site. So, international growth remains a key focus for us.” Is there a difference between international players and the home grown talent in the U.S.? “I’ve heard other people talk about this in a certain way, and I’m coming around to their ideas. They say that there is a different style of training in Europe, which is less about what you do with 12 year- olds, and more about what you do with high school teams, club teams, college teams, and even professional teams. There is much more time spent on drills in Europe than there is in the United States. Some of our teams do drills here, but not all of them, because once you’re in season, there are lots of other things to be done. Most high- school kids just play games. In the summertime, they have summer leagues such as the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) leagues-you name it. Some of the Basketball people tell me that it would be more constructive if a higher percentage of their time were spent on drills. In our Development League, we have a protocol that requires drills. So when players are sent to the Development League there are going to be shooting drills because there is more time to do that. They don’t have a choice: they have to do it. There has been much debate over the age of your players. How important is it for the NBA to have the 19-year-old eligibility rule?

Its impact is only being felt this year, because this is the first year that we’re not taking high-school seniors. Of course, one could argue that some players who would previously have been available to us are not available now, so there’s less talent in the draft. Not that the players in it aren’t talented, but we’re precluding players who a year ago would have been eligible. That’s one aspect. More importantly, those very same players will now go to college for a year to enhance their basketball and life skills, which will ultimately improve basketball and the NBA. That’s a great thing for us. So the 19-year-old eligibility rule is a very positive development. It gets us out of the high-school gymnasiums, and it removes any criticism that we’re encouraging kids to forego education.

Dwight Howard ... Orlando Magic

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams The popularity of Caviar is hardly a new phenomenon. The dish dates back to ancient times and has been prized in almost every culture across the globe. The Sturgeon, the fish whose roe alone under FDA rulings may be classified as caviar, is a prehistoric fish that has been around for 250 million years, surviving since the time of, and outlasting, the dinosaurs. “Fossil remains dating from that time have been found on the Baltic coast and elsewhere.” The Sturgeons are bottom-dwellers, with sensitive barbells and pointed snouts, “scaleless except for five rows of large, pointed, plate like scales running along the top and sides of the body. Their exoskeleton is part bone and part cartilage, placing them midway between sharks and bony fish.”

Have television viewing stayed strong? Do you see continued growth in that area? “I regard that as two different issues. Viewing figures have stayed strong, and this year, we’re up double digits across out three-network platform. But I think this is an unusual year, because the multiplicity of channel choices and all the other entertainment options- computers, video games, and the like are driving television ratings down, or at least keeping them from growing in a robust manner. But that’s going to be offset by the 30 million video streams a month that NBA fans around the world will be seeking, along with other on-demand offerings. So I think we are going through a period of change and, in the future, television ratings will not be considered the ultimate measure of success. You’ve been focused on building a clear competitive balance from the top to the bottom of the league. What war the rationale behind that strategy? I don’t think we can take particular credit for this year, other than to say that the collective bargaining agreement was designed to negate any advantage- or the largest part of any advantage- that a team might have in committing unlimited funds to player acquisition and player compensation. If a team is well managed and generates decent revenues, then it can compete in our league. Once you can compete and get yourself into the playoffs with a decent record, you have the ability to create some havoc in our field. Mr. Commissioner when you first took on the role, the NBA as a business was in pretty bad shape. Did you belie-

Speaking of the Women’s Basketball, are you satisfied with how the WNBA has progressed? Yes, I’m happy with it. In fact, it is exceeding my expectations. Just think of the achievements, the ability continue on page 21

Sturgeons are anadromous fish, meaning that they live in saltwater but return to freshwater to spawn. Twentyfour major species of Sturgeon still exist, living mainly in the Caspian Sea, although their numbers have been negatively affected by pollution and over-fishing. Sturgeon can live to be over 100 years old and can grow to weigh over 3,000 pounds. This amazing fish has more chromosomes than man, and is more adaptable to its environment. Since we have all ascertained that the Sturgeon is excellent fish and Caviar is good and good for you, just think what would happen if all the Sturgeon throughout the earth was eradicated because of the greed of the Human Race. Enter Caviar-Creator, of Las Vegas. Can you believe that someone has discovered a system that will supply the world with Caviar and Sturgeon from a controlled environment, saving the endangered species, giving the world what we want and at the same time saving the environment? It seems that everyday we hear news reports stating that something that we have been eating all of our lives is no longer safe to eat due to pollution or other elements that have contaminated our food. Las Vegas/Hollywood recently spoke with the Founder, President and CEO of Caviar-Creator, Frank Schaefer. Schaefer, a former Investment Banker At Merrill Lynch and Prudential Bache, received the Caviar revelation from his mother-in law, while visiting her in the Ukraine. Up until that point he had never tasted Caviar, however, Schaefer acquired a taste for the delicacy and went about the business of learning more about the Sturgeon and Caviar.

ve that you would be able to turn the organization around to such an extent? I had no idea. It sounded like fun. It’s a great game. And we are here to grow and protect it. We do that by ducking at incoming missiles and also by making decisions on the run to do one thing or another. We got a little lucky with the building boom, the television boom, and the growth in sports marketing, which is where we really hit the sweet spot. Plus, we were able to navigate through a few tumultuous waves-I won’t say rough but tumultuous. The water has calmed down a bit in recent years. Some people say that’s because Michael Jordan retired. I think that’s one reason. It also has to do with the building, television and sports marketing boom reaching natural plateaus. We’re now in the age where globalization, technology, and women’s basketball-not to mention minor league basketball, like our Development League at the NBA- have opened up real opportunities.

by Earl K. Abdullah

Frank Schaefer, Founder, President and CEO of Caviar-Creator

What Schaefer discovered was that the world had a major appetite for Caviar, but because of pollution, over fishing and the destruction of Sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, there was a shortage of Sturgeon resulting in a deficit in Caviar. “Sales demand was much higher than the supply, and in the past 20 years people are getting richer and now more people can afford to purchase Caviar”, stated Schaefer. “20 years ago 3500 tons of Caviar was produced annually, but today, 50 tons of Caviar is produced annually: says Schaefer, and Caviar-Creator has a major world market share. What Schaefer also learned, after research is that in a controlled 24/7 environment with clean water at a constant 70 degrees, a water treatment facility, feeding the Sturgeon up to 4 times daily, you can breed Sturgeons, in three and a half to four years. In their normal habitat Sturgeons will grows to maturity in 25 years. Caviar-Creator speeds the process, thereby supplying the world demand. Schaefer gives much of the credit for the creation of his company to his Board of Advisors. Professor Dr. Gennadi G. Serpunin, PhD Biology, Chair of Kalinigrad University, Department of Aquaculture. Professor Igor Alexandrovich Burtsev, Chief Scientific Worker,

continued from page 18 (V.N.I.R.O) Russian Scientific Research Institute, a specialist in the art of breeding Sturgeon. Mrs. Lilia R. Kopylenko, Manager of Laboratory of the Physical Chemistry of the studies, FGUP of all Russian Scientific Research Institute of Sea Fisheries and Oceanography. It was Professor Kopylenko who brought the highly decorated Caviar Master, Professor Vera Kasparova to the Advisory Board of Caviar-Creator. Caviar-Creator was established in January, 2002. “It was not easy, explains Schaefer, the Banks did not want to hear about this new technology, so I sold shares in the company and raised 50 million dollars in 2003, and the dream became realty”. There are Sturgeon Farms in Demmin, Germany, Russia, and China. There are plans to build 4 Sturgeon Farms in North America, Europe and Asia, and a sales office in Dubai. The goal is to produce 300 tons of Caviar per year. The next reality for Schaefer will be to open Caviar Bars, Clubs and Restaurants worldwide. With all the new innovations in aquaculture, Frank Schaefer still finds time for his family with his 2 boys and wife Angelina, a Concert Pianist and Singer, they reside in Las Vegas and by the way Caviar-Creator supplies all of the Major Hotels and Resorts in Las Vegas with Caviar. Schaefer also finds time to relax riding his Harley, the 2003 Harley-Davidson Birthday Edition, playing golf, tennis, and trap shooting. Frank is 51 years old, but in his younger days he was a champion in Tennis, Trap Shooting and Basketball in his hometown of Dusseldorf, Germany.

to average 8,000 spectators a game, which is a great feat for a woman’s professional sports league, the fact that we are now celebrating the 10th anniversary of the WNBA; the changes that have occurred in the woman’s game, from athletic apparel for girls to the USA Today coverage; and the growth of elite teams. Above all, it’s fantastic that girl’s now have the role models to look up to, just as boys look up to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Many basketball careers end early and some at a young age. How important is it for the NBA to maintain relationships with players, after they have stopped playing? We can never do enough, but we do run a number of player programs. For instance, there’s one to help players who want to finish their degrees, and we also offer training in life and business skills. We can help guide players to the right career for them. We also work closely with both the National Basketball Players Association and the National Basketball Retired Players Association. All those things working together are pretty effective. This All-Star game celebrates your 23rd year as CEO of the NBA, as it has grown you have been pulled in many directions, have you had to give up some controls? I’ve given up most of it. If I had to characterize my style,

I would call it “episodic micromanagement.” When I write my book, its going to be called, “Episodic Micromanagement is Underrated.” I try to take sporadic and episodic dives into particular areas for the purposes of understanding them better and to educate myself on the issues. I like to understand the decision- making process on staffing, for instance. And why resources are needed in particular areas. What would your colleagues say if they were asked about your management style? They would say that he is difficult, exacting, demanding, and pointed in his evaluation, direct in critiquing on behalf of the organization, and loyal to his colleagues who make it all work. How difficult is it to turn the business off ? Can you ever really get away from the job? It is challenging to turn it off and it isn’t natural for my personality to do so, but I’m trying to be more disciplined about it. The advent of the cell phone and the Blackberry has not been very constructive in terms of achieving a good work-life balance. This NBA is not your Fathers NBA, this game is faster, and the athletes are stronger. Technology and the sweeping media landscape, more female fans, have played an important role in the evolution of the game since 1947. “What we are trying to do is increase our audience against all targets and all demos,” says Stern. As far as the reason for all of the new television viewers the Commissioner believes the growth and popularity of women’s basketball at every level along with the maturing of the WNBA is starting to have a positive effect on viewing.

Of course I needed to know why, the world was craving Caviar? According to Schaefer, “It keeps you looking young, makes you stronger, has anti aging properties and Caviar, according to some, will increase your sexual drive”. “The bladder of the Sturgeon is used for glue in reconstruction of oil paintings while the Sturgeon skin is used for leather products”, Schaefer continues, “The anti-aging cream goes for about $1000 per jar”.

He credits NBA.com for drawing younger male fans, and the influx of foreign-born players, brings another layer of new viewers. NBA games can be seen not only on ABC TV, but ESPN and TNT as well. During an interview with Mediaweek last summer, Stern stated, “We were always comfortable with adding more games to cable and reducing the number of broadcast telecast. There has been a huge change sweeping the media landscape, and we knew it was coming early on. It says something when a showcase prime-time sports event like Monday Night Football is moved to cable.”

