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March 2012





The March cover is dedicated to a new business here in Las Vegas catering to the Food & Beverage Industry. VISSTUN & DIGISPEC MARKETING is more than a print company, and has taken the concept of logoed cups to a new level with a specialized process you need to see. They will be at the Nightclub & Bar Show, so visit them…

Full story can be found on page 16.

22 Our friends from LITHUANIAN SPIRITS are back in town showing their products at the Nightclub & Bar Show.

From the other side of the earth comes some unique products using all pure and natural ingredients, from a pristine location following traditional methods and utilizing modern technology…A “Must Try” product we recommend!


11 Please join us in welcoming two new contributing writers to &


our great lineup, who will be working with us to bring our readers current, informative and interesting articles monthly; Kellan Bartosch writes this month on the subject of “Import-A Dirty Word” and Ben Brown covers the healthy restaurant Greens & Proteins.

Please enjoy and Cheers!


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March 2012 Mike Fryer Editor-in-Chief Thank you for joining us in this issue of The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional. For any questions, comments or advertising inquiries please email

Bob Barnes Editorial Director

Once again let us introduce the hard working “Movers and Shakers” at LVF&B Pro who bring you the Industry information and are always available for your questions and comments regarding the Las Vegas F&B Market. Here at a recent tasting of locally-grown shrimp dishes prepared by Hard Rock Hotel chefs are (seated l to r): Editor-in-Chief Mike Fryer, Creative Director Juanita Aiello and Editorial Director Bob Barnes.

Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit recently held its Media Kick Off at Caesars Palace Las Vegas with the breaking of the Guinness World Record, simultaneously opening over 300 bottles of wine. Guest openers included a Who’s Who of Strip renowned chefs and sommeliers from Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Cosmopolitan and Mandalay Bay. Bon Appetit Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport reviews the upcoming Vegas Uncork’d events with another Editor-in-Chief…

Juanita Aiello Creative Director

Craig E. Simmons VP of Sales & Marketing

Catersource Show was recently held at the LV Convention Center and co-exhibited with the International Restaurant Show. At our booth at the show, LVF&B Pro presented the newly released “The World of Las Vegas Dining,” created by John & Laury Bakie, who are shown here in the booth flanked by LVF&B Pro’s VP of Sales & Marketing Craig Simmons and Creative Director Juanita Aiello.


The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional

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4 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp Showcased at Hard By Bob Barnes Rock Hotel & Casino Frank DeLuca, Director/Vice President of Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp, recently hosted a dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s 35 Steaks to showcase the locally-raised shrimp. The idea of salt water shrimp being raised in the desert is a unique one that is evidently catching on. Its current client list reads like a list of the finest restaurants in Vegas and includes: all Las Vegas Wolfgang Puck restaurants; all Emeril Lagasse’s LV restaurants; Mario Batali’s Otto, B&B Ristorante and Carnevino at The Palazzo/Venetian; Hard Rock’s 35 Steaks, Pink Taco, Nobu and Johnny Smalls; and Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill at the Cosmopolitan. Frank also shared that Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp is now available at select grocers around the Vegas Valley, including Larry’s Great Western Meats and several Albertsons. For a complete client list, visit the company’s website at With today’s focus on being green and helping instead of hurting the environment, Blue Oasis appears to be on the right track. The pure shrimp is 100% all natural, completely sustainable, and is raised with no antibiotics, growth hormones or preservatives. Additionally, all feed comes from natural sources and remains biodegradable and residue-free. But for such fine dining restaurants as those mentioned above, it’s also about the taste. You can’t get much fresher than shrimp harvested within hours, and the Blue Oasis product is also firmer than other shrimp products. And, the head-on shrimp allows chefs to create a myriad of new options for creative and forward-thinking food presentation, as well as using the heads and shells for a stock reduction to create shrimp bisque or a base for seafood sauces.

Photos by Rose Powell-Carver

The courses we were served were also a showcase of some of the Hard Rock’s finest restaurants and chefs. Each dish presented (except for the dessert) featured the all natural shrimp product. Dishes and chefs presenting were: Pink Taco Sous Chef James Mendoza, with a Shrimp Ceviche and Shrimp Taco; Johnny Smalls Room Chef John Pascoe provided a Shrimp Lettuce Cup and Thai-style Shrimp Satay; 35 Steaks Room Chef Chris Noble paired a Crab/Shrimp Cake with his restaurant’s signature 35-day Strip; and Hard Rock Executive Pastry Chef Thomas Bell exhibited stunning presentation in his Chocolate Mousse with a white chocolate orange colored flame. Hard Rock Executive Chef Curtis Mortenson addressed our gathering, and spoke of the Hard Rock’s goal of sustainability and how their use of the Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp is helping them to accomplish that mission.

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 5


Do’s and Don’ts of Documenting Discipline

By Linda Westcott-Bernstein

It is never an enjoyable experience to have to discuss performance problems with someone that works for you and to issue discipline as a result of an unacceptable and ongoing poor behavior. Regardless of how serious the individual’s actions, everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their behaviors as well as to expect to be treated with dignity and respect. The Golden Rule applies in every case when it comes to discipline.

Linda Bernstein has provided sound human resources advice and guidance to Fortune 500 companies and others for over 25 years. She has helped these organizations review procedures and implement solutions that are designed to reduce liabilities and increase their profits. She also assists with the development of human capital through focused employee retention and training programs designed for all levels of employees. Linda has written a self-help book entitled “It All Comes Down to WE!” which offers guidelines for building a solid and enduring personal work ethic. You can find her book on the website (below) or on Amazon or Google books. Phone:


Email: Booksite:


Question of the Month

Performance problems are often a symptom of other, often more serious, issues going on in the person’s life or world. In human resources we see it time and again that people who are stressed, scared or undergoing significant change, react in ways with behaviors that say, “Help me. I don’t know how to handle my situation.” These stressors may manifest themselves in behavioral deficiencies such as aggression, lack of attention to work and inability to meet work requirements like punctuality and attendance. The goal of effective leadership is to identify these performance issues, address them early with the individual, give the person avenues for assistance such as EAP’s (employee assistance programs) and even to document the occurrence and discuss options in an effort to give the individual a chance to keep their job. Documentation serves multi purposes: records an incident, outlines facts, verifies discussion and sets expectations for the future.

Do’s Discuss the area of concern with the individual. Ensure they understand the impact on their performance. Outline the behavior(s) that require change. Be clear on your expectations for future behavior. Provide specific dates/deadlines for noticeable improvement. Offer support and guidance towards the change.

Don’ts Be vague or unspecific. Discuss shortcomings in public. Scold, demean or criticize in front of others. Promise to be available and then not be. Be too soft. Most times discipline is the key to a turnaround.

Here are some of my guidelines for documentation as well as discussions: For documentation to be effective it should be dated, clear and accurate to the situation. It should outline the unacceptable behavior, show dates and times discussed with the employee, be progressive (start with a verbal warning, end with possible termination) and outline specific expectations for improvement/change by certain dates/timeframes. If all avenues for salvage of the situation have been explored, the manager should not feel guilty if an individual does not succeed. Everyone has to make their own decisions and live with the outcomes.