The demise of Caviar Production creates an unprecedented opportunity in the market place, and Caviar-Creator is uniquely poised and positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. For further information and how to be part of this unique opportunity please e-mail: f.schaefer@caviar-creator.com or go to our web site: www.caviar-creator.com Kobe Bryant ... L.A.Lakers

Stev Nash ... Phoenix Suns

and the talent level is awesome, and the money is much greater now than it was 15 or even 20 years ago,” stated the Original Stormin Norman. The game changed, in the 1979 NBA Draft, the entrance of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. The rivalry started at the Final Four and carried over into the NBA all of a sudden America discovered the game in massive numbers, not at first, the league probably thought it was a fluke, and by the time David Stern took the reins, the league actually had a good business model. Enter Michael Jordan James Worthy, and David Stern, America is now in love with the NBA and the game and the revenue soared. Commissioner Stern has been associated with the NBA since 1978 as General Counsel, NBA Executive Vice-President in 1980 and was elected Commissioner in 1984. The league has pressed on and never looked back.

If we look at vintage basketball footage we can see how the game has changed from the genesis to now. How has it changed for players of the 70’s to players of the 21st century? Las Vegas Hollywood spoke to former NBA and 4 time NBA All- Star Norm Van Lier, of the Chicago Bulls“ The game is the same, however the guys are much bigger

The love of Basketball along with other team sports is responsible for saving many young lives, giving those special athletes and perhaps marginal athletes goals to shoot for, even though most know that professional sports will remain only a dream, but the mere fact they played a team sport has built character and self esteem, and allowed most to be successful in other facets of this wonderful life.

David Stern in China

LeBron James

Posituion: Forward 6-8, 245, Born December 30, 1984 High School: St. Vincent-St. Mary (Akron, Ohio) 4th NBA Season, 3rd NBA All-Star Game, First player selected in the 2003 NBA Draft Was a member of the 2004 Us Olympic team. Average career highs of 27.2 points, 7.2 assists and 2.21 steals. Became just the fifth player in NBA history to post averages of 27 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists for an entire season. Youngest player to be awarded All-NBA honors. Became the youngest player and second fastest player to reach 3,500 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists. In rookie season he was named the NBA Eastern Conference Rookie of the month for the entire season.

Eastern Conference All-Stars Eastern Conference Players Personality Profiles and Horoscopes

by Ann-Marie Goldstein asheran@amgcreations.net www.amgcreations.net

Dwyane Wade

Profile and Horoscope You know, you are a pretty tough guy. This much is true. But if you were any deeper you might drown in yourself. You tend to put sometimes-unrealistic expectations on yourself and nobody can be perfect. Doing and being the best you can be is enough! You should have been in the military but you wouldn’t-or then again maybe you would-have enjoyed it. You’re a hard taskmaster but equal to anything anyone puts before you. Family members benefit from you. You also never forget where you came from and goodness knows you are a SERIOUS practical joker. It’s just that you like to lighten things up because you do take things so seriously sometimes. It’s very important for you to stay close to your Faith this year, whatever that may be for you. Last year you lived in times of personal crises, in your own mind. In a way you are still there, with a big grin on your face, battling personal demons. Have some fun, tease as much as you need to, it will bring your heart joy.

Chris Bosh

Position: G 6-4, 212, Born January 17, 1982 College: Marquette 4th NBA Season, 3rd NBA All-Star Game, Has appeared in 213 regular season games in his 3 year career averaging 22.9 points, 6.1 assists, 5 rebounds and 37.5 minutes while shooting 48.2 percent from the floor and 24.1 percent from the 3 point range. Has earned All-NBA second team twice, All-Defensive team once. Holds many HEAT scoring records. Named to the 2004 USA Basketball Senior National Team. Unanimous NBA All- Rookie First team selection. Personal scoring high for a game is 48 points and has 2 441point games.

6-10, 230, Born March 24th , 1984 College: Georgia Tech 4th NBA Season ... 2nd NBA All-Star Game Named to NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2004, after averaging 11.5 points and setting a Raptors franchise record for most rebounds in rookie season with 557... Selected after one season at Georgia Tech by Raptors in first round (fourth pick overall) of 2003 draft.

Profile and Horoscope You are not stubborn or anything, are you? Of course not. HA! Your word is law and woe betides anyone who crosses what you deem to be the line of acceptable behavior. You’re also pretty secretive but that’s ok. You love a challenge is all. On a serious note, it’s time for you to bury the hatchet with old friends and even new friends. That doesn’t mean you have to swallow their sad stories but it does mean to say what you need to say for better or for worse and let the chips fall where they may. At least you chose a path, which is more than we can say for many people who chose to not choose anything at all. Romance, true love, beauty, joy, radiance... all things bloom. Fatherhood. Being a loving, good-hearted man. What are your goals in that area? Your reading wants to get very personal which is a line I won’t cross right now. Just be open to life as She comes at you.

Profile and Horoscope Mr. Wade’s lesson in life is to learn to live with his moods. When you are happy, you are very very happy. When you are down, everybody knows about it! Being near the ocean can do wonders for you mentally thereby helping you free yourself of things that in your mind hold you back, and you know how you hate that more than darn near anything! The thing with you is that you have not yet even begun to fulfill your prime abilities. You are an old soul trapped in a young body. You must be like, “can we get there already? Are we there yet?” These could have been favorite words as a child, and you will always be one step ahead of everyone. But you have to ripen naturally. Don’t force thing so. And make investments if you are thinking about it, keeping that money far from your side but still within reach. Financially it is a good time for you so stop worrying so much about it. Just put aside for a rainy day.

Shaquille O‘Neal

Position: G Born: Jan 6, 1982 Height: 6-4 / 1,93 Weight: 210 lbs. / 95,3 kg. College: Arizona 2006 NBA Eastern Conference All-Star Team 2004-05 All-NBA Third Team Named to 2005 NBA Eastern Conference All-Star Team 2002-03 Most Improved Award Winner MVP of 2003 got milk? Rookie Challenge Named NBA Western Conference ‘got milk?’ Rookie of the Month for April 2002.

Gilbert Arenas

7-1, 315, Born March 3rd, 1972 College: Louisiana State 15th NBA Season ... 14th NBA All-Star Game (3 DNP: 1997, 2001, 2002) One of the most dominant players ever... Won three NBA championships with the Lakers and was named Finals MVP three times... Named MVP of the 2004 All-Star Game in Los Angeles after tallying 24 points and 11 rebounds... Led NBA in scoring (29.7 ppg) in 1999-2000, on the way to being named league MVP ... Named co-MVP of 2000 All-Star Game along with San Antonio’s Tim Duncan after recording 22 points and nine rebounds in 25 minutes ... Seven-time All-NBA First Team choice ... Two-time All-NBA Second Team selection ... Three-time NBA All-Defensive Second Team member ... One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History ... Member of gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic squad (1996) ... Signed as a free agent by the Lakers on July 18, 1996, after spending first four years of career in Orlando ... Selected by the Magic with the first overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft.

Profile and Horoscope Always listen to your intuition. If I didn’t write another thing about you, you’d still have the ball in the palm of your hand. But this is a truth that you know. You like to constantly learn new things and in 2009 your consciousness opens in ways that you cannot see now. The Universe never lets us know before we are ready to handle and hold the things that are meant for us to know. But always listen to your inner voice. It will never steer you wrong. Getting into temptation, or giving into temptation, do I go or do I stay...it’s time for you to live in the moment, heed what you know to be true and be strong. Sometimes it is better to walk away, better to turn the other cheek. Being enlightened is a process that can be heavy indeed. But with it comes great responsibility. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Profile and Horoscope Being in the sun suits you. I would imagine that you actually feel better whenever you go outside. Your nature demands it. Staying cooped up too long makes you cranky. You’re like fine wine; your best years are ahead for you. Ten years from now you are still so well known although your career path changes somewhat. If you were to choose to go into politics you couldn’t lose! The Archangel Gabrielle stands close by you; this Archangel is the “hero of God” and carries great feminine energy. She speaks very strongly to your wife, who will lead many as she moves throughout her life. Very inspiring female to others. You married someone who carries the energy of The Goddess within her. Lucky man. She truly is your rock. When you go outside to wherever it is that makes you happy, take your shoes off and sit in the grass, binding your feet deep into Mother Earth. This is a wonderful spiritual exercise for you. It will show you The “Tao” or the “Path” and lead you just like Dorothy and her red shoes to where home will always be.

Kevin Garnett

6-11, 220, Born May 19, 1976 High School: Farragut Academy (Chicago) 12th NBA Season ... 10th NBA All-Star Game Widely regarded as the NBA‘s best all-around player, can play every position on the court effectively ... Among league leaders in scoring, rebounding and double-doubles ... Completed his sixth straight 20-point/10-rebound/5-assist season in 2003-04, joining Larry Bird as the lone players in NBA annals to record those numbers... The Minnesota Timberwolves’ all-time leader in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks... Named MVP of the 2003 All-Star Game in Atlanta after compiling 37 points, nine rebounds, three assists and five steals in 41 minutes ... Became the first All-Star starter in Timberwolves franchise history, in his second career All-Star appearance, in the 1998 NBA All-Star Game in New York ... Selected out of high school by Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round (fifth pick overall) of 1995 NBA Draft.

Western Conference All-Stars Western Conference Players Personality Profiles and Horoscopes

by Ann-Marie Goldstein asheran@amgcreations.net www.amgcreations.net

Kobe Bryant

Profile and Horoscope Well! Whom am I speaking with today? You, sir, are like a kaleidoscope. What a powerful imagination you have. I’ll bet you have a million inventions running through your head. This year you must learn the art of patience. I know that this concept probably makes you chuckle out loud. Recognize the futile efforts of pushing to make things happen before their time and maybe both sides of you will learn to get along. Goodness knows it will sure make life easier for everyone else and I mean that in the best way. It’s just that your moods change just as quickly as the colors in that kaleidoscope and it can be blinding for those whom are not fully prepared for the brilliant mad genius scientist that you truly are. Word to the wise- quit trying to fit round pegs into square holes. You are coming into a year where your male ego will feel the slightest perceived challenge as a personal threat. Be sure to mind your business and your business alone. Trying to help a ‘friend’ out could land you in hot water. Leave people to sort out their own issues, thank you very much.

Tim Duncan

6-6, 220, Born August 23, 1978 High School: Lower Merion (Pa.) 11th NBA Season ... 9th NBA All-Star Game One of the most complete players in the league ... Among league leaders in scoring, free throws made and triple-doubles ... Scored 81 points against Toronto on Jan. 22, 2006, the second-highest total in NBA history ... In 2004, became the youngest player to score 10,000 points ... Three-time All-NBA First Team member (2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04) ... Three-time NBA All-Defensive First Team selection (1999-2000, 2002-03, 2003-04) ... Named MVP of the 2002 All-Star Game after tallying 31 points, five rebounds and five assists ... Became the youngest All-Star in NBA history, posting a team-high 18 points and six rebounds in the 1998 NBA All-Star Game ... Selected by the Charlotte Hornets in the first round (13th pick overall) of the 1996 NBA Draft ... Draft rights traded by the Hornets to the L.A. Lakers for Vlade Divac on July 11, 1996.