Next month’s topic: Putting Good Ideas to Use Does your company have a suggestion program? If so, what does it look like and what rewards (if any) are provided? If not, why not? Explain. (Send to (Responses may be printed in next month’s column.)

Want to advertise in the ONLY Food and Beverage-industry dedicated publication in Las Vegas? Review rates and availability at Email for more information. 6 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Wine Talk

By Alice Swift

with Alice Swift

This month, I interviewed Julie Lin, the Wine Director of the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas. Not only does she manage the beverage lists within the five restaurants of the Mandarin Oriental, but she is co-owner of Rockroom Wines, a winemaking cooperative, where she has a hand in the harvesting and winemaking process. The Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

(AAA Five Diamond Hotel), is a beautiful hotel within the heart of CityCenter, which houses five eclectic restaurants, each with a unique menu and experience. The MOzen Bistro is intriguing; where else can you find a restaurant that can successfully blend sushi, Indian, and Thai cuisines? The Pool Café will also be re-opening soon for the spring/summer seasons, and offers imaginative cocktails, wines, food and delightful desserts. On the 23rd floor of the hotel, the elevator opens up to the Tea Lounge, located in the Sky Lobby. Enjoy a classic afternoon tea experience with a stunning view of CityCenter and the Strip. Next door is the Mandarin Bar, which provides a relaxing lounge setting with live music. Last but not least is Twist, by Pierre Gagnaire, his only restaurant in the United States. Recently, Twist received the Forbes Five Star Award for 2012, and boasts an innovative fusion menu and impressive wine list. All this could not have been possible without the Mandarin Oriental’s wine director, Julie Lin, who shaped the various beverage menus of all the restaurants. Believe it or not, Julie was originally from Texas and had no background in food and beverage. She studied government and philosophy, and worked in the tech industry. However, when interacting with clients, meetings always seemed to revolve around food and wine. From there, she realized her passion, made it her goal to enter the food and beverage industry, and worked in a number of prominent Austin restaurants managing their wine lists. The bright lights of Vegas and opportunities attracted her, however, and she decided to relocate to “see what happens.” She connected with the right people in Las Vegas, and the rest is history!

Mandarin Oriental is so unique in that we are afforded every opportunity we want to learn and to grow.” Here are some of the questions I asked her: What factors shape your various wine lists? The overriding factor is the cuisine. Then I look at the guests. Even though certain wines will pair really well with the cuisine, we still have to consider the consumer preferences, and make sure we have many options available. Our wine lists are definitely very innovative. One of our most unique wines is our Swiss Chateau d’Auvernier Pinot Gris, with a lovely depth and smokiness, which pairs well with fish. Favorite wine/region? The easy answer is Champagne. It is my go-to wine, as it is perfect for any occasion, and instantly turns any occasion into a celebration. It lends itself to so many different foods. Favorite Mandarin Oriental Wine List Recommendation? The Leth Gruner Veltliner has just the right amount of body, with balanced acidity, mineralit, and weight. Tell us about your Rockroom winemaking cooperative?

Rockroom started out as a small group of people with a mutual love of wine and food. We thought, “Why don’t we make wine together?” and it grew to what it is now. The wines are sourced from California; currently we carry 2 Pinot Noirs and one Cabernet Sauvignon. (The Mandarin Oriental’s wine lists also include wines made by other sommeliers in Las Vegas, so be sure to stop on in to try wines made by your local Vegas professionals!) Something unique about you? Back in the day, my buddy was working on cars, and building racecars for clients. This fascinated me; he and I went in on a car together, and he stood on the sidelines while I put in a new transmission by myself, and then took it out for the ¼ mile races. It was one of my overriding passions in a different day.

Alice is teaching as an adjunct instructor in wine education at UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, while working as an Instructional Designer in the Office of Online Education. Follow her new blog site at for the dish on wine, technology, or even both! She is happy to take suggestions for article topics or inquiries. Email:

As a special announcement, Julie informed me that Chef Pierre Gagnaire is returning to Twist for a week, beginning March 22. There will be a special Champagne-themed dinner during that week, and Chef Gagnaire will be present and interactive with guests, so be sure to check the restaurant’s website at www. twist for more detailed information!

As Julie states, “I jumped right in by working in restaurants. It was by knocking on doors, and telling people I had this passion. I really want to do this; it would be really wonderful for you if you give me a chance. The 8 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

By Bob Barnes

Bob Barnes is a native Las Vegan, editorial director of The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional, regional correspondent for Celebrator Beer News and covers the LV restaurant scene for He welcomes your inquiries. Email:



Tale of Two Beer Dinners

Ventano Italian Grill and Seafood hosted a five-course feast matching each course with a brew from New Belgium Brewing. As usual, the dinner was sold out, which was impressive considering it was held at the same time as a UNLV home basketball game. Owner Arnauld Briand welcomed the gathering and by a show of hands determined that more than half of the participants were attending their first beer dinner. On hand to talk about the beer was local New Belgium rep Ben Barrett, who educated us about the beers we would be enjoying with the dinner and the brewery that he is part owner of. All employees are awarded shares after one year of employment. The brewery celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, and is currently the 3rd largest craft brewery in the US. First up was a cauliflower & bacon soup matched with Fat Tire, the flagship beer of the Ft. Collins, Colo. brewery, and the beer that accounts for 60% of its sales. Fresh Hop, an IPA brewed with hops that were utilized within 24 hours of harvest, lived up to its fresh moniker, with a vibrant citrusy hop flavor that jumped right onto our taste buds. It was paired with generous servings of traditional steamed clams & mussels frites served family style. IPA followed IPA with the Belgo IPA providing an interesting comparison. The Belgo is a merging of America and Belgium; it’s brewed with American hops, but fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, giving it a hoppy and spicy combination that complemented the multitude of flavors in the salad course-a mix of heirloom tomato, butter lettuce, bleu cheese, walnut and pear. Snow Day, a hearty dark, hoppy ale, was poured alongside an equally hearty braised lamb shank. The finale was an interesting creation-beer marshmallows topped with crushed pretzel and chocolate and decorated with a fresh raspberry. Our liquid dessert was Frambozen, a raspberry brown ale packed full of malty sweetness balanced with tart raspberry notes. As always, the dinner was capped off with a raffle of New Belgium shwag