7-0, 260, Born April 25, 1976 College: Wake Forest 10th NBA Season ... 9th NBA All-Star Game Widely regarded as the best big man in the game today...In 2004-05, captured his third NBA Championship and his third NBA Finals MVP, joining Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal as the only other players to accomplish this feat...Among league leaders in rebounds, blocks and double-doubles ... Two-time regular season MVP (2001-02 and 2002-03) ... Member of 2004 USA Basketball Men‘s Olympic Team... The first player in NBA history to be named to both an All-NBA Team and an All-Defensive Team in each of his first eight seasons... Has averaged a double-double in each of his eight NBA seasons ... Named co-MVP of the 2000 NBA All-Star Game, scoring 24 points and grabbing 14 rebounds ... Named to the 1997-98 All-NBA First Team, becoming only the ninth rookie in NBA history to earn the honor, and is an eight-time member of the All-NBA First Team ... Winner of the 1997-98 Rookie of the Year Award and a unanimous selection to the All-Rookie First Team.

Profile and Horoscope Mr. Bryant’s life lesson involves learning to be himself within the context of the relationship with another. As an 11, if his personal or professional life is out of balance in any way, he is quite likely to have physical manifestations of his frustrations or troubles. For the past few years-from 2003 until present time- he has had to endure lessons of change, then learning how to be strong which also entails learning when to be weak; going into decision making and wrapping up his old life into the one he has now. These are his numbers and numbers always have to add up. Come your birthday this year, Mr. Bryant, you will come into your own in a way that you have never done before because you are going into a personal number 11 year. But it may mean sacrifice on your part if you don’t stay vigilant to what is really important you could lose it, but by the same token what is important to you may not hold the same importance for others. This is where being centered will play a big role. If there was ever a time to learn to be centered, this is it. There could be a sudden move in your future which will be of utmost benefit to you. Your energy reads as a genuinely nice person who gives sometimes far more than he receives.

Profile and Horoscope You certainly have a way to take things to heart! Sensitive in the extreme, you are probably quite spiritually gifted as well. The thing with taking things to heart is that while you listen well and hear others’ pain...who listens to you? Who shares with you? Life is just a series of moments. Happiness is fleeting but true contentment lasts forever. Have you ever thought of counseling or mentoring those younger and less experienced than yourself? Your numbers indicate that you are so much wiser than your years. Setting boundaries may be difficult for you but in the long run it is best for all concerned, remember that. You will always be someone that others gravitate to, sometimes for reasons they themselves do not know. In your later years you may find yourself speaking The Word to others who will need what you have to share. For sure you need to be writing down the very deep thoughts that fly in and out of your mind.

Tracy McGrady

6-8, 210, Born May 24, 1979 High School: Mt. Zion Academy (Durham, N.C.) 10th NBA Season ... 7th NBA All-Star Game One of game’s best all-around talents ... Among league leaders in scoring and minutes per game ... Led the NBA in scoring in the 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons...Averaged a career-best 5.7 assists per game in 2004-05 to go along with 25.7 points and 6.2 rebounds ... Two-time All-NBA First Team selection (2002, 2003) ... Two-time All-NBA Second Team pick (2001, 2004) ... All-NBA Third Team selection in 2005 ... In 200203, became youngest player to average 30-plus points (32.1 ppg) since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976-77 and the youngest since Bob McAdoo (34.5 ppg) in 1974-75... Netted NBA Most Improved Player Award in 2001 after pacing Orlando in scoring (26.8 ppg, seventh in NBA) and blocks....

Profile and Horoscope Mr. McGrady’s life lesson is to learn to be comfortable with himself. Constant excitement and/or stimulation wears thin after a while. Being alone with yourself can be a joy-filled experience. You are a number 10, or 1, which means you can be alone-or feel alone- even in a room full of people. Building walls keeps others out but it also keeps you locked up. This past year has probably been a test for you in that you are headed into a time of great questioning in your life. “Who am I?” “Where do I want to be in ten years?” “What do I want from my life?” ...are some of the thoughts that will be running through your mind for the coming year. You may find yourself with new friends, don’t worry, it’s just The Universe’s way of cleaning out your life for you. Be sure to give The Spirit free rein to do so or you will hold yourself back. An older male figure related to you gives you sage advice. Listen to him.

Yao Ming

7-6, 310, Born September 12, 1980 Country: China 5th NBA Season ... 5th NBA All-Star Game Averaged a career-best 18.3 points per game in 2004-05 to go along with 8.4 rebounds and 2.0 blocks ... Among league leaders in field goal percentage ... Anchored Chinese National team in the 2004 Olympics...Named to the All NBA Third Team in 2004... Earned unanimous NBA All-Rookie First Team honors after averaging 13.5 points with 8.2 rebounds and 1.74 blocks in 82 games (2002-03) ... In 2003, he became the 14th rookie selected to start the All-Star Game and the first since Grant Hill (1995) ... The first-ever No. 1 pick to come from an international basketball league ... Drafted by Houston in the first round (first overall) of the 2002 NBA Draft. Profile and Horoscope Hi Coach Ming! You are a born teacher. Also a very humble man, it must be very gratifying to see your dreams come true. It takes all kinds to make a world and you are a determined individual who will not stop and never quit. You must learn to take care of yourself as well as you take care of others, it is your life lesson and biggest challenge in your life. You cannot be any good to others if you yourself and not strong mentally and physically. You tend to drive yourself harder than a bull rider going for a prize round with a champion bull. You must love Michael Jordan! There is one thought in life that many have not been able to solve and indeed most are afraid to even address the question. But you know that we are dying from the day that we are born which makes it easier for you to live in a state of acceptance. That is a great blessing. You will use that gift to comfort loved ones this year, closer to the end of the year, when your strength and comforting safe haven of a presence will be needed as those close to you suffer what is perceived to be a loss but in reality is a release.

Only In America finds excitement in the GLOBAL Marketplace

seconds ago, I‘m up now,“ Bell said. „It‘s a new fight. You free yourself. My philosophy is man becomes mind.“ Bell (26-1-1) also said that he doesn‘t think Mormeck (32-3) has enough to trouble him. „I would say fighting someone like me would be the most difficult fight,“ Bell said.

by Earl K. Abdullah

Don King the legendary Boxing Promoter transformed the Sports of Boxing during the Twentieth Century into a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, and created millionaires along the way as well. King has been a success battling against all odds. Despite all of the negativity that has surrounded King and Don King Production throughout the past 35 plus years, the man from Cleveland, Ohio, who was not born with a silver spoon, used his head to survive the mean streets of the inner-city, has produced some of the most memorable and Greatest Events during an entire generation. Whether it was Boxing or a Musical Concert, it turned out to be an “Extravaganza” A Grand Event. If you were alive in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and peeked into the 21st Century, you were affected by the Charismatic Persona of Don King. As of late, we have not heard too much about A Don King event, at least not so much in Las Vegas. For the most part DKP Events have been held outside of the USA or in South Florida. Just a few weeks ago Nikolai Valuev promoted by Don King Productions, retained the WBA heavyweight title in Basel, Switzerland, when American challenger Jameel McCline collapsed in the third round after injuring his left knee. McCline missed a swing at the 7-foot Russian and fell to the canvas and tore ligaments in his kneecap. He tried unsuccessfully to stand up several times without success. „He was in terrible pain, literally screaming,“ said Scott Hirsch, McCline‘s manager. „He thought he was fighting well, what a crazy end to a fight.“ Billed as the biggest title fight in history by the promoters, the 6-foot-6 McCline tipped the scales at 268 pounds and the unbeaten Russian at 322 pounds. „He is a big man and it‘s very important for a 120-kilo (260-pound) man to keep his balance, but he couldn‘t,“ Valuev said. McCline rocked the Russian with a hard left in the first round and they traded a lot of blows, although Valuev appeared to be gaining the upper hand. „It‘s terrible the way this ended, but it could have been worse,“ Valuev said. „I got used to his style.

Promoter Don King entered Levallois town hall shouting „Vive la France!“ while waving French flags. He answered questions with „Oui, bien sur“ (Yes, of course) and then posed for photographers while holding a giant cigar between his teeth. „This is one of the most exciting matches I‘ve promoted,“ said King, who has been involved with some of the biggest fights in the world. „We want everyone in France to watch this.“ The fight will be shown live on French cable channel Canal Plus. Less we suffer from amnesia or a lack of history; you may recall that Don King started his boxing business in the global marketplace. In 1973 it was Caracas, Venezuela, George Forman vs Ken Norton. In 1974, in Kinshasa, Zaire also known as (The Republic of the Congo) Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman, and in 1975 in Kingston, Jamaica, George Foreman vs Joe Frazier. So, to the newcomers to the Art of the Sweet Science, Don King has always done business in the global marketplace. It appears that the rest of the world has caught and surpassed America as far as boxing is concerned, if you dispute me; just take a look at the names of the Boxing Champions in this story.

Don King and Percy Moore

Massage Therapy in Today’s World of Sports Don King with USBA Heavyweight Champion Koncrete with Percy Moore

If this injury hadn‘t happened, I would have knocked him out by the sixth or seventh round.“ McCline, 38-7-3 with 23 knockouts, was carried out on a stretcher, than taken to the hospital. Beforehand, his corner propped him on a stool in the ring to say a few words. „I‘m disappointed. I will remember this fight my whole life,“ McCline said. The 36-year-old lost his third title bout. In 2002, McCline was knocked out in the 10th round, by Wladimir Klitscho in a WBO fight. Two years later, McCline floored Chris Byrd but lost a close decision in the IBF Title shot. The 33-year-old Valuev, 46-0 with 33 knockouts, made his third defense after winning the belt with a close decision against John Ruiz in December of 2005. Valuev, facing his biggest opponent, wasn‘t able to stand outside with his towering frame and jab him into submission this time. Valuev will next face a mandatory challenge against Ruslan Chagaev, but there is no doubt who he and his camp really want to fight - IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko. „This was a great night for Nikolai Valuev, don‘t let anybody take it away from him,“ Valuev promoter Don King said. „The phantom punch, the knee-busting punch - he will knock Klitschko out and unify the titles.“ The Next stop for King is Paris Jean-Marc Mormeck is getting another chance at O‘Neil Bell, and this time he‘ll have the advantage of fighting in front of a home crowd. The Frenchman will try to win back his WBA and WBC cruiserweight belts when he faces Bell on March 17 at the Palais des Sports in Levallois, outside of Paris. Last January, Bell stopped Mormeck in the 10th round to become the first undisputed cruiserweight world champion since Evander Holyfield in 1988. But the Jamaican has since lost his IBF title through inactivity. „My dream was to unify the titles, but that dream was cut short by O‘Neil Bell,“ Mormeck said Wednesday. „I started too fast. He was perhaps better than me over the duration.“ Bell credits his mental strength for his success. „If I got knocked down two

by Ann-Marie Goldstein

I’ve been a CMT for over a year now and I can tell you one thing. It’s the best move I ever made. Literally. Massage therapy for the average body is one thing, but for the athlete’s body that is constantly taking a physical beating it can be nothing short of essential. As human beings we generally have the same types of aches and pains. These are so much more evident in your athlete of today that even in animals –Barbaro being a perfect example- it is clear that the body can only be pushed so far without having repercussions at some point. Now, you have your everyday massage, your ‘Swedish’ your ‘relaxation’ massage...and while I am certainly not taking away from these modalities because they do have their purpose- they are not the same and do not have the same affect as a really good sports massage which stretches you out and goes deeper than a Swedish massage. I have been told by several athletes that I have worked with how difficult it is to find a good sports massage therapist in Las Vegas, and I can believe it. When you are talking about muscles that are at their peak, blood flow that is twice or three times what the average person is, it takes a special therapist to know how to get into the body in order to get the best response and the best massage for the client on your table. Origins and attachments are something that a massage student is taught in school but most do not put it together until some time after you have gotten out of said school and had the chance to catch your breath. For a therapist working on an athlete these origins and attachments are especially important because these are where the muscles begin and where they end. They are then tied in with ligaments and tendons which can pull and stretch and even snap if an athlete is over fatigued and the therapist is not paying attention. Are you warming up the athlete for a competition or are you doing a post massage to ease tense and testy muscles? For an athlete to get the best out of his vehicle, that being his or her body, regular ‘maintenance’ massage is essential. This is done perhaps once a week and helps the athlete to stay in peak condition. Our body is like a marionette... if one side is pulling the other side is compensating somehow and this can show up while the athlete is competing which makes their job difficult and in some cases impossible. Cramps can happen, and while the mind has the ability to overcome almost anything, a bad cramp can put an athlete at a serious disadvantage during a game. Thankfully times have changed and massage therapy is now an accepted part of the sports world. I worked on a football great from the 1970’s once whose body was like a tile floor. He commented one day that during his time they never had therapists and they certainly would never have had a female therapist. He then asked me what I thought of that. I proceeded to show him what I thought of that-his piriformis has never been the same - and he has been having me work on him ever since. Now instead of tile floor gluteus muscles, he has hardwood. That is a slight, slight improvement. As far as the female part, he never said another word about it. I think it was because I asked him to explain the ‘male butt patting’ that made him think twice about female therapists. Sometimes strength comes in different shapes and forms. Just ask the athletes. Right, guys?

Bigger Than Life Entertainment

Friday February 16th through Sunday February 18th 2007, consisting of a spectacular series of A-list celebrity events and hosted by NBA Superstar Allen Iverson.

by LVH Staff

* Bigger Than Life Model of Excellence Awards - Tribute to Bob Johnson * „Street Ball on The Strip“ Basketball Game with The Source Magazine Soundstage

Don King and E Jay

and later at the Wilshire Theatre, Los Angeles, and the Sugar Theatre, New Orleans. E. Jay through-out the world, meeting numerous celebrities, including former U.S. Presidents, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, also Don King, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Butch Lewis, Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington, Randall Cunningham, Eric Dickerson, Magic Johnson, Joe and Gavin Maloof, Owners of the Sacramento Kings and the World Famous Palms Casino and Resort. And World Class Entertainer, Harry Belafonte.

Thomas Hearns and E Jay

A person filled with vision, talent and ingenuity, from the streets of Detroit, has fulfilled his dream of creating a successful entertainment enterprise. E. Jay Mathews’ vision began in 1980 when his best friend Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns won the World Welterweight Championship, defeating Pipino Cuevas, who was undefeated and Champion for two years. That victory launched the spectacular career as Hearns won Seven World Titles in sic different weight classes. That victory also created the entertainment vision for Mathews, and 20 years later, the vision has become absolutely crystal clear. Bigger Than Life Entertainment Corporation, made its mark in the industry, in the summer of 1996, with the Acapulco World Music Festival: followed later in the same year, by producing the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games, in Atlanta, GA. In the winter of 1996, BTL produced the first ever Gospel Celebration on pay-per-view television. The event was held at the Rialto Theatre, Atlanta, GA.

BTL is a full service Entertainment Company, specializing in Concert Promotion, Public Relations, and Artist Management. We place our Sports and Entertainment Celebrities, at major events, worldwide. The vision of E. Jay Mathews has become a reality as he leads Bigger Than Life Entertainment, through the 21st Century. Bigger Than Life Entertainment - Presents: ‚All-Star 2007 Vegas Weekend‘ February 14-18, 2007, Starting on the 16th of February 2007, at “Venetian Casino and Resort in Las Vegas” a VIP gala dinner in honor of the great Arnold Jacob “Red” Auerbach, in association with the Urban Guardian Youth Foundation and the Las Vegas-Hollywood Magazine. This is to initiate the kick-off of the Las Vegas NBA All-Star Week festivities and take center stage at the All-Star Games. Other events will be held at Venetian, Las Vegas,

In July 1997, the vision of Mathews became sharper. Mathews witnessed the bitter divisions among Hip-Hop Stars, “East Coast vs West Coast. Talented young men were gunned down on the streets of Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In an effort to do something to highlight and memorialize the lives of two of the biggest Hip-Hop Stars, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, Mathews and BTL fused the talents of MC’s from the East and West Coast, and the result of that collaboration was “Peace Fest 97” on worldwide Pay-per-view television. East Coast Rappers performed live at the World Famous Apollo Theatre in New York, while the West Coast Rappers, performed at the Bob Hope Theatre in Palm Springs, CA. “It was very successful says Mathews, when it all said and done, its all about entertainment, there are talented MC”s throughout America”. Mathews Continued, “In our great country any person can express themselves, self expression is a wonderful thing, but, we must respect each other. The feud was real, and because of “Peace Fest 97”, Rappers can tour the country without fear.” Mathews continuing quest to keep peace and love alive especially among the Hip-Hop generation, wrote and produced ”Makin It an Urban Love Story” stage play. The production debut, was January, 1999,at the Music Hall, Detroit,

* Allen Iverson and Friends Party Friday February 16, 2007 - Bigger Than Life Model of Excellence Awards 6:00pm – Midnight ---Red Carpet, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Award Presentation: 8:30pm-10:00pm Honoring Bob Johnson (BET Founder/owner, Charlotte Bobcats), Boxing Promoter Don King, retired Pro-Tennis player Andre Agassi and Willie Gary, „The Giant Killer“ Attorney at Law. Saturday, February 17, 2007 Street Ball on The Strip Basketball Game 11:00am - 3:00pm THE MAIN EVENT 3:00pm - 6:00pm Hip Hop 101 The Source Soundstage You‘ve seen them on ESPN2, Ball For Life players (AND 1 mix tour - Baby Shaq, Main Event, Escalade, The Air Up There, The Professor, The Dribbling Machine, 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing, Special FX, and Go Get It) -- vs. -- Pro Football All-Stars (Randy Moss, Plaxico Burress, Julius Peppers, Samari Rolle, Carlos Dansby, Antonio Gates, Gilbril Wilson, others). Followed by post game Hip Hop 101 The Source Soundstage mini-concert, featuring Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Dana Dane, Nice & Smooth, Grand Puba, Dres (of Black Sheep) and Joe Ski Love. The Official Allen Iverson and Friends Party Saturday, February 17, 2007 10:00pm - 3:00am The hottest Saturday night party of the weekend featuring a live performance by R&B sensation Sisqo performing songs from his highly anticipated album due to drop on February 20th with Hosts Allen Iverson (Denver Nuggets) and Ed Lover (Power 105 NYC). Music by DJ Biz MARKIE, this event is guaranteed to be filled with host of Celebrity Guests & VIP‘s and is only for the grown and sexy! ALL EVENTS ARE 21 AND OVER Tickets on Sale NOW!: www.allstar2007vegas.com Press Requests or Corporate Sponsorships contact: Troy Monaco: 917-804-5774 or Troy@MEGAManagementInc.com

Harry Belafonte and E Jay


Art by Miloslav Zmrzly

PhotoPainting is an old technique which rises very stylish in these latter days. Miloslav‘s artwork is created by modification of negative film or positive slides with acid etching, hand colorizing with various type of colors, scraping, „sandwich processing“ etc... The film is then scanned and printed on paint-canvas. Canvas is fixed in stretcher frame as a classic canvas with hand painted picture. Details of the art are hand finished with oil colors. Themes of Miloslav‘s PhotoPaints are mostly nude acts, historically tuned pictures and miscellanous experiments.

„Siren“ 31.5 x 47

.2“, f31.5 x 31.5“ , pri

vat collection (V ienna, EU)

Each PhotoPaint is a unique original. The picture shot for the purpose of the creation of the PhotoPaint is always used only once, as it is damaged during the process of its modifications.Some artworks includes hand maded frame and it is an inseparable part of artwork.

www.BlueAtelier.biz info@BlueAtelier.biz 702-524-8158

sale „V“ .... 31.5 x 47.2“, for

„Ganja Farmer“, 13.4 x 16.5“, for sale

PhotoPaint for CD

„Icon“ .... model Lenny V., Miss „Sympatia“ Slovakia 2005, 31.5 x 47.2“, for sale

cover „Sandwich Structure“,

PhotoPaint for commercial poster

27.6 x 27.6“, private coll ection, Zurich (EU


Frank Marino........ Superstar Female Impersonator Frank is the Longest Continuous Performer In Las Vegas

a new TV series named “ SATIN LACE “. The expectations and the industries’ expectance of Frank Marino will catapult him to TV stardom. Already in the “can”, a brilliant concept headlining it Frank Marino, the star of the famous La Cage show in Las Vegas and featuring the talented Doug Jones, and the beautiful Victoria Monroe. The “shooting crew” was headedup by 4 time Emmy winner, and 12 time nominated director Mr. Sheldon Altfeld and the Irvine Production Company from Irvine, CA, headed by Temma Keatan. The entire production was “shot” in Las Vegas at key Locations. Any interested parties wanting more information about Satin Lace may contact bobrind@cox.net