and a parting gift of a New Belgium logo-ed glass was provided to all guests. The Henderson BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse had a record turnout (92) for its recent Sierra Nevada Brewing beer dinner. BJ’s GM Kris Kent welcomed us and described each dish we would be enjoying; on hand to talk about the beer was Sierra Nevada Rep. Kellan Bartosch, who educated us about the history of the brewery and the green aspects of the company. Named the EPA Business of the Year in 2011, the brewery has the largest privately owned solar arrays and fuel cell generators in the US, its delivery trucks are powered by bio-diesel produced at the brewery, and a recycling program is operating in full force. First up was a huge platter of Crispy Calamari matched with Kellerweis, a Bavarian-style hefe with hints of banana and clove. California Club Flatbread Pizza was paired with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, the beer that most homebrewers attempt to duplicate as the ultimate hoppy beer. A spicy Kung Pao Chicken, a dish new to BJ’s menu, was enhanced by Torpedo Extra IPA, a bold IPA full of complex citrus, pine and herbal character. Kellan related that IPA is the largest growing beer style and this IPA is the #1 selling IPA in the US. Two palate cleansers were poured that would have been more aptly named palate destroyers, as the Ruthless Rye IPA and Bigfoot Barleywine were robust, big beers. The Ruthless exhibits the peppery spice of rye with citrus complexity and Bigfoot lives up to its name at 9.6% abv and 99 IBU’s. We were ready for more and continued with Barbeque Pulled Pork sliders backed up with Sierra Nevada Porter, an excellent companion to roasted meat due to its toffee notes and malty sweetness. The dinner ended with a big finish, Baked Beignet with the 10.4% abv Ovila Quad, a Belgian-style abbey ale made in collaboration with monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux, located only 15 miles from the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, California. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the beer goes towards the restoration of the historic 800-year old Ovila chapter house, which was dismantled and shipped from Belgium to the New Clarivaux abbey. I always love drinking beer for a good cause, and especially one that tastes as extraordinary as this one. Cherry and caramel flavors combine with hints of raisin, fig and plum notes and it goes down so smoothly you wouldn’t dream it’s more than 10% alcohol. As usual, the price for this feast was only $30, and we were even given a parting gift of a Sierra Nevada tasting glass. BJ’s next beer dinner will pair the beers of the Pyramid and Magic Hat breweries and will take place in May. Contact your favorite BJ’s location for the date. As always, great beer happens in Vegas!

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 9


By Les Kincaid

Pairing Wine with Pizza While many other pairings in the wine world are, while not simple, at least made easier by a look to tradition, pizza is a bit of an enigma. In that traditional home of pizza, Italy, pizza is rarely ever paired with a wine. Whether it is due to simple habit or an accident of economics, it remains uncommon. The normal beverage is a Coke, Pepsi or a nice cold beer. But if pairing a particular wine with any dish is a matter of personal preference, then too is pairing any wine with any dish a personal preference. So if pizza cries out for a wine, then drink what works well for you. Always drink what you like.

any dish. When pairing a wine with pizza, a somewhat dry wine will work well. The tomato sauce will contribute the acid and slight sour undertone while the mozzarella will offer up salt and fat for the acid to cut. The fat the cheese contains is another consideration. The cheese also needs the acid to cut through it, though this must be tempered with the reality that acid and dairy do not always mix well together. The fact that the cheese is already curdled helps alleviate some of this problem. But keep the possibility in mind and be careful with your selection.

The Factors: The Classic Margherita

The Factors: Other Toppings

A pizza has a few components to consider: crust, cheese, sauce and toppings. Assuming a typical margherita with a thin crust, tomato sauce, a few slices of mozzarella and fresh basil, the tomato will be one of the most dominant flavors. Tomatoes, in addition to a sweetness brought through only when they are truly ripe, contribute significant levels of acid to

Toppings beside the “classic” pizza might have you consider a different wine. If you have chosen a sweeter sort of topping, like the Hawaiian pizza with its pineapple, a sweeter wine such as a Riesling, or a non-sweet but light Sauvignon Blanc or Beaujolais will serve you well. Heartier pizzas dominated by meats need stronger wines to stand up to the flavors, but

10 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

which will not overwhelm the other flavors. Search for full-bodied white wines, such as Chardonnay or a Pinot Grigio; a strong Syrah would taste wonderful as well. Vegetarian pizzas have far more flavors than pizzas dominated by the singular flavor of meat. Therefore, they require a wine which balances many of the characteristics of various wines. The toppings, cheese and sauce all require enhancement. A Pinot Noir is a good choice here, one which straddles the fence in heaviness and acidity. In spite of the classic tradition of ignoring wine while serving pizza, what may well be the world’s favorite fruit-based drink works exceptionally well. If spaghetti with tomato sauce and some grated cheese on top can be served with wine, so too can pizza. Keeping in mind the need for balance, pizza can be the foil to many a wine. But in a pinch, inexpensive Chianti can always save the day. The Italians had that one right.

Les Kincaid is a food, wine, and golf expert and cookbook author. He hosts a nationally syndicated wine radio show each Thursday from 7 to 8 pm. You can enjoy his website or his broadcast at or email FOLLOW ME ON FACE & TWITTER leskincaid leskincaid

By Ben Brown

Greens and Proteins: Health Fare ‘Fit for a Foodie’

Benjamin Brown is a food and travel journalist residing in Las Vegas. He writes for as a local food critic, where his love for exercise qualifies an appetite that borders on ‘Man vs. Food.’ Dining and adventuring around the world, Ben is also a contributor for travel blog and Amble Resorts LLC.

Greens & Proteins Location: 8975 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89123 Reservations: Walk-in appropriate Finally, a fast-casual dining spot where you can truly feel good about the food you put in your body. Brought to you by the makers of astounding local hotspot Republic Kitchen and Bar, Greens and Proteins walks the same line of hip with a greener spin. Imagine an upscale Jamba Juice crossed with an organic café, or Whole Foods as a restaurant with a Starbucks kind of feel. On the menu you’ll find just what the doctor ordered, everything your mom forced you to eat, the stuff you need ‘to grow big and strong,’ etc. etc., but the important thing is that the food here is just plain good. Appropriately located near the Las Vegas Athletic Club off Eastern and the 215, this casual outlet is an ideal spot for a pre-workout boost or post-workout recovery drink. Fitness fanatic status is far from a crowd prerequisite, though. Juices and smoothies, soups and wraps, and even pizzas and burgers can attract the most idle couch potato and prove eating healthy doesn’t mean the food can’t still taste great. Meats, which include bison, ostrich, and even filet mignon, are cooked with extra virgin olive oil; why this café is listed under Yelp’s vegan section remains a mystery. Soups have a vegetable base for rich flavor without any fatty ingredients. The ‘build your own meal’ section features eclectic mains, sauces and

sides. Tofu fries will impress even if you think tofu is a bane on humanity [and there are many of us]. Pizzas start at just 305 calories… for a whole pizza. Throw in free wifi and you’ve got a relaxing work hub with fruits and veggies replacing the caffeine and empty calories you’d take in from the average mochajavathingamajigachino. And as an added bonus, the Vegas Strip’s beautiful bar and club staff flock to the area in vast numbers. Juices and smoothies run $6-7.50, but you will get what you pay for in that each order practically empties an entire produce aisle. Industrial blenders allow additives like kale, lime skin and avocado pits to mix in for smooth taste with maximum nutrient intake. One of their intricate flavor combinations may eventually cure the common cold. The resulting tastes are as delicious as they are creative, from an apple pie smoothie that speaks to its name to the chocolate avocado peanut butter banana shake…whew! [and don’t forget the whew!]. Fun short-order service where salad is not the only safe haven. In a world where immediate satisfaction too often trumps the long-term goal of bodily health, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a restaurant where both are met.