by Roberto Corteza

It is said that the three happenings visitors come to Las Vegas for are gambling, touring Hoover Dam and a chance to see Frank Marino perform in the award winning “La Cage” at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. We know of his talents and humor as a Female Impersonator, but who really knows this man’s scope of talent and his struggle to become and keep the title of “Queen of the Strip” going on now into his third decade as a headliner. Frank was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn 41 years ago. His birth mother gave him up for adoption to Frank and Sandra Marino. When Frank was 7, Sandra died of breast cancer and then at 10 Frank’s adopted father died from lung cancer. He then went to live with and was raised by his Godparents, Charles and Sarah Paz from Oceanside, Long Island. When Frank refers to his parents it’s the Paz’s he is talking about. While Frank was born an only child, upon joining the Paz family he became the youngest of five siblings, 1 brother and 3 sisters. They were and still a very close family. When Frank was 28 and after a performance he had a conversation with a woman that was in town for an adoption convention and she investigated his background and within 3 days she located his birth mother, Mary Mastrangelo from Queens, N.Y. Frank now gained another brother and sister. Also his birth father had a son and daughter from his first marriage and 2 more daughters from his fathers second marriage. All toll Frank now went from zero siblings to 10. All the parents and siblings were basically blue-collar workers. Almost on a yearly basis he returns to N.Y. for a reunion with his family. He has a loving, harmonious, pleasant time and relationship with them. Frank was a very good student as his ambition was to be a doctor and therefore he concentrated on his studies. He hung out with a group of 7-8 friends and he was considered a “cutup”, the “class clown”. The rest of the time he was a loner, as he would spend his time contemplating his future, making notes of his thoughts (he still does this today) planning and is a stickler for details. When Frank graduated high school at 17 he went to college, first at Nassau C.C. and then NYU and earned his degree in Business Administration. While going to college he worked part time, mostly on the weekends at Drug-a-Rama a large pharmacy in Oceanside, Long Island. This was the only job he ever had other than doing impersonations. Here he spent his time observing and learning about makeup and became an expert on makeup application, as he became their #1 salesperson. This helped Frank in starting his impersonating career in drag and his first appearance was at a Halloween Costume party where Frank met an agent who was impressed by Frank’s costumes and comedic talent. He asked Frank if he would be interested in working other drag functions, club dates, weddings, and Bar Mitzvahs. One weekend off, Frank ventured to Atlantic City to see Joan Rivers perform. While there he went backstage and met with Joan and other people in the business. Here he met a producer familiar with Franks act and asked him if he would be interested in joining “La Cage”. Naturally he accepted. So, at the bright young age of 20 Frank forgot about his pursuit of a medical career and has been doing “La Cage” for 21 years. But while he had a terrific act he needed a signature character. At this time he thought of doing Diana Ross, but this was a big makeup job and

Photo of Frank Marino - Yellow Crayon

others were doing her. The two top female comedians were Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers. So we know he went the Joan Rivers route. This worked out quite successfully as Frank was invited to do this part of his act on many top TV interview shows. Shortly after working “LA Cage “in New York Frank was asked to go to Las Vegas to do the “La Cage” show at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. He obliged and is now starting his 21st year as the headliner performer. The show is basically many acts of other performers who are brought in and paid by the shows producers. Frank is the highest paid performer in his field and not only performs as Joan Rivers but as a comic Frank Marino female impersonator. He does 17 costume changes and makeovers per show with the help of assistants that take 2-21/2 minutes each time. Franks routine on show days is his arrival about 1 hour before the 7:30 pm curtain time. His quick wit is at such a level that no 2 shows are alike. That goes for costumes also. His extensive wardrobe keeps changing. After the show he meets and greets his fans for pictures and autographs and some conversation. After this, it takes him 11/2 hours to remove the makeup, shower and change. While Frank has a well-equipped kitchen at home he doesn’t eat in at all. So after the show Frank and his partner and perhaps 6-10 other people go out for dinner. His favorite food is Italian and his favorite Italian restaurant is Carluccios Tivoli Garden. In his present 2800 sq. ft. home, which he has lived in for 20 years, he has a closet that stores most of his costumes, shoes and accessories valued over a half a million dollars and insured. His home is over-run with many collections of things too numerous to mention. He also has a workout room for exercising and keeping in shape with the help of a trainer. Soon to be under construction Frank will have a 10,000sq. ft. home with a 1000 sq. ft guest house. Frank recently underwent extensive plastic surgery to keep up with Joan Rivers. When I asked him if he plans any further plastic surgery he said, “I might have butt implants”. Frank feels that if he has to phase out the Joan Rivers portion of his act his comedic impersonating talent will still work for him. Never a loss for words, Marino is an accomplished author, newscaster, columnist, spokesperson, and America’s favorite male actress. His first book, “His Majesty, the Queen” sold over 500,000 copies and Frank’s latest project “Miss Congeniality 2 Armed and Fabulous” had a March release. Marino stars alongside Sandra Bullock. As an astute businessman he recently signed a ten-year, ten million dollar contract to continue his reign as the longest running headliner in Las Vegas. This also allows him to keep his title of the “Queen of the Strip” for at least another decade. Frank is very generous in giving his time for fundraisers. He attends many new show openings and gives his support to deserving new upcoming personalities. The highlight of Frank’s career recognition occurred on February 1, 2005, which was proclaimed by Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman as Frank Marino Day, and the name Frank Marino was forever immortalized in stone when the Las Vegas Walk Hall Of Fame placed Franks Star in the neon forest. He was the second nominee after Wayne Newton, and was joined with Liberace who was previously also inaugurated Feb.1. On Sept. 15th the street that Frank resides was named after him and it was a gala affair. Presently Frank is probably the most sought after Las Vegas performer for TV commercials. While at this present time he has done many commercials, the list continues to grow. Frank’s showmanship star will be shining ever brightly as he completed a pilot episode for

Frank Marino and Victoria Monroe

Street Dedication Party Event

Filming - Satin Lace

Street Dedication Party Event

The Filming Industry:

A New Las Vegas Boom When we hear about a new movie, made for TV film, or a stage show beginning production, it’s most often happening In Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver or some other major city. But this has changed drastically as Las Vegas and Nevada has stepped up to be the “new up and comer” locale to be added to this list. The Nevada Film Office (NFO) and the professionalism of Nevada’s talent agencies, production companies and associated supporting groups Is the reason for this growth in the “Hollywood Scene”. To discover why, let’s first look at the NFO’s function and contribution to increase motion picture and television filming in Las Vegas and Nevada. The NFO serves in best interests of producers with their goal being to save them both time and money. Each year the NFO publishes a Production Directory, free of charge that contains all the services a producer would require for his film shooting and other functions. This directory shows the professionalism of the Las Vegas and Nevada community the big savings in dollars from having to import their needs and save per diem and travel costs. Organized in 1983, the NFO’s current director in Las Vegas is George Geocaris heads up a very co-operative staff. Mr. Geocaris in an interview related many insights about the increase with the film industry since his takeover in 1998. From where does the financing for your NFO derived? Exclusively our state budget committee appropriates funds. Our office generates over $100 million in sales and revenue annually for the past 3 years. This is up from the $51 million before my taking office. For an example, what procedure would a movie production company follow When deciding to film in Las Vegas? First contact is usually by phone, letter or in person. Then we issue them a free copy of the Nevada Production Directory. It provides all the necessary information regarding all aspects a producer a producer needs. It also Contains over 100 affiliated services. We even include daily charts for sunrise / sunset, precipitation and temperatures for the year. Q) Besides those in the directory, what functions does the NFO perform? We are available 24 hours a day to assist with scouting locations, obtaining permits and overall troubleshooting. We help producers find perfect locations in terms of convenience, budget or other required factors. We organize their itinerary and make arrangements for accommodations and transportation. After the location is chosen, we help with the permits. Once the project starts, we act as liaison between the producer and community to ensure all needs, whatever they may be, are met. Anything from finding an unusual piece of equipment, to locating an odd prop. Q) What other factors help bring TV, movie “shoots” and advertising commercials To Nevada, and in particular, Las Vegas?

by LVH Staff

Just look around. Glance out the window. We have a diverse landscape, from rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains, to the neon and glitter of Las Vegas Casinos. We offer unbeatable accommodation packages with high quality food and business office services in a single facility. We have close proximity to Southern California—a one-hour flight, and an experienced pool of professionals ranging from talent to technical. Last but not least a community that wants their projects. Q) How can interested local people get involved in the filming industry with regard to acting, script writing or some other phase of the business? The NFO’s film command hotline number is 486-2727, and has an everchanging recorded message of what, when and who is filming, recording, looking for extra’s, listing workshops and much more. Also, the Nevada Players publish a directory with pictures and credits of Las Vegas’ talent, including local headline celebrities. The Review-Journal newspaper has a column every Monday that tells the public what the entertainment business is doing in Las Vegas. Q) Please give us an example of the films and TV and commercials that have physically “shot “ here in Las Vegas and Nevada. Our office assists more than 650 productions per year; another three to five Hundred are working with us in advance, in preparation, in development, etc. We have done in the past years major productions like Con Air, Lethal Weapon 4, Casino, Leaving Las Vegas, The Godfather 1&2, The Last Don, Sister act, Rain Man, Get Shorty, and over 20 TV series. More recent films were “Oceans 11.12 &13”, “Miss Congeniality 2,” Judd Apatow’s ”Knocked Up”, Sean Penn’s “Into The Wild”, “Next” starring Nic Cage Dreamworks’ “Transformers,” “Chicago Pictures’” Redline” “Smoking Aces” starring Jeremy Piven, Zak Penn’s “The Grand,” My Blueberry Nights” starring Nora Jones, and additional work on “Rocky 6 “ starring Sylvester Stallone and “Lucky You’ starring Drew Barrymore. We’ve had other films and indies, as well. Productions in the last few months have shot here from practically every network (CBS, NBC, ABC, VHI, MTV, FOX, FOX SPORTS, SPIKE, WE, HBO, WE, SUNDANCE CH., DISCOVERY, DISCOVERY CANADA, PLAYBOY CH., and quite a few others. International productions have shot here recently from France, The UK, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Dutch TV, the BBC, DENMARK, Germany, Sweden and Canada among others. Music videos, commercials and so much more from production companies throughout California and across the country, help round out up to 700 productions each year. In conclusion we can truthfully say that the Film Industry is alive and well and is progressing profitably for Las Vegas and Nevada.