Price and Value: Juices and smoothies from $6, meals from $9. All-natural ingredients and intricate healthy recipes mean you get what you pay for and then some. Menu Highlights: Juices/Shakes: Chocolate Avocado Peanut Butter Banana Shake…Whew!, Apple Pie Smoothie, Wellness Drink Starters: Thai Ginger Soup, Tofu Fries, Summer Berry Salad, Mashed Sweet Potatoes Entrees: 305-calorie Margherita Pizza, Ostrich Burger, Bison Cheese Steak, Anything on the ‘Custom Build-Your-Own Meal’ section. Contact: Call (702) 541-7800 for more information. Check out the Greens and Proteins Web Page.

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 11

Brett’s BY

What’s New

KISS® by Monster Mini Golf® opens on March 15 with an indoor glow-in-the-dark 18hole miniature golf course, arcade, gift shop, gallery, “Hotter Than Hell” Wedding Chapel, KISS® themed event rooms and the “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” Café. Hispanic superstar Ramon Ayala has opened the first Ramon Ayala Cocina & Cantina in the United States at Buffalo Bill’s in Primm. American Burger Works with a new twist to the classic burger has opened at the Excalibur and offers breakfast at 9 a.m. FENDI has opened a second boutique inside The Forum Shops with a stand-alone shoe salon. The décor pays homage to the Pantheon, with a coffered ceiling replicating its dome. World-famous landscape photographer Peter Lik has opened a new gallery inside The Shoppes at Mandalay Place. A new 90-seat restaurant Anthony’s Gourmet Burgers & Brews has opened adjacent to the lobby at the M Resort.

About Town Happenings

A Michelin-starred luxury-dining brand combined with a lavish new nightclub will open next December at the MGM Grand in the former Studio 54 space. Hakkasan Las Vegas is part of the resort’s “Grand Renovation” and will expand the size of the former venue.

The SkyVue will be the largest observation wheel in the Western Hemisphere when it opens July 4, 2013. The 500-foot attraction will feature 32 climate-controlled gondolas. TV’s Chef Gordon Ramsay will open his first Las Vegas restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Steak, this spring at Paris replacing Les Artistes Steakhouse. The newest figure in Madame Tussauds Las Vegas’ roster is Celine Dion in the Viva Vegas room.

Tropfest Las Vegas will be a week-end long short film festival at the Cosmopolitan, June 1-3, with a performance by musical artist LP.

the Rio with 470 poker tables. Visit WSOP. com/2012 for the schedule. The Hispanic Museum of Nevada has opened inside the Boulevard Mall. Gaylord’s Indian Restaurant and Mah Jon Restaurant have both closed at the Rio.

Entertainment Happenings

The Super 8 Las Vegas Strip area hotel next to Ellis Island Casino and Brewery has finished a $1.5 million renovation. The Mob Experience at the Tropicana has new owners and has reopened as the Mob Attraction. Nevada Ballet Theatre’s Gala & Debut will be held May 5 at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The Forum Shops at Caesars now offers the largest 26,000-square-foot fine art Martin Lawrence Galleries gallery.

The Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational hosted by ARIA at CityCenter will return to Las Vegas for the second year, March 29 – April 1, at Shadow Creek. Floyd “Money” Mayweather will return to the ring and challenge three-division World Champion Miguel Cotto for his WBA Super Welterweight World title on Saturday, May 5 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The 43rd annual World Series of Poker® (WSOP®) will run May 27 through July 16 at

12 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Carlos Santana began a two-year run in the specially re-configured House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. Madonna’s 50-plus city world tour will include a stop at the MGM Grand Garden on Oct. 13. “Avant Garde” is a new show at the Plaza featuring rotating stars from a hip-hop violinist to world champion magicians.

The risqué musical “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” will open at the Plaza March 31. The Giordano Theatre at the Fashion Show mall is being built and will open with a new Chinese dance show at the end of April called “Senses.” Napoleon’s Lounge nestled inside Paris is the home to a new comedy production “Empire Comedy.” Frank Marino’s “Divas Las Vegas” at Imperial Palace has added a Katy Perry impersonation. Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder has announced a spring U.S. solo tour that will kick off at the Pearl inside the Palms on April 11. Noel Gallagher will bring his solo project “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds” to the Pearl inside the Palms on April 20. “The Price is Right Live™” at Bally’s has special host Joey Fatone through April 8.

Restaurant Review


OPEN ON PARADISE! By Shelley Stepanek

Who is Mister B’s? It’s the newest casual upscale Italian eatery in town. Located in the old Z’Tejas building on Paradise, right down the street from the Convention Center, Mister B’s is going to be bringing in the crowds. Mister B’s is named after Bernie Cheater, a Canadian who owned 25 Chi Chi restaurants. He went on to open 4 Peg Sports in Winnipeg. But Bernie decided he loved Las Vegas, so he is sharing his time between the two cities. I dined there on a Friday night and met the manager, Brett Wachman. He couldn’t have been a better host. We started with the Calamari Fritti, which had to be some of the best I have ever tasted. Very lightly floured, it was perfect. The appetizer menu has Sauteed Prawns, Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with crab meat, Crab Cakes and Baked Eggplant, making it hard to make a decision. The Carpaccio di Manzo, thin sliced raw beef, with wild arugula, capers and shaved parmigiano cheese is mouth- watering. Among the pastas are Seafood Linguine; Penne alla Vodka; Sea Shells Contadina stuffed with garlic, tomatoes, broccoli and chicken; Gnocchi al Pesto; and Spaghetti Carbonara. I also tried the Veal Saltimbocca, topped with Prosciutto di Parma, sage and Fontina Cheese, which was perfect. There are 11 pasta dishes, 10 meat and poultry dishes, and 7 pizzas to choose from. With a pizza oven that goes to 850 degrees, where else can you get a freshly made pizza in 6 minutes? The dessert menu was heaven, with a Coppa Mascarpone flan, cheesecake, and the specialty of the house, 12 different gelatos to pick from. Seating 120 in the main dining room, 45 in the bar, 60 in the outdoor patio and 100 in the back private dining area, this restaurant has plenty of room for even the biggest parties. Totally redesigned, overhead panels hold flashing tubes of LED lights. Four large screen TVs in the bar give every seat a view of the screens. There is live entertainment nightly. Open 7 days a week, from 11 to 2 a.m., and serving brunch on Sundays, you mustn’t miss stopping by soon.