Marina del Rey

A Nautical Paradise in the Center of West Los Angeles

by M. I. Khan

Located 10 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport in the center of L.A.’s popular Westside, Marina del Rey’s serene docks invite respite from the city’s chaotic bustle. As one of the largest man-made pleasure craft harbors in the world, the Marina offers stylish restaurants, waterfront hotels and recreational boating in a unique urban oasis. Recreational Boating Marina del Rey is an ideal destination for water sport aficionados. Hornblower Cruises & Events offers dinner-dance harbor cruises, Sunday champagne brunches and sunset cruises. Marina del Rey Sportfishing specializes in daily public sportfishing trips, private sportfishing charters and seasonal whale watching. One of the most popular activities for visitors to ‘the Marina’, as locals call the community, is renting boats by the hour at Fisherman’s Village and touring around the Marina. Marina Boat Rentals has all kinds of vessels for hire, including kayaks, powerboats, electric boats, sail boats and wave runners. Experience is not necessary for most rentals, although the minimum age is 16 years. Visitors interested in a more personalized experience can contact one of Marina del Rey’s charter yacht companies, including Blue Water Sailing, Marina Sailing, Paradise Bound Yacht Charters, and Sea Mist Skippers, for smaller, more intimate yet surprisingly affordable private excursions. Transportation to and from Catalina Island is available by Catalina/Marina del Rey Flyer’s high-speed catamaran, and makes a fun day-trip for the whole family.

tainment in the evenings, especially on weekends, including The Warehouse Restaurant, Café Del Rey and Casa Escobar. Tony P‘s Dockside Grill & Tavern, with 28 television screens, is one of most popular sports taverns on the Westside, and is well known for its popular waterfront restaurant deck. Coastal Vistas and White Sand Beaches Marina del Rey‘s Waterfront Walk invites serene strolling, and along paved walkway visitors can see the thousands of private yachts anchored there. The South Bay Bicycle Trail stretches 22 miles along the coastline from Malibu through Marina del Rey and south to Torrance Beach and offers exquisite beach and mountain views. Bike and skate rentals are available. Marina del Rey hugs the south border of Venice Beach, where a carnival of fun awaits on its famous Ocean Front Walk, home to Muscle Beach and street entertainers. The clean white sand beaches there are some of the best in California, and nearby Abbot Kinney Boulevard has become a chic shopping stop for one-of-a-kind treasures. Lush, 10-acre Burton W. Chace Park offers tree-shaded views of the boats and marina, and is the perfect spot for strolling the waterfront or enjoying an afternoon picnic. This is the location of most of the community’s special events, including the famous outdoor summer concert series.

tels range from budget to high-end luxury properties. The five-diamond, 304-room Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey is the height of luxury, providing guests with an award-winning restaurant, distinctive guest rooms with luxurious bedding, fitness facilities and deluxe amenities. Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel, with 370 rooms, offers spectacular views of the marina, coastline and the Santa Monica Mountains and a chic outdoor lounge with fire pits at “Glow”. Waterfront Accommodations There are more than 1,000 hotel rooms in Four smaller properties offer a wide range Marina del Rey, and most offer panoramic of affordable overnight accommodations. harborfront rooms. Marina del Rey‘s six hoThe Taste of the Town Marina del Rey‘s 53 full-service restaurants allow diners to choose from a variety of different tastes. From upscale dining to kid-friendly eateries, Marina del Rey‘s restaurant options offer something to satisfy all cravings and budgets. The community’s waterfront restaurants are known for their famous weekend brunches and comfortable year-round outdoor dining. After the sun sets, the area‘s restaurants and bars come alive with live entertainment, dancing and DJs. A number of hotels and restaurants offer live enter-

Arts and Leisure Throughout the year, Marina del Rey offers a wide variety of annual festivals, shows and parades, and the Sunset Series Sailboat Races—the largest sailing event in Marina del Rey— from late May to mid-September. Several events, such as the three-day In-Water Boat Show in May, which includes an impressive lineup of boats and yachts, and the Venice Art Walk, in which more than 50 Venice artists open their private studios for public viewing and receptions, have become yearly favorites. Additionally, the Marina also hosts fun seasonal activities, such as the Fourth of July Fireworks Show December‘s Holiday Boat Parade and New Year‘s Eve fireworks. For visitor information, contact the Marina del Rey Convention & Visitors Bureau at www.VisitMarina.com

Spiritual & Financial Success! Dear Charismatic Readers,

by Angelina Lazar Zurich, Switzerland

If the U.S dollar was once the most trusted currency in the world (as the sterling pound was before it), it is now being discarded from beggars to Central Bankers, and foreign investors to the biggest businesses worldwide. OPEC countries, Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia publicly announced their intent already to switch to Euros as their preferred method of payment, and have already started to transact, in this, our rival currency. What does this mean to the U.S. consumer?

savings, who wish to properly protect themselves against a slumping dollar and sagging economy. For more information contact angelina@lasvegashollywood.com. Unto the optimization of your spiritual states and financial slates, I leave you with these final thoughts: Think maximally, not minimally! Balance both your lives and your pocketbooks! For only in so doing, are we satisfied with our lives and our selves. Only in so doing, are we fulfilled, content, and multiplying our talents. All else – make no mistake – is below par, inadequate, and will not protect us when we need it most, and need it then! Unto Your Enhancement & Enrichment, I Remain, Charismatically Yours, Angelina Lazar

If the demand for USD declines any further, it will send the dollar into a freefall, lessening more of our purchasing power. Please note, that already foreign holders of USD have long been losing their return, and the number #1 Company now for creating new jobs is McDonalds, paying only minimum wages - a telltale sign of the purchasing power for average Americans! Comparatively speaking, the U.S. dollar is actually only half of what it was during the inflationary 1980s when the long gas lines prevailed! So if you were petro-fied then, why remain oblivious now to double our trouble? Dear friends, let us look with a naked eye, and not through our rose tinted Diors: when our credit eventually and inevitably ceases, and easy money is pulled back by the Fed, the only untapped liquidity will be in our equity and savings. Otherwise, we will have no dollars to tap into, no peace of mind, no escape - if we do not focus on optimizing and maximizing our savings plan now. Make no mistake: American savings are in the negative, the entire country lives off of credit, banks cannot sustain all the zero down mortgages, and consumers will not be able to pay the increase in their interest rates (on adjustable interest loans). All this will reverberate onto the stock market which will then crash as the housing bubble bursts, and the US debt spirals out of control. The USD will then plummet further as U.S. investors dump even more USD to acquire yet more Euros, and the whole trend will snowball with an unrelenting vengeance. Investing in a savings plan at your local bank would not, then, be the most prudent way to manage one‘s finances as a wise financial steward, or to prepare for any type of future. Remember: not only consumers and corporations, but the government is now head over heels in debt. And please understand, cherished readers, that FDIC insured funds are only for your first $100K. So, when the U.S. economy fails with our mounting inflation and plummeting USD, credit will be totally withdrawn; meaning, no credit will be available or offered, and liquidity will be nowhere in sight when the banks are pulled down, (as during the Savings and Loan crisis) soon to be repeated. But if all this sounds far fetched or all too distant, please note: there is now $7 trillion owed in mortgages (double from 10 years ago). So, when Americans cannot pay these mortgages due to inflation, a feeble purchasing power, declining USD, and a government mounting its debt over an ever escalating war, Americans will have to sell, taking the most stable market in America - Real Estate – down (like Japan is experiencing now for 15 years). So, please, do not say this is not possible, as the precedent and statistics are both current and imminent. For all charismatic readers with the rarest of all commodities of all i.e. substantial

Angelina Lazar: Oxford Global Trade Consultant, Economist, Banker, Idealogoue, Defender of Human Rights, Peacemaker, Writer & Speaker. Executive Director - Global Project Capital, Inc. +41 76 203 98 06 www.globalprojectcapital.com Statistics provided by Dr. Karl Richtenbacher: world‘s foremost economist & leading financial advisor to Central Bankers and billionaires.

Innovation Changing the Face of Entertainment A Report from NATPE 07 and the Sundance Film Festival

On January 15, top media executives attended NATPE 07 to make deals and own a part of an emerging new industry. These rarely seen power brokers forged new alliances to grab a share of the hundreds of millions of new consumers being reached world wide through digital distribution, online and mobile technologies. As an Executive Producer and EMedia Consultant, I felt like I stepped into heaven. CEO’s, Producers and Top Executives from 24 countries were rushing around on cell phones deal making in makeshift offices from booth to booth among the 300+ exhibits. Amidst all the frenzy, Producer and Host of her own show, Susan Thompson, pulled in executives into her booth to promote her lifestyle and travel show with a tie-in to an organ donation program and a giving tree to hang a donation in her booth—as a tribute to her brother. Just outside the entrance of the exhibit hall and registration, at the main meet and greet area surrounded by the main session presentation rooms, crowds of executives stood at doorways greeting each other with business cards flying. Everyone rushed to make contacts and build new relationships. I wondered, “Did I bring enough cards?” The contacts were phenomenal -- It was as if I had attended a conference of the Wizards from OZ. I had to pinch myself to be sure I was not in a dream. The new media power players, top executives from Google, AT&T, Microsoft, Verizon and AOL who can take a lifetime to meet, were a handshake away and eager to make deals. The need for content for mobile and handheld devices was a common point made in session presentations. “It’s a new industry and everyone is trying to figure out how it all works,” stated Allison Dollar, the CEO of the Interactive Television Alliance during the session she hosted: Alternative

Up Fronts II: Technology as Distribution Partners: Next Generation of Programming Delivered. Rushing, to make another session across the casino, past the Starbucks with a massive line of chatty executives—clearly another hot networking spot—I walked into a presentation on China and the global marketplace. Su Feng, Chief Editor of CCN presented that China has 450 million TV households reaching 1.2 billion viewers. “Massive opportunity can sure be addictive—no wonder hundreds of attendees are here from China,” I heard whispered behind me.

Leaving NATPE and the frenzy of opportunity was soon a memory as I boarded my Southwest Flight into Salt Lake City on January 18th for the opening of the Sundance Film Festival in the snowy mountainous town of Park City, Utah. As I got off the plane in Salt Lake, the airport was full of heavy-coated passengers with many skis and snowboards in hand. At the baggage claim, I hardly recognized the team I’d put together to meet me there--my producing partners Elizabeth Kanna, the original Dream Maker to the likes of Sally Ride, the first woman in space, Susan Estrich and the scientists who discovered the Titanic; Executive Producer of Origin Entertainment Group, Nicole Peluso and producer Irina Ginzburg and our cameraman for the weekend, Jordon Malama. Like most everyone else, we were there seeking new funding sources and distribution partners for an upcoming Mischa Barton film and to shoot footage for an episode of a TV show hosted by Elizabeth Kanna called “How to be a Film Producer.” It was 10 degrees as we

Nicole Pulso, President of Orgin Entertainment Group

In January the two hottest places for television and film producers and executives are NATPE 07, which hosts the television and media industry at the Mandalay Casino in Las Vegas, and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah, the 10 day home to thousands of filmmakers.

by Beth Handler

Photos by Todd Morason, M.D.

drove up the mountainous snowy landscape into Park City and arrived into a charming little town lit up like a Christmas tree with golden lights everywhere. The Sundance festival packs in thousands of industry folk and fans from all over the world to view the 196 films selected and screened in 7 venues all around the town which include the school auditorium, the racket ball fitness club, the public library and small seated theatres. A well orchestrated transportation system was in place, this town was obviously used to managing the flow of people which included free public buses, reserved chartered buses and cabs from locals who used there SUV’s and vehicles and charged from $5 to $10 a ride. Our accommodations, a beautiful 5,000 square foot house across the street from the racquet club venue, the home of one of my oldest friends. We were lucky. Places go for $350 to $750 and more a night as many locals rent their homes out during Sundance. The opening film, Chicago 10, written and produced by Brett Morgan, is an animated documentary about the anti-war activists and demonstration that took place at the 1968 Democratic Convention. With actual footage of Abby Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, the leader of the Black Panthers, Bobby Seale, Tom Hayden, Mayor Daley and the demonstrators, I felt like I was there. In his opening statement, Geoffrey Gilmore, Director of the Sundance Film Festival said, “This festival has always been about risk taking but this film is particularly about the kind of risk it takes to make a change in the world. That’s what the focus of the anti-war movement was in the sixties and that’s the focus of this work”. It was a perfect film to start the event especially with present day headlines carrying the story of the fight going on in Washington between the president and congress about whether to bring our troops home from Iraq. Sundance, now in its 27th year received 7,732 feature film submissions with 196 selected. 45 were international feature films, 125 feature films and 42 documentaries. In the short film category, 4.445 were submitted and 71 were selected. After the Delirious screening, actor Steve Buscemi, who stated he had been in about 80 Sundance Films said, “to come to Sundance is to know films would have a chance to be seen in front of an audience rather than not seen at all. I appreciated and better understood the challenge of most filmmakers—to find funding and distribution so the audiences can see their work they dreamed of reaching. But what most filmmakers don’t know yet, is their wishes are coming true for the entertainment world has changed and now with technology and communication, massive new audiences can be reached. On my return flight from Park City to Los Angeles, I sat next to a pilot who was deadheading on his way home. He pulled out a Video iPod and watched a movie for the duration of our flight. He told me, “I