Mister B’s Bar, Grill & Ristorante

3824 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 702-836-9449 for reservations •

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 13

Photos by Chef Joey Campos

ACF Chefs February Dinner/Meeting Hosted by Excalibur


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LAS VEGAS | 5881 Centennial Center Blvd. | 702-851-8050

join us for HAPPY HOUR Mon.– Fri. 3 – 7PM | LATE NIGHT Sun.–Thurs. 10PM–Close W W W. B J S R E S TAU R A N TS . C O M |

14 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage AD_GenHHR_Centenn_BJ4751.indd 1 Professional I March 2012

“Wow – I love this place!”® 5/31/11 2:37 PM

T R O P I C A NA Overseeing Biscayne, Bacio and all other F&B aspects, is George Bargisen, director of food and beverage and executive chef at Tropicana. A worldclass chef with over two decades of experience, Bargisen honed his craft at Hyatt properties in Florida, Massachusetts and New York, spent five years as executive sous chef at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Arizona, and learned the art of tropical seafood preparation as executive chef at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess in Bermuda. He recently served as director of culinary operations at the Las Vegas Hilton and executive chef at Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

A meal in a great restaurant can turn a tourist visit into a memorable travel experience, even transform a first date into a lasting relationship. Tropicana Las Vegas recently underwent a transformation of its own – a $180 million initiative that infused the landmark with the exciting pulse and sensual style of Miami’s famed South Beach neighborhood. Its “all-new” spirit is evident in Tropicana’s two main dining destinations, Bacio by Carla Pellegrino, and Biscayne Steak, Sea & Wine and in an acclaimed Food and Beverage program led by a team of award-winning professionals. Recently opened this past April is Bacio by Carla Pellegrino. This charming Italian ristorante has already delighted foodies with its authentic Italian recipes. Along with crisp and bright salads like baby arugula, red onions and Rosso Bruno tomatoes, and such classic antipasti as arancini, guests can enjoy fresh-made pastas in slow-cooked sauces as well as veal scaloppini, sea bass, New York strip steak and other fare. With meticulous attention to detail, Carla Pellegrino brings true Italian spirit to Bacio. The Italian-raised chef, known by television audiences for beating Bobby Flay on his “Throwdown!” Christmas special, came to the U.S. in 1997, where she met and married Frank Pellegrino Jr., co-owner of Rao’s in Harlem. Together they opened Baldoria in New York and a second Rao’s in Las Vegas, where she led the culinary team as executive chef before joining Tropicana Las Vegas. Biscayne Steak, Sea & Wine reinterprets the classic Vegas steakhouse with a South Beach flair. Its USDA-certified Angus beef choices range from tender filet mignon to seared prime rib to deeply flavorful rib eye, t-bone and New York steaks, along with generous cuts of lamb, veal and Kurobura pork chops. Biscayne is also distinguished by Safe Harbor-certified fresh fish: from banana leaf-wrapped mahi mahi with tropical succotash to oven roasted snapper with rum jerk butter sauce. Of course, for those who can’t decide, there’s always the surf & turf, or a four-course tasting menu & wine pairing.

Now Open!

If indulgence defines Las Vegas, dessert is definitely on the menu, and that’s why guests appreciate Meegan Lancaster, executive pastry chef at Tropicana. Lancaster graduated first in her class at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America with a degree in baking and pastry, and a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For a decade, her innovative approach has earned acclaim across Las Vegas, including at Daniel Boulud Brasserie at Wynn Las Vegas and Le Cirque and Osteria del Circo at Bellagio. While Tropicana guests can get a taste of its $180 million transformation at Bacio or Biscayne, they can get a feel for it inside the hotel’s all-new rooms and suites, which offer the breezy comfort of a beach getaway with their bright plantation shutters, custom furnishings and plush amenities. For late night fun, RPM Nightclub features first-class bottle service, three bars and today’s hottest stars and top recording artists, as well as a variety of world-class DJs, dancers and specialty acts. The sleek and stylish venue also offers table games and roulette inside an elite gaming lounge. For great entertainment, guests can get energized by Recycled Percussion, as the “Americas Got Talent” Finalists use an array of unusual objects as instruments to create an interactive performance that will literally bring the audience to its feet, or learn about Sin City’s inglorious past at the interactive Mob Attraction Las Vegas. Casino regulars will love the Trop Plus Players Club, the most generous rewards program in Las Vegas with numerous benefits and discounts. And a new Race and Sports Book lets guests wager during live sporting events, and via mobile device from anywhere in the resort. Tropicana Las Vegas... a delicious experience all around!

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 15

16 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Take the Tour Located just minutes from McCarran International Airport, customers are encouraged to stop by and see where their cups are made. Shown above are four of Visstun’s custom cup forming lines.

What Makes Visstun Different? ®

At Visstun , we believe that a cup, whether it is reusable

noted by several advertisers; the stunning graphics on

plastic or disposable paper, is an excellent way to

the cups give people a reason not only to buy the cups,

promote your brand. Currently, the production of cups is

but to take them home.


dominated by large manufacturers whose primary focus is on volume and cost. The result is a mass produced, inexpensive product available only in large quantities. Print quality is often sacrificed in favor of high speed,

To learn more about these unique cups and how they can be used to grow your business, visit or call Katharine Riding at (702) 876-6292 ext. 219.

low cost production. The high volume requirements limit the use of the cup for targeted marketing to only the largest cup consumers and even then a minimal cup price is still paramount. In contrast to the current mass production approach to c ups, V is s tun was de signe d to maximize the ®

promotional impact of cups and make promotional cups available to a broad range of marketers both large and small. Cost was not ignored; but, image quality, short run capability, and quick turnaround times were the primary considerations. The result is a line of drinkware with high quality graphics available and low minimums. Orders of 100,000 cups or less can ship in 7 days. The cost of the cup varies based on the quantity purchased and, admit tedly, is higher than the t ypic al mass produced cup. The value of Visstun is that Visstun ®


enables the advertiser who needs 125 or 2,500 or even 2.5 million cups to get them and get them quickly. As Visstun’s market has developed, a wide variety of users have emerged. Cups have been produced for bars, restaurants, day clubs, alcohol brands, food-service, event marketing, sports... On a more personal level, Visstun cups have been used for events like weddings, ®

anniversaries, retirement parties, engagement parties, graduation parties, and recognition ceremonies where both the low minimums and photo-quality graphics make this type of promotion viable. When a plastic version was used, the cup served as a souvenir from the event. The souvenir value of the Visstun cup has also been ®

Take The Show Home Bring realism and excitement to a souvenir cup and increase drink sales at any venue. Vivid, Hi-Definition graphics give people a reason to buy the cups and take them home.

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 17

There Is Only One Home for Champagne and That Is in France.

Champagne, as we all know, is a renowned region in France that produces of course, Champagne. The grape growing area of the Champagne appellation is located approximately 90 miles northeast of Paris. It is France’s most northerly and coolest wine growing region, and the vineyards cover approximately 80,000 acres. The regions of La Montagne de Reims, La Vallée de la Marne, La Côte des Blancs, La Côte des Bars and Montgueux form the area that has been producing Champagne since the 1600’s. American consumers are beginning to develop an understanding and appreciation of where we buy our food and want to know the origins of food and the products we are consuming. That brings us to how wines are labeled and their true origins. Here in the US the majority of quality wine producers use wine labels to educate consumers on their wine. However, a loophole in US law enables some domestic producers to also use foreign place names on wine bottles that are produced in the US. Last year, 15 of the world’s premier wine regions and more than 100 of the world’s most renowned chefs and

sommeliers joined together in a joint effort to protect wine origins and call for better truth-inlabeling practices. These regions, including Champagne, Chianti Classico, Jerez, Long Island, Napa Valley, Oregon state, Paso Robles, Porto, Rioja, Sonoma County, Victoria, Walla Walla Valley, Washington state and Western Australia, together signed the Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place & Origin. In a recent poll of 1,000 U.S. wine consumers, 79 percent consider the region where a wine comes from an important factor when buying a bottle of wine; 75 percent report they would be less likely to buy a wine if they learned that it claimed to be from a place like Champagne, Napa Valley or Oregon, but in actuality was not; and 84 percent think that the region a wine comes from is extremely important in determining its quality. 96 percent say that consumers deserve to know that the location where wine grapes are grown is accurately stated on wine labels and 98 percent support establishing worldwide standards for all winemakers that would require that they accurately state the location where wine grapes are grown on wine labels.