Film Producers

can easily download a movie or show and watch it at any time. When I’m done, I just put it back in my pocket.” It was a perfect ending to an extraordinary adventure at the heart of the entertainment business. The frenzy deal making for new partnerships and content delivery at NATPE solves the problem for independent filmmakers and producers who have new opportunities to reach massive size audiences. And in the end, the consumer has the real power to download and watch the content they choose to watch when they want to watch it. Beth Handler is Executive Producer of E-Media Marketing Consultants, Los Angeles. www.emediamarketnig.com

Vince Lauria, composer Beth Handler and Rafael C. Garcia

Movie and TV Extras Working in Las Vegas

by Bob Rind

All acting in films has feature and star actors and has a great need for Extras. These are the people you see participating in battle scenes, athletic events, courtroom attendee’s, hospital scenes or just street people used as background. That’s what Extra’s do. All Extra’s are given special attention as to what clothing to wear and are positioned on the set with instructions on when and what to do. One instruction that is very important is not to look or stare at the main actors of the scene, just do what your told and forget what’s going on around you. You might be called on to cheer, leer, stare, dance, fight, or crowd around something that’s happening and many more instances showing a realistic scene. At times Extras are asked to bring their cars for use in some scenes, for which they are paid extra. Las Vegas Extras are paid for non-union $54 for the first 8 hours and then overtime. SAG members get $126 for the 8 hours with overtime rates listed with the union. There is wardrobe pay time and meals and snacks are provided for all extras and crew. Why do people work as Extras? It’s the excitement of being a part of the film, but many never even get seen on the screen. It’s some times a fun time and you meet interesting people that have migrated to Las Vegas and have the time to do the work. Call up time could be at 5 am or10 pm or any time, but one thing is a given with a few exceptions, all meals are nicely prepared, sometimes 3 meals a day with drinks and snacks in-between meals. I have worked as an Extra probably under every type of condition in making a film. Senior citizens really enjoy this work and pick up a few extra dollars, also so do students, hotel shift workers and Las Vegas newcomers. At times Extras are chosen for a featured part, as they are well known to the director and casting agency because of their reliability and willingness to take instruction. One such person is Francine Huffman, a tall, slender, attractive retired schoolteacher (she does substitute teaching) here from Colorado about 6 years ago. Since then she has worked on major films, TV shows and TV commercials. She is well received by the agencies because she knows the basic job requirements. They are: have a nice wardrobe, a good work ethic, and a positive attitude, be professional, punctual and don’t whine. Be prepared to work on short notice, have a cell phone, reliable transportation and arrive on set camera ready. Be versatile, a flexible thinker, able to listen and follow instructions and be physically fit. Build your endurance because many “shoots” consist of 8 to12 hours or more, some of which involve working through the night. Both Francine and I have worked 20 hours on a shoot’. Don’t be a “Camera Hog” and think the filming is about you. Remember you’re a background player, a living prop, and not the star. Francine follows all these requirements and that is why she works a lot. But, don’t give up your job; this is only part time work. Also remember if you leave before your dis-

missed, you will not get paid. Currently she is taking acting lessons and is progressing nicely, resulting in more opportunities. She is up for a featured part in a film. John Eikleberry and Carrie Collins are relatively newcomers to Las Vegas, starting their journey from small towns. Both is the same age and have the same ambitions of becoming actors and want the opportunity to watch and learn and work in many capacities in the film industry. So far neither has landed any speaking roles, but, they have worked on quite a few films as an Extra, or as John likes to refer it a “background actor”. His latest job was on “Rocky Balboa” and Carrie’s was Oceans 13, They feel that in this position they are just human “stage props”. This also allows them the chance to observe the various functions the production crew undertakes. Between shoots, while background actors are in “holding” areas, having a cup of coffee and a bag of chips, stimulating conversations with new friends and acquaintances occur. Their experiences and hearing stories about actors, directors, producers, and everybody in between is a big plus for the job. John even had his mother sign up with an agency or two, and she loves it. Seeing the stars, making new friends and especially getting a little check for it, helps out a bit. If you want to work as an Extra you can sign up with most NO FEE agencies. You need 2 snapshots or Polaroid’s of yourself, be legal to work in the United States and proof of eligibility like your SS Card and drivers license. If you’re an alien resident or have a work permit bring copies when you register. After registering they will give you their hotline number to keep in contact. The Nevada State Movie Commission has a hotline 486-2727. Every Monday in the Review Journal’s Carol Cling’s column, she will bring you up to date as to what “shoots” are going on or will be happening and who to contact for working as an Extra. If you want excitement, some hard work, fun times, and meet friendly people, look into working as an Extra.

Celebrity Scene News

Roger Cross

Photos by Bennie E. Palmore,Dedicated to the late C.J. Cansler

Each year Las Vegas is the setting for the celebration of the Billboard Awards held at the MGM Grand. The official after party is held at Studio 54 inside the MGM Grand. There are however; some big parties also held at TAO at the Venetian and Pure at Caesars Palace. They both have their share of celebrities. The late crowd headed over to Rum Jungle at the Mandalay Bay and Body English at the Hard Rock, making it a heavy party night. The Sunday night before the awards, club “Light” located inside the Bellagio, also had a big names gathering. We caught up with Roger Cross who plays Curtis Manning on the Fox Network’s show 24. Cross said, “Las Vegas is a great getaway to release all of your frustrations”. This young actor from Jamaica, danced the night away. Roger and I talked about the validity of Reality Television. He stated, “CBS is doing a great job of presenting live reality shows. I think the majority of them should be on the reality channel; because they are hurting the ratings of the television market”. Cross never intended to be an actor, he was a pilot before he entered the profession. Rap artist Flavor Flav (former member of Public Enemy and star of VH1’s hit reality show, Flavor of Love) is one of the regulars who attends the Billboard Awards. Flav commented he wants to wanting his own Nationally Televised Talk Show from Las Vegas. Flavor Flav is credited for bringing VH1 their highest ratings with his show (Flavor of Love). Other musical guests who attended the awards and the after parties included Boyz II Men, one of the most recognized R&B groups

by Pete Allman

of the music business. Shawn Stockman, somewhat the leader of the group, said “The Billboard Awards was especially spectacular with Janet Jackson’s Performance”. One of the highlights of the evenings awards was Mary J. Blige receiving a total of 9 awards. Among them were: R&B/ Hip-Hop Artist of the Year and Female R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the year. The following artists received awards: Chris Brown (3 awards). T.I. (5 awards). Carrie Underwood (5 awards). The Fray (3 awards). Kenny Chesney (2 awards). Three Days Grace (1 award). High School Musical (1 award). Rihanna (3 awards). Nickelback (3 awards). Nelly Furtado (1 award). Many Artists that attended the Awards Ceremony we’re very impressed with its outcome. Rapper Too Short one of the more positive individuals, not only elated with the awards ceremony but thinks Las Vegas is the city of the future. “There is no question that this is the most exciting city on the planet. Even though Vegas will go through changes it will only be for the better. Sure we all remember the Rat Pack, you know the old Vegas, that’s a memory that will always be a part of Vegas. But, it is overshadowed with the new city developments here. Look at my music, I am expanding my horizons. The bottom line, things are gonna change, in this case it’s for the better”.

Mary J. Blidge

Billboard Awards

The BeatlesTM REVOLUTION Lounge Inspired by the spirit of The Beatles and created by Cirque du Soleil, the Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage offers a revolutionary experience in design and atmosphere. This ultra-lounge

features cutting edge, interactive experiences to create a psychedelic sensory environment and a contemporary interpretation of the Beatles era.

Rocky Balboa Enhances the Spirit of America

Silvester Stallone and Antonio Tarver

In this time and age, where there are few family movies; but many action movies, you can bet a Rocky Balboa movie enhances the spirit of America. In talking to Sylvester Stallone, he pointed out that respect and having someone that cares for you; makes all the difference in moving forward in life. That’s exactly what the movie Rocky Balboa does, it shows that no matter what you do in life; win or lose, you give it your best shot.

Oscar De La Hoya

Floyd Mayweather Jr. said, “ I’m pumped up to fight Oscar De La Hoya on May 5th, 2007 at the MGM Grand Arena”. Although the fight is sold out, there should be some closed circuit seating. This fight according to fight experts could be the highest grossing championship fight in the history of the sport. When I talked to Mayweather about his dedication as a fighter, he told me that this would have never happened if it wasn’t for God and his parents. De La Hoya had the same comment, but also admitted that he enjoys giving other fighters opportunities; which is why he went in to promoting other fights. When, I told De La Hoya that the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge) was a sport that was taking boxing fans away from boxing; he didn’t agree. “Boxing is only going to get better, Golden Boy has a lot of new fighters and I think there’s room for everybody”.

Clint Eastwood receives Social Justice from Trumpet Award Clint Eastwood was one of the special honorees who received a social justice award for his compassion in furthering Jazz at the Trumpet Awards recently. The Trumpet Awards were originally presented by Turner Broadcasting in 1993. Its inception was created by a visionary yet compassionate individual by the name Xernona Clayton, Ms. Clayton, is the President and CEO of the Trumpet Awards Foundation and the Executive Producer. Her continued mission of presenting a program devoted to recognizing African Americans for achievements has been an overwhelming success. This is the first year the awards have been held at the Bellagio.

Clint Eastwood

Photos by Bennie E. Palmore,Dedicated to the late C.J. Cansler

Mayweather Pumped Up for De La Hoya

For more information you may visit www.celebrityscene.com. Until then keep your visions positive.

Paparazzi @Studio 54

byy Ladi Novotny

Paparazzi @Vegas Party Scene

by Ladi Novotny

Paparazzi @Mint

by Ladi Novotny

The Mega Events Well, my former boss Hugh Hefner is back in the lime light in a fantastic way in Las Vegas. At the time I was an executive for Playboy, they had Playboy Clubs all over the world, Hotels, a Motion Picture Production, Limo Service, Record Department, Models Agency and Playmate Promotions, Playboy catalogue plus not only Playboy magazine but other magazines. Then the blowout from the Playboy Casino came when the person in charge of the

oof at the new Playboy Club

Paris Hilton and George Mal

at Palms

Playboy Play mate Irina Ve roni


Hugh with HHoefner lly, Christ y and


by Polly Peluso...The Noisy Reporter

Gordie Brown gave an elegant, polished performance at his opening night at the world famous Venetian Hotel. The opening night included Robert Goulet and Penn and Teller and many more celebrities. This is a must see show - all about talent and not lights, acrobats, etc. that so many Las Vegas shows that cost big bucks have become. Following the show, Bernie Hunan, Gordie’s Manager was so excited to tell Gordie that David Letterman has invited Gordie to be a guest on his famous TV Show. Celebrity photographer Steve Crespi was invited by „Boston Legal“stars, James Spader and William Shatner“ to join their party at a convention. Tori Spellman has been selling her clothes on E-Bay. Her multi millionaire father, Aaron Spellman („Beverly Hills 90212“, etc.etc.) died recently and had cut her out of his will, as he did not approve of her second marriage. She is now going to become a producer herself. Good luckwith that Tori.

boy Club at Palms

Playboy Bunnies at new Play s

g at Palm

b openin

Clu Playboy

London Casino was caught skimming off the top and this eventually affected all of their services. The only thing left then at that time was the magazine. Now Hef is in „hog heaven“ with the opening of the fabulous new Playboy Club opening in the Las Vegas Palms Hotel. The Maloof family owners of The

Las Vegas Palms Hotel are very closely connected with the Playboy enterprises now and also give parties at Hef ’s magnificent mansion estate in Los Angeles When living in Los Angeles I attended at least 40 parties of all kinds and have hundreds of photos of stars of that era. George Maloof announced that it cost $40,000 to stay in the two stories Playboy Hotel-Casino section. Does that come with Playmates?

A steady „name“ at the Palms and elsewhere is Paris Hilton. Last year Paris Hilton or a great look-a-like crashed many of the Academe Awards big charity parties after the awards were given out and scooped up expensive bags of expensive clothing, perfume, etc. as the Beverly Hills Stores give the stars at these big charity parties great gifts as it is all in the name of charity. Since last year, the charity party givers will be giving a close watch out for the real or look-a-like Paris who does not pay to go to any of the parties. The first time I met Ron L. Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was when a bunch of us would meet on the beach at sunrise and thank God for the rising sun, the water, etc and sing some hymns. Hold hands and pray together. No talk of money or doctrine - just coming together to worship and acknowledge God in a different way. But then „things „ changed „big time“ with the need for everything monetary and it became like worship to Hubbard himself. I dropped out early on. Sadly, Tom Cruise recently has „hurt“ himself for his strong beliefs of this doctrine, which he thinks everybody has to become. He went from top star to 260 rating. Even fired by Paramount Studios - so now he has bought his own studio. Cruise may be able to recapture his fans but he may need to tone down his ranting and raving about his Scientology. Especially as no one seems to know of anything charitable or worthwhile that the group does. Everything is some big secret.

photos by Steve Crespi

Las Vegas famous „war expert“, author and speaker John Alexander and hisequally famous film critic wife, Victoria Alexander are in Africa.. This year, they have been in Afghanistan, India, and Peru - everywhere dangerous. John speaks about Future Conflicts and what must be done to save the world from destroying itself. John was a commander during the Vietnam massacre. Most Las Vegans know of the famous resident, Liz Rena. Liz went to prison because she would not „snitch“ on a mobster and while incarcerated wrote bestseller books and painted about 80 beautiful pictures. And oh, yes the first woman to run down Hollywood Blvd. Naked on a dare. Her life has never been one of peace and quiet. About two weeks there was a murder in her home - but thank goodness she was not at home at the time and did not even know the intruders. Liz and I are planning on resuming our speaking engagements together soon. Some great Country Western stars, Big and Rich, Brooks & Dunn, and Vince Gill will be at the Hilton in December. „Dancing with the Stars „will be performing Dec. 30 at Thomas & Mack. Baby Boomers

Gordie Brown his beautiful wife and manager Bernie Hunan at Venetian

James Spader, Steve

Crespi am William


will want to see and hear James Darren at the Suncoast. The Dixie Chicks are slated for the MGM. As for nightclubs- every Hotel on the strip has outrageous nightclubs with celebrities galore enjoying them along with the rest of the „hotties“.“ The Booze Hounds“ are keeping the Los Angeles nightclubs „hot“ with their Punk-Rock style. However, Las Vegas is indeed the entertainment capitol of the world.

with a Twist Tarot Time by Asherah

The Universe dictates certain elements of what we perceive as ‘time’ and ‘space’ and during that time and space we are obliged by our very being-ness to heed certain laws. At this time there are but two things required of us and how we do it, and what it means, is up to each individual. The first act

required is to simply have Faith in Faith. The second act is for us to ask ourselves what we expect from ourselves. Not from others, but from the “I and I” our own knowingness, our own conscience. If you can answer those two questions the third will come about all on its’ own. *At the time of this writing the moon is in Scorpio* if you know your moon sign read it as well, it will provide a deeper layer of understanding to your task at hand.

EARTH Taurus 4/20-5/20

LADIES: Time of reflections are upon you and you wonder what you really want for yourself in all aspects of your life. Your financial future looks brighter than you know, if you would just take the time to stop and be present in the life you are trying so desperately to create. GENTLEMEN: The Taurus male who always wants to give the illusion of control finally has the reality of it. Being near water soothes you, because it helps you see the oneness of everything. I’d think you must be quite a peaceful bull right now, even if you are making what may appear to be spur of the moment decisions.

Virgo 8/23-9/22

LADIES: A female who is typically driven and a real go getter, why are you trying to hard to do it all at once? You are hiding the fact that you are tired even from yourself but others can see it and they are concerned for you. GENTLEMEN: And you, Mr. Perfectionist... Rome was not built in a day! I’d suggest a strong dose of cotton wool wrapped around your entire body to help protect you from the warped speed that you are trying to move at. Haven’t you ever heard who won the race? It wasn’t the hare. Each race is

asherah@amgcreations.net www.amgcreations.net made of what you choose to make it. The finish line is always the same.

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

LADIES: Love and more love, huh? Whom, might I ask, are you so into loving right now? Okay... so you are not flying off the deep end and you are not moving too quickly, both great traits to practice. Just be careful of moving so slowly that the object of your affection thinks you don’t care. GENTLEMEN: Can you have everything you want and desire? It depends on how big your plate is, I guess! You’re at a good place right now, but remember- this is not your crossroad alone. There are always other people at the opposite side. You’d be wise to look both ways before leaping.

AIR Gemini 5/21-6/21

GENTLEMEN: So funny. As I was getting ready to write this, I kept hearing “if you are happy and you know it clap your hands” and then I pulled the tarot card of the Sun for you. How nice. A happy Aries ram is always a pleasant thing, and this good mood should stay with you for a while. Well done! LADIES: How do you ‘try’ to be more loving...you simply BE more loving. Reaching out to others should be a joyous experience right now, not a burden. If it is a burden then you need to reconsider what you are giving and why.

Libra 9/23-10/22

LADIES: Justice, the very card of the archetype of Libra. The scales, the balance, the sheer why’s and wherefore’s of it all. I am put in mind of the character played by Rupert Everett in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.... listen to those who love you and you will come out ahead even if you don’t like what they say.

GENTLEMEN: Putting on a brave face? Why? Is something bothering you and you don’t want people to think you are weak? They already know and they have tried to help you but no... everything is just fine with you! *The above is meant to be read in a very sarcastic tone of voice*

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

GENTLEMEN: Taking care of others comes naturally to you and admirably so. I’d advise you to wear a lot of bright colors so that you can keep negativity at a minimum. Most would tell you white light but you are an Aquarius. White won’t work as well for you. LADIES: Being the shining star has never come so naturally to you as it does now. Let your natural beauty shine. Let the newfound glory of your inner peacefulness be all that you could ever wish it to be.

GENTLEMEN: Why so sad? Who got betrayed here? Did others honestly betray you, or did you do the betraying yourself because you refused to heed the warnings screaming in your head. It’s time for a change!

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

LADIES: Being wise and watching where you walk and HOW you walk...could prevent you from stepping face first into the mud. The clouds you see around will soon disappear and bright days are ahead. But you can only see them if you look up! Surely you aspire to be more: what that is only you can decide. The flip side of fear is love. GENTLEMEN: Choices, decisions...peace of mind. If you have none, do or make some of the above and you will find serenity again.

GENTLEMEN: So you are into the looking back of it all as well. Must be something in the air. New business ventures will be successful don’t be afraid to venture forth. LADIES: “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” not all men are bad! I’ll agree that they take some understanding and getting used to, but they are as human as are and they have feelings too. You get more with sugar than you do with honey.

Leo 7/23-4/19

Scorpio 10/23-11/22

LADIES: The old has gone, long vanquished from your life, why would you allow any of it back in now? You’ve grown so much, come so far...to look behind you will only serve to trip you and nothing goes down so hard as a Leo lady in distress. You only have yourself to gain, after all.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

LADIES: Do you know the way to San Jose? Such an old song but so fitting for you. You think you are done moving around but sorry-no dice. Be careful though be sure you are making right choices for right reasons and not to just to be making a choice for the sake of making one. GENTLEMEN: Are you please at the way things look around you now? I hope so. You should be feeling a deep sense of satisfaction at a job well done, with all bases covered and ample time to sit back and just be content.

WATER Cancer 6/22-7/22

GENTLEMEN: Controlling your life is of paramount importance to you, and recently this may have been a problem as the lives of others have not gone the same way as yours. Not to worry, all things will swing back into balance soon enough and you will be able to rest comfortably in your shell once again. LADIES: How your meal comes out onto your table and how it tastes depends very much on what you put into it. Is your table as well presented as you’d like? Are your favorite dishes on there? If not, why not??

FIRE Aries 3/21-4/19

just step out boldly and go forth where no man has gone before. LADIES: Dear ladies... please see above. You are every bit as potent right now as your male counterparts. Watch out world!

GENTLEMEN: For my own reasons I was certainly looking forward to what Scorpio male would have to say for himself, and my oh my, he is feeling very strong indeed. Opening up the chakras is possible for him in a way he has always dreamed of but didn’t think could happen. It can and it will if you’d

PhotoPainting by Miloslav Zmrzly

Tarot Time© is written for males and females of each sign in hopes that we may somehow utilize and thereby appreciate the unique differences between the sexes. If I and I- as we say in my home country of Jamaica- can accomplish that I have accomplished much. This is how it works: we are divided into four “elements” earth, air, fire and water. Then in each of those-for example a Taurus is an ‘Earth’ sign- you will find the horoscope for males and for females. Tarot Time is written using the elements, astrology, tarot cards and plain old intuition.


Profile for LvH Media, Inc

NBA Special Edition  

This NBA themed magazine issue covers the NBA All Star games that for the first time in the NBA Franchise history was hosted in Las Vegas. E...

NBA Special Edition  

This NBA themed magazine issue covers the NBA All Star games that for the first time in the NBA Franchise history was hosted in Las Vegas. E...