and Central; José Andrés from Jaleo and minibar; Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve; Thomas Keller from Per Se and the French Laundry; Ferran Adrià from El Bulli; Daniel Boulud from Daniel; Gérard Margeon from Alain Ducasse; Wolfgang Puck from Wolfgang Puck Restaurants; Antoine Hernandez from Joël Robuchon; Pontus Elofsson from Noma; Charlie Palmer from Charlie Palmer Restaurants; and many others as well. We must all realize that the wine label is not just about its alcohol content, grape varietal or winemaker; it’s about the place of origin, which is the single most important aspect of any wine. The next time you are looking for some bubbles, take the time and look at the label. There are many lovely Sparkling wines from all over the world, including France. But remember, Champagne is only from Champagne, France. Pop the cork and enjoy!

By Elaine & Scott Harris

Elaine Harris, sommelier, owner of Vino Las Vegas LLC and Editor-In-Chief of The Cuisineist. Scott Harris, sommelier, President of Vino Las Vegas LLC and a staff journalist for The Cuisineist. Email:

In addition to the public making their opinions known, some pretty big names in the celebrity chef world have joined in support of Champagne and other regions. A number of the world’s preeminent names in food and wine have joined hands with the coalition for the cause, including: Chefs Michel Richard from Citronelle

18 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Vegas Uncork’d - World Record Broken at the Bellagio for Most Wine Bottles Opened at One Time - 308 Bottles!

Photos by Bill Bokelmann

Catersource Show 2012 and Culinary Challenge

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 19

A Celebration of Scotch at Embers Grill & Spirits By Bob Barnes

Embers Grille & Spirits followed up its bourbon dinner with a five-course pairing of single malt Scotch and Scottish fare. I attended their inaugural bourbon dinner and found the spirits to be high end, and this dinner proved to be no different. The dinners are evidently going over quite well, as the place was nearly full, and nearly all were partaking in the paired dinner. We were welcomed with a Blood and Sand Cocktail-blended Scotch, Cherry Heering liqueur, Carpano Sweet Vermouth and fresh squeezed orange juice, a libation so easy to drink I could have sipped on it all night. The first course was my favorite of the night, a Classic Scottish Sampling, consisting of quail egg, traditional white and black pudding (sausage) and house-made haggis served with rye bread and scotch infused mustard. It was paired with 14-year Oban Highland Single Malt, a single malt that has been made in Oban,

Scotland since 1794, with a delicate hint of peat punctuated with a rich, fruity sweetness and smooth finish. A Cock-a-Leekie Soup (chicken, leaks, barley and julienne of prunes) with mixed green salad was complemented with the 12-year Glenkinchie, a light floral whisky with a fresh, creamy taste. Wild caught Pan-seared Scottish Salmon served with a side of neeps (pureed parsnips) and crispy broiled asparagus was matched with the complex 12year Cragganmore Speyside Single Malt, a clean and complex malt with a hint of spice and smokiness. The pureed parsnips were the star of this dish, having the consistency and texture of mashed potatoes, but with a unique sweet and rich flavor. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw Deconstructed Lamb Stew on the menu. It turns out the ‘stew’ consisted of all of the ingredients that would be in a stew, but arranged separately on the plate-marinated and seared lamb chops, fingerling potatoes

and baby carrots, which were joined with a scotch demi glaze and the 16-year Lagavulin, an intense smoky and rich whisky with distinct powerful pungent peaty notes. The dessert was a refreshing Scottish Shortbread Pudding-shortbread cookies crushed and cooked in heavy sweet cream topped with caramel, raspberries and a raspberry whiskey reduction. The 16-year Lagavulin made an encore in a ‘Not so Rusty Nail,’ made with organic honey, angostura bitters and bee pollen. The cost was $100, including tax and gratuity, a bargain considering the fine quality of both the spirits and gourmet offerings.

Photos by Bill Bokelmann

Look for Embers’ next pairing dinner by checking their website at or call 702-778-2160.

20 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

& Burgers Opens at Tivoli Villiage

Photos by Rose Powell-Carver


Photos by Bill Bokelmann

Splendor in the Glass Hosted by Las Vegas Hotel

Photos by Juanita Aiello

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire At The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 21


Due Forni Not Your Average Neighborhood Pizza Place

By Bob Barnes

tour of Air Force One the next day.

You can have it both ways at Due Forni, that is, thick or thin, but the quality of the pizza, extensive menu of appetizers, superiority of ingredients and stellar background of its staff are proof that this is not your average pizza place. Due Forni translates to two ovens, and the ovens are one aspect that makes a difference. One is fired at an intensive 900°, which can cook a Napoletana chewy crust pizza in a mere 90 seconds; the other at 500° prepares the Romanstyle cracker-like crust, with a bake time of 3 minutes. Due Forni is currently the only restaurant in the US to have these new state-of-the-art Napoletana brick ovens, which utilize consistent heat and rotate the pizzas evenly to prevent over cooking. The pizzas are true Italian versions, with eight interesting creations. My favorite is the Tartufo---black truffle, parmesan crema, fontina fontal and roasted cremini, topped with an overeasy baked egg. Your server will break the yolk and spread it over the whole pizza, adding an incredible decadent richness. The house specialty is the self-named Due Forni---San Marzano tomato, bufala mozzarella, house-made sausage, Nueske’s bacon and pequillo peppers. The pizzas are evidently fit for a president, or at least his entourage. During the President’s recent Las Vegas visit, his people ordered Roman Margerita pizzas, which Co-owner Alex Taylor delivered himself to the Secret Service. While the restaurant doesn’t deliver, Alex made an exception in this case and was also honored to receive a

the finest ingredients. Besides Fiamma, While pizza takes center stage, the Carlos also honed his skills at Border appetizer menu is a star on its own. Grill at Mandalay Bay and Zach’s at Semolina Gnocchi is enhanced with the Golden Nugget. Joining him in Bob Barnes is a native smoked Nueske’s bacon, peas and black the kitchen is Sous Chef Sean Zirkle, Las Vegan, editorial truffle crema; the Carpaccio is thin another co-worker from Fiamma. The director of The Las sliced Prime beef with a compilation GM duties are in the able hands of Adam of arugula, pine nuts, parmesan, and Holmes, whose background includes the Vegas Food & Beverage Professional, regional black truffle vinaigrette; and the Polipo transformation of Agave, and opening correspondent for features tender Mediterranean octopus both D.O.C.G. and Scarpetta at the Celebrator Beer News Cosmopolitan. The serving staff is top braised San Marzano ‘livornese’ style. and covers the LV notch and hospitable, and ably serving As for the ingredients, expect no us during our visit was the delightful restaurant scene for scrimping here, with only the finest and charming Simona Picciau, a native available being procured. Fresh of the Italian island of Sardinia. He welcomes your bufala mozzarellas are imported from inquiries. To complement your meal, the wine list Campania, Italy, with choices of classica (delicate), affumicata (smoked) has a refined selection of 40 American and stracciatella (soft and creamy). All and Italian wines. All are sold both by the Email: come with one side, including roasted glass and by the bottle, with six-ounce red peppers, basil pesto, taggiasca pours costing exactly ¼ of the full bottle olives, roasted tomatoes, marinated price. The Reserve Wines section lists some exquisite Italian gems, such as the Roman artichokes and prosciutto. ’04 Tenuta Vitanza Brunello and the ‘06 The powerful 900° oven is utilized Sartori Amarone. A well-rounded beer for more than just pizza. Oven roasted list has variety to please pretty much specialties include Branzino (sea bass), any beer fan, with the likes of Chimay 3555 S Town Center Dr Beef Tenderloin and a daily special, Red, Lagunitas Little Sumpin and Sierra # 105 which during our visit was wild-caught Nevada Torpedo IPA. sockeye salmon served with cauliflower Las Vegas, NV 89135 Finish off with the “miracle dessert,” puree and black truffle. a 300-calorie cheese ice cream made (702) 586-6500 The décor, designed by co-owner Alex from bufalo ricotta, artisanal honey and Taylor, contains some rustic elements, toasted pistachio, a miracle that it has so with white brick walls, rich wood much flavor and so few calories. If you tables and Edison bulb lighting. Large don’t believe in miracles, go with the windows provide natural lighting, an decadent dark chocolate bacon gelato. exhibition kitchen provides a view to Hours: Mon-Wed, Pair it with the homemade Lemoncello, the action taking place to prepare your the result of a six-week process, made meal and al fresco dining is possible via Sun 11am–10pm with real Meyer lemon, vodka and a comfortable patio area. Thu-Sat 11am–11pm simple syrup. The Due Forni team has resumes With such excellence, artistry and Strip worthy of any Vegas Strip fine dining quality at neighborhood prices, it’s not establishment. Before opening his first restaurant, Co-owner Alex Taylor surprising that 75% of Due Forni’s managed Craftsteak and Fiamma at the patrons are repeat MGM Grand, and was director of food customers. If you’re not and beverage at both Mandalay Bay and from the Summerlin Encore, where he designed all of the food neighborhood, it’s still and beverage offerings. Alex recruited easy enough to get to, Co-owner/Chef Carlos Bascaglia, located just a short whom he worked with jog north of the 215 at Fiamma, to leave the exit at Town Center. Strip, provided he would Stop in and dine like a be allowed to use only president.

24 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Due Forni

VEGAS VALLEY NEWS Pizza – Pizza – Pizza

The Past, the Present and the Whole Pie! What is your favorite type of pizza? No matter where you come from originally, your favorite pizza is usually the one that you had for the first time as a child. When we ask children of every ethnicity and cultural background in Las Vegas what is their favorite food, the majority of youngsters simply yell out, “PIZZA!” Pizza aficionados always want to return to their favorite pizza place when they have an opportunity to revisit their pizza origins. Tony always wants to return to the original Ledo Pizza Restaurant in Adelphi, MD and Lucille wants to go back to either the famous L & B Spumoni Gardens and Pizzeria Restaurant or the original Patsy’s (located under the Brooklyn Bridge) in Brooklyn, NY. These were the places where our pizza pleasures were introduced to our senses of smell, taste, sight, sound and feelings of happiness in our tummies. In Las Vegas, we’ve found great traditional pizza at Grimaldi’s, Metro Pizza, Villa Pizza, and Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria and Bar.

family. Lombardo’s in NYC’s Little Italy claimed to be the first pizzeria located in the USA. The eatery was opened and licensed in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi. An interesting debate is now in question – a photograph depicting Lombardi was taken with his employee, Antonio Totonno Pero, who had flour dust on his shoes, while the owner had shiny, clean shoes, thus creating the speculation that Totonno was the original baker of pizza in the US! Totonno started his own pizzeria, Totonno’s, which became a Coney Island tradition from the day that it opened its doors in 1924, until the sad moment in the 1990’s when the establishment burnt down. Rumor has it that people back in Brooklyn are still waiting for Totonno’s to be rebuilt. Another interesting note is that Totonno baked only a specific number of pies and when they were sold out, the doors closed for the day! As a teenager, Lucille had her first Totonno pie and was totally turned into a Totonno’s regular.

The Valley News Team

Lucille Thaler & Tony Zanoff

The historical background of this seemingly universal food goes way back in antiquity to the Neolithic Age!

The historical background of this seemingly universal food goes way back in antiquity to the Neolithic Age! Throughout the Mediterranean area, flatbreads were made and flavored according to the tastes of the region and the availability of the ingredients. Archaeologists have discovered that a flatbread was baked in Sardinia over 3,000 years ago! In fact, the tomato itself, which originated in Peru and was brought back to Italy in the 16th century, was at first considered to be poisonous! The poor and undernourished peasants of the region began to eat the tomato to appease their hunger and it was then discovered not only to be non-poisonous, but delicious and nutritious. The addition of the tomato to use in the topping was commonplace by the 18th century in Naples, and became a favorite treat for tourists, as well as the Italian people. In 1830, open-air stands began to flourish as well as pizza bakeries. Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in Napoli, Italy, was the first, genuine pizza parlor in Italy. This Neapolitan pizzeria was immediately followed by the opening of Brandi’s (where former President Bill Clinton made a special visit to try their pizza), DiMatteo’s, Sorbillo’s, Trianon’s and Umberto’s (founded in 1916).

True to this tradition, in the early part of the 20th century, when the great Italian immigration waves landed in downtown Brooklyn and Little Italy in Manhattan, bread bakeries also baked and sold pizza. The streets in Carroll Gardens, in downtown Brooklyn, had these bakeries producing pizza to be sold by the slice or taken home for the

New Jersey quickly followed the trend and in Trenton, Joe’s Tomato Pies began operation in 1910, and Papa’s Tomato Pies opened in 1912. In New Haven and West Haven, Connecticut, Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana opened in 1925. Pepe’s nephew, Sal Consiglio, opened his own pizzeria, Sally’s Apizza, in 1938. Most of these original pizza parlors have been handed down into their respective families and are run by their descendants. Los Angeles started pizza places in 1939, with the D’Amore family’s pizzeria. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza (a variation of the Sicilian deep crusted baked variety) started in 1943 with the now chain-franchised Pizzeria Uno, founded by Ric Riccardo and Ike Sewell. Veterans returning from World War II had some of their first pizza in Italy while they were occupying the country and tired of their K-rations. American troops returned to our shores looking for pizza to satisfy their newly acquired taste sensation. Prior to this, it was mainly Italian immigrants who sought out pizza, but now the average American citizen wanted it, too! Today, pizza sales are dominated by franchises and chains and those privately owned pizzerias that deliver pies hot and quickly to your homes. Still, most of us tend to have a local family-owned pizzeria as their choice for dining on pizza. Hot dogs, hamburgers, all have taken a back seat to the now number one requested savory food in the world – PIZZA!!!! March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 25

26 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

Window Panes and Dirty Drains:

Integrating Non-toxic Chemicals Into Your Cleaning Michael Oshman, CEO and Founder Green Restaurant Association (

Would it ever make sense to use mud to clean a bunch of food that fell on a kitchen floor? Did you ever see somebody wash her face and hands with dirt? Did you ever see a carwash that uses grime to clean your car? Hopefully, the answer to all these questions should be “No.” That’s because cleaning items with items that are dirty doesn’t make any sense. But, that is exactly what happens every day in restaurants, homes and businesses across the world. We use chemicals in our daily life that are often toxic, even carcinogenic…in order to “clean” a mess. We are using “dirty” chemicals to “clean” our lives. But, what if we came to the conclusion that just as it doesn’t make sense to wash our faces with dirt… it also doesn’t make sense for us to use “dirty” chemicals to “clean” our restaurants? If we came to that conclusion, then we’d have to find “clean” alternatives that truly clean without “dirty” health and environmental effects. One of the Green Restaurant Association’s seven environmental categories is Chemical and Pollution Reduction.

About the Green Restaurant Association

Michael Oshman, CEO and Founder Green Restaurant Association

country and no bottle to throw away. Another example is Ecologic Solutions, a company based in NYC that provides turnkey green cleaning solutions for restaurants. Another example of a green cleaner is Sanolite’s Bio Floor Cleaner. These cleaning options are being used in real Certified Green Restaurants®, and in addition to them having a much better environmental impact, they also work. See the example below of the Chemical and Pollution Reduction Steps of Souplantion and Sweet Tomato’s One Hundred and Twenty 2 Star Certified Green Restaurants®. Souplantions’s Chemical and Pollution Reduction Steps

It is an important focus for what makes a restaurant on the path towards sustainability. In that category, there are scores of doable environmental steps that can be taken. The following is an example of 6 Green Steps that Certified Green Restaurants® can take to use cleaner and safer chemicals:

Green Cleaning Products

Step GreenPoints™

Low Mercury Linear Fluorescent Bulbs

Green Hand Soap Building Located ¼ Mile From Bus Line Warewashing Products-Reduced Packaging

Green General Purpose Cleaners


Covered Outdoor Lights (Minimize Light Pollution)

Green Pest Control


No HCFC-based Refrigerants

Zero VOC Paints


Unbleached Pastry Bags 1.25 Nontoxic Warming Gel


Green Hand Soaps


One interesting example is Active ion’s ionator EXP, which literally takes water, adds a small electric charge and turns that water into generalpurpose cleaner and general sanitizer. Reusable bottles, no chemicals being trucked across the

Just as we have Certified Green Restaurants® across the country that are recycling everything and composting everything, making them NearZero Waste™ restaurants, it is also possible to eliminate the need for dangerous and toxic chemicals from cleaners, chafing fuel, linen cleaning, dish soap, etc. It’s being done successfully in many restaurants across the U.S. It can become commonplace in every restaurant.

28 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012

2012 marks the 22nd anniversary of the Green Restaurant Association’s (GRA) founding in 1990. The Green Restaurant Association is a national non-profit organization that provides the only official Certified Green Restaurants® mark in the country. For two decades, the GRA has pioneered the Green Restaurant® movement and has been the leading voice within the industry encouraging restaurants to listen to consumer demand and green their operations using transparent, science-based certification standards. With their turnkey certification system, the GRA has made it easy for thousands of restaurants to become more environmentally sustainable in a profitable manner. The GRA is endorsed by scores of national environmental organizations such as NRDC and Environmental Defense, and esteemed trade organizations including the New York State Restaurant Association, Orange County Restaurant Association, and America Public Garden Association. The GRA is also an Energy Star partner. In 2010, Citysearch announced the GRA as their official Green Restaurant® listing partner. The GRA has been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, NPR, and in The New York Times, and The Washington Post. For more information visit

Green Restaurant Association


Since 1990

Thinking of Going Green? Take a strategic approach.

a non-profit organization Phone: (617) 737-3344 Email:


SUSHISAMBA at The Palazzo takes flight each month to one destination from its tricultural coalition of Brazil, Japan and Peru with special creations which are featured during SAMBAHOUR. In January, the culture and cuisine of Peru was celebrated with the Inca Roll---panko-crusted shrimp, cashew, aji panca and lime zest, served on a banana leaf.

LVF&B Pro’s restaurant pick of the month is KJ Kitchen Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant. Now open at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the menu features traditional Chinese and fresh shrimp, lobster, crab and giant clam dishes. A customary tableside dim sum experience is served during lunch.

Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Hotel. Shrimp Taco prepared with locally-raised Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp. A Serrano pepper is included for the brave among us.

CUSTOM BLENDED HERBS & SPICES MADE LOCALLY IN LAS VEGAS All Products Processed in the USA. Custom Blended, Packaged, & Distributed Locally with the Highest Quality Products Available.

30 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional I March 2012


S, N V




Al Dentes’ Provisions 6960 W Warm Springs Road, Suite 130 • Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 702-642-1100 • 702-617-5686 fax •




Al Dentes’ mission is simple: Provide our customers the best, safest products and service available at the lowest prices possible. We take pride in being a Las Vegas company committed to safe, fresh, & high quality products.



AD INDEX Aces & Ales 702-436-7600

page 10

Lithuanian Spirits 888-201-0733

page 23

Al Dentes’ Provisions 702-642-1100

page 30

OZONE Lime Flavored Vodka 888-201-0733

page 24

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse 702-851-8050

page 14

Rock n Roll Wines 702-240-3066

page 19

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends 702-947-3193

page 23

Santa Monica Seafood 800-969-8862

page 32

page 7

Green Restaurant Association 617-737-3344

page 29

Three Square 702-644-3663

page 15

Lee’s Discount Liquor 702-451-0100

page 10

Tropicana 702-462-8767 Visstun Visually Stunning Custom Cups

page 2

March Events Feb 27 - March 3 Restaurant Week

March 4-8 Exhibitors Expo Mandalay Bay CC

March 1 Scotch Dinner at Stripsteak $80 all-inclusive. Reservations required (702) 632-7414.

March 10 Brew’s Best, Hand-Crafted Beer Festival at Lake Las Vegas $25.00 in advance, $30.00 at the door

March 2-3 2nd Annual Nth 2012 Universal Whisky Experience Wynn/Encore Las Vegas March 3 17th Annual Educational Taste of Excellence Paris Las Vegas $60.00

March 12-14 NCB Nightclub & Bar Show LVCC March 13-15 Pizza Expo LVCC March 14 Three Square Bingo Three Square Food Bank

March 17 BandVino Acoustic Uncorked Hannah’s Ranch 35.00 in advance, $40 at the door March 22 Elie Tahari In-Store Event Elie Tahari Inside The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace March 27 ACF Chefs Dinner/Meeting Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino

Don’t see your event listed here? Email your F&B events to March 2012 I The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional 31

Providing fine foodservice establishments with the best quality and service in the seafood industry for over 70 years.

800-969-8862 • 702-473-6470 • Las Vegas Sales & Distribution Office 3475 W. Post Rd., Ste. 115, Las Vegas, NV 89118

March 2012 The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional  

Trade publication for food & beverage professionals

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